Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC connection not working

I have created an ODBC source.  I tried using this in SSIS workflow ODBC, when I test the connection, it crashes my Visual Studio 2010

Hi Kathy,
Thank you for posting in MSDN forum.
Based on your issue, could you please tell me if you connect the
Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC with ADO.NET like this following link.
If possible, please share me more detailed steps about how to connect the
Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC in the VS2010.
In addition, could you please share me some crash error message in this VS2010 when test this connection?
To check if this issue is related to this VS IDE, I suggest you could try to connect
Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC on other machine and then check if you still get this issue.
(1) If you still get this crash issue, I assume that this issue is related to this connection
Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC.
(2) If you did not get same error message, I suggest you could try to restart your machine and then open this VS2010 as Admin on your local machine and then connect it check this issue again.
Please try to close the firewall software on some other progress from this Task Manager and then check this issue.
In addition, I suggest you could try to use this process monitor tool to check which process running when you test this connect.
Best Regards,
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    Copyright (c) 1997, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
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    I lost all my music too. What I don't get is that when my iphone  is connected to Itunes, the music appears there (i even can play it), but the device doesn´t have it. I try to sync it but it doesn't work. What can I do?
    Help please!!!

    I went into Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network.and changed my APN in the 'Cellular Data' section from idata.o2.co.uk to wap.o2.co.uk. 
    wap.02.co.uk will not work for you, that is my provider's setting.  I would contact Telcel and see what your APN settings should be, but I get the impression having read through many conversations now that the upgrade to iOS5 sometimes changes these settings.
    I left the 'Visual Voicemail' and the 'MMS' settings the same and everything seems to be working ok...
    Oh - and I did lose my music after.  I've managed to restore my purchased by going to the iTunes store on my phone and dowloading them all again.
    Good luck, hope that sorts it.

  • Memory leak using Oracle ODBC connection. Works perfect with MSSQL.

    what could cause memory leaks which is not persistent. Sometimes in different OS and sometimes in different hardware. the common player to my issue is only with oracle.

    A memory leak that is not persistent is not a memory leak.
    You'll have to be way more specific for a more meaningful answer.
    Have you tried memory profiling tools for your operating system to locate the "leak"?
    Laurenz Albe

  • ODBC not working

    I'm using LitDev's ODBC to connect to an SAP HANA Sever on AWS, but doesn't seem to work at all...
    No matter what I try...it doesn't work as I always get the same communication link failure error...of course if I setup an ODBC connection it works just fine...but calling it from SmallBasic fails...
    Any clues?

    I'm not sure what the issue may be and hard to diagnose since I cannot reproduce it. 
    Perhaps start by trying a local Odbc database if you can.
    I may be able to provide a test build with some more debug output, the method used is standard .Net C# as far as I can see.
    string dbConnection = "Driver=" + driver + ";Server=" + server + ";Port=" + port + ";DataBase=" + database + ";Uid=" + user + ";Pwd=" + password + ";option="+option;
    cnnOdbc = new OdbcConnection(dbConnection);
    commandOdbc = new OdbcCommand();
    commandOdbc.Connection = cnnOdbc;
    Also perhaps look at some general .Net stuff on Odbc since this is exactly what I am using, eg.

  • Lotus Notes 7 and Calendar issues !!

    Hi, can someone help me please ?
    I am syncing my lotus notes works diary, not e-mail, to a blackberry 8900 curve so i am able to tell the better half if i can collect the kids early etc in other words have all my work appointments on my home phone, also all my home appointments on my work desktop.
    anyway i've noticed i keep losing appointments and meetings on my desktop, they stay on my bb but dissapear from my work calendar...what a bloody nuisance !!
    I have also noticed that they appear in my phone under several different account names, i have about 10 e-mail addresses on my bb, but not my work address, and the meetings etc seem to decide themselves which address they appear under, so is there something i need to set so it always uses the same one, and how do i get them back on my work machine ?
    Please help, i'm finding myself double booked etc and thats not good.
    thanks all in advance.

    Hi Sekhar,
    For Lotus Notes integration with CRM 5.0, you require Lotus Notes 5.0 or higher.

  • Windows 7 64 bit and ODBC connect to Sql data source

    Just porting a simple test form over to new laptop with windows 7 64 bit and my odbc connect strings are not working properly.
    They seem to work with Microsoft access, but not livecycle designer.
    I tried the 32 bit ODBC drivers, and at least I can see the first record, but now I get an error when I try and execute a drop down to select a different record.
    Looking at the forum history, a lot of Windows 7 issues but did not see one for ODBC connections....
    Anyone have ODBC working on a Win 7 64 bit system?
    Do they work?
    Do the 32 bit drivers work?

    I believe that the 64 bit drivers are NOT working
    the 32 bit drivers are working.- have them working now!

  • PDFmaker update Lotus notes 8.5.2

    Information for anyone using PDFMAKER and lotus notes we use corp version of lotus 6.5 and then 8.0 recently converted to 8.5.2. I have always used pdfmaker to conver email to pdf for years and when we upgraded it broke. Two key things to get it to work again
    Upgrade to Adobe 9.1 or higher
    Here's how I've done it:
    Lotus Notes 8.5 is supported since Adobe Acrobat 9, but it actually works only since 9.1.0.
    Adobe Acrobat 7 has no Lotus Notes plugin, Adobe Acrobat 8 is supporting only Lotus Notes 5 - 7.
    So, if any user wants to create PDFs out of Notes documents using PDFMaker, Adobe Acobat 9.1 or higher must be installed on the machine AFTER Lotus Notes 8.5 has been installed.
    The following modifications are done to the Lotus Notes 8.5 installation:
    Added files to C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes:
    Added notes.ini entries:
    One thing to note
    this might change to
    to verify the correct setting from the dos prompt
    use dir/w to verify the correct path
    made these changes and now I am back in business hope this helps anyone else who might be struggling with loosing this great functionality .
    One other thing my Icons are viewable in lotus notes it works just like it did before Icons trigger and pdf is created happy camper here

    Exactly same issue here. Issue started after Mac OS X 10.7.2 update.
    Lotus Notes works fine, but menus in menu bar remains unresponsive.
    Updates to Lotus Notes 8.5.2 FP4 but did not solve the issue.
    If anyone has an idea to fix this without reinstalling the complete software, it will be welcome.

  • Usb ports are not working

    i have hp520 laptop and it's USB r not working properly. when ever i insert any pendrive, the system gets hanged.. i have to restart it again.. earlier mouse and the net connections were working properly on my USB . but from today, they have stoped detecting. pls tell me what should i do.. is it a hardware problem or some software problem...... what should i do.

    You can check these KB :
    Mohammed Hamed

  • E71 - "Room" not synchronized with Lotus Notes

    Synchronizing E71 and Lotus Notes works well but not all fields are synchronized. Lotus Notes has two fields for meeting locations.
    "Location" - for manual entries (typically not used)
    "Room" - the meeting room is inserted in this field when using the automatic meeting room reservation tool (the most often used option).
    The problem is that E71 only synchronizes "Location" but not "Room" meaning that you don't know where over 90% of the meetings take place. Due to this the calendar loses it's value.
    Does anybody know how to resolve this?

    This is the response I received from Nokia support...
    "I regret that not all phones are compatible to sync all features or fields with all versions of personal information managers, such as Lotus Notes v7.0.2. There are no settings to adjust in PC Suite or on your Nokia E71x to make the room number sync.
    There is not a way for Nokia PC Suite to determine what source your calendar entries came from. However, I have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department for review.
    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you found this information to be helpful.
    If you have any additional questions, please contact us. To ensure proper handling, please continue to use the current subject line.
    Thank you for choosing Nokia for your mobile needs."
    Make sure that everyone that has this same issue contacts them as well.  It's evidentally an enhancement they need to make...not a repair.

  • After 10.10.1 update Back to My Mac is still not working

    When installing Yosemite Back to My Mac stopped working, Before the update it always worked perfectly. Tried the update 10.10.1, it is still not working. Any idea ?

    I too am having a problem, I've done all the troubleshooting, I've gone through all my time capsules settings, I've tried re-enabling back to my mac on both computers, removing apple id from time machine and re adding, the problem is not on my home network, if I'm on my home network it works great, when i go to work or school and try to connect, its worked twice, other wise it won't connect. I've tried messing around with my energy saving preferences, my iMac and macbook pro do not have the problem where it says Travis, Travis (2), originally this occurred but since changing the network sharing preferences that no longer occurs, there is nothing on this topic that has worked and i am stuck. i have an iMac 5k that i bought and restored from a time machine back from my macbook pro and bought a new time machine router. any help would be great. I'm using 10.10.1 and have the correct firmware update for the time capsule.

  • IPod 3rd gen not working with universal dock

    My old iPod 3rd gen (15GB, touch wheel, dock connector) worked great with the old dock, until the latter started scratching noises when outputting audio to my stereo. Still charges the iPod though.
    So, I tried old iPod with the universal dock I got for my Touch and found the following problems:
    1. iPod is not being charged through new dock plugged to wall adapter
    2. touch wheel menu control is not working as long as iPod sits in universal dock plugged to the wall adapter - the sound of clicks is all I get, but no control of menu or any other function. In order to select playlist or use any other function through touch wheel or any of 4 buttons I need to unplug power from the dock (it is not charging anyway)
    3. remote is not working at all
    Otherwise playback is OK.
    Any ideas what may be the culprit here? Apple states that Universal dock is compatible with 3rd generation of iPod and up.

    Hello Andrew,
    What a coincidence as I too have had to find a new dock for my 3rd gen ipod. This week I purchased an Apple AV Connection kit - but found that it would not charge the ipod or respond to the remote. I also bought and tried a Belkin AC adapter with cable to power up the ipod but it too would not charge the ipod.
    To see if these units were working I connected them to a friend's brand new ipod classic and both the Belkin and Apple AV Connection Kit worked fine - so there is something different about the 3rd gen ipod.
    I'm not sure if this helps you - but at least you know it's not just your ipod that is not working with the new dock.
    Nick M.

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