Lumia 1520 back light soft touch buttons always on after denim update

Hello i have installed dev prew in my lumia 1520 but no demin update was found, so i unistalled it then the update appeared. But now after the update my light sensor Works differently is less reactive and the back light of soft touch buttons is always
in also during battery save mode. Can you help me? Thanks

Hi, Damodred. For the best experience with the Lumia 1520 touch screen, we encourage you to set the touch sensitivity to normal. This can be done in the touch section of the phone's settings. To do this, go to Settings > Touch > Touch sensitivity > Normal. About the second concern, are you using the headphone that came with it? Does it happen regardless of the headphone that you are using? 
We'll wait for you reply. 

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    Not unless you saved a copy of the old iPhoto Library. Otherwise, you can't go back.

  • Lumia 1520 - back arrow button and Windows button ...

    Can someone please tell me why the back button and the windows button have stopped working (2 of the three buttons at the bottom of the Lumia 1520)? The search function works fine by the way.  It is also causing the 'Listening' function to turn itself on all the time, which I assume is to do with the functionality of the Windows button in the middle of the three.  I'm going to throw it out the window soon...Any help except turn off and on again, change sensitivity (tried these) would be greatly appreciated

    You can try a soft reset by holding both the Power and Volume Down buttons pressed until the phone vibrates and restarts. If that doesn't help, try a full reset from settings > about > reset your phone. Make sure you back up all you can before doing that. The last DIY resort is a complete clean firmware reinstall using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool
    If the buttons still don't work properly after all that, it'll have to be a visit to Nokia Care to have the phone checked for a hardware fault.

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    I have a new 20"ACD and have had nothing but problems with it. The new thing it is doing is if I leave the computer and it goes into sleep mode, when I awaken the computer, the side touch buttons no longer work. Also, when I go into preferences-displays, there is no longer an option menu which was just there a week ago....where did it go? Please help!
    Dual 2GHz G5   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

  • Hardware navigation buttons dark after Denim updat...

    After the recent Denim Update, the hardware navigation buttons on my Lumia 930 no longer light up. I tried all combinations of brightness and battery saver settings but to no avail. Also a soft reset didn't help.
    It's unlikely a hardware issue because the button lighting was fine until right before the update. Also, the ambient light sensor seems to be OK, because the display brightness still changes when the lighting conditions change.
    Anyone else having this problem? I found quite a few similar reports in German forums, BTW.
    OS Version: 8.10.14219.341
    Firmware Version: 02540.00019.14484.37006
    Hardware Version:

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Since you mentioned that this started to happen after the Lumia Denim update, let's try performing some troubleshooting steps to further isolate the issue. Have you tried rebooting your phones?
    For Nokia Lumia 625 / 625H / 530 / 530 Dual SIM / 630 / 630 Dual SIM / 635 / 636 / 930 / 1320 / 1520: Press and hold the power key for about 10 seconds. The phone restarts.
    If the issue remains, you can reset the phone by going to Settings > about > reset your phone. As this will delete all your stored files, we recommend creating a backup file: Back up my stuff. Keep us posted with the outcome.

  • Lumia Camera/4K not working after Denim Update

    Hi, Received the Lumia denim update this morning but after installation, the Lumia Camera app is not open (displaying a megbox that says "Lumia camera requires Lumia denim software update") and the extra+info still shows "cyan". The rest of denim update features are working fine...
    Any solutions?
    Go to Solution.

    farhanhadi80 schrieb:
    Received theLumia denim update this morning…
    You got the OS update to ‘Windows Phone 8.1 Update’ which was released in September 2014. You have not received the firmware update ‘Lumia Denim’, yet. Even if Extras+Info shows different – it is wrong for many users right now – you do not have ‘Lumia Denim’ yet. Furthermore, even if several new features work, those features required just the OS update, not the firmware update. Lumia Camera 5 requires the firmware update which is not yet available for your firmware variant (059W1L3). When you have ‘Lumia Denim’ the firmware revision number starts with for a Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520.
    When is Lumia Denim available for 059W1L3?
    Nokia releases the firmware files in batches, and does not tell us users when. Could be hours, could be months.
    What is a Product Code?
    Every model, type, color, and even each region, country, and operator does get its own Product Code, ending-up in thousands of firmware files.
    What was the designation 059W1L3?
    Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Lybia, Palestine, Pakistan.
    Do I get updates always last?
    Not in general, because sometimes countries like the UK are first, sometimes UK is last. Again, Nokia does not tell.
    Did that help?

  • Nokia Lumia 920 loads of issues after Denim update...

    Everything functions well, but after updating it to Lumia Denim + Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 I first got some weird installing issues, then it started randomly crashing, then it worked fine again, of-course it won't back-up as usual (so no hard-resseting for me), and the live folders seem buggy for no reason at all, but for some reason whenever I attempt to create a live folder it takes me 5 minutes and it won't ''accept it''.
    Also for some reason there is no ''Hey Cortana'' or maybe this simply isn't for the Nokia Lumia 920.
    wp_ss_20150226_0009.png ‏614 KB
    wp_ss_20150226_0010.png ‏611 KB
    wp_ss_20150226_0011.png ‏405 KB

    Hi, TulaTheQuang. You may try checking if there is any update on the phone system apps by going to Store >... > settings > check for updates and see if these will fix the problem. If not, try rebooting your phone by holding the volume down and power keys at the same time for 10-15 seconds, release and the phone will restart. After this operation, you may need to set the date and time on the phone. Let us know what will be the outcome. For the availability of Hey Cortana, you may refer to this link: Will I get “Hey Cortana” voice activation after Lumia Denim update?. Link is applicable regardless of your region.
    Regarding your concern about the calendar, gilesrm74. The feature is currently unsupported on the device, but you may post your concern on this link: as a feature suggestion. And for the availability of Cortana, you may check this link: Full of features: Lumia Denim Update. 

  • Old deleted pics always reinstalled after an update

    Every time I update my phone I always do a back up first via iTunes and have to do the update via iTunes because I have a 5C with 8GB and can only update through iTunes because of lack of storage space.
    The problem is, after the update, when my phone restores from the back up it always includes these old pictures from ages ago that I deleted ages ago.
    I have checked iCloud online and deleted everything, and what is left is this
    I think the old photos that keep reinstalling are in that 90.07KB but I cannot find a way of deleting them.
    They aren't on my iTunes, when I go to nothing is there.
    If I go to iCloud drive it says it is empty
    I've been through iCloud on my phone and nothing there either.
    My question is, how do I locate these old pictures and delete them permanently?
    Thanks for any help you may offer

    As I said earlier, I don't believe there are any photos stored on the device. Again, I believe this to be folder instructions, since you use photo stream. It could be instructions for who shares the photo stream, etc. The amount of data you report, and show in the photo is very small.
    If it is worrying you that much, restore the device as new, and sync back your content manually, without using a backup. This would remove any content there may be on the phone and any other settings dealing with the photo library.

  • My Ipod touch email stopped working after installing Update

    my Ipod touch email stopped working after installing the latest firmware update from Apple what should I do?

    Hi, jewlssch. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If the Mail application will not launch, I would recommend processing any available updates on your Mac Pro and test launching Mail.  If the issue persists, process a reinstall of Mavericks.
    Reinstall OS X
    Make sure to backup all of your data prior to reinstalling OS X 10.9.
    Back up your Mac

  • Mute button comes on after new update to ios7 on calls

    seems that on calls my mute button comes on if face touches it, they need to relocate button at bottom further away fron cheek,any complaints out there

    I have a similar problem, but my speaker comes on when my face touches the screen and I have someone yelling in my ear before I realize what I have done.  This just started happening after I updated on Wednesday (has happened multiple times now).  Have you found a solution to your mute button problem?

  • Nokia Lumia 1320 random restarts after Denim updat...

    Dear Microsoft / Nokia,
    I am writing this forum post because my nokia lumia 1320 is suffering some problems. Since the update, the phone is restarting itselve randomly.Today, the phone restarted itselve 3 times already, which was the provocation to send you this message. 
    I think it is a problem resulting from the recent Lumia denim update, before the lumia was significantly more stable.
    The phone was factory resetted after the lumia denim update (1 week ago), and today i also performed a soft reset, without any results. (still random restarts).
    Furthermore i noticed that sometimes the phone is unresponsive when i push the powerbutton, to unlock the phone.
    My phone is on 8.10.14219.341, firmware: 3058.50000.1424.0001 (it is the Country variant from the Netherlands).
    Hopefully there is a way to fix this problem,
    Thank you in advance,
    Wouter van Buul
    Ps. I am not sure if this is the right place to report bugs?!

    This is a user to user forum where we try to help each other, so reporting bugs is not the purpose of this community, that should be done direct to your local Microsoft Mobile support. However your problem is not a bug, just a technical issue with your handset and we can try to help.
    Have you checked that all your system apps are up to date after the Denim update ? The easiest way to do that is from settings > applications > store > check for updates. If everything is up to date, I would do the following troubleshooting if I had this problem:
    1.Remove the microSD memory card temporarily and monitor whether the reboots continue
    2. Get a new replacement SIM from your network
    3. If none of the above works, the next step would be a hard reset (settings > about > reset my phone), but since you say you have already done it, you can try a complete full reinstall of your firmware using the Software Recovery Tool. Please note this will completely wipe you phone, so a backup is highly recommended.

  • Touch screen not working after system update

    A few months ago, my laptop (Satelitte P55t-A5202) went through an automatic system update.  Ever since then, my touch screen won't work.  I followed the directions to reinstall the HDI programs several times.  The first time it worked but only for a few hours. The next time I tried to reinstall, it worked for a second.  Now reinstalls do nothing. 
    Before the system update, my touchscreen worked fine.  And in reading the forums, this seems to be a common problem with the updates.  I called TOSHIBA customer service for help.  The FIRST thing they want to do is charge me for tech support because my laptop is out of warranty.  I told the customer service rep repeatedly that my touch screen worked fine until the update.  He refused to give me any help because I did not want to pay for him to tell me how to resolve...
    In my opinion, this is a toshiba issue not mine so regardless if my laptop is out of warranty, Toshiba should take ownership and be accountable for the problems they cause.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to take care of this?
    By the way, Toshiba customer service representative was rude, you could barely understand him because of his accent, I had to repeat SEVERAL times what my issue was because he couldn't get past the warranty issue and I had to ask several times to speak with a supervisor ( to which he told me a supervisor would call me instead)

    See my reply in the laptop forum.

  • My 5th Gen iPod Touch will not sync after I updated my iTunes

    Right after I updated my iTunes on my PC, it will no longer sync anything. My apps, my music, everything won't sync.
    It just says that I can't sync because I need more space (8.30GB to be exact). But before I updated my iTunes, everything was fine. The thing is I want my iTunes and iPod to synchronize with each other without losing anything.
    Can someone help me?
    Also, my OS is already iOs 7.1

    Do you have the right boxes checked to sync? It appears not.
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod       
    Try syncing using the manual method                
    Managing content manually on iPhone, iPad, and iPod
    - Restore from backup. See:                                               
    iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.                       

  • Camera Making Sound After Denim Update on Lumia 10...

    Camera of My Lumia 1020 Making Sound While taking Picture and Video After Installing Denim Update
    Have Sample Video Contains that Sound 
    Help Me
    Thank You

    Welcome to our community, heartlyjoshi. Sure! send us the video. Is for the Lumia Camera app or the Microsoft camera app (native built-in camera app)? BTW, is there any difference if you press and hold both the volume down and the power keys for 10-15 seconds? Does it happen regardless of the camera settings that you have set? We'll wait for your reply. 

  • Myi iphone4  microphone not working and the home button not work after IOS6 updat

    Myi iphone4  microphone not working and the home button not work after IOS6 updat

    Did you try another restore and this time not to restore from a backup and see if that makes a difference? This is what Apple would tell you to do next based on my iphone 5 fiasco.
    Make sure all your data is available on your computer for manual syncing later.
    Since you did the hard reset I assume that means your home button isn't broken only that it got frozen before. Were you able to get the Apple logo after the reset? Did it boot?
    And you are using iTunes 10.7?
    I'm just trying to help get you going.

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