Mac Pro 3,1 with ATI Radeon 5770 + 30" Apple Cinema Display Problem

Ok guys/gals, 
First of all I apologize for the thread as there have been previous posts in the past referrencing various different questions and setups, but I have a problem..  It's a little bit of a noob question so sorry in advance BUT..
What is the correct way to set up the 30 inch with the 5770?  I have an old 3,1 (early 2008) that I've upgraded with various hard disks, SSD and 12 gig RAM.  I removed the stock Nvidia Card and replaced it with this one but I am having problems that cause the Mac to slow down and the display to go all "fuzzy" or have streaking greenish lines (which you can only see against a black backdrop).
Currently, i have it going into the DVI port with the USB and FW extensions just lying around.. I've read something about needing to source more power from the motherboard to power the display, but I am not sure what to do... It's hit or miss really... every time i want to play say Starcraft 2, i need to restart my Mac Pro else it gets extremely sluggish (graphics)...
Is my Mac dying?  or am i not powering the 30 inch correctly?  If not, then I am confused between display ports and dual power (active) mini display ports.. can someone please point me in the right direction?
Apols for the long note, but am pretty good with computers but this is just annoying the sh*t out of me and has been for a while...

@ Hatter
Yup prior card was 8800gt and new card is nice and snug.  10.8 was not clean install, was upgrade.  Ill try safeboot although not sure how/why that will fix any long term issues i have (which are random).. Trying 10.7 i had the same issues and was hoping that 10.8 wld fix.. Why go back to 10.6.8 when it should work in todays day and age? :(
@ Grant
Have done that now although not sure why something like this is not in the owners manual?!
Thanks for the help/suggestions so far guys, much apprec.. Feels like my pro is dying on me slowly but surely...
Any other bright ideas?

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  • ATI Radeon 9250 / 23" Apple Cinema Display compatibility

    I'm having trouble getting my video card to display properly on my 23" Apple cinema display.
    My PC currently has a Diamond Multimedia ATI Radeon 9250 256MB/PCI card in it. The video card has DVI/SVGA/and TV-Out ports.
    I'm able to display "ok" when I connect the Apple display to my machine via the DVI port. However, when I try to do something intensive - like watch a DVD, a lot of vertical interference bars appear across the screen. When I close the DVD, the vertical interference bars go away.
    However, I'm able to watch a DVD just fine on an SVGA monitor attached to the graphics card with no interference patterns.
    The video card is supposed to support DDC technology. I have the most recent drivers for the video card. I've also made sure to disable to the existing integrated Intel GMA 900 video card on the PC. The bios screen does show up on the Apple display.
    Any suggestions of things to try before throwing in the towel and saying that this video card really isn't compatible with the 23" Apple cinema display?
    If not, any suggestions of inexpensive ones that are?
    eMachines T5010   Windows XP  

    This is not an uncommon problem. It's often called dancing pixels or noise/static, so you can search the topic for more info.
    Some ATI video cards, with the latest ATI drivers installed, have the option to reduce DVI frequency or use alternate DVI operational mode. Check and see if your video card supports those options, and play around with them if so. Also, you can try using some third-party programs to create a new resolution profile with a refresh rate of 58 or 59Hz instead of the standard 60Hz.
    If that doesn't work, I don't know what PCI card to recommend. They're all AGP or PCI Express now.

  • Alittle help with dual-setup with ati radeon 5770

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to setup a dual display with 2 flat panel monitors.
    1. A WestingHouse Digital Electronics "17"
    2. A Goldstar Company Ltd "23" (Main Display)
    Im currently running the gnome desktop, what im trying to setup, is have both the gnome desktop show up on both monitors. For example if I wanted to move something from my main monitor to the smaller one to the left of me, I want to NOT be able to do that, and only have the mouse be able to move accross the 2. 2 Seperate desktops one 2 seperate screens. Im not quite sure what its called, Im thinking maybe its a clone Desktop? Anways, The graphics card Im using is an
    Ati Radeon 5770, has 2 vga ports. I currently have the "video-ati" driver installed and works well with my main screen, but im unable to get my secondary screen (to the left of me) working. I tried going into System>>Preferences>>Monitors, and tried tinkering with the display, and tried enabling the 2 monitors and moving them from left to right, to see if that would possibly let it show up or start to function, but only the main screen works. I generated a new xorg.conf, since I didnt have one prior to installing Arch, I was following these to guides
    both are very nice, but Im still not quite understanding yet. Defiantly am trying. I edited my xorg.conf a few times, but got the same results each time, just the screen going blank and X crashing.  I have here a copy of my xorg.conf, Xorg.conf.log, and xrandr output
    Xorg-logs  (Im thinking the Vsync and Hsync have something that might help)
    Thank you guys!

    An xorg.conf may not be necessary, but I still find it nice to have the control that the file provides.
    In looking over yours, I see several things that could be causing your problems.
    First off,  I notice that you have Screen0  that is using Card0 and Monitor0.  This part looks ok. 
    When I look at Screen1, I notice that you are using  ATI Graphics Adapter1 and Monitor1.   I don't see entries for either of those, although you have an ATI Graphics Atapter2, but there is no entry for your second monitor.
    I also notice that you are trying to use both radeon and fglrx as drivers.  As far as I know (and I don't have an ATI video card at the moment), you can use one driver or the other, but not both.
    After you have these things fixed, then you can put in the Screen section in your server layout to describe the positioning of your second monitor.
    All in all, the issues that you have to fix are minor,  but frusterating if you are too close to the situation. 
    Good luck.

  • ATI Radeon X800 XT, 30" Cinema Display, Leopard - combination fixed?

    Although I read about problems with this combination and the 30" Cinema Display - I went ahead and upgraded to Leopard. I did see some "pink flashes", until after updating to 10.5.4. Now everything seems fine and I don't see ANY problems. I did not install the ATI Displays software.

    "Dual-Link" DVI refers to the number of data pathways -- It has nothing to do with dual displays.
    A Dual-Link connector has two sets of the three main data signals, to keep the data clock speed down to a reasonable speed and still get all the data transmitted to paint a screen wider than 1920 wide. The entire pin grid array must be populated with pins.
    A Single-Link connector has one set of the three main data signals, and can service a display up to 1920 wide. It may have the center columns of the pin-grid de-populated to save money, or maybe not.

  • Help with cleaning off a 23" Apple Cinema display HD

    Ok guys, I work with LCD's for a living, but mine are a bit different than the Apple monitors (plus, this is my dime, not my companies..). So, I come home to find out our "house guest"'s kid was flinging gogurt all over the place. I look at my LCD's and sure enough, both have someone oily on them.
    I cleaned the dell with no issues, but my 23" Apple Cinema Display HD, has a couple of marks that won't come off (I used water and a micro fiber cloth to clean it). It's like two little oily spots about the size of the tip of a finger, and one little line in the bottom right corner.
    At work, normally we would use denatured alcohol to clean the LCD surface, but I'm quite familiar with the LCD's at work, and what is attached to the polarizer. My Apple display, I'm not so sure, so I don't want to use something on it that is going to damage the surface. Any recommendations? The areas that have the issue don't seem to have any display related problems.... They aren't finger clusters, and the polarizer doesn't look damaged.
    thanks! And yes, the house guest was informed what this monitor costs to replace.... and I threatened to chop off fingers (kidding).

    Apple say not to use alcohol or ammonia. Dilute some hand dishwashing liquid. Moisten a facial tissue with it, and rub gently. Then use several facial tissues moistened with just water to remove the detergent residue.

  • Conflicts with ATI Radeon 5770?

    I am using a Mac Pro 3.1, 2x2.8 quad core Xeon, with OSX 10.6.7.  I recently upgraded to a ATI Radeon HD 5770 in slot 1 and put my original ATI Radeon 2660XT in Slot 4 to run an older DVI monitor.  It ran ok for a while, but my computer starting crashing more and more often--the black screen scrolls down and it says the computer needs to be restarted.  I am using a NEC PA271W on the 5770 and a NEC 2180UX on the 2660.  Removing the 2180UX seems to have  helped.  My computer has crashed only once since then.
    The other odd bit is occassionaly the PA 271W doesn't pick up the signal from the 5770, and I have to restart.  This has happened since I first installed the card and monitor.  Different setting on the monitor don't seem to help.
    Anybody have similar problems and have any recommendations about how to fix the problem?  I need to run two monitors.  Do I have to buy a new DVI-D monitor that can be run through the mini connector on the 5770 to replace the 2180UX?
    Drew Harty

    If I read that article correctly, they don't mention using any combination of dvi and vga displays. The options they mention are:
    2 mini display port displays and 1 dvi display
    2 dvi displays
    3 dvi displays
    3 vga displays
    (this article doesn't mention 2 vga displays, or my combination of 1 dvi display and 1 vga display).
    Conspicuously, my combination of 1 dvi display, connected to the dvi port, and 1 vga display, connected to a mini display port with an apple mini display port- vga adaptor, occasionally gives me popcorn on my dvi display after waking from sleep, restarting, or starting up.
    I've never had a problem with the vga display, but there seems to be a problem with the dvi display and connection through the 5770 card on my mid 2010 4-core.

  • Problem between a Mac Pro / 01-2007 and ATI Radeon X1900XT

    My friend has bought a second hand ATI Radeon X1900XT with a fan Zalmann Fatality VC-ZV9 and has the following problems. She can switch on her computer without any problem and the card works fine (Photoshop, ...) As soon as she launches Secondlife client, the screen gets black few minutes after, and if she tries to switch off and on the screen, it says "No signal" anologic or digital. This card is reported to work very well with Secondlife. It can't be overheat, since it comes very quickly, and just after the crash, she can touch the card which is not hot. The fan works fine. How can I investigate to find out what goes wrong with this card ? Her computer is a Mac Pro bought in January 2007 with 3 Gb RAM and Leopard. The problems has occured before 10.5.3 version of Leopard was installed. I've made a test of the Video Memory with Techtool Deluxe and it didn't find any problem.
    Thank you

    I think I'm having a similar problem: running a Mac Pro/ATI Radeon X1900XT. Was having issues with general artifacts that seemed to come and go randomly. The machine got very hot one day when the AC was not on and the office was closed: random artifact "pixel dots" became lines on the screen, and then the entire screen just went black.
    I had to do a hard shut down, and it's happened several times since. When I pulled the ATI card out, there was considerable dust built up at the intake which I cleaned out. It hasn't blacked out again, but the artifacts remain on the screen.
    I suspect the card is about to die, but was trying to see if anyone else had this experience? Also, if anyone recommends replacing it with the same card, or if there is a better recommendation? I do general design and photo editing, no gaming and nothing very intense.
    Thanks for the help!!

  • Mac Pro 3.1 and ATI Radeon 3870 running Snow Leopard

    Anybody who can give me a straight answer here.
    I have a Mac Pro3.1 8 Core 2.8Ghz with Radeon 3870 card. (Standard 2600 HD)
    Right now it runs 10.5.8 with no problems but i want to update to 10.6.3 Snow.
    But someone told me the 3870 card isn't working with Snow Leopard.
    Is that right ?

    Someone? not working? I think they mean that some features won't be supported, like perhaps OpenCL.
    Use GT120 cheap and works or shell out for ATI 4870 (or wait and see if anything comes out this year).
    Most of what is written seems like it wasn't a tech writer, but then Apple doesn't get into telling customers what UEFI/EFI64 is the over-riding requirement.
    Take Apple hardware specs with grain of salt.
    The 4870 works in ALL Mac Pro models (and look at the threads, or the comments on the product page why not). No mystery there either.
    Even the GTX 285 works, if interested.
    And one person has both ATI 4870 + GTX 285, using a couple break out power cables and adapters.
    *2009 Mac Pro owner running GTX-285 and ATI 4870 Cards*
    (via Aux power Y adapters) And yes, he knows that apple lists 300W Max for the PCIe cards in the manual.
    I've got the dual high-power graphics cards running without a hitch. It's rendering with the GTX 285 and CUDA now while I use the computer with the Radeon 4870 (no GUI lag, which is a nice change from using the GTX 285)

  • Mac Pro Early (2008) and ATI Radeon X1900 XT

    Hey, I recently got the new Mac Pro (2008), and wanted to put my old ATI Radeon X1900 XT in my new machine, however when i put it in the extra wide x16 PCIe 2.0 slot, secured it and fired up my machine, the screen remained black and the fans went constantly on full speed, i swapped over the DVI to the other graphics card, ATI Radeon HD 2600 in slot 2. In system profiler it didn't recognise the X1900 XT.
    According to the apple site, a PCIe 1.1 card can be put in a 2.0 slot and vice versa, so im not quite sure why its not working!
    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated .

    It appears that you can run the 1900 xt in the new Mac Pro early 2008. Rob Morgan has benchmarked the results. Apparently it works well in gaming, however, it does not offer all that much over the stock 2600 xt for Motion performance. With Motion the 1900 XT was only a few seconds faster than 2600 XT. Good luck.
    Go to

  • Horizontal lines with Mac Pro 1,1 and ATI Radio X1900XT

    I love my Mac Pro, I've had it since 2007. But recently, I have been having a video problem and I hope somebody here might have some advice or suggestions.
    _The Problem_
    Large horizontal lines going across the screen - especially when it is displaying quickly moving images. These horizontal lines move upward, as if trying to refresh the image. Examples: playing a video, scrolling down a webpage, rearranging windows.
    _My computer setup_
    I have a Mac Pro 1,1 with ATI radeon x1900 graphics card. I am using two displays, and experience the following problem on both displays. My displays are set up as follows:
    *Display 1:* Acer H234H, uses male DVI to male DVI connection
    *Display 2:* Panasonic TC-37LZ85, male DVI to male HDMI cord > HDMI coupler (i.e. 2 both sides female) > male HDMI to male HDMI cable
    Both are using 1920x1080 screen resolution.
    I don't think this is an issue with either of the individual monitors for 2 reasons:
    (1) both of them do it
    (2) the Acer has a very fast response time (2 ms) yet it also has the problem.
    Suggestions, comments, ideas, and "hey me too"s are welcome and appreciated.

    Thank you for your answer; I followed your suggestions:
    The card is working fine in terms of spinning and is not dusty.
    I booted from the Mac OS Installer DVD, and couldn't replicate the problem. But I don't think that's a good indicator, because this problem is intermittent and doesn't manifest itself consistently. Also, there's no way of playing video or scrolling down a webpage from the Installer DVD.
    Also, I tried switching the two display connectors around (plug 2 to plug 1 and vice versa), which caused something interesting to happen: I stopped seeing vertical lines but started getting WEIRD flickering and green artifacts. Again, this happened on both screens.
    The Apple Hardware Test said everything is fine (weird).
    I think I'll try your suggestion of re-installing the OS. I always dread doing it. But hey maybe it'll make my computer run fast again (it's been running slowly lately).
    Cheers, thanks for the suggestions, and I'll post back regarding what happens next.

  • ATI Radeon 5770 in 2006 Mac Pro with Lion

    Hit an issue with my 2006 Mac Pro when the video card died in late October. At that point I was running Lion and had kept on top of software updates. Being on a restricted budget, I have purchased and installed an ATI Radeon 5770 card from the Apple store as I cannot afford a new Mac Pro. I knew that before I did this there may be incompatability problems with this card and Lion on the older Mac Pros, and this seems to be the case.
    However, having trawled through the forums it seems some users are able to run this card on 1.1 machines with Lion. So I am now wondering if I have another issue - I'd much rather stick with Lion if I can rather than revert to Snow Leopard. Now I have installed the card things seem fine with the display - the 30" cinema display no longer has blocks of pixels all over it. On boot up the screen is a pale grey, the Apple logo appears in the centre with the busy timer underneath. I also get a loading bar for about 20 seconds. This gets to about 20% then disappears. Everything sounds like the machine is booting normally but it just won't progress beyond this point. I have tried holding shift to boot it in safe mode but the same things happens.
    If anyone can help point me in the right direction of what I should try next I'd be profoundly grateful!

    I knew that before I did this there may be incompatibility problems with this card and Lion on the older Mac Pros,
    Although some users have complained of problems, their wounds may be self-inflicted. Use of a non-Apple ATI 5770 or failure to upgrade to at least 10.6.5 are high on the list. The main "issue", if you can even call it that, is the card runs more slowly than its published benchmarks due to PCIe 1 slots in the Mac Pro 1,2 and 2,1.
    I also get a loading bar for about 20 seconds. This gets to about 20% then disappears.
    That progress bar is indicative of unresolved Hard Drive problems. You need to boot to an alternate source of software (Hold Command-R at startup for Recovery_HD if you are running later than 10.6.8) and check the SMART Status and then select Macintosh_HD or whatever you renamed it and ( Repair Disk ). Repeat until all problems are resolved or it gets stuck. If you need help, copy the EXACT error message back here.

  • ATI RADEON 5770 on Mac Pro 2006

    I am using a MacPro 1.1 (from 2006) and out of the blue my video card which was Geforce 7300GT burned out. I can't find a replacement card which is the same and only combatible one I found is Ati Radeon 5770. Before I move on buying this card I am wondering whether it will work first of all on my mac pro, and if so which exact model should I purchase since I see some differences in each one as far as the memory bus (4800Mhz, 5200 Mhz and 1200 Mhz) and the processor clock speed ( 850 Mhz and 875 Mhz) I would really appreciate some help on this matter since it's already 2 weeks I am trying to solve it.

    Well, thank you for that.
    If you are lucky or willing, the link I have for 1st gen 8800GT model on ebay. Pricey as can be though.
    Hopefully 5770s are waiting for drivers or to be replaced with Radeon 6xxx series (but which would then require more retooling of drivers you can be sure).
    Last year this time, the 5000's were just coming out. Nvidia was also inbetween the FERMI (GeForce 400s) and older GTX 200 series which caused shortages and when you could find anything, inflated pricing.
    When I bought the 8800GT I also picked up ($129) OS X DVD 10.5.6 (had I guessed, I would have waited for Snow Leopard @ $29 maybe). And, you have to call but 10.5.x DVDs can be ordered by phone Apple Store but not online (another peeve, it is almost impossible to buy Leopard now, the last that supports PowerMacs too).
    At least the Apple variety of ATI Radeon work in any and all Mac Pro models.
    If there is a way to flash or work with PC cards, that would come from MacRumors Mac Pro.

  • ATI Radeon 5770 in Mac Pro

    I have a Mac Pro 3,1 (the 2008 model), which works with the ATI Radeon 5770 GPU. I want to upgrade from my 2600 because it's noisy and not as fast as I want it to be. It seems like there are two versions of the 5770: Mac and non-Mac. What's the difference? Can I put a regular 5770 in my Mac or only the "Mac version"?

    Graphics cards that are PC-BIOS only do not show a picture under MacOS X, which uses EFI firmware.
    PC-cards that have been flashed to EFI firmware do not show a picture until the login screen.
    Genuine Mac cards show a picture from power-on, and this makes debugging and booting from another drive much simpler.

  • Problems after upgrading to ATI radeon 5770 in my mac pro 2008

    Day one
    I have upgraded my graphic card to ATI radeon 5770 in my MacPro 2008.
    4 hours of installing the screen went blank with noice and line, like it happens in telivison when there is no signal.
    Day two
    Same thing happened when I started my computer.
    does anybody know a soluton to this problem?
    please help.

    Mac Pro community is here.
    Did you try Apple Hardware Test by extended testing?
    I suppose graphic card is something wrong.

  • Mac Pro 5.1 (Mid 2010) with Ati Radeon 5870, I can't install Maverick, don't support the graphic driver

    I have a Mac Pro with Ati radeon hd 5870 1024 MB, after the first reboot in the installation of Maverick, the screen does strange things as if the driver does not support.

    Hello pitin,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.
    Best of luck,

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    Hi Folks, I realy enjoy all the new hotkeys in the cc version! But now I am missing that one: to open a selected clip in the source monitor from the sequence panel (like you'd double click it). Why is it not just like you do from selected clip in the

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    I updated from Mavericks to Yosemite (Dec. 2014) on my new Mac Mini (bought in July 2014). All application slow down while loading, while working, while saving, etc. Hardware: Mac Mini (Late 2012) Prozessor: 2,5 GHz i5 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Any ideas fo

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    We're trying to find (or create) a portlet to replace the My Documents and Community Documents portlets.  Out-of-the-box, the portlets display files in a linear fashion, so you can't tell which documents reside in which folder.  IMO, this isn't very