Looking for a certain type of computer

I need a computer that will handle my specific needs. I am in the market for a desktop specifically - I don't really need the bundle pack with the monitor and printer since I already have those, so I guess I am most interested in a tower only.
I do a lot of digital work - whether it is using Adobe Photoshop for digital artwork or Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. So I need something that will handle that. That is my main purpose for getting another computer since my current one (HP) is slow and freezes too often.
I have always had an eye on the Mac since I heard good things about it for that purpose, however I don't have the $$$ to put down for that. So I am looking again towards the PC.
I would like to keep it under $800, but I would consider going a tad higher if need be - but probably no more than $1,000.
I am really confused trying to decide, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Since you don't have the Money for a Mac, which is what I'd recomend for a graphic artist etc. you should check into the HP Pavillion Line. Their higher end desktops can handle a lot and the price is under 900.
There are some new ones coming out, in fact I think they were announced let me double check....scratch that only the new notebooks were announced. Keep an eye out over the next week for new HP Pavilion desktops.
ALso the Lenovo idea centers are great
I like things that go beep

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    Just a teeny tweek
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    Suddenly, after a year of good operation,  my itunes seems to be looking for my library on my computer C drive, rather than the external drive it had been set up to as default   How do I get it to search for the stored library on the external drive again ?

    Quit iTunes.
    On the external drive;
    1 - Create new folder called iTunes (or whatever you want).
    2 - Move your music folder into this.
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    Hi Mike,
    you don't have to keyframe all photo one by one manually,
    create 2 , 3 or 4 motion paths then select say clip with panning n.1 copy the clip (apple+c), now select all the clips that you wish to have with the same motion effect, right click over the selection and in the popdown menu choose PasteAttributes>Basic Motion.
    Your panning effect now appears on all the clips you selected. If you want to apply it to random clips in the timeline just select the ones you want keeping the apple key pressed.

  • I need serious help please.. We do translations of schoolbooks, I looked for an over-type function but were unable to find, we are working in indesign CS 5. it takes up allot of time to delete text and type in the new language.

    I need serious help please.. We do translations of schoolbooks, I looked for an over-type function but were unable to find, we are working in indesign CS 5. it takes up allot of time to delete text and type in the new language.

    Argh that's frustrating! I never noticed that key did not work in InDesign.
    A bit of research and it turns out the MS Office has this as an option in their software. But I cannot find an option in InDesign preferences to make this work.
    However, somethings are not listed in the shortcuts and preferences and are hidden triggers in InDesign which can be accessed through a script.
    I'm not saying it's possible to activate the Insert Key through a script, but it's plausible that it can be activated.
    Maybe ask on the scripting forum? InDesign Scripting
    I know this may be a possibility as with InDesign's earlier versions of PDF export to interactive documents there previously was no way to export interactive pdfs as single pages if in Spreads.
    But the option to toggle this setting was scriptable.

  • I just bought the revolution after having a blackberry and i'm looking for a notepad type software and a place to store passwords.

    i just bought the revolution after having a blackberry and i'm looking for a notepad type software and a place to store passwords.

    I use SafeWallet after trying most of the apps in the market place. It's a bit expensive compared to most and you have to pay for the desktop application which sucks but the other apps were some cumbersome I knew I would never use them after the initial setup.
    I'll add the normal caution of storing passwords in a non-protected text file but you probably know that

  • Looking for help in making my computer good enough to play games

    I bought a computer from Best Buy right after Christmas. It's a HPE-410y. I'm pretty happy with it in terms of speed and ease of use. I'm glad to be finally done with freaking Vista and blue screens of death.
    Anyho, a buddy of mine wants me to play Bad Company 2 with him. I don't know much about the game other than its a shooter. However, I did read in the editoral review that the ATI 5570 my computer came with is weak. Also, 300Watt power supply needs to be upgraded as well? Do you think a graphics card/power supply upgrade is all I need? hmmm
    I have glanced at the graphics cards at Best Buy when I've been up there, but not exactly sure what will work, what is good. Looking for any advice and help on what I should possible buy to get this computer good enough to play games.  I wanna do this maybe the end of next month. My budget is 450 bucks. I don't need to pay to have any upgrades I decide to get installed, my brother can help me do that. I just need help in what to buy.
    Thanks for any feedback.

    Agreed that it's an above average computer. If you still want to do the upgrade:
    Coming right at your budgeted $450.
    If you like my post, or solution to your issue/question, go ahead and click on the little star by my name and/or accept the post as the Solution. It makes me happy.
    I'm NOT an employee of Best Buy, or Geek Squad, though I did work as an Agent for a year 5 years ago. None of my posts are to be taken as the official stance that Best Buy will take on your situation. My advice is just that, advice.
    Unfortunately, that's the bad luck of any electronic, there's going to be bad Apples... wait that's a horrible pun.

  • I'm looking for a good quality cheep computer, any ideas?

    I despretly need a new computer, the one i'm working off of now is a 1999 dell latatude labtop and it is as slow as a snail, so i decided to splurg a little by purchasing a new labtop, one problem I don't have all that much money to spend, any way i'm looking for the cheapest labtop i can find that still is good quality, and preferably with a webcam?

    What is the highest amount you'd consider spending for a laptop? Give a correct amount, we'll always try to go lower. What will you use it for?
    I am a Bestbuy employee who volunteers on these boards on my own time. I am not paid for posting here, and you should understand that my opinions are exactly that - opinions. I do not represent Bestbuy in any way.
    : Open Mailbox

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    I need some help saving time! I have lots of .groovy files that my apple doesn't know how to open and i have to select a default opening application for every single file! Is there a way to do this for multiple files or for a certain file type? thanks!

    Sure. Click on a file, and then go to File-Get Info (or CMD-I) In the box that pops open, choose the app you want the .groovy files to open with, and click change all. That should do it.

  • Looking for a certain Apple II fish game

    I'm looking for info on an old fish game that I played on my grandfather's computer many years ago...I think it was for Apple II, and the fish were Dolly Varden, mackinaw, chubb, rainbow trout, etc., and you had to eat other fish and avoid an osprey (this basic description was obtained from http://nslog.com/archives/2004/08/03/earlycomputermemories.php).
    Does anyone know what this game was called? Thanks!

    Nevermind; I found that it's called Odell Lake.

  • HT4889 Source computer getting stuck on "looking for other computers", but target computer finds source computer.

    I'm hoping someone can help me get my source computer to find my target computer when running Migration Assistant.  The source computer (late '08 macbook pro running OS X 10.7.5) gets stuck on "looking for other computers".  But target computer (late '09 imac running OS X 10.7.5) finds source computer.  Both show they are connected to same wifi network in System Preferences-network.  Note:  I have tried with both internet sharing on and off.  Note:  Source computer also can't find its external hard drive when plugged in.  Related? Any ideas for either issue?

    Ok, more updates.
    In my old Mac (Pro) I have several hard drives installed. I was able to create a Time Machine back-up to a non-system HD. I plan on removing this volume and putting it in an external enclosure as soon as I can find the right cables for that enclosure. Meanwhile....
    I saw on one support doc an instruction to open Sharing on the source Mac (my old one, in this case) and make sure the machine had a name specified. I already had done that, but noticed that a specific name based on that was mentioned for other computers to contact it. For example, if my source machine is named "myOldMac", other computers could address is at "myOldMac.local".
    I connected the two computers directly via an Ethernet cable and I ran Migration Assistant again. When I got to the "Looking for source" screen, I clicked the button for "Other Server" and entered "afp://myOldMac.local". This actually found my old Mac. I was prompted to enter the password for the account "root". I changed the name to my account's short name -- "raboyle" not "Robert Boyle" -- and entered the correct password and I actually got a list of volumes to access. In the list were: the hard drives (by volume name), the home folders of the user accounts, and the Public Folders for each user account.
    I tried accessing both my boot volume and the home folder for my primary account, and proceeded to a screen with the following text: "Choose which backup to transfer information from:". The list provided, however, was empty. On the chance that it was looking specifically for a Time Machine backup, I then specifically chose the HD volume with the backup I had just created. Again, the list to choose where to grab my data from was empty.
    So, at least I'm advancing a little bit beyond the "Looking for source" screen ... but then again, since I hit yet another roadblock I can't say whether I've taken one step forward or two steps back.

  • Looking for a Class that provide Computer and Software installation information

    Hi there,
    when you open a computer configuration item in the console you can use the form the view all the installed software.
    I am now looking for a class which I can use to create a view that shows me a list of computers with the installed software. If there is no class how could I build one?
    Gunter - www.server-log.com

    Hi Gunter,
    The software class is System.SoftwareItem.
    The device class is System.Device.
    The relationship is System.DeviceHasSoftwareItemInstalled.
    The management pack's name is System.Software.Library (System Software Library).
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  • Looking for a certain calendar  app or widget

    I had an LG Enlighten and loved the little calendar "widget" that I put on my home screen.  It showed upcoming events without having to touch anything.
    I dropped and broke the screen and had to get a new phone.  I now have a Galaxy Stratosphere but it doesn't have the same calendar.  I miss the other and want it back!!  Yes, I just stamped my foot.  I'm very disorganized and that little widget/app really helped.  It was about the size of the "MyVerizon" data usage box.  Does anyone out there know which one I'm looking for????  Please help.  Thanks.

    Most manufacturers include their own skin on top of Android and a lot of widgets that come pre-installed are part of these skins. That being said, if you search the Play Store for calendar widget you may find something similar.

  • Looking for a certain application/program

    I am most definitly in the wrong forum, but the people who use this forum are probably the most knowlidgable about the application i am looking for.
    I have a wacom tablet, and am getting very good at drawings and animation. I was wondering if anyone knew of a program where i can draw on my tablet , and it would record it like a film, so that i could import it in fcp. If anyone knows of this program, a similar program, or a program that includes this feture i would be very interested in knowing what it is?

    Another route would be to do it in After Effects.
    You wouldn't draw, like what you're describing, but you can create paths that would stroke themselves on. i.e. you'd draw it before hand with the pen tool in After Effects or Illustrator, then stroke your paths, and key frame the end-point to make it look like it 'draws' on.
    It's a bit trickier, but then you can make sure there are no mistakes, make is scalable (vector-based), and very smooth.
    Just so you have options.

  • Looking for a certain app.  can you help...

    I am going flying in a little cessna tomorrow. This will be my 2nd lesson. The instructor is happy for me to have my iphone on and it doesn't have to be in flight mode.
    What this means is I can use the GPS to track the flight. I am looking for a particular app that will use the GPS and plot my track and allow me to place this over a google map or even google earth to show exactly where I have flown.
    I have used a similar app for running (RunKeeper) and also another called iTrial but didn't like that one much.
    Is there any you can recommend?

    If you go to the iTunes App store and look in the Navigation category there are many apps related specifically to flying.
    For what you specify, GPS Recorder might be the one to check out. I've not used it, though, so YMMV.

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