Mac mini crashing when booting up

Hi, does anyone know why the mac mini crashes at bootup. it gets teh strart up ping, then the loading screen, then the harddrive turns off. any ideas why this is happening

I had a similar problem recently, my mini froze during a backup, held the power button down left it for a few mins and rebooted, only got the grey screen with apple logo and the spinning gear and that was it, could not get past that so I installed OS X on an external drive, the internal HDD took upto 10 mins to mount then vanished copletely a day or so later, in the mean time the optical drive stopped working as well!!, took it to the Apple store who thought it ws a dodgy interconnect board, but they called yesterday to say that both the hard drive and optical have conked out, and that the machine was packed full of dust, and possibly caused everything to overheat!! (am allergic to dust so keep my flat quite clean!!), to replace both costs about the same as a new machine so not worth it!. So off to collect it today and buy a new one. Have had the machine barely 2 years! and thought it would outlive my Dell PC!

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  • Mac Mini crashes when HDMI-connected AV receiver powered off

    This issue concerns a Mac Mini, mid 2011, running Yosemite. It is connected to a Yamaha AV receiver using HDMI and under normal circumstances works normally. However, whenever I power off the AV receiver, the Mac Mini crashes (spontaneously restarts).
    I can't find any trace of a kernel panic, and there is no message after startup to say that the system has restarted unexpectedly.
    For example, the system log from last night shows that is was performing a backup, and then there's the boot message at the time I shut the AV receiver down:
    1/24/15 10:18:29.000 PM kernel[0]: hfs: mounted Recovery HD on device disk0s3
    1/24/15 10:18:29.810 PM mds[32]: (Volume.Normal:2464) volume:0x7f8775141000 ********** Bootstrapped Creating a default store:0 SpotLoc:(null) SpotVerLoc:(null) occlude:0 /Volumes/Recovery HD
    1/24/15 10:18:29.854 PM fseventsd[20]: Logging disabled completely for device:1: /Volumes/Recovery HD
    1/24/15 10:18:29.000 PM kernel[0]: hfs: unmount initiated on Recovery HD on device disk0s3
    1/24/15 10:18:29.982 PM[5261]: Starting post-backup thinning
    1/24/15 10:19:17.000 PM bootlog[0]: BOOT_TIME 1422130757 0
    1/24/15 10:19:19.000 PM syslogd[16]: Configuration Notice:
    ASL Module "" claims selected messages.
    Those messages may not appear in standard system log files or in the ASL database.
    1/24/15 10:19:19.000 PM syslogd[16]: Configuration Notice:
    ASL Module "" sharing output destination "/var/log/asl" with ASL Module "".
    Output parameters from ASL Module "" override any specified in ASL Module "".
    I have swapped out the HDMI cable in case it is faulty, but this has not changed anything. This issue is easily reproducible but I haven't been able to find any possible solutions. It started after the Yosemite upgrade. Also, the AV receiver need not be displaying the Mac Mini video for this to occur. It will crash regardless of what channel the receiver is showing.
    Any help would be much appreciated!

    I have a similar issue after recently buying a receiver (Sony STR-DN1050) and wiring my mac mini through it.
    Some observations that seems to be linked.
    1. When I power up the receiver with another hdmi input than the mac mini, the mac mini switches fast between displays, from the TV name to unknown (observed through Remote Desktop), and sometimes log out the user.
    2. Then, when switching to the mac mini hdmi input, everything works fine, as the mac will recognise the TV.
    3. When switching off the receiver, the remote desktop disconnects and usually the mac mini will log off user or restart- not sure which.
    Edit: Right now, when I powered off the receiver, the mac stayed on... no idea why, as it usually disconnects as mentioned above.
    Edit2: As I look in the Display settings, the mac now recognizes my receiver as Display when it is turned off, presumably because I turned off HDMI pass-through on the receiver settings.
    However, I still have problem 1 above: When I turn on the receiver with any other input than the Mac Mini, the mac will start switching displays and log out the user.

  • Mac Mini crashes when exporting imovie projects

    When I try to export imovie projects, my Mac Mini crashes. Not ever, just every two or three times.
    My system is 10.6.7 and imovie is 11. Can anyone help me? Thanks, I apologize for my bad English

    Thank you, I'll try!
    I hope you're right, because is boring to see out of the blue all the screen getting grey and the window that invites you to reboot, without hope... It happens, for example, after two or three succesful exporting projects, then I reboot and go on for another two or three projects and then again... I'm afraid it's a RAM problem, but I'll try to update system and software.
    Thank you again

  • Mac Mini crashes when I attempt to boot to OS Disc

    Can't reinstall/reformat.  System crashes when I try to reboot with the OS disc in.  Before that, when i started the computer, the pinwheel kept spinning and I had to boot in safe mode and run Disk repair.  Then it booted fine.  But my iMovie project keeps losing the sounds I put in and unable to control the volume of some sounds i put into the movie project.    Could this be my hard drive is dying?

    Hi Clifford,
    Just asking, is the OSX Install Disc the exact one that came with that Mac?
    Not that you'd want to use it if your on 10.8.5 though!
    Bootup holding CMD+r, or the Option/alt key to boot from the Restore partition & use Disk Utility from there to Repair the Disk, then Repair Permissions.
    If that doesn't help Reinstall the OS.

  • Mac Mini crashes when connected to USB mouse!

    This problem just happened all of the sudden--I came into my office a few days ago and there was the multi-lingual screen of death telling me I needed to restart my computer. Tried numerous times, no success--same message.
    Took Mac Mini to Genius Bar--they said it checked out just fine.
    Brought it home, plugged everything in--same problem!
    Started eliminating USB and Firewire items that I was connecting to it. Narrowed it down to my Verbatim USB wireless mouse. When I disconnected it, the computer booted fine. However, can't navigate anywhere w/o a mouse, so I figured my solution was to just go buy a wired USB mouse.
    Bought wired USB mouse. Same crashes! My computer will not boot with any USB mouse connected and when I connect a mouse after it is booted, it crashes the moment the mouse is connected.
    Even if there is something I could install or uninstall, I can't do it because I have no navigation w/o a mouse!
    Error messages on screen of death have to do with "kernels" and what not--again, if it was something I could replace/reinstall that would be great, but how can I do anything w/o a mouse?
    Please help!!!

    I have three 2008 model Mac minis, each with verbatim mice. Luckily one hasn't been upgraded to 10.6.8 because I'd be without a working desktop machine.
    The 2010 Mac mini doesn't have this problem.
    So far I've tried four different USB mice and all of them lock up the machine, even in safe mode.
    I can't afford to go and buy three apple Bluetooth mice - it's the only way I can use these machines.
    I hate downgrading machines, so I'm hoping apple supplies a patch soon.

  • Mac mini crashes when switching users without a display

    Hello, i have this Problem on my Mac mini 5.3 with 10.6.8. I connect to the mac over vnc and when i want to switch the user the mac freeze. I got the Problem only when the Mac Mini hasnt got a display pluged in. When a Display is plugged in i can switch users over vnc. Can somebody help me??
    Best regards

    Our 1 year old mini also crashed trying to watch a tv show from the internet - after about 5 minutes of the show it started automatically rebooting over and over again (10 + times). Now I can't get it to start up at all. We use this with our HDTV as an entertainment machine

  • Mac Mini crashes when watching a video online

    I have a Mac Mini Model (2,1) with Mac OS X (10.6.2).
    I use my mac mini as an HTPC. I use a DVI to HDMI converter to connect to a 1080p projector. I use WIRED connection to connect to internet. The sound output is connected to my receiver.
    Problem Description:
    Recently, I have been experiencing system freeze and unexpected reboots while watching videos online. So I decided to do a fresh install of Snow Leopard. For about 5 days, the system worked fine and I was able to watch videos through YouTube, NBC, FOX etc.. The system started crashing again and the following is what i see in the CONSOLE.log file
    * launchd[1] has started up *
    ([100]) Exited with ext code: 1
    Can someone help...

    Our 1 year old mini also crashed trying to watch a tv show from the internet - after about 5 minutes of the show it started automatically rebooting over and over again (10 + times). Now I can't get it to start up at all. We use this with our HDTV as an entertainment machine

  • Mac Mini crashes when airport is turned on

    I have a mack mini from 2008 running leopard 10.5.7.  It just crashed/hung the other day for no reason so i wipped the HD and reinstalled leopard after a long process of illimination.  I had it working in safe mode prior to reinstall with no problems so i assumed this was a software problem. So after the reinstall everything works fine except for one thing.  When i turn on airport it does exactly the same thing...just crashes and hangs.  I have run out of ideas as to how to correct he issue.  It's airport for sure and I have no idea why it's happening.  Any ideas would be most welcome.

    Thank you for the reply...I had already done the hardware test....but since posting if discovered this in an article and it works. what this is....the airport tcpip settings(IPv6) needs to be switched's as simple as that...
    System preferences, Network, Airport, TCP/IP, Configure IPv6, SET IT TO OFF...and all good...
    many thanks

  • Unibody Mac Mini Crashes

    My Unibody Mac Mini Crashes when I switch my 1080P Samsung's input sources and when I switch back to the HDMI input source that the Unibody mac mini is on the Mini crashes and I have to hold down the power button to restart it.
    I don't know why this is happening.

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing this as well. Please see this post for more info:

  • Hello, mac mini will not boot. I get a file symbol with a question mark, then a white screen, Hello, mac mini will not boot. I get a file symbol with a question mark, then a white screen

    Hello, My mac mini will not boot. When I turn it on, I get the chime, then the white screen, then the apple symbol, then a file symbol with a question mark, then the white screen and then it stays like that.
    Is this a bad hard drive?

    Sounds like it.  Try booting from your OSX restore DVDs - startup and hold down "C".  This will take AGES! Then run Disk Utility from the menu. 
    The flashing ? means your system is corrupt, dead, not there, on a dying HD, etc...

  • Mac mini doesn't boot

    My 2009 Mac mini doesn't boot anymore : all I get is a blank screen, I can't even chose to boot on the restoration drive.
    From your experience, what do you think it could be linked with ? motherboard ? RAM ? It doesn't looke like a hard drive issue.

    Hello! I'm having, what sounds like, the same issue.  Everything was working fine, until I ran a combined update, as prompted, for 10.8.2.  After the normal reboot, the computer boots to a plain, white screen with no Apple.  The computer is not responding to any keyboard command at startup, be it any of the reset commands, 'C' to boot to the optical drive, or option to select the startup destination.  When pressing the Caps/Num lock keys, I notice that none of the LED lights will turn on on the keyboard.  The piggybacked optical mouse is not showing it's red light from the bottom either.  These tested fine on my MacBook Pro, however, and have always worked with the Mac Mini.  Connecting and reconnecting the devices does not help.  I know how to run all of the hard disk repairs, the permission fixes, etc., but it appears as though something is stopping my USB devices from being utilized (or even powered) at startup.  I work in IT, and I support Apple computers every day (point being, I do know my stuff).
    I opened the case and disconnected the hard drive from the logic board, thinking a potential hard disk issue is to blame.  Upon restart, I still get the BONG (chime), but the machine will still not respond to any keyboard commands.  Plugging in a USB stick that was created as a Mountain Lion boot device in Disk Utility with the InstallESD.dmg doesn't yield any results (as I am unable to 'tell' the computer to boot from it).  The system disc that was packaged with the Mini is in the optical drive, but the Mini won't boot to that either.  I'm at a complete loss.  This is a 2010 model which was purchased new in December in that year.  I'm using HDMI directly to an HDTV.  The cable is working, the TV is working, the optical drive works in another machine, and the hard disc makes the necessary sounds (but not anything out of the ordinary).
    To reiterate, this happened IMMEDIATELY after installing the combined 10.8.2 update.  I am seeing a lot of posts about this issue, but no actual solutions.  The dialogue seems to die somewhere after, "Reset the PRAM."

  • Mac mini doesn't booting

    I got a problem with my late 2012 mac mini ( intel core i5 processor, 500GB HDD). I was playing "Call of Duty" when it stopped working(freezed). I tried to press any button on the keyboard but nothing happened. Then I shutted it down by pressing power button. But when I press the power button once again, my mac mini failed to boot. The indicator light is on but there isn't boot sound and the screen is blank either. I tried to restart several times but its still didnt boot. Anyone here can help me? thanks.

    Troubleshooting: My computer won't turn on

  • Mac Mini won't boot after failed XP installation

    Recently upgrade HD to 320GB 7200 rpm and 3GB ram. Running 10.5.8 fine.
    I tried to install Windows XP through Boot Camp, but wasn't successful, I terminated the installation. Then Mac Mini won't boot up. When powered on, you heard the chime, then grey screen showed and stayed. Tried starting with "C" (boot from CD), "OPT" (boot option), "T" (target), and reset PRAM. None of them worked.
    What should I try next?
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    If you install XP on Bootcamp, your startup disc will be changed to XP Windows partitioned you did. To restore your startup disc back to Mac OS, make sure your Mac is turned off. 1. Plug the power back and press the power button ON. When you hear the power On sound, press and hold the ALT key on your keyboard until you see the hardrives. 2. Select the HD that says MAc OS, then your mac will boot back to Mac OS.
    Let me know if you have more problems, maybe I can help.

  • Why Does My Mac Mini Crash So Much?

    I have a Quicksilver PowerMac and a Mac Mini, and they both have (substantially) the same software configuration - the latest Apple software. The Quicksilver is solid as a rock. It never crashes.
    The Mac Mini crashes frequently - I'd say an average of twice a day. Many different applications are in the foreground when it happens, but it is usually Safari. I suspect it might have to do with the memory that I substituted. I put in a 1 GB memory module - Kensington from Fry's. Memory tests say it is fine.
    How can I track this down? Does Apple help?

    First off, I would like to thank you all for attempting to help me out.
    Next, I'd like to correct my original message. The memory is "Kingston", not "Kensington". (I was working from memory, and that doesn't always work so well.)
    I think I'm going to go with the suggestion to swap the memory out and observe what happens. I was hoping that someone would come up with a method of finding a "smoking gun" - something that would positively identify the memory as the culprit or eliminate it as the problem. I guess it doesn't work that way. Last night (all night long), I ran REMBER, a GUI "wrapper" for the "memtest" command line program, and it found nothing. I suspect I can run it for a weekend and get the same level of information.
    I hope Andy's right about his "no quibble" comment. I called Kingston, and when I told them that I had the 1 GB PC3200 DDR, he informed me that the Mini was spec'ed for the PC2700 memory. It's my understanding that both of these are supposed to work (the 3200 slows down to 2700), but I can see the beginnings of quibbling.

  • Mac Mini Won't Boot or Internet Restore - Hard Drive Boots on Macbook

    Late 2012 Mac Mini. I cloned my 10.10.2 installation of Yosemite over from my Macbook pro 6,2 to a 1TB Samsung 840 SSD. It booted with no issues besides the keychain being lost and all passwords having to be re-entered.
    After a week of going perfectly, it stops recognizing the USB keyboard after I unplugged it and plugged it back in. So I rebooted and get the dreaded stop sign after the boot failed. Oops. I enabled trim before I cloned, but forgot to check if it was working in the cloned drive (seems it was in the end). Since there was no recovery partition, I booted into Internet Recovery, but that hung using both WPA and WPA2 router logins. It obviously was syncing with router, but I got error -2002f in every configuration I tried. It also didn't seem to recognize an ethernet connection. Weird stuff.
    I remembered I had an issue with a previous Mac Mini of the same model and the permissions after a clone. I repaired permissions and that was that. This is different because it wouldn't boot into Safe Mode. Resetting the PRAM did bring back an audible chime at least.
    I pulled the SSD out of the Mac Mini and alt booted in from my Macbook 6,2. No issues (except the keychain thing again( and it loaded quickly. Nothing seemed to be wrong.
    Then I put it back in the Mac Mini and tested it with known working RAM. Still the same thing. So now I am going to sleep on it and try to figure it out. It is unlikely to be a hardware failure as the Mac Mini was made in May 2014 and I bought factory refurbished.  It seems to be an issue relating to the SSD as it boots other drives.
    Any ideas?

    Fix The Bugs Please wrote:
    It is unlikely to be a hardware failure as the Mac Mini was made in May 2014 and I bought factory refurbished.  It seems to be an issue relating to the SSD as it boots other drives.
    Any ideas?
    Is this SSD an additional drive added to your Mac Mini or did you replace the HDD with it? If it's an additional drive and since it's a Samsung, depending where you purchased your drive doubler kit (iFixit or OWC) you can try swapping the drives in the bays. I know for a fact that Samsung SSDs do not work right with the iFixit drive doubler kit's SATA cable. But it does work correctly with the Apple supplied SATA cable. If it's the OWC SATA cable, I know for a fact those are much more reliable with Samsung, OWC, Intel, Crucial SSDs. Another thing, I would NOT enable TRIM (my opinion) using a 3rd party trim enabler if you're running Yosemite. There are issues with trim enablers and Yosemite. Just let the built-in Garbage Collection take care of things.
    If it's not an additional drive that was added, does your Mac Mini boot and work fine with the stock drive that it came with? Even though it's a 2012 model, if you purchased it refurbished from Apple in May 2014, you're still under warranty (same 1yr as new Macs) and if it's having same or similar issues working with the stock drive, you can take it to a local Apple Store for warranty repair. You would need to have only the stock drive installed (no SSD) before you setup an appointment.

Maybe you are looking for

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