Lumia 620 update

My phone(lumia 620) has detected one update a week ago. But i am not being able to download it. Error 801882d1, 801881e1.

Have a look at THIS.
...and hope you are doing it thru a WiFi connection ...

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  • Windows 8 nokia lumia 620 update provide windows8....

    Will you provide windows8 updte to windows8.1

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  • Unable to update Lumia 620 updates

    In my Lumia unable to update amber update. When I check software update, its showing your phone is updated . Please tell me how to update

    You cant update if your carrier has not approved it or its not available in your region.
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    Now using the Lumia 1520

  • About lumia 620 update

    When I download update the error code 801882d2 is appeared.....

    See this link:

  • Lumia 620 sw update

    I want to ask can lumia 620 update to windows 8.5 and 9 when they will be launch?

    Microsoft has stated that all current WP8 hardware will be able to update to the next major OS version. This will mean that, with Microsoft usually updating Windows Phone around November (they have for 7.5 and 8) you'll be good until at least around May 2015 by which time most people will have upgraded their current phone anyway.
    The updates mentioned in the previous post are Nokia Firmware only and are installed on new phones shipping now. The update will be available as an OTA update to existing phones at a yet undisclosed moment.
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  • Why still nokia lumia black update is not yet avai...

    Nokia has announced the GDR3 update for all of its windows 8 phones but still lumia 620 update availability shows waiting for approval. Lumia 620 has better specs than 520 but lumia 520 got the update ahead of 720 and 620. What may be the reason for this delay!!!?

    If they tell you the reason is there something you can do about it? You will eventually still need to wait regardless of what the reason for the delay is. asking repeatedly about the availability will not expedite the release.

  • Problem in updating my Lumia 620 to black

    Black update is available in my country for Lumia 620. But my phone is not getting black update. Whenever I check for update it says your phone is up to date.

    @rdg4444  your phone is a Malaysia variant and after checking Availability in Asia Pacific, I can see that the 620 black update is not in distribution yet for Malaysia variant. The "Coming Soon" in availability page means that it's approved and will be in distribution in a few days.

  • Problem with the Update Nokia Lumia 620

    The update was initialized on my Nokia Lumia 620 that I bought yesterday. When it started the phone was connected to WiFi. However, after 10 minutes I thought it stuck so I put the battery out and in again. But the update started again. The WiFi was still on. I waited an hour but nothing happened so again I put the battery out and in. Later the WiFi connection was shut down and the update still going. Later I tried to put the battery out and in all over again. I left the phone for the night, it lost all the battery so I plugged the charger in it and then the update started again! I have the 3G internet purchased, so when it's not on WiFi then it should be working. So my question is if the update is really going on (since 4am, that is almost 4 hours till now) or is something wrong. How long can it take on 3G in the situation I described? Will it ever end or should I go and return it to the service for them to fix it? Please help me! It's really urgent!

    Update is possible thru' WiFi only.. It may take in excess of an hour for the whole update process to complete once you start it (thru' WiFi) just leave it .. Don't go on removing the battery all the time ...Keep the phone on charging when you update. Additionally you may have settings-->WiFi--advanced ..and select 'Keep WiFi on when screen times out..' .
    If you still get the problem visit Nokia Care to get it updated. 

  • What is new for the Lumia 620 in the black update

    What is new for the Lumia 620 in the black update ?

    It seems Lumia 620 doesn't benefit the "double tap to wake", other than that all announced apps and features will be available. I advise to check also some great beta apps from Nokia Beta Labs, kudos to the guys developing these.

  • Window 8.1 update fro nokia lumia 620

    Good day,
    Please I tried updating my nokia lumia 620 to window 8.1 but the device had been stucked in the gear display for the past 5 hours, I have tried the soft/hard reset and battery removal to no avail.
    what next please
    warm regards

    Did you try the Nokia Software Recovery Tool already?

  • Windows 8.1 update for Lumia 620

    When can we get Windows 8.1 update for Lumia 620 in India?
    Go to Solution.

    Once it's available which, as extensively and widely announced, will be somewhere 3rd quarter of this year.
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  • Lumia 620 cyan update

    Web link showing cyan update for Lumia 620 is available in India, but my mobile showing its up to date.
    I am still in black update,not getting cyan update.

    @sreenivasan For each update on my 620, I have got a notification telling me there's an update available. You will too Still waiting for Cyan my self.

  • Lumia black update for 620

    When its going to approve to roll out in India? Since its very much eager to taste it as soon as possible..
    Go to Solution.

    Dear Nokia,
    it´s unbelievably wait for your Updates 2 months. Do you know,  that we live in 21st century??? What´s your marketing strategy?? Sorting updates by your models, strategy partners or you want to satisfy all your consumers with support and possibility to buy more your models??
    New OS WP 8.1 is slowly coming and you can´t manage your updates and upgrades in time!!! How you can receive back classiffication of all your models?? Or you can´t do that? So, than you sell only models with support you can seriously manage!!!
    How do you participate with Microsoft??? Your updates and Microsoft updates will come separatelly?? Waiting for Microsoft updates 2 months and sequentialy for Nokia´s 3 or more months??
    Do you know sentence "Time is money"???
    Thank you for your lessons of marketing strategy in 21st century. I´m still waiting for your updates with my little usual Nokia Lumia 620 :-)

  • Black update for lumia 620

    Black update is available for lumia 620 in india its showing on the official site of nokia but my phone didn't got any notification for the update what to do know ? Please suggest me

    There, you go …

  • Update queries (Lumia 620 Black Update)

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone on here knew how long it should take between the update geting to the carrier and them pasiing on the update to the consumers?
    I ask because mysef and others  are STILL without the Update 3/Black update for the 620 ( in the UK), and are increasingly becoming annoyed (putting it lightly - don't want to get banned from the forum already) at this fact, especially since we know it is the carriers fault (I won't name and shame the carrier since it's in the link!)
    The link above shows the interactions that have been made between those of us waiting for the update, and those at my carrier. In short, on the 2nd April, the foum dudes passed it on to those who deal with the updates. 8 days later (10th April, 3 weeks ago), the next reply was that they were in the latter stages of testing, and should be out "within the next few weeks". There have been NO updates since, hint the fact we are getting increasingly annoyed.
    Surely, the fact they claim they were in the latter stages of testing 3 weeks ago mean we should have the update by now, especially since all other 620's in the UK had the update in March.

    Abi99 wrote:
    Did you try the Nokia Software Recovery Tool already? There, what is your 7-letter code (product code)? The same code is printed on the label of your phone. That code determines your firmware variant which determines your current version. We can check together if you have the latest version, only with that code.
    This link provided does not get anywhere for me - just takes me to the Nokia page, saying:
    We couldn’t find that page
    Sorry about that. Try one of these links to find what you need...

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