M92p SFF: Possible to add a 2.5" SSD boot drive in the 3.5" external card reader bay?

I recently bought a M92p Small Form Factor with model number 2988-A5U. 
Is it possible to to add an additional 2.5" SSD as a boot drive while retaining the 3.5" 1TB SATA as the data drive?
I have searched many posts and datasheets on the internet but could't find an answer.
The above specs. states that it supports 2 HDDs but I can't find another 3.5" or 2.5" internal HDD bay. 
My thought is to put a 2.5" SSD into the 3.5" card reader bay. Is it feasible?

I ordered a 2.5" General 2.5" SSD to 3.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive HDD caddy from Amazon that fit perfectly! General 2.5" SSD to 3.5" SATA HDD caddy It came with screws that fit the new SSD, and the caddy fit the blue plastic carrier that slides into the 3.5" bay. This caddy properly aligns the connectors off to the left side, supports up to 6GBs SATA, and is even hot swappable.

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    The save as button only allows me to save it as a flattened or original document within PDF Experts guidelines hence why i was wondering if there was someway to curcumvent that and save it as a jpeg directly, somehow integrating the other app with the pdf expert programm t stop me having to switch between the two. 
    The more I write the more I see how impossible this might be apologies for my ignorance if so.

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    Your title and your question are opposites...
    A filter must be specified in a web.xml to be used. That doesn't mean the Filter's class HAS to be in your webapp, it just must be accessible to the Servlet container (you could place it in the common/classes directory or shared/classes directory or even the server/classes directory).
    I've not tried it, but I see no reason why you couldn't declare the filter and filter-mapping in the server's web.xml which would then filter all requests in all webapps.

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    Thank you for reading my post
    Is it possible to add an OS to solaris Boot system?
    for example Solaris X86 is installed on SATA Disk number 1 and Windows is installed on Sata Disk number 2.
    System boot on Solaris Hard disk and I want to add an option to boot the system with Windows OS which is installed on other Hard disk.
    Can you please explain the steps and mechanism to do this?
    Both hard disks are SATA and i am using latest Solaris express Developer edition.

    edit /boot/grub/menu.lst
    #---------- ADDED BY BOOTADM - DO NOT EDIT ----------
    title Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07 snv_70b X86
    kernel$ /platform/i86pc/kernel/$ISADIR/unix
    module$ /platform/i86pc/$ISADIR/boot_archive
    #---------------------END BOOTADM--------------------
    #---------- ADDED BY BOOTADM - DO NOT EDIT ----------
    title Solaris failsafe
    kernel /boot/platform/i86pc/kernel/unix -s
    module /boot/x86.miniroot-safe
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    # Unknown partition of type 6 found on /dev/rdsk/c0t0d1p0 partition: 1
    # It maps to the GRUB device: (hd0,0) .
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    title Windows
         rootnoverify (hd1,2)
         chainloader +1

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    OK, answering my own question now - albeit a part of it! I have played around a bit and find that I can import an image and add a hyperlink to a static picture. My problems above seem to be related to the fact that the apple affiliate banners are annimated gif's. The gif's play fine on a page uploaded via iWeb but I can't find any way to add a hyerlink so that the viewer can click and go through the Apple store.
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  • Add card reader to M82 Tower units

    We have 20 new m82 3202 tower units here and were told by Lenov we could add card readers (of any kind) to them.  However, once the boxes were opened, we realized that the front bezel doesn't look finished with a card reader installed, and the provided card reader bracket doesn't line up with the holes in our generic card readers.
    So far nobody at Lenovo has been able to tell us what the part # is for the finished bezel to make them look appropriate, or the part # of a compatible and correct card reader.
    Now, I think I can work around the mounting, but the finished looking front is a must, and these generic readers just don't fill the space or look correct at all.
    Update1:  Lenovo tech support just called back and says that these systems require the following parts:
    03T8160 card reader, 03t9736 card reader bezel.
    These parts don't seem to come up very often on google and mostly on NON US sites, so I'm afraid he's mistaken or these parts have cross #'s for other more available parts.  So, still stuck.
    Update2:  I can tell that one issue is that shorter or "not as deep" generic card reader units.  A longer generic card reader from rosewill that has 3 holes, 2 closer at the rear and 1 further at the front, on the side, works as far as depth goes, but there still must be a bezel of some kind that needs to go on there.  I hope that it's the bezel part # listed above, but since I can't get a picture of it, and have no idea if it's even available, I'm still stuck on that part.
    Update3:  Parts tells me they only have 6 of these " 03t9736 card reader bezel" available and the others will have to !!!manufactured!!! so there is no telling when they'll be available.  Furthermore they have no picture or any idea of what they are, so I wouldn't know if they were actually what I needed or not.  Lastly, they are $17/each plus outrageous shipping for a simple piece of plastic (presumably).  unbelievable.
    Thanks in advance if you can help.

    Lenovo tech support gave me mis-information on 2 complex problems. Double check everything, searching Lenovo websites, Google, and Bing.

  • Can I add a 3rd party SSD to a dv7 that has the 750GB Hybrid drive?

    I have been given contradictory answers from 2 different HP sales reps.
    I am looking to purchase a dv7 with a single storage drive, and will at some later time like to add a second storage drive to the empty bay. One rep told me that both the dv6 and dv7 have 2 empty bays, and I am nearly certain this is incorrect as I've read that people were removing the optical drives of their dv6 in order to add a second disk storage drive. I was also told that if I purchase the laptop with the hybrid drive, I would NOT be able to add a SSD later on down the road because of incompatibility. Another rep told me that if I started with the hybrid drive, I COULD add a second storage drive, in the form of either a SSD or HDD.
    I realize that when trying to customize the laptop, it won't allow me to choose both the 750GB hybrid AND the 32GB SSD together, as it forces me to choose either the hybrid alone, or the regular HDD and the 32GB SSD...so perhaps there is some truth to a hybrid and SSD not being able to function together properly???
    So my question remains, if I customize a dv7 with only the 750GB Hybrid drive, could I later add a 3rd party SSD without issues?

    The hybrid drive is physically just a 2.5 inch laptop hard drive and will leave a bay open. The 32 gig ssd is an mSATA module and is located far away from the hard drives so even if one is present it should not block use of a second hard drive. Here is the most recent dv7 manual. Look at pages 47 and 70.
    I believe as long as you have only one 2.5 inch standard SATA drive the second hard drive bay is available for an additional drive. You may need a caddy and cable, however. 
    What exact model of the dv7 are you looking to purchase? This would help answer more definitely I think. The dv6 definitely does not have 2 hard drive bays, just the dv7. 

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    Most of the PDFs I generate are from other applications (like Autocad) where I "print to PDF" to create the file.   Most of the PDFs I recevie are generated the same way.   Prior to Acrobat Reader 8, it was simple for me and my collueges to exchange information on these PDFs by using markup tools and resending them with markups.   Since Acrobat 8 has come along, I now find it impossible to markup a drawing (no matter if I have created it using Print to PDF or if someone has sent it to me).  I went to the knowledge base and see that the drawing has to be enabled for markup in one of 2 ways
    In an open PDF, choose Comments > Enable For Commenting In Adobe Reader, and then save the PDF.  
    Start the wizard to initiate a shared review or an email-based review and follow the on-screen instructions. When you’re finished, commenting is enabled in the PDF that you specify for the review. 
    Well, there is no Comments selection in my toolbar.   Second method is given by
    Quickstart: Start an email review
    An email-based review lets you track review status and merge received comments into the PDF.
    Click Review & Comment and choose Attach For Email Review.
    If prompted, enter your identity information to create a reviewer profile.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to select the PDF, invite reviewers, and send the email invitation.
      If your email application doesn’t send email automatically, you may need to answer alert messages and switch to your email application to finish sending the message
    But there is no Review & Comment button to click.
    So, can someone tell me, can I still do a simple markup of any PDF?   Even if I have to jump through hoops can I?    I guess I can understand Why Adobe has done away with this feature in their free tool, as they were not getting any revenue off of it, but it greatly diminishes the usefulness of Acrobat Reader and therefore all PDFs for me.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    To enable this right you need Acrobat, not the free Reader.
    However, starting from Reader X it is possible to add simple markups to any file, unless it has been specifically disallowed by the creator of the file.

  • In contacts there is the possibility to add a new event, as the birthdays, but they do not appear in iCal. Is there any way to make that possible? It is normal to have a person with his birthday, anniversary and others key dates you want to link to him.

    In contacts there is the possibility to add a new event, as the birthdays, but they do not appear in iCal. Is there any way to make that possible? It is normal to have a person with his birthday, anniversary and others key dates you want to link to such person, but the only one shows up is the birthday. How to be able to show all those dates linked to people in the agenda in the iCal?

    I sugggest you try my application, Dates to iCal. It is shareware with a 2 week trial period.
    Dates to iCal 2 is a replacement for Apple's birthday calendar for iCal. It has a range of features to allow the user to choose what, and what not, to sync to iCal from Address Book.
    As well as automatically syncing birthday dates from Address Book, Dates to iCal 2 can sync anniversary and custom dates. It can set up to five alarms for each date in iCal and can also set different alarms for birthdays and anniversaries. It allows the option of only syncing from one Address Book group. This application also allows for the titles of the events sent to iCal to be modified to the user's preference.
    Best wishes
    John M
    As I sell software on my site and ask for donations, the Apple Support Communities Use Agreement requires that I state that I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.

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