LSMW: Material Master Data migration

I will be migrating material master data using LSMW IDOC.
I also want to migrated associated material class data.
The question is:
How do I extract the material class data so that I can load them with LSMW IDOC CLFMAS after the materials are loaded?

You have 2 possibilities.
1. If it is 1:1 transfer for source SAP system to target SAP sytem ( without data modification ) you to establish the ALE interface and distriute by using the prg: RBDSECLF
2. If it is a transfer of CLF data between 2 SAP systems where you need to modify the data based on some rules after you extract the data from the source system, you could extrace the data from Legacy by BAPI: BAPI_OBJCL_GETDETAIL. Once you extract the data, you could process as per the reqmt, & load the data by LSMW either by DI or by IDoc method.
Hope this helps.
Best Regards, Murugesh

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  • Que on Material Master Data Migration

    Hi All
    We are trying to allocate parallel currency to an existing co code, and since SAP recommends not to add parallel currency to an existing co code, we have decided to go ahead with a new co code - thereby transferring all master and transaction data as part of data migration..
    However, my Qs is.. do we have to migrate the material master data aswell since when I make the material to plant assignment in customizing, it should then officially belong to the new co code too right?
    Please advise

    Hello Jürgen
    Thanks for your reply.
    I dont think you fully understand my scenario..
    we have an entity that wants to introduce a parallel currency to all their reporting.. therefore, addiding a parallel currency to an active company code is not possible and they are not keen to go with material ledger...
    therefore, we suggested a brand new co code as of 01.01.2012. So the current co code is not going to be active after 31.12.2011. We are creating a brand new co code and doing data migration for all the master data and transaction data.
    meaning, Vendor, Customer, GL, AP & AR item Data, GL item data and asset master and transaction data.
    In customizing, after creating the new company, we will make the assignments to plant purchasing/sales org etc.
    My Qs - do we also need to migrate the material master since it belongs to a Plant. Therefore, when we assign the co code to the Plant, it will automatically be available in the co code when creating a PO etc..
    this is my Qs
    thank you

  • How to avoid material master data migration of inactive materials to SRM

    We are replicating material master from R3 4.6b to SRM 5.0 system.  Under COMMPR01 , we can see the product status as deleted or locked .
    How we can avoid the master data replication of  materials which are already flagged as inactive (deletion) in R3.
    Pls suggest.

    Please try this ->
    1) It is possible to use product_id without needing to replicate material masters from R/3 to SRM. For this to work you have to set the flag "Do not check product" in customizing
    (see SRM Server > Master Data > Define External Web Services).
    We do it like that and it works perfect for us. Only annoyance is, that we have to put leading zeroes in the product_id field.
    "Do not check product" is used to avoid product check in SRM (to avoid replicating products into SRM), so they are not checked against SRM product master.
    But this is not related to R/3 check.
    In a classic or extended classic scenario, SRM will check that this material exists in the backend, especially for the current plant (location), before creating follow on doc.
    As you created your catalog item without zeros, I guess SRM is sending this material to R/3 that does not recognize it.
    Then you have this error message. Adapt your product IDs to be aligned with R/3 material master.
    2) Try to run the report BBP_PRODUCT_SETTINGS_MW, there you select user as SRM instead of CRM and select service product active
    3) Did you already checked OSS note 722600 and 366135 ? Also, Check the SAP OSS Notes -  786345, OSS Note 456753. It talks abt the internal and external representation of product ID in catalog and R3 system.
    Related useful pointers ->
    Product xx does not exist in plant xx or it has been flagged for deletion
    Stock reservation movement (field XWAOK) is not flagged in ECC ??
    Product XXX  does not exist in plant YYY or it has been flagged for delete.
    material deletion flag
    Product XXX does not exist in plant YYY or it has been flagged for deletion
    Hope this will help. Do let me know.
    - Atul


    I am new to lsmw.
    we have a requirement to upload the material master data through LSMW,.
    the data is on Excel sheet on the Desktop of the system.
    Can any body help me to upload the Material Master data, procedure in step wise.
    Thanks in advance,

  • LSMW--Create Material master data

    When I use LSMW to create material master data, I set up all step, but when I go to last step "13 Run Batch Input Session", there is error message like "Select at least one view" in moudle SAPLMGMM, screen 0070, anybody can tell me what is problem, thanks a lot.

    This is due to error while recording for MM01,
    Please do a Repeat recording and ensure that once the material number, industry sector and material type is entered, on the next screen you need to select all or at least a single view to create the MMR.


    I am new to lsmw.
    we have a requirement to upload the material master data through LSMW,.
    the data is on Excel sheet on the Desktop of the system.
    Can any body help me to upload the Material Master data, procedure in step wise.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Venkat,
    Go through the following Steps
    Using Tcode MM01 -- Maintain the source fields are
    1) mara-amtnr  char(18)
    2) mara-mbrsh  char(1)
    3) mara-mtart  char(4)
    4) makt-maktx  char(40)
    5) mara-meins  char(3)
    the flate file format is like this as follows
    MAT991,C,COUP,Srinivas material01,Kg
    MAT992,C,COUP,Srinivas material02,Kg
    AMT993,C,COUP,Srinivas material03,Kg
    MAT994,C,COUP,Srinivas material04,Kg
    MAT995,C,COUP,Srinivas material05,Kg
    goto Tcode LSMW
    give Project Name
         Subproject Name
         object Name
    Press Enter -
    Press Execute Button
    It gives 13 radio-Button Options
    do the following 13 steps as follows
    1) select radio-Button 1 and execute
       Maintain Object Attributes
    select Standard Batch/Direct Input
       give Object -- 0020
           Method -- 0000
       save & Come Back
    2) select radio-Button 2 and execute
       Maintain Source Structures
       select the source structure and got to click on create button
       give source structure name & Description
       save & Come Back
    3) select radio-Button 3 and execute
       Maintain Source Fields
       select the source structure and click on create button
       first field
            field name    matnr
            Field Label   material Number
            Field Length  18
            Field Type    C
       Second field
            field name    mbrsh
            Field Label   Industrial Sector
            Field Length  1
            Field Type    C
       Third field
            field name    mtart
            Field Label   material type
            Field Length  4
            Field Type    C
       fourth field
            field name    maktx
            Field Label   material description
            Field Length  40
            Field Type    C
       fifth field
            field name    meins
            Field Label   base unit of measurement
            Field Length  3
            Field Type    C
      save & come back
    4) select radio-Button 4 and execute
       Maintain Structure Relations
       go to blue lines 
          select first blue line and click on create relationship button
          select Second blue line and click on create relationship button
          select Third blue line and click on create relationship button
      save & come back
    5) select radio-Button 5 and execute
       Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules
       Select the Tcode and click on Rule button there you will select constant
       and press continue button
       give Transaction Code : MM01 and press Enter
       after that
       1) select MATNR field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MATNR and press Enter
       2) select MBRSH field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MBRSH and press Enter
       3) select MTART field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MTART and press Enter
       4) select MAKTX field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MAKTX and press Enter
       5) select MEINS field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MEINS and press Enter
      save & come back
    6) select radio-Button 6 and execute
       Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines
       Create FIXED VALUE Name & Description as MM01
       Create Translations Name & Description as MM01
       Create User-Defined Routines Name & Description as MM01
       after that delete  all the above three just created in the 6th step
       FIXED VALUE --MM01
       Translations --MM01
       User-Defined Routines --MM01
       come back
    7) select radio-Button 7 and execute
       Specify Files
       select On the PC (Frontend) -- and click on Create button(f5)
                                      give the path of the file like "c:\material_data.xls"
                                      description : -
                                      separators as select tab radiao- button
       and press enter   save & come back
    8) select radio-Button 8 and execute
       Assign Files
       Save & come back
    9) select radio-Button 9 and execute
       Read Files
       come back
       come back
    10) select radio-Button 10 and execute
        Display Imported Data
        Execute and press enter
        come back
        Come back
    11) select radio-Button 11 and execute
        Convert Data
        come back
        Come back
    12) select radio-Button 12 and execute
        Display Converted Data
        Execute & come back
    13) select radio-Button 13 and execute
        Start Direct Input Program
       select the Program
       select continue button
    go with via physical file
    give the lock mode as 'E'
    and execute

  • LSMW for Material master data

    Anybody can help me, how to make LSMW for Material master data.
    Thanks in Advance

    pls follow the thread:

  • Transferring MATERIAL MASTER DATA USING lsmw

    I am using LSMW to transfer material master data from text file using direct input program RMDATIND.  The problem is that the field WRKST in screen is of 48 characters while the batch data structure BMMH1 of field WRKST contains 14 characters. How can we transfer the full 48 characters in text file to THE FIELD BMMH1 IN DIRECT INPUT PROGRAM. Can we write any translation or routines . If yes, how is it possible. I can do the same using BDC but our client is already using the LSMW , only the new field WRKST for material has to be inserted. It is picking only 14 characters.

    Kindly use the sap note 351557 it is applicable for your release
    if you have any further clarifications let me know

  • Non-SAP to SAP Material Master Data Transfer

    Hi Experts,
    Please indicate any standard tools in SAP and how to use it wherein we can migrate non-SAP material master data to SAP.
    Points will be awarded.

    Hello Leo,
    There are a number of options to do this. You can use the standard SAP tool named LSMW - Legacy System Migration Workbench (transaction LSMW) as a starting point.
    Also please read this [Documentation|] before undertaking the data migration activity via LSMW.
    Additionally, there is also a Direct Input program available named RMDATIND - please go through the program documentation before you use it. You can use this program to transfer material master data to SAP but
    make sure you assign this program through LSMW for mapping structures etc. The internet link above will give
    more details and step-by-step instructions to follow.
    Hope this helps,
    p.s. It is sad to see useful answers remain unrewarded such as this one!
    Edited by: Sougata Chatterjee on May 9, 2008 10:13 PM

  • SAP Master data migration tools

    I would like to know if any SAP standard tools which are available for all master data migration,Kindly share the same which is required for us now.
    We have to migrate the data from legacy systems to SAP and we have to use only SAP Standard master data migration tools.
    Kindly share the same.
    Thanks and Regards,

    SAP migrates data from legacy system using standard tools like LSMW, BDC, BAPI. Under LSMW you will have Batch input, Batch recording, BAPI and IDOCs options. Depending upon requirement you can choose any one of them. BAPI is advisable instead of BDC method.
    Also for utilities industry SAP has provided ISU Migration tool (EMIGALL).

  • Requirement in conversion of material master data

    i have a requirement in conversion of material master data, what do i need to do in this, do i need to use the LSMW or BDC for this scenario can any one help me in this issue.

    Hi Rocky,
    You can go for either of these two methods.Conversion in the sense you are going to create one upload program for MM01 and will upload the data using the program
    But I suggest go for BDC.Because in LSMW you can not capture all the views for material master.
    I am writing steps(BDC recording) for this.Just follow if helpful:
    1.Go to SHDB t-code.
    3.enter recording name,Transaction code(MM01) and then press Start recording.
    This will take you to the transaction MM01,please enter the test data given by your functional consultant.Also select the views that required by client.
    4.After recording save it.
    5.After saving press program button from the menu.
    6.This will take you SE38 with the recording code.
    7.Then you do as per normal BDC program,declare internal table and map with the uploaded fields.
    Shout me for further clarification.
    Reward if helpful.
    Thank you.

  • Program to update info record with material master data

    I am trying to determine if there is a standard SAP program that can be run as a batch file  to update the fields in the info record with the same fields that are in the material master?  ie:  Planned delivery time, Tolerance, purchasing group etc.

    There is no standard report or transaction that can do this.
    The data from these fields in the material master is brought in as a default to the info record when it is created. beyond this point the Info record is treated as being the correct data regardless of what happens to the material master data and so no updates occur in the standard system.
    It would not be difficult to build an LSMW job to copy the data from the material master to the info records and this would be the recommendation if you want to do this.
    Steve B

  • Extend material master data from one plant to another plant

    how can i extend material master data from one plant to another plant.
    is there any sap standard transaction for this ie. bdc/t-code.
    thanks in advance.......

    If you want to extend the material form one plant to another then below are the possible options.
    1) MM01 - Use the material in the reference and fill in copy from and to then press enter to complete the extention.This is recommended only if you want to extend very less records.
    2) Use LSMW and record MM01 thru BDC recording available in LSMW and make the template in excel and convert it to .txt tab delimited format to upload more records.LSMW is the perfect tool and is used extensively in all the projects.
    3) Get the help from ABAPer to create upload program and include the BDC recording.
    There is no standard T code available in SAP becoz data mainatenance in the material master will be based on the industry.
    Hope it will help.

  • Material Master Data and PO Master Data Table

    Dear SAP Gurus and Expert,
    Currently user is having a new integration system which link to SAP, and they require the migration of Material MAster Data and PO master data.
    As a result of that, what table can be accessed in SE16 in order to get all the material master data and PO master data to be exported to excel fil format.
    Thank you

    For material master data
    MARA                           General Material Data
    MARC                           Plant Data for Material
    MAKT                           Material Descriptions
    MARD                           Storage Location Data for Material
    You can enter MA* in SE16 and press F4 too get all the tables according to the views.
    For Purchase order
    Search for EK* in SE16.

  • Material master data upload in wms

    Dear all ,
    Kindly explain me how to upload the material master data in WMS.
    Thanx in advance.

    Hi Velu
    You have to load this in a normal way you do it with LSMW.
    Additionally you have to update the warehouse view fields too.
    Select the batch input recording in LSMW and go to the MM01 transaction enter all the required fields including WM views.
    If you handle material with fixed bin strategy & Replenishment scenario, you have to create a material by selecting the respective storage type in "selection view tab"

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