Lost credits on iTunes

I have lost over $50 worth of credits on iTunes and cannot get Apple support to respond to me after logging the initital help desk ticket. Apple's response was to offer me 5 credits (after I lost over 50)? These were credits from entering two $50 iTunes gift cards ($100 total). I received no "warning" that they were about to expire...they just disappeared. I have logged in/out of iTunes and performed the basic trouble shooting to no avail. I have sent 6 emails to Apple support asking for follow-up and am getting no response back. The last email I received was that the issue was being escalated? It has been over a month. This is amazingly bad support and my view on this is Apple has basically taken over $50 from me (the balance of the $100 worth of credits). Does anyone from Apple monitor this thread and can help get this case resolved? My case number is (I think)
"Account or Billing; Follow-up: 62685058 - 6th email with no response from Apple Support on open issue"

Same here, with a twist. First they disabled my account (sometime between Thursday last week and Monday this week) then they took $100 dollars out of it yesterday.
In between getting disabled and getting robbed, I did receive two emails from Support saying that they were following up on the matter. Following up how? Taking money from me that I couldn't access anyway?

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