Looking for a PDF Forms designer/programmer

I have created several forms using LiveCycle but I have a need for a complex form that may be above my LC experience level and time available.  Are there any companies out there that will create a form for me?  I am not interested in online form building or online form management.  I want someone to build a PDF form that I can save a hard copy and distribute or link to our website.

PDF Pen or Adobe Acropat Pro...

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  • Third party encryption plug-in for a pdf form.

    We are looking for an Adobe approved third party encryption plug-in for a pdf form. 256 bit, assymetric, two key, one public (embedded in form) and one private (accessible only to our organisation

    I don't know that is a huge number of alternatives for Fractal plugins.  You'll no doubt come across links for Fractalius and Genuine Fractals, but the first produces interesting strand like effects (after a very long wait) and the second is an image resize plugine which now belongs to On One, and is sold as Perfect Resize.  And even that has been made irrelevant by the Preserve Details upres option in CC.
    You are alos wize to be careful.  Previous trusable sites like cnet on softonic are a nightmare nowdays, and too many of the free apps you find on them come loaded with malware.  Some of it _serious_ malware DAMHIKIJKOK
    But have a look at Fractal Explorer.  I don't have experience with it, but it comes with the Pixel Bender name behind it, which is like a badge of excellence.

  • Looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements

    I am looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements:
    1- Open pdf starting from last page opened during last session
    2- Be able to scroll between pages vertically (not horizontally like many current ones do). Vertical scroll should be a continuous smooth scroll without doing a sudden full page pull in. Should behave as if pdf is one single very long page.
    3- Should be able to change width of page and lock it. Page should not move sideways. Page width should be remembered so when same pdf is opened, it opens in that width.
    4- A fast scroll feature. Useful for pdf's with hundreds of pages.
    5- Nice to have feature: when opening the pdf reader, it automatically opens the last pdf file on the last page read.
    I have tried all the free pdf readers in the AppStore and none met all these requirements except for two which had these issues:
    1- iRead limitation: When screen is touched for more than a second, the page is frozen (locked) and page can't be scrolled. Scrolling is done when doing quick swipes only
    2- FileApp limitation: Does not remember last page opened. Does not remember last width set. Fast scroll doesn't work properly when width is other than default.

    iAnnotate additional points
    iAnnotate works with DropBox to download and upload edited PDFs. It does all the other same things, email, USB, and iTunes etc. but it also can download PDFs from any web site.
    You can transfer hundreds if not thousands of files at one whack using the AIJ Utility on your desktop.
    If you transfer a large number of files you have to plan not to use iAnnotate a while as it has an index function that indexes all the text into a master 'dictionary' so it can do searches for data and find PDFs for you. This indexing takes hours if you transfer hundreds of moderate size PDFs at one time.
    The biggest PDF I have feed it was a Gimp manual at close to a thousand pages.
    Remember the scratch pad ram is only 256 MB in the current iPad. You can cash iAnnotate if you do something really dumb with such a large file. Other applications also grab and hold onto chunks of this ram in the iPad so it is best to force a memory reset before doing anything that is going to max out that ram.
    iAnnotate allows you to have more than one PDF open at a time and you can tab between all the open PDFs in a blink just as you would in a tabbed web browser.
    If you zoom a page larger than the width of the screen it slides around. Less than the width of the screen the page locks in the size while scrolling which is smooth between pages.
    iAnnotate is a very well made product for dealing with PDFs. Annotations display in Goodreader and in the Mac OS Preview.



    We don't have a template built-in for a lease.  You may be able to modify one of the existing templates to meet your needs.

  • Best web browser for submitting PDF forms

    Is there a preferred web browser for submitting PDF forms, or can recipients submit the form via any of the common browers like Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.?

    We support all of the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

  • I am looking for good pdf conversion program like omni pro 18

    i am looking for good pdf conversion software, like omnipage pro 18 by nuance, it is only supported by windows, what is good?

    What are you trying to convert the pdf to (MS word, text, what)?
    Here's one for word: PDF Converter
    Possibly another way for word: How to Convert PDF to Word Document on a Mac

  • I am looking for Crystal reports arleady designed.

    I am looking for Crystal reports already designed.  Does anyone know where I could fine them?

    Thanks for the reply, I have another question you might be able to answer.
    I have a picture field (blob field) on the same line as our Product ID field (regular data field) and i want the report to show the picture that goes with that Product ID. 50% of our products dont have pictures, so when I print the report, it currently prints large empty spaces for the Products that dont have pictures and makes the report quite long and unattractive.
    I have tried to supress the field and also put the field in its own section and use a formula for supressing if the data is blank, but I get the error message that says "Can not use a BLOB field in a formula".
    I need to find a way around this. Can you, or any of your experts help?
    I could send you the report with some data in it if that would help.
    Thanks again!

  • Java Library for dynamic PDF form creation similar to LiveCycle Designer

    I have a requirement as below :
    Requirement :  I need to create a dynamic PDF form with a barcode of type PDF417. Where a user can fill the form offline and after click on some button it will save the form offline and generate a barcode in the same PDF. Later on usaer can take a printout or send the saved pdf as it is.
    Currently I am able to create such pdf from using LiveCycle Designer. But I need to create it manually using designer and then need to apply Reader Extension on it using livecycle server.
    I want to do this programatically. I would like to create a similar form using some Java Library.
    Is it possible to create it dynamicaly(using programs)? how ?
    Does any one know how to acheive this ?
    Can anyone help me please ?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    I heard about LiveCycle ES3 server and was wondering if it could be of any use in my scenario. Can some one explain how to use jar files in standalone application .  I explored the  livecycle forms api but could not figure out how it may be used ?

  • Adobe Reader 11.0.09 - some certificates no longer accepted for signing PDF forms

    After installation of the patch 11.0.09 of Adobe Reader some certificates are no longer accepted for signing (not enlisted in list of certificates) when clicking the sign fields of PDF forms. The forms were created using LiveCycle Designer.
    Is it by design or is it a bug? If it is by design, what is the change, which caused this behavior? We are facing the problem, when our users are no more able to sign the request forms using their client certificates.
    The example is on the following screenshots.

    Hi Milan,
    Yes, there has been some enhancements in this domain, You may check the release note of 11.0.09::  11.0.09 Planned update, Sept 16, 2014 — Acrobat and Adobe Reader Release Notes
    General information about digital signatures: http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/DigSig/index.html
    Ajlan Huda.

  • Looking for job PDF resumes vs html or doc resumes, what gives?

    I've been looking for jobs and most of the sites that want my resume, monster, creative group, etc, all want it in doc or html format? what gives??? I designed this great looking resume in InDesign that converts well to PDF with nice fonts and I can't even use it !!!! Now I have to resort to times and other fonts using word to make sure that my resuem at least looks somewhere close to what it should be. What happened? I thought PDF was supposed to be used by all? why does everyone want this stuff in word?
    Please shed some light on this for me,

    >In reference to post 3, is that a bad thing? Should I be wary of employers trying to 'get my guard down'???
    Yes. If I were interviewing, I would try to get you to relax and feel at home -- and then see how you, as a potential employee, handle that. I want to see if the person has a tendency towards office behavior that could be inappropriate or that does not fit in with my office environment. In today's market, I'd also be scouring Facebook and other social networking sites for info on candidates I'm considering.
    And for the interview, generally dress and act appropriately for going out on a sales call for the potential employer's clients -- if hired, you may be expected to do that.
    As for portfolio presentation, personally, I'd rather the portfolio binder be like the frame around a picture, not an in-your-face statement. Do you want interviewers to remember the binder or its content? But other folks running with more arty clients may have a different spin on this than I. And always stick a few extra résumés in the portfolio; the designed ones are fine there.
    I once had a portfolio sent to me for review that was held together with more elaborate folds and strings than an origami dog walker. I had several additional portfolios still lined up with little time to review them. All I wanted to do is rip the damn thing open. And I can't remember anything about the work inside.
    And network. Most jobs are through networking with friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances and sites like LinkedIn, etc.

  • Looking for a PDF app for iPad

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought of this so I'm a believer that someone has created an app to help me and I can't find it!
    Pretty much, I'm looking for an app that will allow me to edit PDF's on my ipad and then send it (Via WiFi or Bluetooth) to my laptop.
    For example:
    Drawing a graph on my ipad, with detailed information, sending that to my macbook and then adding/inserting it to my PDF file on my laptop
    (Like getting a notification on my mac, loading it, draging it to my pdf, and vola!)
    If there is such a thing can someone help me out (If not feel free to take my idea and makes some money off of it, just let me know that you did!)

    Hey there
    "pdf creator" for iPad works flawlessly for me working with pdf files
    It takes care of all my needs
    I'm not sure about sending via Wifi or Bluetooth but I send them via e- mail all the time
    Possibly it could handle your needs as well
    Just type it into the App Store search field and the first one that comes up is the one I use
    Jump on over there and read up on it before buying and see if it will help you 
    Hope this helps

  • Looking for a usable GUI Designer/Container...

    Hi all.
    Since a while, I'm looking for an integrated environment to develop and execute Java/Swing GUI and it seems it's not possible to find such a thing...
    I explain : we are developping lots of J2EE applications hosted in a well known Application Server, and for what concern server, we can find 'on the shelf' almost all we need. Thus, using Session Beans, EJB3, Spring (...), it's pretty comfortable to build professional applications.
    But generally speeking, these applications have a graphical part, and at this point, things become more complicated. For years, we have been using only Java, for both server and client part (Swing, even in its firsts versions... souvenirs...). But even after 10 years of Java, it seems that it is still not possible to find a tool in which we can design, test, deploy and execute our GUIs.
    Since Matisse appeared, it is a little bit easier to design panels (but not so trivial... JFormDesigner has released a beta version supporting the GroupLayout : still lots of bugs) but for what concern, let's say, the 'GUI Container' part, it seems that market/open source has no answer. I tried Netbeans RCP (and also Eclipse...), but these containers have been thought for IDE, and concepts are not easy to map on a standard GUI. Moreover, these containers are huge and not so easy to understand, so very often, the decision to build full custom applications is taken, re-writing for the 1000th time the main window, the menubar/toolbar management, the MDI controller (using sometime a docking framework), ... Thus, the cost of the development and the baseline is high, and of course, our clients are dissatisfied.
    Recently, a new way of developping applications appeared : server part is developped using Java/J2EE, and the client side (fat client) is made using .Net. Interop between client and server leans on WebServices or binary interop (JIntegra).
    I'm totally convinced that this kind of architecture is a mistake, but it's more and more difficult to defend Java on the client side. C# tools seem to be easier to use, more productive, ...
    So my question is : what are your opinions/experiences on this subject? Have you found "the magic tool", "the magic framework", ... that make of Java/Swing a good challenger for desktop developments... or do you think that the game is over, and that Microsoft .Net has definitively won the client?
    Thks for your answers!!

    I believe it is not about winning and lossing. Its about learning. By the way, let me mention that God who is the mastermind of all variations is a God of diversity. Every diverse expression of whatever kind is a reflection and coextension of its maker -and that means that even you are a coextension of Himself.
    Perhaps, if you are really looking for a tool that would satisfy your demands or desires along with Java, isnt it not logical to say that... or shall I say "perhaps" God is leading you into that new expression of diversity -a diversity that will challenge the whole creation? I dont blame others with what I cant do for myself.
    One saying says,
    "Seek and you shall find; Knock and the door will be opened to you; Ask and it shall be given you." The shorter way of saying it is..."Be patient and you will be satisfied."
    If the clients lost patience. Make them understand how complex it is to make a java application. They will appreciate your wisdom.
    Well nothing is impossible. The best part of your mind [one variation of the others] will always suggest: "All things are possilbe".
    Therefore, do not despise what God is blessing.
    Oliver Bob Lagumen
    Newbie in Java

  • Looking for a PDF editor for Mac.

    I have hundreds of PDF files that contain the combination of letters  "XX"  and I want them all to be "HH" is there an editor out there that can do this?
    I tried using Pitstop, and it cannot batch anything like this.  I would like to be able to do many files at the same time.  If I have to do them one at a time, I may as well keep doing it the way I am.
    Currently going back to the ID file making the change and re-writing PDF---working fine, just wondering if there is a better way.
    Just looking for a way to make text edits in the PDF, I have found some editors for PC but having issues with PS fonts.  Yes I could change everything to open type, and then do the change, but that may bring on new problems.

    Currently going back to the ID file making the change and re-writing PDF---working fine, just wondering if there is a better way.
    Nope. That's the best way.
    Be sure and follow Steve's instructions. It'll make life happier for you.

  • Automate Save as, Reader Extended for 160 .pdf forms using a script or macro?

    I have 167 pdf forms made using Adobe Acrobat Pro X. when I sent out a test it could not be saved using Adobe reader. I know how to Save As; Reader Exended pdf; Enable additional features.  this also forces me to create yet another document called something different like mydoc-2.pdf. Since you can't save these feature in the existing one?
    Is there a way to automate this using javascript or something so I don't have to do each one.
    1. open each pdf documewnt
    2. set the Save As; Reader Exended pdf; Enable additional features.
    3. save as name -2
    repeat 1-3 for 167 files in folder A

    There is no Adobe supported means for automating the application of usage rights, apart from their LiveCycle Reader Extensions server-based product. This is a very intentional restriction.

  • Looking for a UK based Labview programmer, short term, contract or full time, depending on what suits. Immediate start, Signal Processing skills ideal.

    We are a UK South-West based LabVIEW consultancy company looking for a LabVIEW programmer preferably with advanced signal analysis and processing skills, to become part of the team or work as a short term contractor. We will be looking to advance their skills through a range of different projects that we work on, from aerospace test and measurement, through to shop floor data collection and User Interface marketing.
    Must have at least two years experience in LabVIEW and have an electronic engineering based degree or be able to show signal analysis is an area of expertise. We are looking to fill the position as soon as possible.
    Please your CV’s to the below address.
    [email protected]

    If the candidate had all the correct attributes then it could indeed be an option.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error while deploying application on weblogic server

    Hi, I have created webservice and deployed on weblogic server. Earlier it was working fine. I added some logger and trying to redeploy it. But it gives following error. Weblogic Server Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: deploy(java.lang.Stri

  • Can not create XML file from MS Access 2003

    Hi, I am getting error as "Error loading in DLL" when I use msaccess_exporter to create XML file for migrations usind Access 2003 DB. Does anyone know about this? If yes, could you please let me know how to resolve it? Thanks, Kartik

  • ALL QUEUE messages are in memory? = OutOfMemoryError

    I have very large queue about which contains messages about 1GB in size and above. Can I configure Sun Java System Message Queue to swap incomming messages to disk if system has already NO FREE MEMORY. I use "-Xmx600m -Xms400m" and when I still sendi

  • How do I create a service mark in Dreamweaver?

    I need to create a service mark in Dreamweaver. I checked the knowledgebase and character maps; I could only find copyright, TM, and registered trademark. If there isn't a keyboard shortcut, how do you create superscript in Dreamweaver? I tried the <

  • How can I Speed up downloads?

    My downloading times have significantly slowed down over the past few days. What used to take no more than 20 minutes is now taking over 2 and a half hours. I have already disabled my add-ons and turned off my firewall. It isn't working.