MAC Address on Storm 2

Please can you help,  all I need to do is find the MAC address on my Storm 2.   Any Ideas.
Thanks for reading.

Take the back cover off, take the battery out and have a little look under there!
Thats where I found mine on a 8900!!

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  • Broadcast Storm Control - Mac-address flooding

    Hi Friends,
    We would like to configure broadcast storm control in our LAN to detect/avoid mac-address flooding. What is the best way and Can I know how to decide the raising threshold & falling threshold values ?.. Please suggest.

    the best way is to monitor your network fir 5-6 days in order to find out the normal pattern of broadcast traffic. Then based on results form this monitoring process you can set the thresholds of broadcast traffic.

  • Tecra A8 - MAC address lost

    One of computers in our LAN - notebook *Toshiba Tecra A8 - had lost MAC address after a storm*. Now every time after restart, MAC address is changing (drav lots) - for example: b1:81:b1:81:b1:81 or af:81:af:81:af:81 itp.
    How can I fix it ?
    Does manufacturer place somewhere at public serwer soft to fix / reflash right MAC adress ?

    Means "after a storm" that the machine was strucked by a lightning? If so, then I would send the machine to a repair center because you cannot simply reflash something to bring the MAC address back.
    You could try it with a BIOS update but I dispute that it could fix that issue if the ROM was damaged...

  • Time Machine - no MAC address

    I'm trying to use Time Machine on an iMac that lost it's ethernet a while back due to an electrical storm. I've been fine as I still have the airport and also the USB ethernet for the MB Air that works.
    However I'm getting an error in the log when time machine starts that it can't find the MAC address, it appears it only wants the built in ethernet port? But it's not there! Is there anyway around it? What happens on the MB Air?

    My ethernet port has stopped working (spontaneously) and this has caused TimeMachine to fail, along with MobileMe services and Finder (not responding for about 10 minutes after startup).
    Just looking at the TimeMachine issue though.
    From the system log:
    +Volume at path /Volumes/TimeMachine does not appear to be the correct backup volume for this computer. (Cookies do not match)+
    If I do a clean install then I found that Time Machine still fails but the system log changes to
    +Volume at path /Volumes/TimeMachine does not appear to be the correct backup volume for this computer.+
    +Backup failed with error: 18+
    However I could get TimeMachine working again by following the instructions in this link
    I'll leave it up to you as to whether you think it's worth reinstalling your system in an attempt to get the backups working again. You could also try the fix in the above link without a reinstall but this did not work for me.
    Good luck

  • How to make mac address gmail contacts overwrite the ones on my HTC Android phone - I don't want to sync - that makes the phone scramble and overwrite my computer.  I want to remove or correctly overwrite the phone information as I have done with iPad.

    Please help - I am beginning to hate google, my android and gmail.  I have just wasted about 5 hours in a futile attempt to try and get my current Mac contacts list on my computer updated to my phone. I'm not that computer literate but I have looked up about google phone accounts, vCards, backing up contact lists, what SD on phones are, and God know what else.  I have searched the internet and tried all sorts of things and I still have a mac with a now correct contact list (after the iPad contacts scrambled it and I spent ages manually correcting them all) and a phone with an outdated contact list.  If you try and sync them the phone wants to overwrite the computer one just like the iPad did (would it be so **** hard to give you a choice on the phone as to which overwrites which!).  After all the  advice on the internet failed, I got the bright idea to completely delete all the ones on the phone and if it was empty of contacts the computer one could be exported to it.  Not as simple as it sounds.  First I backed up (I think) my computer contacts list. Numerous futile attempts to go through the phone options to globally delete all contacts did not work - they gave a warning message and you got to choose whether to continue or not, I did, and it looked like it might be working as it changed to zero data on the phone, but then they all popped back up again from God knows where from, but without their little added bits like pictures of the people.  So, I tried un- syncing the darn phone from  google and then deleting them globally.  That didn't work either.  I tried deleting them  all again and again and google would crash and not let me do it. It is absolutely ridiculous that this is so damned difficult to do (especially if you are not computer savvy) and that you cannot choose which device overwrites which when syncing. I gave up and ticked sync with Google again (not that it appears to do anything to the phone contact list at all).  So after 5 hours I am back to where I started from, with a phone showing all the same  incorrect contacts (but the pictures are back), which wants to overwrite the computer if I try any sort of sync, and no way to fix them except go into each one manually and try and do it - and how long would that take (and I've already wasted hours and hours fixing scrambled contact lists!).  I think I will do a print out of the computer contact list and just carry it around with me like an address book - so much bloody simpler.  So now I have a headache, am fighting an overwhelming urge to hurl the phone at the wall,  hoping for a heat wave to evaporate icloud things and am wishing I had bought an iPhone instead of the stupid HTC Android.  Can any one offer me any suggestions on how to get rid of the contacts on my phone and replace them with the ones in my mac address list - hopefully after that  they can sync to their hearts content and not stuff everything up again (which was why I unsynced google a while back - because the phone's list kept making stuff ups and scrambling and duplicating my computer contacts list).  Am I the only one on the planet having this problem or is there someone else out there who has had it and solved it.

    Without "pretending" to be yourself on the other phone (change settings) there's nothing else you can do.
    iOS devices are meant to be single user and can't view the same way a Mac or PC can do.
    You need to find a desktop or laptop machine (Mac or PC) to log in at iCloud.

  • I want to reserve a static IP address on my Airport extreme.  What is the difference between reserving by MAC Address and DHCP Client ID?

    I want to understand the differences in the way you can reserve a static address for a device on the network.  I had previously set the device itself to an address and then reserved it with DHCP Client ID, which I thought was just the devices static addresss.  I'm not sure if this was in fact correct or just happend to work.  I know what a MAC address is, but I'm not really sure what the DHCP Client ID is. So it would be great if someone could clarify it, and the difference between reserving address by MAC Address or DHCP Client ID.

    A MAC address is a unique identification consisting of letters and numbers in a form that looks like this:
    Every network device has a MAC address, which can be found on a label on the bottom or back of the device. Apple calls this the Ethernet ID.
    A DHCP Client ID is an optional name that you can assign to a device. For example, on your Mac....
    Open System Preferences (gear icon on the dock)
    Open Network
    Click on Ethernet
    Click Advanced at the lower right
    You may be able to edit the DHCP Client  ID here....for could enter MJ500's MacBook in the space provided. That would be the Client ID of your Mac.

  • I have two .mac addresses; how does this work in iCloud?

    This is not about consolidating Apple ID's... I think.
    When I got my first .mac address, I thought I picked a good one at the time. Later on, due to the peculiar spelling, I opted for an additonal (paid) address which I use every day. Now the first one (which is an Apple ID) contains my calendars, contacts, etc. I never use the email portion of it, again because of challenging spelling. The second .mac address (also an Apple ID) is an email only account. This is the email account I use daily.
    When I make the transition to iCloud, I intend to keep my original AppleID (from the pre-.mac days) as my iTunes store ID.
    My question is, what happens with my two other accounts?
    .mac #1 with the contacts and such would move to iCloud and sync everything there as it currently does with MobileMe. Since .mac #2 is an email only account, would I even need to bother moving it to iCloud (if that's even possible), or would I just keep using that as email only using the current mail settings on my iThingys and Mac? Does anyone know if .mac #2 will live on after MobileMe vanishes, or will I loose my daily and coveted .mac email at that time?
    I'm sure Apple has a good reason for not allowing us to just consolidate everything in one place, but I know there are many out there with a similar situation to mine.
    I've spent a good deal of time tonight searching the various threads and can't seem to find an answer to the two .mac email dilemma. My appologies if it's already been discussed.
    To sum up, I have one Apple ID that I use for iTunes and intend to keep as such. I have two .mac addresses which are also Apple ID's; one that syncs with MobileMe and one that is email only. I would like to use iCloud to sync what is currently on MobileMe, AND continue to use the simpler email address that I've been using for years.
    Am I screwed??
    Thanks in advance for your help, and Happy Holidays to all!!

    Migrate the account which contains your calendars, contacts etc. first, at and set it up on your Mac and devices.
    Now migrate the email-only account in the same way. On a Mac you can add it in System Preferences>Mail, Contacts & Calendars - it won't sync anything but will be added to the accounts in Mail where you can then use the email in the normal way.
    I don't know what the equivalent process on an iOS device is; very likely you need to add it as an account in the Mail app.

  • How to find a workstation object by ip or mac address?

    Hi gang.
    I'm trying to search for a workstation object by mac address or by IP
    address. So far, I'm not able to find the correct attributes to do so.
    Can anybody point me in the right direction to find a workstation by either
    IP or mac?

    [email protected] wrote:
    > Hi gang.
    > I'm trying to search for a workstation object by mac address or by IP
    > address. So far, I'm not able to find the correct attributes to do so.
    > Can anybody point me in the right direction to find a workstation by either
    > IP or mac?
    In ConsoleOne find, advanced, look for ZEN:INV IP Address attribute

  • How do I add my phone's Wi-Fi Mac address to my home server so that I can use my home Wi-Fi with my phone?

    Hello. I am using an Android cell phone and, though the phone sees my home server name and accepts my password, it won't connect. I understand that I may have to add my phone's Wi-Fi Mac address to my home server in order for it to allow my phone access, but I have no idea how I might do that. Could someone help me with this? Thank you.

    Tdalso wrote:
    How do I add a phone number so I can use either my US or Canadian number (depending on where I am) with iMessage and Facetime on both my iPhones?
    You need to log out of iMessage and Facetime, make sure your number is correct in Settings/General/About, then log back in again to send a new activation request.

  • I need to change the MAC Address for Airport on MacBook

    I have a specific need to change my son's Airport MAC address as his school requires the use of USB network cards that aren't compatible with MACs. These cards are needed because the school's router uses MAC address filtering.
    Before we upgraded his Mac to Snow Leopard, we were able to change the MAC address to the MAC address of the useless dongal the school supplied. We basically created an AppleScript program that ran the "sudo ifconfig en1 ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" and all was good.
    This command no longer works for changing the MAC address. We tried it as root user as well and by typing it into the terminal window as root. After running the command, we can run "ifconfig en1" and it does display the new mac address but when we turn the airport on and try to connect, it just hangs and won't connect.
    Our other non-Snow Leopard still works fine after running the commands so I'm guessing Apple disabled this functionality. It's hardly a security issue by being able to change your mac addres.
    Is there a new way to accomplish this? I've searched everywhere.

    Would an easier solution be to provide the school's IT admin with your mac address and have it added? If they can add a block of mac addresses for the usb dongles, they can add more for machines that cannot use the dongle.
    Also: "It's hardly a security issue by being able to change your mac address."
    While it may not be a security issue for your machine, it is a security for the school network who is using mac address filtering as hopefully only one part of their wireless security.
    That being said, have you read this?

  • How to connect apple TV when im in hotel without giving my mac address

    i got my apple tv with me cause i live in hotel but the only way to connected to internet if I give them my mac address therefore if i give my mac address to customer service wont they be able to access all my info and my mobile when connected or pictures and video

    Hotel networks require authentication via webpage, there is no browser on Apple TV so it won't be possible to connect this way. The only way will be to give the mac address, it would be for connecting to the Apple TV. No info will be accessed.

  • Do I need to add Base Station MAC address to list?

    Hi, If I choose to use MAC address filtering on my Airport Extreme Time Capsule, do I need to add the wireless MAC address of the Base Station to the list of allowed MAC addresses???  I'd feel real bad if I set up a list, didn't include the base station's MAC address and then could never get in to the network again because I, in effect, locked myself out???  I doubt that address needs to be included but I would like some feedback on that.
    Second, does the one MAC address filter list apply to the Guest Network as well if I should choose to turn it on???  If that was the case, I would just turn off MAC address filtering why guests were present.
    thanks..  bob

    If I choose to use MAC address filtering on my Airport Extreme Time Capsule, do I need to add the wireless MAC address of the Base Station to the list of allowed MAC addresses???
    No. Timed Access would be for wireless devices....computers, mobile devices, printer, etc., that are connecting to the Time Capsule. The Time Capsule does not connect to itself in this regard.
    I'd feel real bad if I set up a list, didn't include the base station's MAC address and then could never get in to the network again because I, in effect, locked myself out???
    Sometimes, users lock themselves out by mistake by entering incorrect times for devices to connect, and they often forget that they can connect to the base station using an Ethernet connection and get back in that way.....since Timed Access only applies to devices that connect using wireless.
    does the one MAC address filter list apply to the Guest Network as well if I should choose to turn it on???

  • Spanning Tree and Admin mac address issues srw2048

    Ok, I have a somewhat complex problem and hopefully someone may shed some light or have an idea as to whats wrong.
    First the scenario:
    I have two Cisco Cat 6509's etherchanneled to each other via two fiber cables.  One of these is the STP/RSTP root.  I have two SRW2048's.. one trunked to each of these 6509 switches.  There is also a trunk between the SRW2048's.  All this is to create a redundant topology so that if one of the switches fail's the others can still forward packets to each other.  Of course the scenario described is in fact a loop that should be handled by STP/RSTP.  I have RSTP enabled on all the switches in the scenario (PV RSTP on the cisco switches as they only do Cisco's brand of per vlan spanning tree).  There are 3 vlan's configured on each of the srw2048's (2,55,96).  There are corresponding vlan's also on the 6509's.  I have put the srw2048's management interface into vlan 2.
    The problem:
    I need to forward packets between the srw2048's primarily and only use the 6509 that is not the root when a failure happens.  I have configured the non-root 6509's spanning tree cost on the etherchannel to be higher then the alternate path through the srw's to the root.  I can hook everything up and view the spanning tree and see that the srw2048's interface that goes to the non-root 6509 is blocked, and all other interfaces on the other switches are forwarding.  I can in fact ping and get to the admin interface on all the switches.  Then for some strange reason the admin interface of the srw2048 plugged into the non-root 6509 stops responding.  If I disable either the interface its plugged into on the 6509 or the other srw2048 everything starts working again.  Sometimes it responds after many failures for no apparent reason.  I looked into the mac-address table on the 6509's and they are conflicting, pointing to each other for the mac-address of the broken srw2048.  When I clear the mac-table the admin port comes back for about 5 seconds then again goes dark.  When reviewing mac-table on the 6509's they are back to pointing to each other.  The odd thing (although I haven't confirmed this completely) is that hosts placed into vlan 2 on that same srw2048 seem to work fine.  If there was an STP loop or something misconfigured, I would expect it to effect any host in vlan 2 or the other vlan's for that matter on the srw2048 that stops responding.  Alas, I am stuck because I need to manage this switch remotely.  My only thought is that for some reason even when the STP status is blocked the broken srw2048 is still sending out arp's of its admin interface and bypassing the STP protocol.  I have no way to confirm this, but maybe someone has an idea as to what I'm doing wrong, or otherwise offer a solution.  For now, I simply removed vlan 2 from the 6509 that the broken srw2048 is plugged into and everything seems fine.
    My apologies for such a long post, but this is somewhat complicated.  Thanks in advance for any info.
    Message Edited by gmyers on 08-19-2008 10:35 PM

    To follow up, I had a ticket open with Linksys about this for about 3 months with no resolution.  I submitted packet captures, stp outputs, etc and no luck.  I gave up and basically had to revert to a manual failover for redundancy.  It's no perfect or fast, but it works every time.
    Unless linksys issues a firmware upgrade with this as a fix, I doubt we will be able to ever resolve this on our own.

  • ICloud to Mac Address Book - Two Questions

    Okay, I have learned/accepted that iCloud is not the sync'ing deal that MobileMe was (missed that in the fine print as I have been a loyal .mac user from its inception and like the MM syncing). I understand that everything is updated in the cloud and pushed to various devices (for me, iPhone 4S, new iPad and 2009 MBP).  So, how is it possible for my iCloud address book to have more contacts than my MBP address book?  Wouldn't all of the ones in iCloud be pushed to the MBP?  The only thing I can think is that before I understood the concept that there are two address books resident on the MBP, I starting deleting what I thought were duplicates since I wasn't able to merge them due to two different sources.  I could not find a way at that time to tell me which line was from what source.  Then, once I get the two address books matching - mostly to ensure that I am not missing anything in the iCloud one - what purpose does the Mac based address book serve?  I just had a nightmare of dragging various cards from my iCloud address page on the right into the iCloud group on the left and only to realize after doing at least 20 cards that after the first one, the left page registers back up putting the Mac based group across from the iCloud contact list so I dropped many of them into the Mac group instead of the iCloud group. The iCal doesn't maintain a Mac version and an iCloud version, why does the address book?  BTW, all software on all devices is up to date as of this posting.

    Please pardon what may be a silly question.  This is my first ever post...
    I was thinking about deleting "On My Mac" address book per your above instructions, and sticking with the one iCloud contacts.  The problem I am afraid of running into is this:  In iTunes, when I sync contacts, the groups that show available for syncing all come from "On My Mac".  If I delete from the Mac, will that make my "Contacts" icon on my iPad 'dead'?  Thereby, forcing me to log onto iCloud to view my Contacts, instead of a handy shortcut??? 
    Or will I simply get to forgo the iTunes syncing... and the "contacts" icon on my iPad will reflect what was synced thru iCloud?
    If the latter is true, does that simply mean I will need to recreate my "groups" in iCloud?
    Thanks in advance, I certainly need some guidance.

  • Multiple IP adress on one mac address?

    I have a WLC 2504 and AP 1602. Is it possible to give the client multiple ip addresses with one mac address. If yes, how it's made on WLC or AP?

    In certain cases there is a need to have multiple IP addresses responding beyond a single client wireless association. For example, some video cameras will have an internal communication module that tied to wireless interface via ethernet. Some PoS devices may have similar requirement.
    In WLC there is an option WLAN->WirelessID->Advanced->Passive Client.
    Now I am not sure if this will work with multiple IP addresses tied to the same MAC or not.

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