Looking for a MFC, printer/scanner

I am looking for an all in one printer scanner. I need both the printer and the scanner to work in arch linux, and I don't want to spend a week making it happen. I would prefer something that supports ethernet and both features work over the network but that isn't absolutely necessary. After wasting 2 hours looking at printers then looking up their linux support I decided to ask you guys. What do you use that meets my requirements? would you recommend it to someone who hadn't just killed your cat?

zenlord wrote:
In our office we have been using a Brother MFC8860DN for three years now. We use Debian linux exclusively. Very good choice, thinking of buying the MFC8880DN to have a backup for when our first MF should start to lose its feathers... Last week I wrote my first bash script to use together with this device: I have it scan to ftp and our server performs OCR on the scan automatically.
Brother has full linux support. They provide drivers in deb and rpm, but I guess it should not be a problem to get those packages working in arch linux.
I'm quite surprised to see so many HP-fans out here, but probably their drivers are better for linux than they are for windows. The last HP Photosmart-printer had a driver that was 345MB big, and it could not be installed because the printer had been connected to the laptop *prior* to installing the driver. I had to reinstall windows just to get that printer (mostly) working... So no HP printers for me anymore
I can confirm that the HP drivers for Windows suck big time. When I turned on my new printer, I first installed it on my laptop. I ran a pacman -S hplip, ran the software, detected my printer over wireless, and was ready within a minute or so. Then I installed the printer on my desktop archer. Same results: I was ready within a minute. Then I booted into Windows XP. I had to download some serious MBs, and when I executed the exe file, installation was aborted halfway, because Windows were not installed on C:. After long research, I found the cure, which was a joke. I had to mount my system drive (E:) as a network drive and perform the installation in there LOL. Anyways, after installation, my whole system was getting very jerky and unresponsive, and cpu usage was getting very high. Didn't bother any more, just uninstalled it completely. Not much of a problem, though, since I have to use Windows rarely for a couple of apps.
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    I am looking for a multifunction printer, scanner, copier that is seriously easy to use for my very un tech savvy father. Must have AirPrint. Any suggestions?

    I am looking for a multifunction printer, scanner, copier that is seriously easy to use for my very un tech savvy father. Must have AirPrint. Any suggestions?

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    You will need to install an App like Print Central on the iPad to try to print to the printer. It will allow you to print to most printers. Check with their support folks if you need more info.
    PrintCentral for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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    Hello everyone. I am looking for a small printer that I can take with me to my photo session that can print glossy photos Something that can do the 8x10s or smaller.

    Hi again Kolourl3lind,
    Since you are looking for a compact photo printer, I recommend either the PIXMA iP100 or (maybe) the SELPHY CP900.  With the iP100, you will get better support for connecting the printer to a computer.  The CP900 is more suited for printing directly from a memory card or camera.  Both will produce excellent quality photo prints, but you are limited in size on the CP900 to around 4x6 prints.
    Of course, the PIXMA MG7120 is a good option as well.  This printer will allow you to print larger sizes and directly from a memory card.  However, it has some features you don't need (like scanning and copying) and it's definitely not as portable as the other two.
    My best suggestion is to contact our Sales Department.  Our agents will be happy to discuss the best model for your needs.
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    I don't know of any laser printers that take a roll instead of sheets.  There are some small designjets that might have a roll feed accessory but they are inkjet printers and designed for graphics applications.
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  • Looking for a mobile printer for my car/ on the road work for my IPAD2

    Looking for a printer I can use in my car and where ever necessary.

    I've been happily printing for a while from my iPad to my battery-operated HP H470 with absolutely no wires (and no router / pre-existing WiFi connection - it operates in AdHoc mode). Literally just the iPad and the H470 - in fact, one time in a marquee in the middle of a muddy field with no power and a long way from the nearest WiFi connection, so it can be done from literally anywhere.
    Once I'd sorted it all out, I wrote down the solution and the steps to get it to work in the hope of helping others:
    http://genuinely-original.blogspot.com/search/label/iPad Printing
    Hope that's useful to someone!

  • HT4356 I checked everything out and had no problem printing from IPAD/MINI using the HP Photosmart 6520 printer, but the next day, using same application, my HP did not show, but was looking for the AirPrint Printer, what am I doing wrong?

    Using IPAD2, IPAD MINi, HP photosmartE6520 set up on wireless network.  No problem printing from my devices, but the following day, it is looking for AirPrint printer, why? 

    Hello lenc48,
    Welcome to the HP Forums.
    I see that you are having a few issues when it comes to printing from your mac as well as some two sided printing issues.
    I do have a some suggestions that we can try in the attempt to troubleshoot this issue.
    First off, please make sure that you have the printer power cable connected directly to a wall outlet and not a power bar/strip. Here is a document that uses a LaserJet printer as an example but it is meant for HP products in general. Please click on the following link that explains the Issues when Connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply/Power Strip/Surge Protector.
    Please remove the usb cable (if using wireless, disregard this step) from the printer and from the Mac and leave it disconnected until further notice.
    Please click on the first link that will give you instructions on Uninstalling the Printer Software.
    Once the software has been removed, please disable any anti virus protection that you may have on the Mac. 
    The next step we are going to take is downloading the HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Printer Full Feature Software and Drivers - OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
    The installation will prompt you when to connect the usb cable (You will see a prompt for a wireless connection as well if that is the connection type you would like to use) so please do not connect the cable until prompted to do so.
    If you are still having issues, feel free to write me back or you can contact HP Total care direct.  If you are calling within North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions, click here: click here.
    Thanks for your time.
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  • Due to the requirement of a UUT report with pageheaders, I am looking for solution to print an MS Access report from TestStand. I am using TestStand 4.2 and LabView 8.6.

    Go to Solution.

    You can customize your process model with LabVIEW steps. You can connect to the access database http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/1D5EB4DCBD13106486256B9D005E11B0 you can also get the data and format it and print it with the report generation toolkit, or you could see if Access exposes those functions through an ActiveX server. What functionality exactly are you looking for, and at the end of the day how much time are you willing to develop your own customized microsoft access reporting function?
    Richard S -- National Instruments --Applications Engineer -- Data Acquisition with TestStand

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    Print a Diamond ----easy and old question!
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         public static void main(String args[]){
              for (int i=0;i<=6;i++){
              for (int j=0;j<=6;j++){
                   if (j>6-i)     
              System.out.print(" ");
              for (int j=6-i;j<=6;j++){     
              for (int i=1;i<=6;i++){
              for (int j=1;j<=7;j++){
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              System.out.print(" ");
              for (int j=i;j<=6;j++){     
    public class Ling{
         public static void main(String args[]){
         for(int i=1;i<=7;i++){
              for(int j=1;j<=7;j++){
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         for(int i=1;i<=7;i++){
              for(int j=1;j<=7;j++){
                             System.out.print(" ");                    

    how about this????
    this is object oriented approach......
    public class Ling{
    void alpha()
    for(int i=1;i<=7;i++){
    for(int j=1;j<=7;j++){
    System.out.print(" ");
    for(int i=1;i<=7;i++){
    for(int j=1;j<=7;j++){
    System.out.print(" ");
    public static void main(String as[])
    Ling l = new Ling();

  • Looking for Canon i9900 print driver

    I am looking for a print driver for my Canon i9900 large format printer
    Canon support indicates no driver is available

    You will have to use the Gutenprint v5.2.10 driver package. That model is too old for Canon to provide a supporting driver.

  • I need the Line Per Inch # for an HP3052A printer/scanner.

    Hey guys,
    I am working on some photo, enlargements and other tasks.  I am working through some manuals for the software I am using and I need the lines per Inch value for this printer.  Unfortunatley for me, I cannot find it on their site, specifications or through PM tech support.  I figured one of you experts, may have the actual value or a working value.
    I hope I am explaining what I am looking for. 
    Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.

    I am including a link so you can download the drivers for your printer.  The next step would be to select type of operating system you are using.  For illustration purpose i choose windows 7 64 bit.  Then select driver i recommend using the full feature download.
    Let me know if this helps.

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    I can't load driver for HP 6500A printer / scanner

    What does that mean? Have you downloaded the drivers and to installed them? Have you tried adding the printer with the AirPrint Driver?

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    I'm trying to find a compatible printer to work with my Mac Mini OSX 10.4.11

    Thanks Carolyn,
    I'm new to mac.  I just purchased a Macbook Pro and am switching from a windows desktop.  It's a big learning curve.  I have an Epson Workforce all in one printer and it is working fine with my new laptop.  It does have fax capability but I have no need for it.
    However, I find that the ink is very expensive.
    I am not a business, but I do quite a lot of printing, including photos.  I'm an artist.
    I am wanting to replace my color laserjet multifunctional printer that I bought in 2007.  There are no driver updates for it, so I have to search for a new printer.
    I think I will have to wait a while until a compatible laserjet comes on the market.  It seems I'm hitting my head against a brick wall!!!
    Thanks again for trying to help.

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    do you have any infos about an airplay printer plus scanner.
    Have HP or Canon this option for airplay printing.
    Thank you very much for any infos.
    You welcome

    The technology is called AirPrint and only HP offer AIOs with this feature.
    http://h30495.www3.hp.com/news/65/apples-airprint-announcement-benefits-hp-e-all -one

  • Looking for software to print photos

    I have Iphoto, but I want to print wallet size photos, any suggestions?

    I am pretty sure there is a setting for something very close to wallet size photos in iPhoto. Look carefully at printing multiples on a page. It may be in the Printer options once you say Print.

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