Low in signal for my iPad Mini retina with Airport Extreme

I have an issue with my Airport Extreme. As  my room is pretty far away from my modem causing a very low signal, so i decide to get an Airport extreme to boost the connection. My Mac Book Air is working fine with full bar WiFi connection whereas likewise for my iPad and iPhone 6, they keep getting disconnected and buffering issue. Can someone please help me to solve this issue? I have also downloaded the Airport Utility.

If you want to "extend" the network using a wireless connection between devices, one of them.....your AirPort Extreme, for example.....must connect to the modem using a wired Ethernet cable connection and provide a wireless network signal.
Then, you will need to add another Apple router.....and AirPort Express, for example.....to extend the network. The AirPort Express will connect using wireless with the AirPort Extreme.
Another way to say the same thing is that if you want to "extend" the network, you will need two Apple AirPort devices to do so.

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    I was given a 16Gb ipad mini retina with cellular but I need more storage. We do not have the receipt as it is a gift. I like to swap for a 64Gb unit and pay for the difference, how do I go about doing that? I have not open the packaging yet.

    Thanks for that. Yes, the ipad was purchased recently. I called Apple last Friday and they ask for the receipt. I wonder if anyone were able to swap their ipad for a larger storage in the past at the apple store without a receipt? 16Gb is such a small storage.

  • HT4623 I update my iPad mini retina with iOS 7.1 resulting in not being to down load NOR OPEN  PPT, WORD files using iWork, page, can anyone pls help?

    I update my iPad mini retina with iOS 7.1 resulting in not being to down load NOR OPEN  PPT, WORD files using iWork, page, can anyone pls help?

    You want to just use Dropbox until the dust settles.  To use it from iWork for iOS (assuming you have the Dropbox app installed on your device), open the document in Keynote (for example), tap the share icon (box with upward pointing arrow), choose Open in Another App, choose Keynote as your format, then choose Open in Dropbox and you will get an option to save it to your Dropbox account.  To open it from Dropbox in iWork for iOS, open the document in the Dropbox app, tap the share icon, tap Open in Keynote (for example).  It's a bit clunky, but works. 

  • Whats the best sleeve to carry an iPad Mini Retina with Smart Cover, back cover and an Adonis Stylus ?

    Hi !
    Whats the best sleeve to carry an iPad Mini Retina with Smart Cover, back cover and an Adonis Stylus ?
    Thanks !

    I use the i-Blason Cushion Sleeve. The iPad Mini fits great and there is a little zipper pouch for a charger and stylus. 

  • What are the best memory management actions for the ipad mini retina.

    I purchased an ipad mini retina 16 GB. I am concerned with all the capabilities of this device that 16 GB will not be sufficient· So I am asking for suggestions regarding effective memory management techniques·

    Thanks. Good common sense advice which I will apply as as much as possible·I dont plan on stroring a lot of videos but with IOS 7 apps are so good that it will be difficult to limit the numbers used. Also I will be using it for photo display but I will move photos regularly to my pc for long term storage

  • How do I make the type smaller for PDF's in iBook for my iPad Mini Retina Display IOS 7.4

    How do I resize the type in PDF's to make it smaller ? to read on my iPad mini. At the moment it looks like 20 point.

    I don't believe that you can decrease the font size for PDFs in iBooks.

  • Im looking for the best stylus available for the ipad mini retina. for creative design

    I am a designer and would like pressure sensitivity if available. I have seen the pogo connect which looks great but does it support the mini retina yet? Or the best alternative? I will be using paper and Adobe ideas. THANKS!

    I agree with Miklos - the 53 is nice at first, but is awkward and heavy. It has a huge rubber tip and is stiky on the screen. I like the amPen Hybrid Stylus on Amazon. They are under 8$ and are a great quality stylus that actually works! They have the fiber mesh tips that can be changed out when you want a fresh tip. They also come in a variety of colors. Was able to get a stylish black on for myself and a pink one for my wife and daughter. We also got a 5 pack of the tips they sell so we ould have extras when we need them. The stylus tip is the best part though. It is soft and glides nicely on the screen. It is not stiky and clingy like the rubber tipped stylus pens you see these days. Link incuded. They even have free shipping! Can't beat that for under 10$

  • Can't register my iPad mini Retina with Apple Support

    When I try to register my iPad mini with the Apple Support in my profile page, it says that my serial number is already registered to another Apple ID, and to check to see if I've got any other IDs. I ordered this directly from Apple when it was released, and it had never been opened. I contacted Apple, and their records show that it's registered to me. But I'd like to register it online so I can submit questions and any maintenance requests, which I can't do because I can't register it. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I tried. They said their records showed that the iPad was registered to my Apple ID. They had no explanation why my serial number couldn't be registered. Felt I was getting the run around so I thought I'd toss it out to the community.

  • Purchase and upgrade my Mac Mini G4 with Airport Extreme

    Hello! Can anybody tell me the right part number of the Airport Extreme Card for my Mac Mini (original). And does anybody know any web site where I can purchase it? I already have the bluetooth device, i just need the wireless.
    Thank you very much.

    Welcome, it may have been an idea to start a new topic but since you haven't, I'll try to answer some of your questions.
    I have a company issued Router (not wireless) would I have to replace this with the Extreme or simply plug into one of the ports on the Linksys?
    Since the new AEBS has not been released yet I can't give you a 100% answer, but based on its predecessor then I would expect it to be possible to use the Linksys as the router and the AEBS as a wireless access point connected by ethernet cabling.
    It also states that to set up you have to install some software?? This concerns me as our company does not allow us to install anything on this PC. Any thoughts...Not a problem with the Mac, but I want it to also work with my PC's...
    It depends what features of the AEBS you wish to utilize. If you simply wish to configure the AEBS using the Mac and merely connect to the AEBS as a wireless client through XPs Network connect then I think thiswill be a viable option. However, that said, the best advice is to wait till release when you can evaluate the AEBS 1st hand and see if it meets your requirements or not.

  • I ordered a case for my iPad mini retina display and I doesn't fit

    I ordered a case I really liked and it doesn't fit? Why is that and where app an I get a new one?

    You have to contact whoever you bought the case from and ask them. This is a technical support site, not Apple Customer Service.

  • Will an iPad mini retina with LTE bought from Apple website in USA work in UK? If so does it make a difference which provider is selected intially?

    Looking to buy Ipad with retina screen in US, it gives four options of providers initially, I am moving to UK soon, will LTE work there (with a UK sim) if I buy from apple website and choose Tmobile as a provider?

    Yes it will work. iPads work world wide. LTE works in only some countries including Saudi Arabia. http://www.apple.com/ipad/LTE/
    If you can't get an LTE connection it will fall back to 3G.

  • Ipad Mini Retina with iOS 7.0.4 Launch App problem

    Hi Sir,
    We have an application which was working well all the way from iOS version 5 until iOS version 6; but when we upgrade the iOS to 7,we have the problem at launching the application. We need your assistance to resolve this.
    The application name Neway Malaysia and it can be found in the URL https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/neway-ren-ni-dian-malaysia/id538291616?mt=8

    Try this  - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.) No data/files will be erased. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1430
    Troubleshooting apps purchased from the App Store
    Downloading Past Purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store
     Cheers, Tom 

  • IPad mini retina battery life for games vs. standby?

    I bought a new iPad mini retina with wifi a few days ago and the battery seems to be draining very fast. While playing a word game, the battery drained about 20% in 60 minutes (from 80% to 61%) .  Is this normal for light gaming?
    On my sister's original iPad mini, the same game doesn't seem to have the same affect.
    Also, last night, after doing a full charge, I unplugged the unit and powered down at about 99% to 97%. This morning it was at 92%.  Is this normal also?

    Mine lost Almost ALL of its power overnight! So I turned off Bluetooth, and location services and it is Loosing less power overnight but still loosing 10 -30% overnight.

  • How long does it take for an ipad mini with retina to fully charge

    just wondering how long it would take for the ipad mini retina display to fully charge

    I would allow another one hour to trickle charge the battery (i.e. 4+1=5 hours)

  • Can I buy a cellular iPad mini retina display in the US and use it in Canada with a Canadian provider

    I want to buy an ipad mini retina with wifi+Cellular because it is cheaper in the us than in canada.  Will i be able to use it in canada with a canadian provider(bell, rogers or telus)?

    So you really think they are that much cheaper? Look here:
    And that's without tax. Think again, while you can purchase such a phone here, you can only purchase directly from Apple & you will have NO WARRANTY OR SUPPORT for this phone where you live. Oh, and those prices do not include US state/local sales tax or any duties you might have to pay. Still sound like a good deal?
    When using that link, first select the color, then click on "Unlocked & Contract Free", to see prices.

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