LR5 import issue

I can't seem to import all my raw images from D800 in a single shot. It imports a few and displays a box saying some of the images were not imported (gives me a range). Re-importing fetches a few more before the msg is displayed again. I have to repeat this several times (7-10) before all images (250) are imported. Any help would be much appreciated.

It would be nice to know a little information about your Computer System.  Information like what OS, how much ram, free disk space, processor speed, etc..  It might provide some insight into what the problem is.

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  • LR5 Import Issue: Photos do not show in import window

    When trying to import CR2/JPEG files into LR5, the import window shows the file folders empty even though I can see the files in windows explorer.  I've also importing them from different locations (From the camera, memory card, hard drive) and still shows up blank.  The kicker is I can open/import them through canon DPP and LR 4.4.
    Here are some specifics of my system:
    Tested on Windows 7 64bit
    Running administrative account with no permission issues
    I've uninstalled/installed LR5 several times which didn't resolve the issue
    I've tried importing an upgrade of my existing LR4.4 catalog and also with a new catalog.
    I created a video that captures my normal workflow.  As you can see, LR5 cannot see any of the photos (CR2 and JPG) from the memory card or hard drive but LR4.4 can see them both with no issues.  Any help would be great.

    I don't read that you have atttempted to reset your preference file. That would be my next troubleshooting step. -Preferences-file

  • Import issue with Lightroom

    I upgraded to LR5.2 2 weeks ago from 4.3. Install went fine, but I'm now having issues when importing my photos, Lightroom hangs partially through the import.  The only choice I have then is to force quit the program, which then freezes my computer.  Getting to be an invredibly frustrating exercise.
    I have an iMac with OSX10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
    Lightroom 5.2
    Importing & converting CR2 files (5DMkIII) to DNG.
    Images being imported to an external hard drive.
    Nothing has changed in my workflow or software except for the installation of LR5.  I did read in some of the forums that there was import issues that appear to have been fixed with the latest release, however, whilst I DEFINTIELY have the latest release of LR5,  this is still occurring.  Any ideas? Another bug?

    sure did. All permissions are admin & I'm it.  I haven't tried DL via image capture - LR4 gets me to the same end goal, tis just rather onerous to have to muck around with this twice.  Appreciate your taking the time on this 

  • Strange import issue .. no longer works in 2.6 or Beta 3

    Strange import issue.
    I use LR-2.6 everyday but have only played around with the LR-3 for a limited amount of time so the other day I decided check it out and tried to import a handful of RAW(canon) files on a SDxc-8g card via a USB card reader. I set it up to copy and convert to DNG, apply a few keywords and Metadata but when I tried it acted like it imported the first image and then froze. Card reader lights stopped blinking and just stayed on, program task bar doesn’t show any progress, not even for the first image. I then went to the folder that I was going to have the images copies to and it contained a file of the first image, but there is no indication that LR-3 even created it and it doesn’t show up in the catalog. When I tried to close out LR-3 is popped up the “in the middle of a task warning” so I just closed the program and tried it a couple more times to no avail.
    So I though o well I will just open up LR-2.6 and import them from there, guess what now LR-2.6 does the exact same thing!!
    I thought maybe my card reader was a POS but I was able to drag all the files to a new folder on my desktop and import them from there, nope. Tried rebooting a couple times, even opened a new catalog to test with, in both LR-2.6 and LR-3 and neither will work..
    I am stumped any ideas?

    Thank you for everyone's assistance
    I actually figured out what the problem was, like most issues it comes back to operator error, it seem I had inadvertently chose a "rename file on import" template that I had set up to name the files based on a custom fill-in field in the Meta Data, I normally only used that template when I was exporting images that had been completely edited, so being these images were new imports that field was blank, hence it would import the first image and then do to " don't import subjected duplicates" being checked it would just stop the import process.

  • IMPORT issues: Works with iMovie 3 but not iMovie 6 ???

    Okay, still trying to get my import issue resolved.
    I have a SONY HDR-HC3 DVmini.
    No problems with iMovie 3 on my Powerbook.
    iMovie 6 on my MDD will let me control the camera, but the screen stays BLUE with no IMPORT.
    My buddy thinks it might be a Quicktime issue.
    He said to download Quicktime Pro, that might resolve this issue.
    I can copy the iMovie 3 file to my machine with iMovie 6 and do the editing, just not the importing...

    Can be so much.
    Often Camera has to be connected to Charger/mains during Capture.
    An majority is a faulthy - badly connected FW-Cable (USB don't work at all)
    My list on this
    *NO CAMERA or A/D-box*
    • Sure that You use the FireWire - USB will not work for miniDV tape Cameras
    FireWire - Sure not using the accompany USB-Cable but bought a 4-pin to 6-pin FW one ?
    • Test another FW-Cable very often the problem maker.
    • Test Your Camera on another Mac so that DV-in still works OK
    • Toogle in iMovie pref. Play-back via Camera (on<->off some times)
    • Some Cameras has a Menu where You must select DV-out to get it to work
    • Camera connected to "charger" (mains adaptor) - not just on battery
    Does Your Camera work on another Mac ?
    Sorry to say it is to easy to turn the 6-pin end of the FW-cable 180 deg wrong.
    This is lethal to the A/D-chip in the Camera = needs an expensive repair.
    (Hard to find out - else than import/export to another Mac ceased to work
    everything else is OK eg recording and playback to TV)
    • Daisy Chaining most often doesn’t work (some unique cases - it’s the only way that work (some Canon Cameras ?))
    Try to avoid connecting Camera <--> external HD <--> Mac but import directly to the Mac then move
    the Movie project to dedicated external hard disk.
    • Free space on internal (start-up) hard disk ? Please specify the amount of free space.
    (Other hard disks don't count)
    I go for a minmum of 25Gb free space for 4x3 SD Video - and my guess is 5 times more for 16x9 HD ones
    after material is imported and edited.
    • Delete iMovie pref file may help sometimes. I rather start a new account, log into this and have a re-try.
    • Any strange Plug-ins into QuickTime as Perian etc ? Remove and try again.
    • FileVault is off ? (hopefully)
    Using WHAT versions ? .
    • Mac OS - X.5.4 ?
    • QuickTime version ? (This is the heart in both iMovie and FinalCut)
    • iMovie 8 (7.1.?) ?
    • iMovie HD 6 (6.0.4/3) ?
    *Other ways to import Your miniDV tape*
    • Use another Camera. There where tape play-back stations from SONY
    but they costed about 2-4 times a normal miniDV Camera.
    • If Your Camera works on another Mac. Make an iMovie movie project here and move it
    over to Your Mac via an external hard disk.
    (HAS TO BE Mac OS Extended formatted - USB/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange WILL NOT DO)
    (Should be a FireWire one - USB/USB2 performs badly)
    from LKN 1935.
    Hi Bengt W, I tried it all, but nothing worked. Your answer has been helpfull insofar as all the different trials led to the conclusion that there was something wrong with my iMovie software. I therefore threw everything away and reinstalled iMovie from the HD. After that the exportation of DV videos (there has not been any problem with HDV videos) to my Sony camcorders worked properly as it did before. Thank you. LKN 1935
    from Karsten.
    in addition to Bengt's excellent '9 yards of advice' ..
    camera set to 'Play' , not rec/computer/etc.?
    camera not on battery, but power-line?
    did your Mac 'recognize' this camera before...?
    a technical check.
    connect camera, on, playback, fw-connected...
    click on the Blue Apple, upper left of your screen ..
    choose 'About../More..
    under Firewire.. what do you read..?
    • FileVault - Secure that it’s turned off
    • Network storage - DOESN’T WORK
    • Where did You store/capture/import Your project ?
    External USB hard disk = Bad Choise / FireWire = Good
    If so it has to be Mac OS Extended formatted
    ----> UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange is NOT Working for VIDEO !
    Thanks for all your suggestions. What I learned is that I had a software problem. I had something called "Nikon Transfer" on my Mac that was recognizing my Canon camcorder as a still camera and was preventing iMovie from working properly. After uninstalling Nikon Transfer and doing a reboot, everything worked great.
    I never liked the Nikon Transfer software anyway--I guess I'll get a cheap card reader and use that to transfer photos in the future.
    *No Camera or bad import*
    • USB hard disk
    • Network storage
    • File Vault is on
    jiggaman15dg wrote
    if you have adobe cs3 or 4 and have the adobe bridge on close that
    or no firewire will work
    see if that halps
    DJ1249 wrote
    The problem was the external backup hard drive that is connected, you need to disconect the external drive before the mac can see the video camera.
    Yours Bengt W

  • Importing issues with Final Cut Pro X. Green flash and twitches while play back

    Hello, I'm having some importing issues with Final Cut Pro X and I can't find any solution whatsoever. Perhaps my importing settings are wrong?
    Anyways, I've done a lot of recordings on eye TV and HD PVR with some videos that are about 3 hours long. I exported them into H.264 files, which turns them into mpeg-4 files with AAC audio. Then I import them into final cut pro X and I notice it takes a long time for them to render the videos and I notice that there are some green screens and twitches while I play through the video.
    Here is a screenshot of the green screen that I'm talking about:
    Could it be my 2 video graphics card that is causing this kind of issues? Or is there any solution to fix this?
    In the past, I've used iMovie 09 and it worked out perfectly. However, the new iMovie 11 is terrible because it automatically optimzie my 3 hour long videos into making the importing process to (144 hours long to import). Is there any way to get iMovie 09 back or am I stuck on dealing with this Final Cut Pro X issues?
    More information:
    My Hauppauge HD PVR settings are set to custom. Video Constant Bit Rate, the average bit rate: 13.5 Mbps. The audio is AAC.
    My project settings for video properties is set to custom, 720P HD Format, 1280 x 720 Resolution and 30P Rate. The audio and render properties is set to custom, audio channels is stereo, audio sample rate is 48kHz and the Render Format is Apple ProRes 422.
    I export the video as a quicktime movie. The export setting is H.262.
    The summary of the export is:
    File type: Quicktime movie
    Estimated size: 397GB
    H.264, Width and height: 1280 x 720. Framte rate: 30 fps

    My Hauppauge HD PVR settings are set to custom. Video Constant Bit Rate, the average bit rate: 13.5 Mbps. The audio is AAC.
    My project settings for video properties is set to custom, 720P HD Format, 1280 x 720 Resolution and 30P Rate. The audio and render properties is set to custom, audio channels is stereo, audio sample rate is 48kHz and the Render Format is Apple ProRes 422.
    I export the video as a quicktime movie. The export setting is H.262.
    The summary of the export is:
    File type: Quicktime movie
    Estimated size: 397GB
    H.264, Width and height: 1280 x 720. Framte rate: 30 fps

  • Duplicate Video Import Issue

    I am running PPRO CS6 (6.0.3) on Windows Vista
    I am having a duplicate asset import issue. Let me explain...
    I have a couple of Premiere Pro project files with multiple sequences in each. In each of the project files I have the same source video files imported as the some of the sequences in each of the project files reference the same source video file.
    So here it was is happening...I have a project file with sequences 001-025 in them and I have have another project file with sequences 026-050. I have 25 sequences per project to keep the project sizes smaller and more manageable so my system doesn't choke.
    Sequences 014 and 015 in the first project file both reference "Video01.avi" which is located on my external F: drive. I want to import sequences 027-030 from the second project file which both reference the same "Video01.avi" file on the same drive.
    I know PPro is intelligent enough to know when importing assets from another project file that shares the same assets as the project you are importing into, it knows to only import the dependent assets which are not in the project file you are importing into. I have done this countless times and PPro has correctly only imported the assets it needed.
    However for some reason when I am trying to import the above mentioned sequences from one project into another it is bringing in a duplicate copy of the source footage necessarily. I can't figure out why it is doing this. The sequences it is importing both reference the identical file on the same drive, etc. And I am using the "Import Selected Sequences" option.
    Thank you,

    I think I have solved my own issue. As stated above when I was trying to import sequences from another sequence it was brining in a dup copy of the same clip in the sequence. I was able to successfully have it not do that.
    What I realized was happening is that even though the source footage video file is identical in each project file, when I opened it up the clip in the source monitor I had different IO points set for each version of the clip in each project. PPro I am assuming imported the second copy to preserve the IO points on the second version of the clip that was being imported.
    I simply cleared each set of IO points on each reference of the clip in the project file and I was able to import the sequences I wanted without bringing in an additional copy of the source clip. So now I just have one copy of "Video1.avi" in my project file instead of multiple.
    Hope this helps someone in the future who may be experiencing a similar issue.

  • LR5 Import Can't See Pix

    Several months ago, I installed LR5 as an upgrade to LR4. About a week ago, I started using LR5. For the first few days all went well and I imported about a thousand pix. The next time I sat down to import more pix, the LR5 Import module couldn't see the pix. It could see the folders fine but not the pix. The LR4 Import module had no trouble seeing the pix, and the LR5 Develop module had no problem seeing the imported pix. I tried restoring the system to a date prior to starting to use LR5 and that didn't help. Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling LR5. That didn't help either. Finally I tried unistalling and reinstalling both 4 and 5. That too didn't help. Any ideas about what might be causing this problem?
    I tried installing both on another computer and that worked fine. However, I don't want to use it on that computer. But I did notice that I was asked for the serial number of LR4 when I installed it on the new computer which wasn't asked when I reinstalled them on the original computer. This tells me that the uninstall didn't clear everything
    Also, a long time ago, I was studying Visual Basic. One of the exercises involved creating a picture viewer. This utility required a list of file extensions that the utility was supposed to "see". Is it possible that LR5 has such a list that may have become corrupted or wiped out?

    If you can open the images in Preview, save them as regular TIFFs (or try JPG or PNG for smaller image files). Then import those converted images to Keynote.

  • How do I stop LR5 import dialogue from starting every time I insert an external drive. I have already unchecked this from Preferences to no avail.

    How do I stop LR5 import dialogue from starting every time I insert an external drive. I have already unchecked this from Preferences to no avail.

    Hi Jim:
    You are a Legend! I have Windows 8.1, but I had the same option in Control Panel and sure enough it was in auto play, which I have now changed and it is no longer occurring. Thank you!!

  • LR5 import of Elements 9 catalog

    LR5 import of Elements 9 catalog fails to import 50% of files. Tried 2 times same result

    Ok ran trhu the upgrade elements catalog again and
    Looking into types there were several - doesn't seem a pattern. I have looked into fixing this by importing by drag and drop from elements catalog and then moving the files into collections estimate about 10 hours so this is not end of world just a pain. If you can offer a solution great its first option now

  • Import issues, Audio/video Unsynced

    Having major import issues, audio and video won't play in sync. Working with MP4 and MXF on most recent version of Premiere CC. Everything plays fine in quicktime/vlc but goest haywire in premiere. Have been through tech support twice, updated drivers, cleared cache and Premiere still has trouble playing back video/audio in sync. Any idea what's going one? Our company recently switched to adobe for the supposed "ease" it handles different codecs and so far have had nothing but issues? Sorry if this is already addressed in one of the forms, am at my witts end now having lost multiple days trying to troubleshoot premiere.

    Hi Adobe4,
    Having major import issues, audio and video won't play in sync. Working with MP4 and MXF on most recent version of Premiere CC.
    Sorry for this issue. Tell me, where did these files originate? From a video camera? Do they have a constant frame rate or a variable frame rate?

  • DTW--  How to Import  Issue for Production

    Hi ,
             How do i import Issue for Production Through DTW.
    Thanks & Regards
    somi mishra

    why do you want to use DTW to issue for production ? You could use backflush as issue method so that you can skip issue for production job. If you have issue for production batch job which it means you want to add all the qty of RM issued to production one times and all at onces for more than 10 PO, I think it is better to use addon. You create an excel template and export the data to be txt file, the txt file imported to the issue for production form using the addon. I just compare this situation with the client request in long time ago. they request fast and not manual sales order creation from quotation. just to compare it to your situation but need your detail explanation.

  • Help me, oh great Toonz! (Slow import issue - # bazillion!)

    Toonz you seem to be the most knowledgeable about this slow import issue.
    I am trying to import from music CDs to a brand new, out-of-the-box, Maxtor External Hard Drive (usb 2.0). Currently I have a Dell Dimension XPS T500 Pentium3 w 512MB Ram and also a newly installed Sony 52x optical drive. Yet I still suffer from import rates of 3.0 or less.
    Here is my CD Diagnostic from iTunes (which is hogging my CPU, btw).
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Dell Computer Corporation XPST500
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM (,
    Video Driver: RADEON 9200 PRO Family (Microsoft Corporation)\RADEON 9200 PRO Family (Microsoft Corporation
    IDE\DiskWDCAC29100D___________________________J74OA30K, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [1,0]
    IDE\DiskWDCWD200BB-75CAA0_____________________16.06V16, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    USBSTOR\DiskMaxtor6L200R0_________BAH4, Bus Type USB
    IDE\CdRomSONYCD-RW__CRX320EE____________________RYK3___, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    If you have multiple drives on the same IDE or SCSI bus, these drives may interfere with each other.
    Some computers need an update to the ATA or IDE bus driver, or Intel chipset. If iTunes has problems recognizing CDs or hanging or crashing while importing or burning CDs, check the support site for the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard.
    Current user is administrator.
    E: SONY CD-RW CRX320EE, Rev RYK3
    Audio CD in drive.
    Found 6 songs on CD, playing time 66:34 on Audio CD.
    Track 1, start time 00:02:33
    Track 2, start time 19:49:35
    Track 3, start time 26:25:28
    Track 4, start time 37:23:48
    Track 5, start time 48:29:23
    Track 6, start time 57:47:15
    Audio CD reading succeeded.
    Get drive speed succeeded.
    The drive CDR speeds are: 52.
    The drive CDRW speeds are: 52.
    Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, your my only hope!
      Windows XP  

    See if Slow Imports can help.
    Good luck.

  • Video import issues w/ LR5

    Hi all -
    I've been trying to import a number of videos into LR5 (all .mov) and am running into a bunch of iissues. First of all, the import takes an extremely long time - imorting around 150 videos took over 4 hours, for example. Secondly, once I've imported the videos no thumbnails are created -- they're all grey squares -- and Lightroom then has problems finding the original file for playback, even though the location (on my local drive) hasn't changed.
    Anyone else have issues importing video? Are there any workarounds or tips?

    use the search luke.
    there are plenty of users who have issues with video.
    i for example have reported issues about importing videos and with audio sync in LR5.

  • LR5 to LR3 import issues

    I outsourced some editing and when I tried to import the files from a LR5 program to my LR3 it said "DSC file not found or missing". I have tried deleting it all, creating a new catalog, adding scripts, finding missing files- all to no avail. The person that did the editing insists that the files come in jpeg but when I hover over everything it says lrcat. I am at a loss as to solving this problem so that I can do a few more minor edits and send the images to clients. Any help would be appreciated!

    The only way to send photos to an earlier version of Lightroom is to export the photos from Lightroom 5, then transfer them to the second person, and then import the photos into LR3.
    There is also the option, of changing the images within the LR5 catalog, to an earlier process version which will be compatible with LR3 - or for images that are already in that earlier process version, for example older ones which remain as originally imported in terms of their PV, this is not necessary.
    Then by writing LR metadata to the file for these images, LR3-compatible editing information (as well as other kinds of metadata) are available to be adopted, when the same images (or copies thereof) are then imported into a LR3 Catalog.
    Caveats: any XMP sidecar files made by writing the metadata out to the files concerned, need to be included when these are transferred to the other person;
    and, any such technique (other than "Export as Catalog", which, unfortunately does not allow for back-saving LR versions) will not reflect virtual copies; or transfer Collections membership and some other flags etc that have meaning only inside a Catalog; or transfer the full editing History.
    [PS: it is available to you to download LR5, install that as a free trial, and that can open a LR5 Catalog file directly. A newer vresion of LR can be installed in parallel with an earlier LR version on the same computer; both continue ot be able to run independently. From there you can use LR5 to write out the edit data to file as described above (or export to converted TIFF, or to DNG packaged with editing metadata, or just make those additional edits during the 30-day trial period, or whatever you need]
    [PPS: this of course assumes that you have GOT original image files as well as LR editing info; data AND metadata]

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  • Weird message in Premiere Pro CS6

    When I add any video transition, a blue band is displayed across the Program window that says "New frames need analyzing; click Analyze." So I tried rendering and it still stays there. The weirdest part is that when I export the movie, it's in the fi

  • Error message while activating MPOS

    Dear All, We are implementing SCM 2007 and are facing a peculiar problem, please help me to resolve the issue; We have copied all the necessary standard objec from BI content and also created some of the Zinfoobjects. We have created MPOS  with Z obj

  • There is no "performance" tab in Preferences

    I just watched the new YT video about "hidden gems in lightroom CC" I am keen to try these new features, so I updated to v5.7.1 and I can't see these improvements. There is no "auto" in Catalog Settings\Standard preview size and there is no "performa

  • On Mountain Lion. Mail program is only displaying header, no detail. How to fix?

    The Mail program is not functioning properly. It only is displaying the header information for a selected email. The details (the body of the email) is not displaying. This just started happening a few days ago intermittently. Today again. I have bee

  • Purchased a Season of a TV show, but the last episodes are showing up as needing to be purchased again?

    Out of curiosity, I purchased Season 1 of The Devils Ride. At the time, there were only 3 episodes. I was notified when episode 4 became available and was able to download / watch the episode without problem, but since then there have been 2 new epis