Mac Pro 2008 error on boot

My Mac Pro 2008 has become very unstable. It reboots on shut down, briefly wakes from sleep repeatedly and has resently been displaying the error below on boot.
I've done a fresh install + removed everything thats not essential. Tried a PRAM and SMC reset.
Any help would be much appriciated!

Sorry! Worlds slowest reply.
You were spot on and removing it worked a treat.
I've been having a lot of problems with permissions changing so no apparent reason. Have you heard of anything like that happening on fresh(ish) installs of Mavericks?
Things like ACL appearing on everything in my Applications folder!?

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  • Mac Pro 2008 won't boot from install disc - black screen

    I recently purchased a new hard drive to replace the original that came with my Mac Pro 2008.  I was able to format the new drive using Disk Utility. I am now at the point where I need to install OS X onto the new drive, but the computer refuses to boot from the disc. The disc is recognized by the computer (I can access the disc and am able to use the BootCamp applications, etc.) but I just get a black screen when trying to boot directly from the disc. The computer boots fine otherwise.
    I have tried the following:
    I have tried using both the gray install disc that came with the computer and the Snow Leopard Install DVD disc.
    I have tried booting using the "C" key and the "option" key but still receive a black screen following the chime (I've held these down for several minutes).
    I have tried restarting from either install disc using the Bootcamp Assistant.
    I have tried running the installation software to get it to restart from the disc.
    I have tried a combination of the drives, i.e. trying to boot from the discs with just the new drive installed, just the original drive installed, and with both in bay1 and 2.
    Everything results in the computer starting up, hearing the chime, and then nothing..just black screen. I have the original drive partitioned with BootCamp with OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 7 installed (I don't know that that matters).
    I am at a loss as to what to try next. It doesn't seem like the superdrive because it is recognizing the disc, it just won't boot from it.
    Any help is appreciated, thank you.

    Clone should be a must  and easy to do and learn (learn by doing! 2)
    6800 would 'qualify' as 5x70 series flashed etc and same rule: 10.6.5
    In the past there was 10.4.6, 10.5.6, but not 10.6.6 - even though strong need for such a DVD.
    10.6.8 DVD would  be excellent
    Lion or ML - buy, download, make an installer flash card would be what I would do at this point.
    Then keep both - dual boot as you learn and test and see what ML does and waht you had that required Rosetta to support PowerPC. See about that.
    With Carbon Coyp Cloner - was share, now commercial, great utility been around since 10.2.2 at least - this time 2003. 10 yrs.
    You can clone the system folders, you can even selectively choose. You can skip copy of most of your home account and do that separately to another drive if  you want.
    Clone Windows with Paragon or WinClone and use Windows 7 or 8 DVD to do a system repair (automatic) or to edit the BCD file. It can and should - and all you do is boot Windows 7 DVD w/ only the one drive present and go at it. Piece of cake. But yes, Windows gets fussy if you change or remove or move. BCD to the rescue. A proper program for cloning like Paragon's "Clone OS" meant for going from disk drives to SSDs, knows that and how to do it.
    Back to how to clone etc:
    Disk utility has RESTORE which will also clone your system but not the Lion Recovery partition. Oddly  Apple did not 'endorse' making bootable clone of the system which works too but most choose Carbon Copy Cloner - it works more consistently; it allows for smart update of the backup volume. Both can backup to a sparse disk image if desired.
    Using Cloning as a Backup Strategy
    OS X Lion Install to Different Drive
    How to create an OS X Lion installation disc MacFixIt
    Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
    Create an OS X Lion Install disc tallation-disc
    How to clone your system: ckup.html
    The DVD is dependent on your hardware. And your hardware changed. The drivers for the 5780 and 6xxx are bundled in the OS and lacking. Minimum build thing.
    Put the new drive anywhere you want. Does not matter. Can move it later. Can be drive bay 0-3 or a Firewire external or under the DVD drive.
    When you clone pull the old drive and boot from the newly cloned.
    After that keep a backup clone around all the time. Takes less than 10 minutes to do a smart update to copy just the changes to keep it current. So you have working copy of the system. I keep Clone "A" that I keep "as was" the system as of last month or whatever (like 10.7.4 before upgrade to 7.5).
    Comes easier after doing it once and have all your ducks in a row.

  • Mac Pro 2008 won't boot past spinning wheel

    I have a Mac Pro from late 2008 which turns on, makes the startup sound, and remains on the spinning wheel for about 30 seconds before the wheel freezes. I have Windows 8 installed on another internal drive and I can't boot past their version of the spinning wheel, either. I've tried booting off of the install disc (Snow Leopard, which is what the machine is running) and off of a USB stick with a Snow Leopard .dmg on it, neither of which have worked.
    I've done all the steps to fix a drive error, so I don't think it's that. I've read that it could be a graphics card error; has anyone else experienced trouble with theirs? Mine was a GeForce 7300, if I remember correctly. Thanks in advance.

    It certainly sounds like a graphics card problem.
    User Tip: Mac Pro silver tower (2006-2012) Replacement Graphics cards

  • I have an early 2008 Mac Pro, which has re-booting problems. Also what does the spinning beach-ball indicate?

    Hi, I have an early 2008 Mac Pro which has re-booting problems.
    Processor speed is: 2.8
    Memory: 2GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
    2 x 28GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon
    I am running OSX Yosemite Version 10.10
    My Mac Pro keeps re-booting. Last year I had to replace my graphics card. My original card was the ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 255MB, and that is what I have now. At this precise moment my Mac Pro is running perfectly, except that it is slow and the spinning beach-ball keeps appearing. I have managed to do some work with the disk utilities, verifying, cleaning and partitioning. Some errors were found and when it was cleaned this seemed to help my Mac Pro to function properly. Although I am able to use my Mac Pro now, from day to day I still experience re-boot problems. Also quite unexpectedly my mac dictionary has an error, it closed itself down and will not open at all, I had the message to say that a report will be sent to Apple.
    I have tried starting my computer with an external hard drive fitted via a USB cable, I use for back-ups. This worked and I was able to wipe my hard drive clear and replace all info from the back up I had done only a few days ago.
    This worked for a few days and then the same problem started again.
    I am beginning to wonder if I need to buy a new hard drive.
    If there is anyone who has some answers to help me solve my problem, I would be most grateful.

    When you have the beachball activity, note the exact time: hour, minute, second.  
    These instructions must be carried out as an administrator. If you have only one user account, you are the administrator.
    Launch the Console application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.
    The title of the Console window should be All Messages. If it isn't, select
              SYSTEM LOG QUERIES ▹ All Messages
    from the log list on the left. If you don't see that list, select
              View ▹ Show Log List
    from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
    Each message in the log begins with the date and time when it was entered. Scroll back to the time you noted above.
    Select the messages entered from then until the end of the episode, or until they start to repeat, whichever comes first.
    Copy the messages to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command-V.
    The log contains a vast amount of information, almost all of it useless for solving any particular problem. When posting a log extract, be selective. A few dozen lines are almost always more than enough.
    Please don't indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into this discussion.
    Please don't post screenshots of log messages—post the text.
    Some private information, such as your name, may appear in the log. Anonymize before posting.

  • Mac Pro 2008 Memory Overheating and Boot Problems!

    I have a mac pro early 2008 8core 2.8ghz with 20gb ram and I have 2 very frustrating problems
    1. The Mac Pro has trouble booting, every time I power on the mac pro it makes the boot noise then shuts down, I have to press the ON button at least 5 or 6 times for it to regularly boot, I have replaced the hard drive to an SSD recently to fix the problem but it stills persists. I don't know if its the riser card, the GPU or the logic board thats faulty but its driving me crazy!
    2. My Memory is overheating! again I don't know whether its my memory or the riser cards, I recently purchased an extra 16gb of ram, so I'm super confused, is this mac pro dying, because i really don't want it too! please help me out!!

    I have not received an answer to the question and the meaning of said specs remains unclear to me. Nevertheless, I installed the memory and have been running it without problems for about a month now.

  • Cannot install Vista Ultimate 64bits on Mac Pro 2008

    I'm trying to install Vista Ultimate 64bits on my new Mac Pro (2008, 2x Quad Core, 3x 500GBHDD, 16 GB Ram), but Vista is unable to find a correct partition type.
    The first thing I did was to install a 4th HD, and I constantly received an error 0x80004005 which seems to be too generic.
    Then I tried to install it on the 3rd HD (Bay 2 is where my OS X startup disk is located btw) but here no way neither....Windows cannot find a valid partition.....
    I tried to partition it manually in MBR...same problem....
    Then with BootCamp assistant...same problem...
    I also tried to use Vista Business 64 SP1, same problem...
    Do you have any idea ?

    Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately I'm still stuck...
    To resume the situation :
    I put a brand new 250GB SATA in the bay 4.
    I start Bootcamp Assistant and tell him that I want to use this new disk for Windows and then start Vista x64 install.
    Vista sees 2 partitions on this new disk :
    Disk 3 Partition 1 : 200 MB (Primary)
    Disk 3 Partition 2 : 230 GB (Primary)
    If I try to use the P2 for the install, I have to format it first. Once formatted, Vista says : This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.
    If I try to use the 200 MB (just for fun..), then I also have to format it, but here I receive the error message 0x8000xxxx
    So clearly I'm lost...
    Could it be related to the 16 GB RAM ? Too much for Vista ?? I don't believe as this is Vista x64...
    Thanks for your help, ideas..

  • My Mac pro 2008, not running after the Apple logo, i rebooting and i rebooting

    My Mac Pro 2008 no boot afther the Logo Apple, reboot, reboot and reboot only, and in XP, the graphic is pertubed with bad graphics ... the mémory it's good, and i thinks my card graphic is out. SRY for my english, it's not my language. Help my please, my apple care is finished 10/2011, and i will repared itself. Many thanks. Alain Muno

    Not saying this IS your problem, but … I just went through avery similar problem with Mac Pro3,1. Here is my story.
    On boot of any Mac OP system drive, internal or externalHDD, (Lion or Snow Leopard), original Mac Pro install CD, Snow Leopard CD,nothing.  (Would only go to gray screen,apple logo, spinning gear that would stop spinning after about a minute.)  But, it would boot on XP drive.  However, in XP, on Windows black startupscreen, had alternating columns of two different patters of blue dots and XPgraphics were not as they should be (larger icons on desk top, slow response,different size of desk top (maybe 600x400 when it should have been1024x768).  Supplied hardware test showedno failures.  Took it to shop.  Their better diagnostics showed nofailures.  All peripherals (my drives, myCDs, etc, disconnected.  (NOTE: they didnot try a new video card since they did not have one.)  Still would not start even using their drives(external or internal).  Shop tried a newlogic board.  That did not work and theyput the original one back in.  Shop saidall they could come up with was new processors. This was not a cost effective option and they had none to try.
    After thinking about it more, I figured it could be thevideo card: the original 8800 GT that came with the Mac: that it was so bad itwould not start in Mac OS but would limp along in XP.  I was all set to buy another vid card one-bay just to try.  While doing thatresearch, came across several articles on the Internet that discussed vid cardfailure due to micro-cracks in some solder joints.  These develop due to age/heat cycles.  The proposed fix was to ‘reflow’ the solder.  Figured it was worth a try before spendingthe money on a new vid card.  Found thesedetailed instructions on youtube.  I followed the procedure, put the vid cardback in, and now it works just fine.
    I did not and would not do this until I had ruled outeverything else.  But, it has worked forothers and it did work for me.

  • Mac Pro 2008 - upgrade to 2010 model or not?

    I have a Mac Pro 2008 2.8 gHz with 12GB RAM. I'm not running Premiere Pro CS5 which is great and seems to love RAM and processor speed. I also recently got a CUDA card to take advantage of it's GPU acceleration.
    My question is: Should I get a new Mac Pro 2010, 6, 8, 12 core or just upgrade my RAM to say, 24GB and perhaps get some SSDs (maybe even in a RAID 0) as my boot drive.
    The RAM upgrade will be in the $650 range, SSDs could be at least that. I'll need RAM anyway for a new model as my old RAM isn't compatible.
    Getting a new model could set me back $5000 (or more) when it's all loaded.
    I'm also a little disappointed in the 2010 Mac Pros, for example my 2008 Mac pro was a no-brainer, but now I'm ambivalent about this upgrade to 2010, thinking there may be new models out this year that fill in all the holes. I kind of feel like the 2010 Mac Pro upgrade was a little like the Final Cut Pro 7 upgrade, it was a stop gap because Apple needed to do something. I could be wrong about this though.
    I know this is kind of a difficult question to answer, but if you have any opinions, please feel free to lend any advice.

    PCIe 3.0
    Intel SATA3 6G
    Socket LGA1356
    Socket LGA2011
    3G SSD (by the time 4th Gen SSDs are out, one unit would make out our current SATA channel bandwidth)
    Mid-range Xeon roadmap:
    Socket LGA1356, a direct replacement for the current Socket LGA1366. The parts here are 6-core and 8-core Sandy Bridge single-socket and dual-socket capable but mid-range positioned Sandy Bridge Xeon - and, ultimately, Core i7 - parts with up to 20MB of L3 cache, three DDR3-1600 memory channels just like the existing LGA1366 Westmeres with one memory speed grade higher, and 24 PCIe v3 lanes on-chip.
    The single external QPI v2 link runs at up to 8 gigatransfers/sec, or 32GB/sec bidirectional bandwidth, a 25 per cent speed up over the current generation, but also feeding a third more cores on each socket. socket-trinity
    Intel is set to replace its current high-end socket, LGA1366, when it releases its new 8-cores processors in the Late 2011. This socket is expected to be released alongside Sandy Bridge-EX in Q3 2011, and will support 4 memory channels as well as 40× PCIe 3.0 lanes.

  • Hi, i have a A1186 Mac Pro 2008 Tower. Im running windows 7 64Bit on it. Im not sure about what version of bootcamp should i use to get the drivers. Someone please help me.

    Hi, i have a A1186 Mac Pro 2008 Tower. Im running windows 7 64Bit on it. Im not sure about what version of bootcamp should i use to get the drivers. Someone please help me.

    Boot Camp support:
    Boot Camp FAQ:

  • Mac Pro 2008 or iMac 27 i7 ? Which to choose?

    I am looking to upgrade to a faster Mac from my current Macbook Pro and decided either on an iMac 27 inch i7 2.8 GHz 8 Gigs RAM 4870 Video card or buy a used Mac Pro 2008 with 2 x 2.8GHz 4 Core (8 core total) with 10 Gigs RAM and an 8800GT video card.
    Both come to almost the same price. Problem is I don't know which to get. The system will be used mainly for software development, running windows 7 and linux as Virtual Machine, some light gaming, and music (sampling, etc)
    I love the iMac's LED screen and the i7 certainly is fast but love the Mac Pro's expandability in terms of hard drives and memory and I would use it on my 30 inch LCD. That said, would I ever go past the Mac Pro's configuration of 2 TB's of drives (maybe) and more than 10 Gigs RAM (don't know)? You're stuck with the iMac in terms of hard drives forced to add slow external cases.
    The Mac Pro is over 2 years old at this point but I know the Mac Pro is a work horse and the iMac has had issues.
    Anyone have an opinion on this? Might it be worth saving some more cash (although would take another 6 months) and getting a 2009 Mac Pro?
    Let me know...

    Asked a lot and the new iMac makes it look better, but not for triple boot unless you stict to VMs most of the time. The freedom of having alternate OSs on their own drives and such.
    AppleInsider gave the high end iMac makes sense if you go that route, and if you would need a monitor as well?
    Barefeats has posted a number of tests of the iMacs
    Even the 2009 $2149 4-core is no slouch and easier to find and work with.
    At that price, you are close to the 2010. So wait another 36 hrs.
    Apple Specials change during the day, they disappear quickly.

  • Mac Pro 2008 - original memory

    My originl memory finally bit the dust on my mac pro 2008. I pulled them and replaced with my other third party ram and back up and running.
    does anyone know if Apple has a lifetime warranty on their ram? I heard they did? Will they replace the bad ones??
    Im running Maverick 10.9.2, that i just downloaded yesterday; not sure how or if it would knock out ram or not.
    I partitioned my hd into 2 segments and am running snow leopard on the other hd2. i booted into it and it also show to be bad ram.

    Goede bron in Europa / EU - Nederland:
    Apple/Mac specialists: - [email protected]
    Mac4us RAM-geheugen zijn echt goedkoper dan in de VS.
    SAMSUNG - HYNIX - MICRON / ELPIDA Factory originele RAM-geheugen, Grade-A.
    RAM geheugen voor Apple Mac Pro3, 1 2008 FBDIMM ECC met HYNIX chips en originele Apple heatsinks met 10 jaar garantie.

  • Intel 320 160gb SSD any issues with mac pro 2008?

    Hi there.
    I have a mac pro 2008.  and Install Intel 320 160gb ssd. and boot...
    It's shows black screen...
    is any one has that issue? I tested that SSD with my old quad mac pro 2007, it works fine...
    Please help me....

    The 2600XT required 10.5.2+ and while it may 'look' like a G5 the Mac Pro is not. G5 refers to IBM PowerPC based, not Intel Xeon EFI based.
    You're running 10.6.3, might want to update your profile itself.

  • Mac Pro 2008 startup failure

    I've replaced failed logic board in my Mac Pro 2008, but it's still not working.
    When I press power button, all fans spins, GPU fan spins, but there is no chime and display.
    DIAG LED shows only yellow STBY and green PWRG.
    Please help !

    They age, stress, heat fatigue.
    You just need to use RMA and warranty once you know which pairs.
    And you should be seeing errors or wrong amount or something in Memory tab in System Profile.
    Apple Hardware Test will spot parity error DIMMs and some hardware issues with RAM or Risers
    Rember can try to look for errors but harder with ECC.
    Don't. You can end up with corrujpt files, corrupt system, corrupt directory.
    All of which takes more time to find and correct.
    And you may need to do a clean install and go from there.
    FBDIMMs should have lifetime warranty and buy from a reputable Mac source (Crucial, OWC, Kingston etc) that says "Mac Pro certified"

  • Mac Pro 2008 Won't Start Up without Option Key

    I cannot start up my Mac Pro 2008 without holding down the Option key.
    My Snow Leopard internal hard drive failed, so I replaced my failed internal drive with a brand new one and put the cloned backup onto it.  I also have other internal drives and partitions with systems 10.5.6, 10.7.5, and 10.8.4.  I briefly added a Mavericks partition, but removed it.
    I THINK the problems started after the HD failure, but I'm not sure.  I added no peripherals recently, although I did add 4 gigs of RAM which were faulty and I had to replace them.  But they test fine with a memory test.
    If I Restart, the Mac comes up with a grey screen and won't boot into any system.
    If I Shut down, then Start up, I get the gray screen.
    In System Preferences, I can see every single possible Startup Drive, but no matter which one I select, the same gray screen happens on boot up.
    However, if I hold down the Option key (from startup or restart), then I can choose any startup volume and it starts just fine.
    I've run Disk Utility many times for Repair Disk and Repair Disk Permissions on every volume.  I've run Disk Warrior.  I've zapped the SMC/PRAM, etc.  I've tried starting up from external firewire drives and USB drives.  No matter which drive I select in StartUp Disk Preferences, it's the same grey screen.
    I've tried starting up with ZERO peripherals attached except for USB keyboard and mouse.
    I've taken out all startup and login items.
    I'm don't know what else to try.  I don't mind using the Option key every time, but I'm worried it's a sign of impending problems.

    Barry, thanks for your reply. Yes, that's what I mean when I wrote:
    "In System Preferences, I can see every single possible Startup Drive, but no matter which one I select, the same gray screen happens on boot up."
    I selected a default startup volume in sys preferences, closed it, and restarted.  I tried every volume possible in turn.
    But thanks for doublechecking

  • Compatible HD for Early Mac Pro 2008

    Hello All,
    I have two failing drives in my early Mac Pro 2008 and its time to find some replacements. The drives I need to replace are 1TB in size but I was looking to get something larger being 1.5TB. I read on a site that this version of Mac Pro supports a maximum of 4TB accross all the four bays which would essentially mean a maximum of 1TB for each Bay. Here is the link to the site: ives-what-type-supported.html
    Question I have, is whether its safe to add two 1.5TB drives (I also have a 640GB for the boot and 500GB additional data drive) or should I stick with 1TB drives? Also, is there any advantage in going beyond the 3Gb/s Serial ATA spec as I would suspect the faster drives would not be utilized to their capacity given the older data path in this machine.
    Any help/advice would be appreciated and thanks in advance!

    You can put any make and any size 3.5" drive in all the bays in any combination.  Also SATA 3's will work but of course at not their full maximum speed as you mentioned so SATA 2's are OK.
    As an example, if you got 4 3TB's you could stuff them in there for a max of 12TB.  Bit of overkill unless you really need all that space!
    Personally I like Western Digital 1TB and 2TB blacks.
    You might also want to consider using an SSD as your boot drive.
    Update: I took a look at that site you linked.  That 4TB limit is the max any one drive bay can support, not the total capacity across all 4 bays.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Costumizing a mbp for gaming/video

    Hi could someone tell me what would be the best costumization for gaming and video editing/playback for the macbook pro? And would a regular macbook be just as good in proformance? I am trying to spend as little money as possible while getting good p

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    I just purchased a TrackPoint keyboard (55Y9053) and Ten Key (41A5090). When I plug the two into my computer the ten key number lock, locks the number pad on the TrackPoint keyboard. So when I go to type on my keyboard, letter keys I,o,p,j,k,l,n,m,,

  • How to remove/delete a "Subscribed Calendar" on iPhone

    I have a calendar I supscribed to, but wont delete.  I tap on the red circle, but theres no way to remove it.  Help! I Have a calendar on my iphone that I subscribed to.  It's under "other".  It wont delete!!!!  I tap on the circle... nothing....

  • UI components and plaf

    Hello I'm writing an extension to JList, and I can either do so by extending the BasicListUI class or by not touching the UI classes at all. My question is as follows: If I write my own UI class, will my application not be able to have just any LAF a

  • YouTube app - Authentication Error

    I've been researching for over an hour and a half, thinking I've found the answer, only for it to fail.  I'm a bit aggravated, and this is my first post here, so forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong area. Okay... deep breath.  Here it goes. I'