Mac shuts down in sleep mode.

This just started to happen to my mac pro quad intel running the latest SNOW software. My mac shuts down in sleep mode. I tried to zap pram, but it ill not allow me to do this.
I also check the internal battery using a small program and its a full charge. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

your Mid 2012 needs 1600 MHz memory modules. Is your currently installed RAM of this variety?
In your current setup, is it your 1 TB HDD or your 256 GB SSD that is in the optical drive bay?
One thing you can try is this: boot your MacBook Pro into Recovery mode by holding down a Command key and the R key as it starts up. Once the Mac OS X Utilities menu appears, select Disk Utility. On the left-hand side of the Disk Utility window, select your internal disk’s boot partition (typically called “Macintosh HD”). On the right-hand side, press the Verify Disk button if it’s not greyed out; if it is greyed out, or if it reports that errors were found, press the Repair Disk button. Once the verification/repair is completed, exit Disk Utility and select Restart from the Apple menu to restart in normal mode. Does it still crash because of an extended sleep?

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  • MacPro shuts  down in sleep mode

    MACPRO 3.1 2x 2.8 Quad core Intel Xeon  8GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 5770 Mac Cinema HD 23 inch OSX 10.6.8.
    If I allow or select sleep mode through either keyboard shortcuts or apple menu it immediately shuts down I can keep it running but half asleep (screen at rest ) if I have an app using the internet for example Safari using radio stations ; if however there is no app using the internet then the computer will shut down when sleep mode kicks in.
    This seems to be a resent phenomena I have changed the graphics card from a Nvidia since the Nvidia was dying ( occasional freezes and wavy faint blue horizontal lines) although the sleep problem surfaced before swapping cards; I am not sure whether this is a hardware issue or a combined software hardware issue.
    Anyone else having similar sleep problems ?
    The computer is working fine apart from this one issue.
    We are in the midst of summer here so the room temperature is an average of 30˚C at the moment can this have anything to do with the sleep issues?

    Power or other problems related to unexpected system sleep, shutdown, lights or fans justify an SMC reset. Read all the steps.
    Before Resetting the SMC
    Try each of the following steps in this order before you reset the SMC. Test the issue after completing each troubleshooting step to determine if the issue still occurs.
    Press Command + Option + Escape to force quit any application that is not responding.
    Put your Mac to sleep by choosing the Apple () menu from the upper-left menu bar and then choosing Sleep. Wake the computer after it has gone to sleep.
    Restart your Mac by choosing the Apple () menu from the upper-left menu bar and then choosing Restart.
    Shut down your Mac by choosing the Apple () menu from the upper-left menu bar and then choosing Shut Down.
    Resetting the SMC for Mac Pro, Intel-based iMac, Intel-based Mac mini, or Intel-based Xserve
    Shut down the computer.
    Unplug the computer's power cord.
    Wait fifteen seconds.
    Attach the computer's power cord.
    Wait five seconds, then press the power button to turn on the computer.
    After completing the above please determine if the problems also occur in "Safe Mode":
    Safe Mode or "Safe Boot" is a troubleshooting mode that bypasses all third party system extensions and loads only required system components. Read about it: Starting up in Safe Mode
    You must disable FileVault before you can start your Mac in Safe Mode.
    Starting your Mac in Safe Mode will take longer than usual, graphics will not render smoothly, audio is disabled on some Macs, and some programs (iTunes for example) may not work at all.
    Merely starting your Mac in Safe Mode is not intended to resolve the problem, it's to observe its performance without certain additional components.
    To end Safe Mode restart your Mac normally. Shutdown will take longer as well.

  • Powerbook 17" G4 automatically shuts down in sleep mode

    Powerbook 17" G4 automatically shuts down in sleep mode intermittently. When press power button to bring it back up, it takes a very long time to reboot and the date is set to Dec 31, 1969. It comes back up finally, but this is irritating.
    Thanks for any help,

    Hi Reaskt
    Have you tried using Temperture Monitor to monitor your temps? Maybe it is overheating. Also it sounds like your backup battery is dead, that's why the clock reset's it's self. If you still have applecare I would give apple a call a soon I could. To me it looks like you would need a new logic board. I realy hope that you have applecare. Also have you tried an Erase and Install? Have you tried running Disk Utility booted from your install CD?
    Post back when you get more info

  • My mac shuts down during safe mode?

    I tried using safe mode for the first time because I needed it to fix another problem. I shut down my mac and pressed shift as instructed. The apple logo appears and the spinning symbol. Then the progress bar appears and about 1/3 of its progress, it disappears then my mac shuts down. I tried restarting it without holding down the shift key but it results in the same way and I can't get it to boot at all now! Please help.

    I sense a HDD problem.
    Try booting the MBP into the recovery partition.
    From the 4 option menu, select Disk Utility.
    Run Disk Utility>First Aid, Verify and Repair.
    If the HDD cannot be repaired it will have to be replaced.

  • Which is better: shutting down, or sleep mode?

    Hi Everyone,
    What is better for the longevity of my computer . . . shutting it down, or putting it in sleep mode? I use my computer throughout the day, so I guess it makes sense to keep it on sleep mode, right? However, I had problems with my screens on a previous apple laptop and someone mentioned that might be because I was putting it in sleep mode all the time. What should I do? Thanks!!!

    There's reason to believe that over the long haul that sleeping is probably better than turning it on and off all the time. But whether you wind up with an extra day, month, or year of use...who knows? More to the point is this: under what circumstances are you unwilling to wait for the computer to restart and log in and under what circumstances are you willing to wait? My answer is simple: I want to open the lid and start using my computer - I don't want to wait 2-3 minutes - and my habit doesn't seem to have hurt longevity much. My old Tangerine iBook is still in use (8 years old now) and my white iBook is also still in use (5 years old) and the current owners of both use them just as I did.

  • When in transport, which is better have the MBP shut down or sleep mode?

    when in transport, which is better have the MBP shut down or in sleep mode?

    Read the user manual that came w/your computer.  Personally, I shut down when transporting.  
    It all comes down to personal preference.  "Different Strokes For Different Folks"

  • Shutting down or sleep mode?

    Can anyone tell me, is it better to shut down my Mac Book Pro (Retina display) or put it to sleep between sessions?

    Just use sleep - much easier and convenient and the difference in power used is pretty trivial.  The only time I turn my MBP off is if I will be away for more than the day or tow, otherwise it is always on but sleeps when not in use (been doing that for years with it).

  • Laptop shuts down after sleep mode, help please!

    When I close the lid or press the sleep mode button, my laptop goes into sleep mode and everything is ok. However, when I open the lid or press the power button to awake it... after a few seconds, my laptop shuts down! I just formatted my laptop to the factory settings hoping to fix the issue, but it persists. Please help!

    When any problem persists after recovering to factory settings, it's often indicative of a hardware problem.
    Please contact support at (800) 457-7777.
    - Peter

  • Why does my iPad lose wireless printer options when my Mac shuts down or sleeps?

    If my Mac sleeps or is shut down, my iPad doesnt' show any ptinter options. Neigher does my wife's iPad. What do we do to enable both iPads to show our wireless printers regardless of our Macs being powered down?

    A shutdown can happen for lots of reasons, but given the history of your device, it's wise to visit your Apple Store. The issue may lie with an improper repair, but it may also be that there's other damage that happened as result of the shattered screen. The RAM may be damaged, as well.
    Back up your data. Perform a soft reset, just in case that works. If not, visit your friendly Apple Store/Genius Bar. And please post with the results.

  • G505s Laptop shuts down in sleep mode

    I recently bought a new G505s laptop running Windows 8.1. When the laptop goes into sleep mode  (either on the battery or when plugged in with the lid down) the laptop will shut down completely. It does not even seem like the laptop is going into hibernation since Windows begins from a cold boot when powered on. Oddly, with the power cable plugged in the laptop will not even power back on. I have to remove the cable and power the laptop back on using the battery.
    It seems to be a relatively common problem with Win 8.1 and there are various fixes people have suggested. So far I've tried reinstalling & updating AMD drivers, setting the power options to never hibernate and running a script to turn off hibernation.
    None of these fixes have worked and the laptop will not stay in sleep for more than 20 minutes before shutting down completely.
    I wondered if anyone else has encountered this problem with the same or similar model and whether there are any other fixes people suggest?


  • K1 Music shut down on sleep mode

    When listening to music with my headphones on my K1 the music always shuts down when the Tablet goes into sleep mode. When I wake it up the music player is still running and you can change songs etc but there's no sound. I typically have to unplug the headset and plug it back in for the sound to work again??

    Download Winamp from Market and give it a try. I use it all the time for music and it never stops when the unit does to sleep.
    Hope this help.

  • Mac shuts down on sleep command

    I have a 5 or 6 year old G4 Quicksilver 733. It has developed the habit of shutting down when I tell it to sleep. I have renewed PRAM battery and tried re-setting PMU, but still shutting down. Any suggestions??
    Many thanks.

    Is it making a ticking sound from the PSU area when it shuts down? If so it could be the early stages of a PSU fault that is causing the Powermac to shutdown. I had a similar problem with a 800MHz QS.

  • Shut down of sleep mode

    Is it ok to switch off a macbookpro after use everyday or is it best to keep the laptop in sleep mode always? My concern is about power consumption...

    Shutdown if you don't mind the extra time it takes to boot, but it is a small power saving.

  • IMac G5 shuts down from Sleep mode

    My iMac G5, PPC, 10.4.11 goes to sleep when told or scheduled. Clicking the mouse or a key to wake up the system causes it to power down. We have been running 10.4.11 for some time, no system upgrades.
    Any thoughts?

    I have an early iMac G5 as well. Resetting the SMU is worth trying, but I hope you don't have a hardware problem. Early iMac G5's are notorious for having power supply failures which can lead to SMU/sleep/shutdown issues. Apple provided a [recently-ended|> 3-year repair extension program for early iMac G5s with power-related problems, and I ended up needing two replacement power supplies and a replacement logic board for mine.
    There have been a number of discussions about iMac G5 shutdown issues, including suggestions for replacement hardware components if needed, at the iMac G5 forum here:

  • Unexpected shutting down into sleep mode whilst using G5

    i have had my G5 go to sleep on me several times whilst using in the last 2 weeks. It does not happen all the time. i have checked the sleep setting but these are OK.
    any ideas what could be causing this?

    Hi there,
    check to see if your machine is on this list , if so that may explain the power issues you are currently experiencing... Rick
    iMac G5 iSight 20" - 30G iPOD in Slimming Black -   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   - HP Pav 15" WS and Toshiba Sat 17" WS LP's - Canon 20D & A620

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