MacBook doesn't turns into sleep mode and swop doesn't work.

MacBook doesn't turns into sleep mode and swop doesn't work.
Can you help me please. I have a MacBook Pro 8.2. I reinstalled OS X to make swop file working, but it still doesn't work. I reinstalled OS X from Internet recovery.
Start time: 10:31:02 03/15/15
Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,2
System Version: OS X 10.10.2 (14C109)
Kernel Version: Darwin 14.1.0
Time since boot: 3 minutes
    BANK 0/DIMM0:
      Size: 4 GB
      Speed: 1333 MHz
      Status: OK
      Manufacturer: 0x029E
    BANK 1/DIMM0:
      Size: 4 GB
      Speed: 1333 MHz
      Status: OK
      Manufacturer: 0x029E
   TOSHIBA MK5065GSXF                     
Diagnostic reports
   2015-03-15 Boom 2 crash
   2015-03-15 crash
   Mar 15 10:26:10 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 546 [tccd]
   Mar 15 10:26:11 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 547 [nsurlstoraged]
   Mar 15 10:26:12 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 544 [soagent]
   Mar 15 10:26:13 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 548 [nsurlstoraged]
   Mar 15 10:26:43 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 556 []
   Mar 15 10:26:44 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 558 [accountsd]
   Mar 15 10:26:45 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 553 []
   Mar 15 10:26:46 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 561 [networkd_privile]
   Mar 15 10:26:47 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 555 [secinitd]
   Mar 15 10:26:48 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 560 [tccd]
   Mar 15 10:26:49 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 562 [secd]
   Mar 15 10:26:50 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 554 []
   Mar 15 10:26:51 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 565 [nsurlstoraged]
   Mar 15 10:26:52 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 563 [soagent]
   Mar 15 10:26:53 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 551 [syncdefaultsd]
   Mar 15 10:26:54 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 557 [CoreServicesUIAg]
   Mar 15 10:26:55 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 567 [iconservicesd]
   Mar 15 10:26:56 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 566 [iconservicesagen]
   Mar 15 10:26:57 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 568 [systemstatsd]
   Mar 15 10:26:58 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 550 [cfprefsd]
   Mar 15 10:26:59 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 552 [cfprefsd]
   Mar 15 10:27:00 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 549 [coreduetd]
   Mar 15 10:27:01 memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 564 [nsurlstoraged]
   Mar 15 10:28:18 ** GPU Hardware VM is disabled (multispace: disabled, page table updates with DMA: disabled)
   Mar 15 10:29:09 proc 316: load code signature error 4 for file "Boom 2"
I/O per process: coresymbolicati (UID 0) is using 15 MB/s
   com.globaldelight.driver.Boom2Device (1.1)
   - com.globaldelight.driver.Boom2Device
   - com.jmicron.JMicronATA
   - com.globaldelight.Boom2
   - null
Restricted files: 219
Elapsed time (s): 238

Remove "Boom" and test.
Any third-party software that doesn't install by drag-and-drop into the Applications folder, and uninstall by drag-and-drop to the Trash, is a system modification.
Whenever you remove system modifications, they must be removed completely, and the only way to do that is to use the uninstallation tool, if any, provided by the developers, or to follow their instructions. If the software has been incompletely removed, you may have to re-download or even reinstall it in order to finish the job.
I never install system modifications myself, and except as stated in this comment, I don't know how to uninstall them. You'll have to do your own research to find that information.
Here are some general guidelines to get you started. Suppose you want to remove something called “BrickMyMac” (a hypothetical example.) First, consult the product's Help menu, if there is one, for instructions. Finding none there, look on the developer's website, say (That may not be the actual name of the site; if necessary, search the Web for the product name.) If you don’t find anything on the website or in your search, contact the developer. While you're waiting for a response, download BrickMyMac.dmg and open it. There may be an application in there such as “Uninstall BrickMyMac.” If not, open “BrickMyMac.pkg” and look for an Uninstall button. The uninstaller might also be accessed by clicking the Customize button, if there is one.
Back up all data before making any changes.
You will generally have to restart the computer in order to complete an uninstallation. Until you do that, there may be no effect, or unpredictable effects.
If you can’t remove software in any other way, you’ll have to erase and install OS X. Never install any third-party software unless you're sure you know how to uninstall it; otherwise you may create problems that are very hard to solve.
Trying to remove complex system modifications by hunting for files by name often will not work and may make the problem worse. The same goes for "utilities" such as "AppCleaner" and the like that purport to remove software.

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    How can I prevent my MacBook Pro to turn into sleeping mode when playing music on it with Itunes?

    System Preferences -> Energy
    Put slider to "Never". But this will prevent your Mac to never turn into sleeping mode, not just when playing music.

  • Macbook spontaneously goes into sleep mode and screen off mode

    Hi. My Macbook spontaneously goes into sleep mode and screen off mode with varying time between each instance. It usually goes for a few minutes or even hours without doing it and then will go through periods of fluctuation between the modes. I believe this to have started with a minor orange juice accident rather than it being anything software related.
    Any ideas as to how I might rectify the problem? Thanks very much in advance,

    When you say it goes into sleep mode you mean you actually see the white pulsing light?
    It may be that there is an application running (perhaps in the background) that is keeping your book awake. Printer software sometimes does this for example ...try logging out and seeing if it sleeps like that. If it does, then it very well may be a background process running.
    You may find some items in System Preferences/Accounts/Login Items that may be the culprit.

  • My macbook pro automatically goes into safe mode and doesn't start. I use mavericks.  what to do? ?

    my macbook pro automatically goes into safe mode and doesn't start. I use mavericks. What to do??

    Can you boot into your Recovery partition (hold down the command and R keys whilst booting)?
    Call back - you'll be able to connect to this forum from Safari whilst in Recovery.

  • IPad doesn't go into sleep mode

    I have an iPad 2 3G, and it doesn't go into sleep mode when I'm pressing Power button, also it doesn't work through the AssistiveTouch.
    I would appreciate any help. Thanks from Sweden:)

    Hello Quentin,
    It might be worth attempting a restart of the iPad, and then a reset, should restarting fail to resolve the issue.
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    If the iPad still won't sleep, I would recommend restoring the device.
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    All the best,

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    Seems this feature is lost with iOS 7.0.4.  I just bought 4 iPod Touches for employee use and NEED to have sleep mode enabled for guided access to conserve battery life.
    I did have 1 iPod that allowed me to enable sleep mode (and I tested that it allowed the top button to be pressed to immediately go to sleep), then after it ran the 7.0.4 upgrade it no longer allowed sleep mode when in guided access (I did not check the original version of iOS on the iPod but it was obviously older than 7.0.4).
    Is there some new hidden way to turn this on or did Apple delete the option?

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    My monitor goes to sleep and will not wake up.  I try powering off and that will not respond.  I have to unplug the workstation and start back up.  I have turn off sleep to never sleep and now it just goes to sleep when Im working. 

    Hello @rosendahl14,
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.
    I have read your post on how your monitor goes into sleep mode and will not wake up, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter!
    To rule out any sleep mode issues with the monitor, I am providing you with some steps you can try below:
    Step 1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the monitor and the wall
    Step 2. Hold the power button down for at least one minute
    Step 3. Plug the power cord back into the monitor and then into the wall outlet (not a power bar or surge protector)
    Step 4. Press the Menu button on the monitor
    Step 5. Navigate to the Factory Reset option and select it
    Step 6. Try a different cable connecting your monitor to your computer
    If the above steps did not resolve your issue you can try the monitor on a computer or other device to see if the issue persists. Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region.​t.html
    To further diagnose a possible hibernation issue with your desktop, I recommend following the steps in this document on Troubleshooting sleep and hibernate issues (Windows 7). I also recommend following the steps below to reset your system's power management settings:
    Step 1. Click the Start button
    Step 2. In the search box, type "Command Prompt"
    Step 3. Right-click Command Prompt
    Step 4. Click Run as administrator
    Step 5. At the command prompt, type powercfg /restoredefaultschemes and press Enter 
    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your reply!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • ITouch doesn't go into sleep mode

    I have noticed recently that my iTouch doesn't go into sleep mode. Usually the screen will go dark after a couple of minutes if it is not being used. This isn't the case. When I plug it in to charge, it doesn't go into sleep mode either. I have tried to reset with the top and home button and that hasn't worked. Does anyone have any ideas what else I can try?

    Hey SFJenn,
    Make sure Auto-Lock is set in Settings> General> Auto-Lock.
    If it is but you still see the issue, try resetting and/or restoring the iPhone.


    I recently update to itunes 11. the problem is when it wont open unless i go into sleep mode and then wake the pc from it. Steps first double click on itunes to open it. nothing pops up. in task manager it shows that itunes is running. i press the power button to put the laptop into sleep mode. after about a minute i wake the computer again. wallah itunes is suddenly open. its almost as the sleep mode allows it to open. i dont know what to do ive tried everything. HELP PLEASE!!

    ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling. ive tried messing around with bootup prefs. ive tried to see what apple services should be running. ive tried end task itunes then end task other prgrams and tried to open it again. ive tried deleting the sc info folder.

  • I have a WD Passport HD attached to my Mac. When it was last connected it went into sleep mode and ran out of battery. Now I cannot find my HD in Finder and Disk Utilities is telling me it cannot repair the HD. Any ideas on how to recover my data?

    I have a WD Passport HD attached to my Mac. When it was last connected it went into sleep mode and ran out of battery. Now I cannot find my HD in Finder and Disk Utilities is telling me it cannot repair the HD. I can see the HD but the volume part is greyed out. Any ideas on how to recover my data?

    There are other methodologies of scanning a HD
    which involve data extraction, but loss of metadata is often the result if the directory is corrupt.
    Metadata is the info on what the data IS. 
    Like having all your papers thrown in the air, its all there, but just a giant mess. 
    This is why you always always must have several external HD redundancies of your data.  One isnt enough, neither is two really.
    see here, and dont let that happen again>
    Methodology to protect your data. Backups vs. Archives. Long-term data protection
    Was that your only copy of your priceless data?  Just that one external HD?

  • I am having issues with MLBtv, when I switch on my ATV it no longer comes up as an option nor does vimeo or the iTunes store, i've tried resets etc and after those they appear. put the tav into sleep mode and mysteriously they don't re appear. Any ideas?

    I am having issues with MLBtv, when I switch on my ATV it no longer comes up as an option nor does vimeo or the iTunes store, i've tried resets etc and after those they appear. put the tav into sleep mode and mysteriously they don't re appear. Any ideas?

    I am having the same issue but mine is with Netflix.  And there are only 4 categories now on the main menue when there used to be 5.  Something went crazy with ATV software.

  • MacBook Pro doesn't go into sleep mode after connecting Thunderbolt display

    after connecting a Thunderbolt display to the 2011 MacBook Pro 13", the system doesn't stay in sleep mode.
    When pressing cmd.alt.eject it goes into sleep for 1 or 2 seconds and then goes back on.
    everything works fine otherwise and the MacBook goes to sleep without problems if the Thunderbolt display is not attached.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance,

    I found the problem.
    It turns out that it has nothing to do with the Thunderbolt Display, but with Bluetooth and the Magic Trackpad.
    When I installed the TD, I also added a wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad that I had been using with another system.
    If the option to allow the system to wake up by Bluetooth devices is enabled (system preferences, Bluetooth, advanced), the MacBook Pro will go to sleep and immediately wake up.
    Simply disabled that option and everything works fine.
    Now I need to open the lid of the MBP to wake up the system. Kind of a huge power button :-)
    Thanks for your help!

  • X200 on XP Doesn't Go Into Sleep Mode

    The problem is stated above in the title, however this only happens on one condition.  It only won't go into sleep mode/standby mode if there's a USB device attached before closing the lid (eg. USB thumb drive).  I've tested and tested different scenerios but it's always leads back to the USB key being the problem.  Basically you'll close the lid and nothing happens except for the "Preparing to stand by..." screen comes up and you have to turn it off manually.
    Wonder if anyone else has experienced this before?  And if there's solution please do tell.  So far the only solution I can think of is detatching all devices before closing it but that's kind of a hassel.

    I haven't.
    Have you tried manually disabling the USB device from the USB device icon in the taskbar icon before going to sleep? Perhaps when starting with the USB device coupled, it will enable again.

  • 24" imac goes into sleep mode and lights on circuit flicker

    Hi -
      I have a 24" imac and have found that when the display goes into sleep mode the lights on the circuit flicker.
      I have searched the web and other users have complained of the same issue with no resolution.  
      Here is a similiar post -      The resolution is probably you need to get the iMac serviced,  what i'm wondering is what is the problem in the imac that is causing the issue.    Is this a defect?
      Before anyone questions the circuitry in my house here is what I have verified.
      An electrician has come and verified the electric panel is good and all circuit breakers are good.   All circuits in my house are copper, no aluminum.
      I can plug the iMac into any circuit and the problem starts right when the Imac's display goes to sleep.     I have owned the iMac for approximately 5 months now (bought it used) and the problem started about a month ago.
      Assuming this has to be serviced I dread to wonder the price .
      Thanks for anyones help.

    The sleep timeout has nothing to do with disk activity. It's based on user input, although some background processes can pre-empt it. If you don't want the machine to sleep automatically, disable automatic sleep in the Energy Saver preference pane.

  • RBDAPP01 going into SLEEP Mode and Idocs still in 64 status

    Hey all,
          I have a Inbound Idoc interface which is being processed using RBDAPP01 Program. The Issue I am facing is that the job running the rbdapp01 program goes into sleep mode even though there are idocs present in 64 status. I tried to debug the work process using SM66 but it does not open any debugging window although it says debugging started. If I cancel the Job and run it again it processes those Idocs Any input on how one can resolve this issue?

    Hi Aparna,
    Here is extract from SAP material on running RBDAPP01 transaction and possible reasons for delay in processing. HOpe this can help you.
    To automate the treatment of IDocs, you must run the ABAP program RBDAPP01 (transaction BD20) in job. This program has a very good option for parallel processing which can reduce a lot the time required for treatment. However use it carefully and make sure you set a packetsize high enough to avoid that your SAP system be overwhelm by demands for available dialog tasks (don't forget one dialog task is monopolized per IDocs packed to treat).
    Best Regards,

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