Looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements

I am looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements:
1- Open pdf starting from last page opened during last session
2- Be able to scroll between pages vertically (not horizontally like many current ones do). Vertical scroll should be a continuous smooth scroll without doing a sudden full page pull in. Should behave as if pdf is one single very long page.
3- Should be able to change width of page and lock it. Page should not move sideways. Page width should be remembered so when same pdf is opened, it opens in that width.
4- A fast scroll feature. Useful for pdf's with hundreds of pages.
5- Nice to have feature: when opening the pdf reader, it automatically opens the last pdf file on the last page read.
I have tried all the free pdf readers in the AppStore and none met all these requirements except for two which had these issues:
1- iRead limitation: When screen is touched for more than a second, the page is frozen (locked) and page can't be scrolled. Scrolling is done when doing quick swipes only
2- FileApp limitation: Does not remember last page opened. Does not remember last width set. Fast scroll doesn't work properly when width is other than default.

iAnnotate additional points
iAnnotate works with DropBox to download and upload edited PDFs. It does all the other same things, email, USB, and iTunes etc. but it also can download PDFs from any web site.
You can transfer hundreds if not thousands of files at one whack using the AIJ Utility on your desktop.
If you transfer a large number of files you have to plan not to use iAnnotate a while as it has an index function that indexes all the text into a master 'dictionary' so it can do searches for data and find PDFs for you. This indexing takes hours if you transfer hundreds of moderate size PDFs at one time.
The biggest PDF I have feed it was a Gimp manual at close to a thousand pages.
Remember the scratch pad ram is only 256 MB in the current iPad. You can cash iAnnotate if you do something really dumb with such a large file. Other applications also grab and hold onto chunks of this ram in the iPad so it is best to force a memory reset before doing anything that is going to max out that ram.
iAnnotate allows you to have more than one PDF open at a time and you can tab between all the open PDFs in a blink just as you would in a tabbed web browser.
If you zoom a page larger than the width of the screen it slides around. Less than the width of the screen the page locks in the size while scrolling which is smooth between pages.
iAnnotate is a very well made product for dealing with PDFs. Annotations display in Goodreader and in the Mac OS Preview.

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    Write-Host $Server" not found " -foregroundcolor "red"
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    You may also not want to shout (large bold print) when you go to the Reader forum. It irritates a lot of folks and may distract from your question.

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    I don't know of any laser printers that take a roll instead of sheets.  There are some small designjets that might have a roll feed accessory but they are inkjet printers and designed for graphics applications.
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  • I am looking for good pdf conversion program like omni pro 18

    i am looking for good pdf conversion software, like omnipage pro 18 by nuance, it is only supported by windows, what is good?

    What are you trying to convert the pdf to (MS word, text, what)?
    Here's one for word: PDF Converter
    Possibly another way for word: How to Convert PDF to Word Document on a Mac

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    The best solution is the one you find it by yourself

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    I do not know the answer,but until you get a better answer try the links

  • Multiparty video conference with extended family - Does Lync meet these requirements?

    Hello, we are 100% invested in the MS ecosystem.  We would like to find an affordable MS solution to the following so that we are not forced into using Hangouts. Thanks in advance for any advice or comments you can offer.
    Enable family members from across North America to cost effectively video conference with each other on a weekly basis.
    R1) Multiparty video conferencing
    R2) Only one user (myself) incurs an affordable cost for the service.  (Else Hangouts will be lobbied for)
    R3) Any subset of family members can connect to a scheduled meeting, without requiring the user who pays for the service to be in the meeting to allow them in.
    *** Question #1 - Is there a solution that meets or closely meets these requirements?
    Skype Premium:
    * Does not meet R2 and R3.  Someone with a premium account must initiate the call and invite all of the attendees.  If the person with a premium account is not always available, then two other family members must also purchase
    premium accounts to be backup call leaders.
    Lync Online Plan 2:
    Documentation states, "To access multiparty video (gallery view), ... , users must have rights to the full Lync 2013 client. You can obtain the full Lync 2013 client by purchasing Office 2013 Professional Plus." 
    I am already a subscriber of Office 365 Home Premium, buying another license of office to get the Lync client is not a reasonable expense.
    *** QUESTION #2 - If it is required, is there a lower cost way to obtain the Lync 2013 client?  
    *** QUESTION #3 - Can a Lync meeting be scheduled with Office 365 Home Premium and Lync Online Plan 2, similar to meetings created in the enterprise environment where a link is included in the meeting request?
    *** QUESTION #4 - If the person who sends the Outlook meeting request to other attendees is unable to attend, can other attendees continue to have the meeting with only their Lync Windows Store client or the Lync Web client?  
    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and offering your thoughts.
    To Microsoft Lync/Skype group:  I would happily pay another $3 per month for "Office 365 Premium Home with Scheduled Skype Group Conferencing" or "Office 365 Premium Home with Lync Online 2 and
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    Couple of points on Lync online plan-2;
    You can buy Lync standalone client from a local reseller. Following website will provide list of local resellers;
    Assume that you got single Lync online plan-2 license. If so , Lync attendee (guest/anonymous) would't be able to start the conference.
    Lync meeting organizer should initiate the meeting every time.
    If answer is helpful, please hit the green arrow on the left, or mark as answer.

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    I am looking for an app and barcode scanner to use as a POS system, where we can also use barcodes with the price in the barcode. The system must read fixed barcodes and variable price barcodes
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    I know of a retail store that uses a POS app. This app is from KWI and connects into the whole POS system for the entire store. The iOS device also has a special case with a built-in barcode scanner and credit card reader.
    This is a really cool device, but I'm not sure if you need other KWI components for it to work properly.
    Something to consider...

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    I run a book review blog, and while I don't usually review e-books, I've noticed that most of my review requests (from authors or independent publishers) are offering digital only. In the past I've used free programs such as Kindle for PC and Adobe Digital Editions. I tend to prefer the Kindle program, but it doesn't accept all formats (PDF), so I'm stuck with either a converted mess or using Adobe for some books. But I've decided it's time for a change - it's time for an e-reader. Honestly, I'm kinda leaning towards a Kindle at the moment. I've used the PC software for about a year now, and other than the PDF issues (which I don't know if there's a better option) I don't have any huge problems. I already have a lot of free books downloaded, and I'm sure I'll run across other freebees regularly. Plus my library already offers a large selection of e-books in the Kindle format! So here's my checklist: - Price - Not able to spend tons right now. - Weight/Size - Not a huge issue for me, actually. - Ease-of-Use - I'm pretty tech-savvy, so unless it's a nightmare to use, I should be fine. - Loyalty/Format - I'm not really loyal to one company over another. But when it comes to formats, how much of a pain is it going to be getting the right book format? - Memory - I'm not planning on replacing my library, this will be primarily for review requests that aren't available in print. - Touch or Not? - Is touch worth it for ease? Or is it a stress headache waiting to happen if it gets scratched? - Durability - Along the same lines as above, I'm pretty careful with my things and I'm not typically clutzy, but will I need a force-field around this thing? - Gadgets - I don't need tons of bells and whistles, but I won't turn them down either. Not really looking at 3G, video, or net-browsing, though music might be a plus... - Extras - Do I need to budget in for extras to get full use out of this? I don't foresee a need for an adapter, but will I need/want a case, light, etc.? Any help?

    To be honest, you are better off using a computer and this software:
    It will convert ebook formats...if you buy a reader, you are committed to that environment.  WIth the above and a computer, you can install the PC version of your favorite ereader and use the software to convert other formats to it. 
    If you find my post useful or informative, please click the icon below with the plus sign and star to give kudos. Thank you!

  • Looking for a PDF app for iPad

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought of this so I'm a believer that someone has created an app to help me and I can't find it!
    Pretty much, I'm looking for an app that will allow me to edit PDF's on my ipad and then send it (Via WiFi or Bluetooth) to my laptop.
    For example:
    Drawing a graph on my ipad, with detailed information, sending that to my macbook and then adding/inserting it to my PDF file on my laptop
    (Like getting a notification on my mac, loading it, draging it to my pdf, and vola!)
    If there is such a thing can someone help me out (If not feel free to take my idea and makes some money off of it, just let me know that you did!)

    Hey there
    "pdf creator" for iPad works flawlessly for me working with pdf files
    It takes care of all my needs
    I'm not sure about sending via Wifi or Bluetooth but I send them via e- mail all the time
    Possibly it could handle your needs as well
    Just type it into the App Store search field and the first one that comes up is the one I use
    Jump on over there and read up on it before buying and see if it will help you 
    Hope this helps

  • Looking for a PDF editor for Mac.

    I have hundreds of PDF files that contain the combination of letters  "XX"  and I want them all to be "HH" is there an editor out there that can do this?
    I tried using Pitstop, and it cannot batch anything like this.  I would like to be able to do many files at the same time.  If I have to do them one at a time, I may as well keep doing it the way I am.
    Currently going back to the ID file making the change and re-writing PDF---working fine, just wondering if there is a better way.
    Just looking for a way to make text edits in the PDF, I have found some editors for PC but having issues with PS fonts.  Yes I could change everything to open type, and then do the change, but that may bring on new problems.

    Currently going back to the ID file making the change and re-writing PDF---working fine, just wondering if there is a better way.
    Nope. That's the best way.
    Be sure and follow Steve's instructions. It'll make life happier for you.

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