Looking for linux-ora. users in Spain

We are develooping aplications based in oracle on linux. We
are experimenting some problems and want to contact with someone
directly, preffered on Spain, for interchange experiences and
information. If you know other people in the same situation
email us too. Please email us directly if posible.

Francisco Jose Suarez Perera (guest) wrote:
: We are develooping aplications based in oracle on linux.
: are experimenting some problems and want to contact with
: directly, preffered on Spain, for interchange experiences and
: information. If you know other people in the same situation
: email us too. Please email us directly if posible.
Yes, just we are, and also you can contact with the people
localted at the University of Oviedo:
(Cesar Menendez [email protected])

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  • Looking for LA area user group

    Are there any user groups in the LA area, google was no help & what I did find were flakey groups that did not answer emails. I am looking for serious user groups in the LA area.
    Thanks :)

    well, i was disappointed in the first one, as I received no response. The second lists the same groups, but I may contact the Orange County group. Thanks

  • I am looking for a multi user, searchable journal / log

    I am looking for an app that will let 4 people create their separate journals or log. The intent is to create better communication and shift hand off. I would like it to be searchable with key words, and also a todo list for each user. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

    wow there are lots of solutions without apps, but i believe if use an app instead of gmail accounts to share google docs, or outlook to share online documents and collaborate orojects, or to use microsoft exchange etc.one solution would be to allow up to five different emails to be used attached to your Apple ID, and to allow sharing all of the iWork suite files through the iCloud.
    I store and access all of my Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie, and other files through the iCloud. All of my text Editorfiles are also stored in the iCloud under opened and saved from there. This allows me to access them from all devices. Other people in my family are in my web team, who are allowed access to my iCloud can also do this. A better way at least four images will be to use shared streams in the Photos app on iPad. However,
    I think if you are looking for professional team solution for collaboration on multiple types of files, then I would recommend box.
    you can create a private unshed folders and files with family and work team and separate them all. If you use dropbox, all box, or what time recommend for large storage for free is MEGA with a 50 GB free storage then all of these solutions have online players, viewers and in some cases even editors within the cloudbrowser interfaces they have designed for the apps.
    By sharing these with your work team you would allow them to access and edit the files.if you are using Gmail and Google accounts, then of course your Gmail account will let you access Google docs and you have GDrive meaning, Google drive for storing files. This is deliberately meant for secure sharing with different work teams and online collaboration and administration of projects and files. So you don't really need an app
    I think I would recommend BOX. I have just started using it and it seems very promising, and I am using the free version, which serves my purposes.
    The service and it's interface, is quite extensive indeed. I'm so if you really are willing to pay for the pro are the super pro versions I think it is a very powerful tool if perhaps slightly expensive. It is fitted out with a heck of a lot of functionality.
    Here is what box have to say about themselves on their website:
    Box lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. Integrate Box with Google Apps and Salesforce and access Box on mobile devices.
    Box pioneered a new level of content management security, with role-based access controls, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and high-grade SSL encryption on transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest. Box has also been issued an SSAE 16 Type II report
    Consolidate All Your Content Services on Box
    Box – the single, secure solution for content access, sharing and collaboration – lets you replace a myriad of file transfer systems and unsecured, consumer-focused tools like YouSendIt and Dropbox. Bottom line: You reduce content silos, lower costs and give users the simplicity and functionality they want with the security IT requires.
    Box works with any mobile device, giving remote workers access to critical content they need to succeed. Simultaneously, Box features a comprehensive and sophisticated security suite – and its seamless integration with third-party mobile device management tools like Good Technology and MobileIron provide an additional layer of data protection.
    Users get anywhere, anytime access to critical content; and that content is synced across all their devices
    IT enjoys remote device management coupled with auto logout and locking while sanctioning the use of specific mobile devices and apps
    IT also gains a new level of content visibility, with insight into how content is managed and accessed in the organization – and beyond
    As a Web-based service, Box is up and running in minutes and deployed in days. There's no hardware to maintain or software to update and it complements existing content management platforms
    Start working in the cloud immediately: no on-premise installation, provisioning, maintenance or DMZ setup
    Enable employees to access and share enterprise content quickly and securely, both internally and with external partners and vendors
    Significantly lower hardware and storage costs
    Box is a leader in content management security and makes ongoing investments in the safety of our data centers and corporate operations. Box has been issued an SSAE 16 Type II report, and our solution also features Safe Harbor certification and provides easy-to-use configuration tools, so you can tailor Box to meet your security requirements. Learn More
    Global permission controls and detailed audit trails
    Full data encryption plus data center backups and redundancy
    Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
    Box is more than just a Web application; our comprehensive yet flexible platform lets you easily integrate, extend and customize your cloud deployment. Connect Box to the leading SaaS applications you already use, integrate it into your IT infrastructure or build apps designed to do whatever your business needs
    Easily connect to other business applications like Salesforce, NetSuite and Google Apps
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    Custom implementation road maps streamline deployment across the enterprise
    A dedicated Customer Success representative gives you the responsive, personalized support you deserve
    I am a multitasker and use multiple apps in combination both fall the intended purposes which they were made for, and also for other purposes which I have invented myself, that the developers probably never thought of when they created those apps. Please let me know more details about how you wish to use and apply your methods with the app US seeking because I have spent many thousands of dollars on different paid apps to find the functionalities I need on my ios devices. I suffer from gout and arthritis, and my fingers are too sensitive to use a keyboard or mouse which makes my hands swell up and burn like heck. I have just found a way to both control my computer using the iPad as my mouse trackpad and keyboard, as well as using the iPad as a remote desktop which is also mouse and trackpad and keyboard built into one. This has relieved my hands from myinvalidity which as an author who spends up to 18 hours a day typing is a great relief. So that far some apps are not only usable for what the purposes they are stated.for example, I just use Keynote on the iPad to make a single slide with a master slide. But that master slide has become a motion graphics intro video for one of my YouTube channels as an MP4 video. This is not possible to convert from Keynote itself and I had to find an ulterior path to achieving my goal of obtaining a keynote presentation into an MP4 stream of both YouTube video.I have been working on various websites with collaborators who work for me who needs access to the files which I contribute for them to be able to finish that work with. I therefore understand a large number of your needs but perhaps not all of them, because each of us slightly different in our methods, goals and what our businesses are.
    but believe me I can give you lots of information about how to apply different apps to achieve goals with and also how to simplify things into try and reducing things to one device and one or as little apps as possible in order to collaborate your projects and get the files accessed and worked on without having to go the long way home, meaning having to use 10 apps could do something that you can do with one browser and one application on the MacBook or a computer. With mobile devices at least with Apple, it is different. There are many websites like YouTube which you can't even comment in the comments box on if you use Safari in iPad. The keyboard is completely deactivated and you cannot edit any single comment there at all. So there are still problems with thisand of issue, meaning we still need to use Mac book and iMac to get our work done especially the big stuff like documentary movies and 4K super HD movies, which are the new thing.
    I use an ecommerce solution (ecwid),  which has a TinyMCE what you see is what you get text editor inserted into an I-frame within the admin CP Control Panel, and it is completely unnavigable and deactivates the keyboard when trying to edit products using an iPad or any iOS seven device.I have that for how to find a way of connecting to my computer at home using the remote desktop, in order to be able to work on my online store using the iPad. This is just one of many integration approaches which I am experimenting with and spending many thousands of dollars on paid apps in order to find various approaches what is right and what is wrong with the iOS system.
    for example, you can airdrop the file from your ioS iPhone to your iOS iPad. But you can't do it to your MacBook which is OS X. This is a great disadvantage. However Sharon just James and saving document files from the iLife and iWork suites in the iCloud all you do is put the iPad on the table with Keynote open for example, walk to your MacBook open keynote on that, I have only just started but I have been inspired since I moved from Windows to Apple over a year ago, and have taught myself to minimize the amount of third-party apps and try to achieve my goals with the built in integrative bull software's which are already available on the OS X Mavericks system and the iOS seven systems.this has resulted in great curiosity in experimenting with and discovering all the functionalities and various ways to apply export import and integrate files with each other in one workflow that is accessible from all devices without any cable connections or file transfer processes to take up our time.
    Apple has felt this out very well and has intended it to be used in this way and even for collaborating with teams. You just need to know how to setup your devices properly, and you can probably achieve all of the goals you wish and all of the top quality professional work you wish to with the built-in software on your Mac.
    for example, most people don't know that the text edit is not just a text editor. It also has RTF document and Rich text editing and can insert images edited them all as Kendra Finder and QuickView functions which have photo editors much better than Microsoft paint, I'm can do anything that a simple Photoshop type application can do toedit images with at least for those who are not MEGA professionals and just need to do medium professional work. with iMovie aperture iPhoto GarageBand and it's possible plug-ins Logic eggs Pro, Pages, keynote and numbers you can achieve absolutely everything you wish to. I have a YouTube channel which I use as my hobby and to help users of Apple products to understand the full potential off the immensely amazing machines they have in their ownership
    it is a new channel and I am just beginning but I am hoping to not do reviews of hardware rather to just show how an advanced end-user has manifested the flu I'm complete setup and integration of all of his hardware and software and his workflow with his Apple devices in the home and office.it seems you and myself, have opposing problems. I know how to achieve all of the girls you mention and Tmart from dozens of different approaches. Some of them free some of them paid. Some of the free ones are better than paint options and the other way round two. One has to look at one's needs and decide which one fits one's needs and if the price is worth it, and also if there is a free option that is viable.I would be happy to communicate with you further on this matter and please do a search on YouTube for how to mockable and I also own a.com domain using the same words,where I shall be posting alternative content about using Apple products in contrast to the many YouTube channels which only seem to do rhardware and app reviews, bemchmark tests, and on unboxings.
    I find is boring because I think it's more interesting to just show the end results of what can be achieved using Apple and his built-in products. However, some of the best apps which I really useful I will be showing and presenting and also using thecontent I have made using Apple products to make my YouTube videos with to show how good you can really make things with without the use of third-party apps. If you think about it and it's what I always suspected, the beautiful Apple videos which a promotional on their adverts on the explanatory videos I located in a smooth modern and very intuitive and economic manner which looks very futuristic.
    I have been making movies to try and create something that looks smooth and professional on YouTube, but I'm still pretty amateur with it.
    I used it to make my intros and to edit all the movies with and at sound files imported from GarageBand which I played the music myself all made the effects myself to avoid claims and issues with YouTube however, I opemed Keynote after having never having used PowerPoint, or any other kind of slideshow maker of presentation software in my whole life].I used it, for the first time yesterday and sat until 6 o'clock in the morning making myself busy and my eyes Bokel training myself from beginner to advanced in one evening. The result was an intro video that is multimedia multi layered, with transparencies, intro amd outros for each inserted element be that a picture, video, textbooks, or what ever.).I found I had made a truly moving dynamic video, and motion graphics that is a single Master slide, which one would think of normally as a still image in a series of slideshows like in  PowerPoint.
    However, I found out that I can use it to make beautiful motion graphics and explanatory video intros, which are approaching, even in my first attempt, something similar to how Apple videos look.
    I thus concluded, logically when you consider it, that Apple of course, makeall their company media and video content, using their own software.
    I then realized, that it was not iMovie, and Final Cut Pro, that they used to get those smooth flat translucent and futuristic effects which are beautiful in that simplicity.it is not those solutions which were used for many of the effects and presentations which we see in the videos found on Apple's website
    it is indeed I have found since yesterday the ApplePowerPoint alternative,that has produced the most beautiful translucent and somehow flat but in tentatively deep interface of that presentations. Namely, Apple's keynote presentation software on the iPad.I was amazed and uploaded it to my YouTube channel on how to mockable as a demonstration of what can be achieved with Keynote and also to use as an intro for some of my videos which I will be making. Please feel free to search for it and find it on YouTube. I don't wish to publicize myself here on the Apple forums, because that is not my purpose to post here. My purpose to post is my true love and amazement with.I think I've changed my mind about not posting a link to my content. The content helps Apple very much, and so I will leave it up to the Apple moderators of this forum, whether to remove the link or not. I really believe it advertises some of the power of Keynote and iPad and how it can be used to make incredible presentations even with one single slide.so here it is; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRbLzYISJnYmy intention is not to profit from the channel, rather than to support Apple and to show people how to use Apple products to the full extent because Apple developers, I working very hard to push the product to the limits. People should therefore use them and push those limits as they were intended to be pushed. It is incredible what you can really do and I wish people to become aware of this. My YouTube channel exists for that sole purpose. Viva Apple!
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  • Looking for MAC/Aperture user in the Morgnatown WV area

    I am trying to find some help with a book project.
    I have two strikes against me.
    1. I have no MAC
    2. I have no Aperture
    I am trying to find a MAC users group or helpful person in the Morgantown WV area who would willing to lend me a hand a book project.
    The project is turning this website: http://EpicRoadTrips.us/ca2007 into a book for my mother for Christmas.
    There are nearly 800 images and nearly as much text.
    Can anyone help?

    Kirk, thanks very much for taking the time to write me.
    Thus far, this has been a frustrating disappointment and probably is not a feasible project.
    Just what kind of "book" do you have in mind?
    Basically a book version of the web site: a travelogue.
    Format and size is yet to be determined but I am leaning towards landscape 11x8 or larger. I have been looking into VioVio (http://www.viovio.com) as a possible printing service.
    The good news? I "borrowed" some of your online image files
    What was the URL for the images you used?
    I shoot with the web in mind so I must resize my images.
    Usually I have a small image in with the text which is linked to a higher resolution image if anyone wants to see it.
    Such as:
    and most appear to be 180 DPI.
    How did you determine this?
    I still do not understand how.
    DPI is a printing term (dots per inch) and the more an image file has, the better (and larger), the image prints will display. 300 DPI would be much better and maybe you have them stored on your PC or camera memory card.
    I know that 300dpi is considered a minimum for quality printing, but I have never been sure how to determine this. Usually, I just use the original image from my cameras when getting prints made.
    For web use, I resize them to a width of 400-600px.
    If only 180 files were shot you'll be limited in the display dimensions in your "book". More like 4X5 inch sizes (maybe even smaller) on glossy paper. But you could arrange the images "4 up" to print a larger "coffee table" size book if you wanted.
    I went to the MAC lab here at WVU yesterday and test drove Aperture.
    I was able to make three or so pages without much problem.
    But, I could not find a way to resize the image containers as they are set up in the templates.
    I could resize image containers which I added to the page template, but then I could not apply the template style to these containers. The were unstyled boxes, not like the ones in template.
    See: http://epicroadtrips.com/matt/book-style/ss.jpg for the book style I was working with.
    If your Mom has a computer you could just save your Web pages as PDF (Portable Document Format) and each "page" of your Web site could be joined together into a single file. With the correct tools (and an online connection) she could view the thumbnail images and text in their current form and a click on the thumbnails would load the full sized images in any browser.
    She has no computer, never has and never will.
    But, she is a lifelong bibliophile and a book of the website she would truly appreciate and cherish.
    You may also want to take a look at the Apple TV appliance. It could display your images on any modern TV (no text) in a slideshow mode with dozens of transitions and even a custom audio track.
    I thought about this, but she is nearly deaf and TV is still TV - not a book.
    Last, but not least, is the power of QuickTime Pro. Very easy to make a custom side show from your images and add an audio track. Then just send this file to your DVD burning software.
    You can add text tracks (text over images or "black") and audio and even some simple transitions to make a nice DVD version.
    A good idea for sharing with others - but not my mom.
    I may look into using InDesign for the PC, but the thought of placing 800 images and the related text is quite daunting to me. That is why I had hope to use Aperture. It is some what automated/pre-laid out, but allow some customization.
    Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions,

  • Looking for Lion + InDesign users

    Hi All,
    I use InDesgin heavily for photographic album design, and since upgrading to Lion have hit an annoying problem.
    When designing, I 'Place" (Command-D) images into the document, and do so by selecting my aperture library from the 'open' dialog (there is Aperture, Iphoto and Music in the lower area allowin direct access to your media).
    Since upgrading to Lion it appears that I can only do this once per 'session', menaing if I place an image (or number of  images), then go back with the Place command to add more, the "Open" buton is greyed out, but only for files in the media browser options (Aperture, iPhoto, Music) - I can 'Place' images form my desktop, or anywhere else in the sidebar of the 'Open' dialogue multiple times. To be able to place images from these Media areas more than once I am forced to quit InDeisgn and relaunch it - then I get one more shot at placing, before I need to quit again. The issue is common to both InDesign CS4 and inDesign CS5.
    This is obviously a serious slowdown in my workfow, and I'm wondering if it's specific to my set up, or if it's happening to all Aperture/InDesign users.
    Can aonyone else confirm this is the case - if not, I will know it's sepcific to my set up and eed to root around for the cause.
    Thanks in advance for any helpers!

    Same problem as above!
    If you wanna test it, open InDesign and create a new document (just to start afresh).
    1. Press Cmd+D to open the 'Place' window.
    2. Click on 'Photos' from the 'Media' list on the left (the window that opens is what I call the media browser)
    3. Select an image from your iPhoto / Aperture library and click 'Open'.
    4. Place the image.
    This works normally.
    Now try to repeat steps 1-4. The second time you try, the 'Open' button is greyed out.
    If you quit InDesign and reopen it, you can 'Place' one more image, but then you need to quit and reopen again to place more! It's a major slowdown for those of us who use InDesign everyday
    Let us know how you get on.

  • Looking for DreamWeaver newbe users...

    I am going to do a online meeting with a few DreamWeaver guys to build a list of "tips" for DW guys who are moving to CFBuilder. If you have tips you would like to throw in please throw them in this thread.

    Here are some topics of interst based on posts in this forum.
    How to change views
    Speeding up code hinting (or slow if you prefer)
    Setting up a new site
    FTP vs DreamWeaver FTP
    How to register a server
    Using different versions of CF
    Code Color (changing to custom or match DW style)
    Keyboard shortcuts
    Can we sync like DW?
    Searching folders
    Page Templates (can we)
    Toggle Word Wrap
    Database (Query Tools)
    HTML (CSS, etc.) support
    Please share other areas of interst to you. Here are some that I will add in that were not there that it seems like people would like information about.
    CFB "Extensions" (vs) DW "Extensions"
    CFB snippets (vs) DW snippets
    Using DW side by side with CFB (Who is doing this and why and when?)
    CFB (vs) DW Debugging
    CFB (vs) DW Source Control
    Again, please contribute.

  • TS2776 I cannot get my IPhone to recognize my new computer; it's still looking for the old one.

    My IPhone won't sync with a new windows 8 computer.  It's still looking for the old one.  How in the he11 do you change the name of the PC the IPhone looks for?

    This user tip should be useful
    Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive

  • LightScribe for Linux!!!

    LaCie LightScribe Labeler for Linux is simple and intuitive, allowing users to burn customized images on to LightScribe discs in three easy steps: import, resize, print. K3b Founder Sebastian Trueg said, "We're happy to see that LaCie is developing tools for Linux users, and are pleased to work with them to make it happen. With the LaCie LightScribe Labeler for Linux, K3b users now have access to the latest disc-labeling technology from LightScribe, and a complete burning solution thanks to LaCie."
    Press release
    Home page
    LightScribe Host Software v1.4.113.1 for Linux
    LaCie LightScribe Labeler for Linux (both are RPMs)
    Manual (PDF)
    UPDATE: There is a package request already. I didn't notice it when posted, should I remove this topic?

    Use rpmextract to extract the files from the rpm. Then, it's just a question of installing the files in the correct place (in $startdir/pkg), i.e. binaries in /usr/bin, libraries in /usr/lib, etc.

  • Office 365 Home Premium (2013) vs Excel Standalone (2013) - Looking for Power Pivot

    Hi I have read a few comments here on this site but still have a question about the topic.
    I currently have an OEM Office 365 Home Premium with Excel 2013 in it but no power pivot available. My objective is to get Power Pivot. Can anyone advise how can I do that? I installed my Office 365 using Click-To-Run so I don't think this allows me to disable
    any specific application e.g. Excel 2013 that's bundled with the rest of Office 365 I purchased.
    I heard that Excel 2013 Standalone can be bought and downloaded and it does come with power pivot add in. Is this true? If so can I buy the Excel 2013 standalone then run it side by side with the Office 365 Home Premium I have now installed or
    will it clash and have issues when used together ?
    MS official sites say you can only get the power pivot as add in if you purchase Office 365 Plus. I'm a bit confused. If that is true does it mean the Excel Standalone has no power pivot available?
    Thanks and I'm looking for any seasoned user who can share their experience using Excel 2013 standalones or users with 365 having version 15.0.4649.1001
    Thanks - Felix  

    Power Pivot are available in the Office Professional Plus and Office 365 Professional Plus editions, and
    in the standalone edition of Excel.
    Then, please note the following thing when you install Office 365 and other Office version side by side.
    As you said, Office 365 usually uses Click to Run version(C2R), and Office 2013 MSI on a system with Office 365 (Click to Run) is NOT supported, thus, we need to install the C2R version of Excel 2013 standalone edition.
    Quote From:
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • FormsCentral PDFs not working for Linux and Unix users

    I recently created a PDF (using Indesign > Acrobat IX Pro > Formscentral [AFC]) that includes radio buttons, form fields, linked videos set to play in the PDF once clicked and (after running through AFC) a submit button.
    The form has been distributed and we have already had hundreds of successful responses collected in the AFC site, all is working well there.
    One major problem we are having is that we have a lot of Linux/Unix users and the response from them is that they can't activate the videos, the form fields are out of kilter alignmentwise and the submit button does not work. Even when using the proper Adobe Acrobat Reader (v9, for example).
    Is the Adobe development team aware of problems such as these for Linux/Unix platforms and is there a suggested fix that they know of?
    The link to the actual file is here: http://cms.iopscience.iop.org/alfresco/d/d/workspace/SpacesStore/b5a48eac-8642-11e2-8cf8-e 50acbc9fd86/NJP-Video-Abstracts-Competition-2013.pdf
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Jesse,
    can you email me ([email protected]) the original PDF (before you imported it in FormsCentral)? Also, I'm curious about the format of the video in the PDF. Does the video in the PDF worked in Linux/Unix before going through the FormsCentral import/export?
    When I look at your PDF on my Red Hat Entrprise Linux 6.0 system with Reader 9.5.4 it does look fine (location of the fields) but the video generate an error (which I'm still investigating). I have not yet try the submit button on your form (as I don't want to submit bad data to you) but I seem to have an issue with the submit button on other PDF forms I generated (when I try to submit from a linux machine). Still investigating that as well.

  • A long-time Arch user is looking for an alternative

    Hello Arch users,
    I know that this forum is probably not the best place to ask a question like that but I'll try anyways:
    I have been using Archlinux for more than 5 years and I really like the simplicity and the Arch philosophy. However, as I cannot afford to devote a lot of time to maintaining my work station (which Archlinux naturally requires if one relies on a bunch of AUR packages) I have swapped to OS X around a year ago. Please no OS X bashing here, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages which shall be discussed at another place.
    I noticed that for certain tasks a proper Linux is still very handy. Up to now I was just using my former Archlinux notebook every now and then. This means that it occurs that I will not use my Linux box for a couple of months, possibly even a year. With that I get into trouble keeping my system up to date with the rolling release philosophy (due to the huge gaps between two consecutive updates).
    So what I basically want is the Arch-experience without the rolling release feature. It appeared to me that there might possibly be some long-term archive available, where all packages are just available for a long time. If not, can you suggest any other distributions that require little maintenance and are as close to Arch as possible? I really do not want to miss pacman, however, if there is no other way I'd need to install some long-term support Ubuntu...
    Thanks a lot
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    Thanks for every single reply. It seems I am slowly approaching my best-fit distro
    ARM sounds interesting, but two potential problems come to my mind: 1) as described in the wiki, the original ARM has already been closed, if that happens again I won't have a repository and a lot of maintenance work is to be issued. 2) If I will just set my mirrorlist to a fixed date I will not be able to get any security updates (also, see my reply to vostok4).
    The problem is that packages in AUR usually require the latest versions of some libraries, so just not applying updates is not possible (that was my first go when I replaced my Arch notebook with a Mac, now it is still being unused as Arch does not work anymore and I don't want to bother fixing the outdated system).
    The tasks I need linux for can be anything, such as being able to read/write/format/re-partition any of my old harddrives or using/compiling software that is available for linux only (or is more stable on linux).
    What I mean by "Arch-experience" is that I can use a simple and powerful package manager like pacman and I can find nearly every thinkable package in AUR (if not, I can create it on my own without a lot of trouble due to the makepkg system). Furthermore, I enjoy(ed) the simplicity (a single configuration file rc.conf where I could configure most of the general system settings, at least before the move to systemd has been carried out, which I dislike as I never had the patience to learn systemd and get the hang of it). When Arch was my only system I also liked that the installation has created a naked linux on my drive that I needed to put clothes on. I guess with converting to a casual linux user I now prefer something that is already ready to use (but I still want to be able to change the clothes).
    I will have a look at CRUX and Darwin as you have suggested.
    I agree that a well-organised filesystem is very important. However, even if one applies the theory meticulously (which I usually don't as I have other priorities when working), the possibility of opening a file without having to click through the folders in a file explorer (or typing the filepath in the terminal) has eased my workflow. I will read your link after I have posted this, though.
    I have had a look at the Arch-based distros but I think none of them are really what I want (which is a LTS version of Archlinux ). I think I might try out a LTS Mint as soon as I have assembled my new computer.
    I have not used Debian yet, but as far as I understand the release cycles are quite short and there is no LTS of particular releases. In your opinion, why is Debian closer to Arch than the other suggestions?
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  • Looking for a linux that fits Oracle

    I am a student and im studying Oracle in Sweden. To this date i have been using Oracle on Windows and i want to change it to Linux now.
    I am looking into Fedora since the company i am gonna do my practice at are using Red Hat (and i cant pay for it), so it feels like a good choice.
    But some of my friends have been using Oracle+Fedora together and it seems to be aloooot of problems, and even tho there is guides out there; there is still problem.
    What would you recommend me to do? I Would be glad if u could provide me with guides :)
    I am gonna use Oracle 10g, and my candidades for nix are Fedora and SuSe
    Johan from Sweden

    It took Oracle over 1 month to actually get me a CSI number that should have been sent out automatically when I paid. I finally got one after multiple phone calls and much time on hold. Even then I had to convince them that I did not lose the email. Not a very good way to run a railroad. I asked the person who finally gave me the CSI to reset the counter so it started today since I had yet to receive the CSI. She told me politely that she could not do that. Basically blew me off. As you know, the only reasonably priced support option for an individual user is network. Therefore telephone support does not even enter the discussion.
    I pretty much found nothing worked correctly with Unbreakable Linux Network. Silly me, I expected it to work something like RedHat Network since that was what they were replacing. When I wanted to add new software such as Trac, I tried using synaptic etc to load software and was always told that the object was not found. Doing exactly the same thing with CentOS 5.2 produced great results.
    As I mentioned before, I have worked with Oracle since the early 90s. Metalink is not a good thing to do to anyone just wanting to update their Linux. To say it is exhausting finding the correct software would be an understatement. When I am working at a client on million dollar databases, I don't mind how tedious this can be. When I am working on a personal Linux box, this is unacceptable. I should be able to locate and install easily and OEL is far from that. CentOS using the same software is much easier to add software and keep software up to date. If you really want to see this done right, take a look at Linux Mint.

  • New Mac user looking for help with Finder, Preview, Keyboard, & Dock

    So about a month ago I switched over from a lifelong Windows user to a brand new MacBook Pro, and while I am adjusting pretty well, there are still some things that I haven't quite figured out.
    First up on the list is Finder! I like my files to be arranged just like how they are in Windows Explorer--folders first alphabetically, then files alphabetically. I've managed to acquire this setting by messing around with the "clean up by" and "arrange by" functions but I don't really know the specific combination. Most of the time these preferences are saved and set as the defaults under "View Options" but every once in a while it resets and I have to tinker around with the settings all over again. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? It's only happened twice so far, but I'd rather not have it happen again. Also, occasionally when I delete an item, there is a blank space left where the icon was instead of all the files following it bumping up a space. Any quick fixes for this bug?
    Next up is Preview. Again, I like the Windows Way and I like to be able to browse between the files in a folder while using Preview/Windows Photo Viewer. I know that there is a way to browse between files if you select the whole folder and stick it in Preview, but is there a way to achieve the same result without having to do that? An app or "extension" of some sort that adds arrows in to browse between photos? I've had no luck finding anything other than the aforementioned option. Is there a good free alternative to Preview that will function similarly with the browse between photos option?
    One of my favorite things about my new Mac is the backlit keyboard function. My old laptop didn't have it and as someone who is online more often at night it is super helpful. But is there a way to turn it off during the day/in bright settings? A way to put it on a timer? In System Preferences I selected the option "Adjust keyboard brightness in low light", which I assumed to mean would have the keyboard NOT very bright when there IS light, but it continues to light up just the same. Any apps or extensions to help with this one?
    And finally, the dock! This question is more about aesthetics than functionality but help is appreciated all the same. Currently, my dock looks like this: http://i42.tinypic.com/35ktxlz.png It is rather opaque and the indicator lights can barely be seen. However, in a lot of tutorial videos I've been watching, many people have docks that look like this: http://i.i.cbsi.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim/2011/07/19/Lion_LaunchPad.png It is a darker shade of gray, the divider is dashed rather than a straight line, and the indicator lights are clearly visible. Does anybody know how to get this look for the dock? I've looked in the dock preferences but there's not really anything in there other than magnification/size/effects.
    That about sums things up! I'm sorry if any of these seem like "silly" questions but they are all things I have been unable to find answers for. Any and all tips, tricks, and help is appreciated! Thanks in advance for all your help!!

    congratulations on coming over from the dark side.
    Seems like you are interested in column view, which would show you the hierarchy of folders and files:  Column View in Mac OS X Mountain Lion - For Dummies Not sure what's going on if your finder settings don't stay put. May be a corrupted preferences file, which is easy to fix, but is perhaps a topic for another discussion.
    What I'd suggest is to have an open mind and try to see what the mac can do, rather than force it to look like your windows machine. I mean, if you just want it to look like windows, then why bother switching? If you give it a little time, you'll start to appreciate the mac way of doing things, and see how it is infinitely more awesome, powerful, creative, intuitive, and better designed (and the software way better written)  than what you left behind. But that's your call.
    There are some threads on this forum with complaints about the backlight. Keyboard backlight settings query...: Apple Support Communities  Evidently it depends on the angle of the screen and the light sensor relative to the light. Some suggest that a SMC reset may help: Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)  This is not an issue for me, I just adjust the brightness with the keyboard buttons if I want. Real men shift their own gears, drink their coffee black, and adjust their own keyboard brightness. I am not aware of any software to exert more control over this feature but a search of macupdate  Download Apple Mac Software & iPhone Software : MacUpdate may help. I mean, it's up to you what is important. I can waste a lot of time playing around with the GUI and with unnecessary software, or I can just get my work (and play) done.
    You might prefer the no-glass dock, that removes the shelf, and makes the indicator lights like more discrete orbs. You can do this with the terminal. Using the terminal is also, perhaps, a topic for another discussion.I like the 2D dock much better. If you want I'll give you some directions for how to do it. Otherwise, here's a reference: 2D Dock - MacRumors Forums

  • Table to look for change documents for users

    Hi friends,
    Is there any standard table to look for change documents for a user?change document through SUIM does not give the correct log.
    Thanks for you support.

    Looking at another of Tracy's other post (http://scn.sap.com/thread/3598947) she's trying to use ACL. Hence needing to know the tables to write joins/queries to hit tables within ACL
    I've seen ACL used and have had the fun experience of Auditors using Google to find tables to perform checks on without context of what has actually been implemented in their particular system.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Issue in Printing of FBL1N ( Line Item Display)

    Hi, I have an issue with the printing of the report FBL1N... When I execute the report with the Standard Layout "1SAP". The dispaly on the screen is correct. But when I tried print the output the display on the print out, excludes the Last Line item

  • I don't need iTunes to bounce and tell me its iMatch server can't work

    This makes me so angry, this is like Windows quality software engineering.  Don't tell me that your servers aren't working and can't scan my whole iTunes Library for iMatch.  It's annoying, almost as annoying as those stupid Adobe Reader update popup

  • Cannot unlock iphone

    cannot unlock iphone by sliding arrow and tried also to switch iphone off and back on, not working

  • Overlays to control chapters - like Flash- Is this possible?

    I realize this is a tall order, but I thought I'd post in hopes there's some Quicktime wizard out there who may know if these are possible: I'd like to have clickable overlays on my Quicktime video that control which chapter a user goes to. So the vi

  • User gets crw32.EXE error on some reports

    I have a user who gets a crw32.exe error message  when running some custom reports he has created.   The error signature is as follows:    AppName: crw32.exe;   AppVer:;  ModName:  mfc71u.dll;  ModVer:  7.10.3077.0;   Offset:  00ac991;