Lost script after re-downloading Adobe Story

Hello, I am trying to find out where one of my scripts has gone, I had invested a lot of time into the script. My laptop was having problems so I recovered it, & re-downloaded Adobe Story. When Adobe Story opened, I noticed I only have one script there, one missing, & the work I had done on the script that is still there is gone. If anyone could give me some useful feedback - if I can recover it, or even if I can't - I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. ~

I am really sorry that you lost your changes.
Basically when you choose to work offline all the data is saved on your PC. Adobe story servers do not come in to picture unless you specifically tell the adobe story air application to go online. This is what happened in your case. You made changes in offline mode and did not went online and then formatted the system. There is no way possible that data could have reached adobe story servers.
In future to avoid this kind of problem :
1)    Try going online once in a while so that all data is syned to the server. So you will have sciprt data till some state on the servers.
            2)  Take backup of your script’s data before formatting your machine or just go to story online mode.

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    Can you send your Adobe ID (email that you use to sign in to Story) to agupta at adobe dot com ?
    We'll try to figure out what happened, and find your work.

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    If there's anything you guys can do it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    There is an issue with Adobe AIR installation with Chrome browser.
    Can you please try with some other browser, say firefox/safari
    Adobe Story Team

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    Bygrace which Adobe software or service is your question in reference too?

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    Well if figured it out by myself.  In order to down load the file, I had to disable the Firewall in Microsoft first.  I lowered my cookies and other files on Explore (internet options).  Once I did that I worked like a charm.
    I love the program.

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    If you contacts are limited to a group e-mail the following will restore to the all contact list:
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    gfish15014 wrote:
    I have no idea how to do that. Can you help me?
    Go to Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility and select your volume and then select Repair Permissions.  Same directions are also in the OS Mac Help Menu.

  • For some reason, after I downloaded Adobe Flashplayer I have no sound on my PC. Can you help me

    I have a new computer.  Until yesterday I had sound.  I need to know how to fix this.  I did download Adope Flash Player
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    Can you post back with the following.
    1.  The full Model No. and Product No. of the notebook ( from the service tag underneath your notebook ) - see Here for a further explanation.
    2.  The full version of the operating system you are using ( ie Windows 7 32bit ).
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    ****Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem****
    ****I don't work for HP****
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience

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    You only get one download of movies.
    It is your responsibility to backup your purchases.

  • Adobe Story Script doesn't allow me to embed the script in Premiere Pro

    Adobe Story Script integration with Premiere Pro Doesnt allow me to embed the script
    Goal:  Embed an Adobe Story Script into Premiere Pro. (mac)
    Method:  I have a video with a verbatim transcript.
    I inport the transcript into Adobe Story and save it in the proper Adobe Story File extension (.astx)
    I save it to the Adobe cloud and I have also exported it to my desktop.
    I launch Premiere Pro and import the video that I have transcribed.
    The I try one of 3 ways to get the script to the video in PP.
    The first steps are the same as below:
    I go to Adobe Story and log in from within PP.
    I locate the file.
    I add a Scene.
    I make sure the scene is the same as it is within PP
    I drag and drop it onto the Movie file.
    Nothing appears within the Embed Adobe Story Script Meta Data field.
    I click on Analyze and the Embed Adobe Story Script script checkbox remains greyed out (Unable to select it)
    If I click Analyze then PP will analyze the script (does a decent job) but this is NOT what I want.  I want to attach the verbatim script to the video which is why I have it transcribed.
    Right click on the movie file within PP and the contextual menu allows me to attach a script.
    I locate my downloaded .astx file on my Mac and select it.
    Still nothing appears within the Embed Adobe Story Metadata field.
    I have worked with Anand from support who suggested I post this question here.
    I dont know if there are only certain Adobe templates for which this will work (ie TV script, Film etc)
    He suggested that this would most likely work only for the .mov file formats, but then discovered that it should work even for .mp4 files.
    In any case - if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or has experience with this It would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm getting crazy  on this. I'm following the worflow suggested in the video (create a script in Story  with the clip transfer, import the clip to Premier, dragging the script to the clip). The clip has the scene number corresponding to the script.
    Unfortunately, nothing happens. The "attached script" is empty. And if I do the spech analysis it takes a lot of time (about three times as the original video, although I'm trying to suply a literal transcript).
    BTW, what I'm trying to do is to edit the videos from the scripts. I'm working on a documentary, with a lot of footage (30 x 2hs interviews). If I can create the script combining pieces of the inverviews in Story, and then importing it into Premiere. Anybody done something similar?

  • Won't let me download offline Adobe Story for Desktop

    Adobe Story will not download off of the Adobe website. I have a 2014 MacBook Pro - it will ot download for Safari or Google Chrome. It says "Initializing - " and will not download. Help!

    Adobe Story will not download off of the Adobe website. I have a 2014 MacBook Pro - it will ot download for Safari or Google Chrome. It says "Initializing - " and will not download. Help!
    You should be able to log in here with your Creative Cloud password: Adobe Story | Scriptwriting software
    After doing so, you can download Adobe Story Plus. Have you tried that?

  • After i download the adobe in my mc book i still can't see the video . do i have to download  browser , how i can do that.

    in my mcbook after i download adobe , i stil not able to see the video , do i have to download browser and how i can download it .

    Try here >  Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    Try disabling anti virus software and turning off the Firewall.

  • Can Adobe Story be used for writing something other than a screenplay?  Say and article or short story?

    I have just downloaded Adobe Story and I am wondering if it can be used to write an Article or Novel.  Maybe in a short story?

    Although not really designed for Articles and Novels, if you insist you it may work but would not be really be fit for purpose. I mean you can use the research or synopsis document, most documents you create are free form text (text editor), except scripts. I would recommend the use of other software for Novels.

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    I found a similar question and found a solution!
    If anyone else sees this with the same problem here's what to do:
    Go to this link:
    Download the version for your OS.
    Install program - takes about 2 seconds! Very easy fix!

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