Macbook pro late 2008 13 inch won't run 8 gb ram

Hello, I have a question that has been bothering me for a while now.
I bought a 4gb Ram Module at best buy, it is 1066GhZ DDR3 SODIM.H from PNY to upgrade my macbook pro to 8gb of RAM, everything was going well, I got home and opened up my macbook, inserted the module and turned on my mac.
Everything started working fine until I tried to open google chrome, my machine went into a kernel panic and restarted itself.
Being as I am, I decided to wipe my machine and re-install mountain lion (I run it because mavericks slows down my computer) but my machine wouldn't let me install it.
I opened my computer up again, re-installed the 1gb module from the fabric and the computer worked well.
Now, my question is this: Isn't my computer able to run 8 gb in RAM? I already upgraded my firmware and read a bunch about it on the internet and have done everything necessary but my computer won't accept the module!!
I really would like to know what is going on :/
My specs:
Macbook pro late 2008 unibody
Version 10.8.5
H2.4 GHZ Intel core 2 duo processor
5 gb 1067 MHz DDR3 memory
Model Identifier: MacBook5,1
Boot ROM Version: MB51.007D.B03

According to database (free download) the MacBook Pro
13-inch model identifier5.1 you've stated that you have, is Not as you've said.
However, there was a 15-inch with the 5.1 model identifier.
•How to identify MacBook Pro models
Be sure to correctly identify the MacBook Pro model, and then get high quality
RAM of proper specification of known good brand for Apple portables.
Find an Example of correct spec RAM, by model & identifier; display size, build year:
The budget name brands seldom work well in Apple products; they do OK in some
models of old computers or loose-spec PCs. OWC/macsales and are
two better known reputable suppliers of upgrade parts for Macs. Be sure to match
the correct part to the exact spec for your computer.
•How to identify MacBook models
•The MacBook 13-inch (Aluminum Late 2008) -- is not a MacBook Pro:
Model Identifier    MacBook5,1
Model Number    A1278
EMC    2254
As such the RAM spec according to MacTracker is as follows:
Maximum Memory    8.0 GB (Actual) 4.0 GB (Apple)
Memory Slots    2 - 204-pin PC3-8500 (1066 MHz) DDR3 SO-DIMM
OWC site points to this page for RAM. Double check detailed specs:
Good luck & happy computing!
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    I solved the heat-issue in Windows Vist32 (tested and worked!)
    This should also work in XP, XP64 and VISTA 64 although not tested.
    Goto the Nvidia website and download the latest notebook drivers (
    Uninstall your old notebook drivers through device-manager and restart.
    Now install the Nvidia notebook drivers you just downloaded and restart.
    After numerous hours of testing i found out that installing new Nvdia display drivers overwrite some Nvidia chipset drivers. This causes your fans not spinning at all under heavy GPU load.
    Now for the fix in four easy steps!
    1. Under Windows insert your MacOS original install-disc (the one with the bootcamp drivers)
    2. Choose to explore the Bootcamp folder.
    3. Now open the drivers folder and browse to the Nvidia folder.
    4. Now install the package called nvidiachipset. These come in all flavors (XP, XP64, VISTA, VISTA64) choose the correct version for your OS.
    After installation a reboot is not even necessary. Start your favorite game and notice the extreme humming of your speeding fans! Should sound like music!
    *So remember. Every time you update your graphics drivers A REINSTALL OF THE CHIPSET DRIVERS FOR YOUR UNIBODY MBP MUST BE DONE!! If you don't the fans won't come up under heavy load which will result in a BUSTED GPU!!!*
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    My battery got swollen (and I unfortunately noticed it very late and might have be running with it for months, which potentially explains all the crashes everyday and the trackpad not working anymore, the Apple test also says I have a bar of ram broken...) and I had to remove it because the back pannel did not close anymore... Can I still use my MBP normally forever that way? I was planning on buying a new mac anyway but maybe waiting for the next iMac upgrade in the year... Should I wait?

    Other than the system shutting down instantly if you have a power outage, whcih could corrupt the OS. Nothing else bad will happen.

  • What is the largest hard drive 15-inch macbook pro late 2008

    I have a 300gig one but it's nearly full with stuff that isn't great being somewhere else (aperture library, iPhoto library, apps).
    What's the largest internal hard drive I can instal on my 15-inch MacBook Pro (late 2008)?


  • MacBook Pro (Late 2008) won't start up

    Since December 2012, my MacBook Pro (late 2008) refuses start up. After trying many, many things (from online forums - nothing worked), the solution I found by hit and miss is to heat up the back of the laptop in front of my fireplace (or with a hair dryer), to remove the battery, to wait a few seconds and then to put it back in; after doing this, it turns on without a fuss and remains in perfect running condition until I turn it off again. I now leave it on 24/7 when at home, and I don't dare taking it away with me again... Seems to me a contact got loose and the heat expands it just enough to make it work again. Manufacturing problem?
    Has anybody else got the same or a similar problem? I hope to fix this without going to an Apple store if possible, as it's not under warranty any more...
    By the way, I have since replaced the battery and the hard disk, but that particular problem remains; I'm running OS X 10.8.2.

    It coule be one of two things:
    1) Your hard drive has become corrupted, and you'll have to reinstall the OS and cut your losses.
    2) Your logic board is fried. I seriously hope that this isn't the problem, but if it is, then it's time for a new mac.
    My macbook pro was stuck on a bootup loop, and I finally had to reinstall the OS. This fixed my problem. On the other hand, I had this same problem on my iMac, and an OS reinstall didn't do anything.
    Before making any judgements, take it to the genius bar and get some expert advice.

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    Macbook Pro (late) 2008 won't recognize HDD and MAC OS X installed, but recognizes SAME HDD with Windows installed ... where is the problem !???
    And HDD is APPLE certified ( 250 GB )

    Hello JashaCOLD,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with your external hard drive.  I found an article with steps you can take when an external device is not being recognized.
    I recommend following the steps in the section titled "Top troubleshooting tips" in the following article:
    USB and FireWire Quick Assist
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

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    MacBook Pro (Late) 2008 running 10.8.4
    I was using my computer every morning as I do everyday with no issues. I had left home for most of the day. Closed lid and while I was gone for a couple of hours. I returned home, opened my MacBook and nothing but a black screen. I've tried many things all evening try and fix this problem out of "safety sleep mode, and other similiar tricks that other people had tried.
    I still have a Black Screen and cannot get my macbook out of what seems to be the sleep mode.
    I've done a master reset and after I restart, I do get the power up chime but still a black screen. I don't know what else to do. Please help. Should I bring computer to a local repair shop or is there something I can do to fix myself. I just don't know where to start.
    Thank you.

    Genius reservation
    check warranty

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    I've installed Photoshop Elements 11 on a MacBook Pro- late 2007, OS 10.6.8, 2Gb RAM, 2.2GHz. The Organizer component launches fine and seems to be working, but Photoshop does not. It starts loading for a few seconds and then quits.

    <moved from Downloading, Installing, Setting Up to Photoshop Elements>

  • Macbook Pro Late 2008 Boot Issue

    Hello All!
    So I have an issue i would like to throw into the ring and see if I get any responses I have not thought of yet. Let me give you a quick backstory to my recent macbook adventures.... I will start with a quick prelude story.
    Chapter One:
    Purchased a used Macbook Pro, Late 2008 2.53ghz, 4gb DDR3 ram with no charger off ebay. And yes, I should know better. But honestly, it only had a cracked screen but still worked perfectly connected to an external monitor and i could not pass on the price of it.
    Chapter Two:
    After recieving my purchase, I determined that it was just a cracked cover over the LCD screen which is easily replaced, but the backlight was out on the LCD. So i ordered a new LCD. The new LCD did not fix my issue, which then pointed me to a problem on the motherboard. I then sent it out and had it repaired.
    Chapter Three:
    Upon recieving my newly repaired macbook, I installed a new SSD drive, battery and replaced the screen cover for the newly installed LCD. It looks Fantastic if I do say so myself! I then proceded to install lion and I have a perfect running Macbook Pro for less than 700 bucks after all was said and done.
    Chapter Four:
    Now, at this point you should know why I bought it... I use it for djing. That is it. There is nothing else on this. No apps, programs, or scripts. It has an updated lion OS on it and my serato itch Djing software. There isnt even any music on it as i store that on an external 3T WD elements drive. (I only installed an 80gb SSD for the OS system). Unfortunately i have had some instances where the Mac Pro has just shut down completely while im spinning! Not good for business!
    Chapter Five:
    Over the course of the last year I have noticed some things happening. Longer than normal boot times (especially since it has an SSD in it this seems wierd to me) and crashing of the Itch software while trying to analyze music or just not closing itch at all when im done playing a show and having to press and hold the power button to turn off the mac. Now for the kicker... Unbeknowst to me, apparently you cant use a 65W charger on a macbook that requires an 85W charger, this i just recently learned. The charger i was using was a 65W from a white 13 inch macbook 2006. I just recently aquired the 85W charger.
    This brings us to the present.....
    Here is the issue. I was analyzing my music files using itch, when suddenly & randomly one of the 2 analyzing indicators would just stop analyzing the track it was on... This leaves only one analyzer bar going and the other just stuck where it is (16000 songs will take awhile with only one analyzer going). If i stop analyzing and restart it, it picks up where it left off and continues for a bit and stops again, but its never the same track or same length of time before it stops analyzing. Now I have tried this with both Lion and Snow Leopard (the white macbook 2006 has snow) and it appears to happen with either OS.
    So I decided to install Snow on my Mac Pro 2008. For some reason, and I dont know why, it would not let me install snow to the partion I made on the drive. The disc would just keep rebooting the Mac pro over and over again. I know for a fact that snow works because I took the drive out of the white Macbook 2006 and put it into the Mac Pro 2008. Booted right up.
    So, I have re-installed itch on lion... Still has the same problem with lion.
    I have restored a copy of snow to the partioned hard drive of my Mac Pro 2008 from my white macbook 2006. This seems to be the only way to do this if i want snow on my Mac Pro 2008 since it won't boot Snow from disc or USB. Installed a new copy of itch, still the same problem.
    So my question is this.... Is it hardware or software?
    And to stop those from putting the obvious, I have done all the PVRAM, SMC etc resets!! I am not some 12yr old trying to make daddys computer work again because i used it like i shouldn't have. Im looking for something besides the obvious!
    Sorry, but I felt the entire story needed to be told in order to get the responses I'm looking for....
    And thanks for taking the time to read about my issues! Hopefully someone can point me in the direction I need to go to get this to stop doing what it's doing. I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions concerning this issue as best I can.

    The heat generated may be a function of what you are doing on the Internet.   Watching videos will stress the CPU/GPU and create heat and result in faster fan speeds.
    First try a SMC and PRAM resets:
    If there is no change, post back.

  • Random hard freezing issues, Windows 8 64-bit on Macbook Pro (Late 2008)

    I recently upgraded to OS X 10.8.3 and got a hold on copy of Windows 8 64-bit. As I'm running on my old trustworthy 15 inch Macbook Pro (Late 2008), my hardware is officially unsupported. Over the years I've had XP, Vista, Win7 32-bit and 64-bit running running on the same machine, and thought I'd give Win8 a chance.
    To be able to install Win8 on my unsupported hardware, I tricked the Bootcamp assistant that I was going to install Win7, and after the reboot and start of the Win7 installation, I exited the installer, rebooted, switched DVD to Win8 and did the installation from there. So far so good. For installing the Bootcamp drivers, I followed the instructions in
    Now, the machine runs just fine with Windows 8, and I've installed some basic third party applications (Firefox, Spotify, Steam). However, I get completely random hard freezes on the machine (sound looping, no other activity whatsoever) during normal use. These can occur 20 minutes after start, or 3-4 hours in. The freezing behavior is very much similar to how my model can behave under overheating conditions (which mostly have occured in past Windows versions while gaming), however overheating doesn't seem to be the issue here (based on simple palpation ).
    Have anyone experienced a similar problem, or know something about it? My current idea is that some weird things are going on with the Bootcamp drivers, so unless anyone comes up with a suggestion I might try doing a rollback to the point before I installed the drivers to see what I can make of it.

    Had a few similar short system freezes, after installing Windows 8 x64 on 13” MacBook Pro Mid-2010 with BootCamp 5.0.5033.
    There is a suggestion that DisableDynamicTick may fix the problem: There were similar topics at Microsoft forums: 1, 2, 3. It was said “that this will likely reduce system battery life, so it should be undone when you update your Windows build or if it doesn't resolve your issue”, and that “this problem is resolved in the release versions of Windows 8”.
    Another possibility is that there is indeed a buggy driver, within BootCamp 5.0.5033, or a 3rd party, like a wireless network driver in the following case eeze-randomly-after-installing-windows-8/49488183-26cf-4389-af21-a85dc366c99a?pa ge=2#LastReply.
    The problem has been noticeable on my MacBook, but not annoying enough yet to spend time troubleshooting. If you find a robust solution, using the links above or other method, it would be interesting to know.

  • MacBook Pro Late 2008 (Unibody) doesn't boot

    my good old MacBook Pro Late 2008 running Mountain Lion won't boot anymore. The sleep light does not light on, the green battery status indicator light is showing that the battery is full. I had this problem two or three times, and usually my Macbook comes magically back to life after one or two days.
    At the Apple store they said I'd have to make a SMC reset, and when they did it in the store, it worked. But it doesn't work for me (and I am sure I am doing the same thing, so maybe the Apple guy was just lucky – or is there another special trick?). What could be the solution to my problem?
    Unfortunately, I can't really tell the exact specifications, but it is the standard model, and I didn't change anything since. I just had the problem that it was getting really hot like half a year ago, but then I cleaned the fans and since then it was running rather fine (just sometimes froze).
    Any help greatly appreciated!

    I've got the same, or almost the same problem on a MBP 2008 (late).
    MBP 15.4/2.53/2X2GB/320/SD/512VRAM upgraded to 8 GB 1067 DDR3 (OWC memory)
    In my case the computer works fine when I'm able to get it on. If it is turned off and the MagSafe charger disconnected then left that way for a few hours, and the MagSafe is re-connected, let it charge for a bit, it can often be turned on via the power button. HOWEVER, .....
    If it is left OFF overnight (Apple > Shut Down .... ), and the backlit keyboard goes dark, then a little pause before closing the lid, and left overnight, it will usually not be able to be turned on. The battery is in reasonably good condition (~+3500 mAh) and the newer battery (~ guess +5000 or more mAh) it doesn't do any better, and it won't turn on. Cycle count 183.
    Take the battery out, (disconnect the MagSafe first! Never have the MagSafe charging without a batter in the computer) wait half a minute, reinstall battery (I like the 5,1 because the back section can be easily removed to access the battery and the hard drive), attach the MagSafe charger then wait a bit (few minutes), and the computer can often be turned on the first time. If not the first time then repeat the process. Tried hitting the Power button with the battery off but that doesn't seem to change anything.
    Erased the HD (Hard Drive) and reinstalled Yosemite, have Fire Vault turned off, did a Utilities (Cmd + r ) check of the hardware (no problems), also did a few other tests - no problems. PRAM reset. Investigated BONJOUR - haven't gone into the Terminal yet. Would be nice to disable Bonjour without disabling DNS. and ity-after-yosemite-install and
    The Genius Bar tested it and couldn't find a problem. Suggested the Logic Board be replaced and that i$ expen$ive! I've investigated having the Logic Board repaired and that would cost around $150 + shipping. Won't do the oven trick. Other problem sources I've come across is the graphics chip (mainly on the 2008 (early) MBPs.
    Since erasing and reinstalling OS X Yosemite the computer really screams but I've started to reinstall some of the applications (FCPX & Motion), Documents, and Movie files. Still screams though! Nothing like a real cleaning of the hard drive. Didn't do a Time Capsule-type backup because I wanted to minimize "junk". The CanoScan LiDE 90 scanner won't work because Canon won't come up with a driver to work with Yosemite. Won't buy a Canon scanner again and didn't want to buy it to begin with due to a previous Canon problem. Bought a new Canon camcorder, $1,600 + tax, back when they had mini-tapes, it at the Maxwell tape but just outside the warranty period and wanted something around $500 to fix it. Turned out that was a typical problem.
    Really running out of options and ideas at this point. Hate to send it off to repair the Logic Board. Still looking for a software or setting fix.

  • MacBook Pro (Late 2008) and Lion

    Has anyone out there installed Lion on a MacBook Pro (Late 2008), 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM?
    Want to know about performance issues if any?
    Everything working okay?
    No spinning balls?
    Is the laptop usable?
    Want to do my homework before making the leap to Lion.

    Hi, i'm using the same machine as yours. This my specs:
    MB470LL/A - Late 2008 MacbookPro 15"
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
    DDR3 1066 MHz PC3-8500 8GB RAM (2x4GB Corsair Chip)
    EFI Firmware Update 1.8
    No problem so far using OS X Lion 10.7.1
    1. Time Machine problem: I'm never using time machine for backup so i don't have any experience regarding time machine compatibility.
    2. Yes this OSX using a lot of RAM. So i suggest you upgrade your RAM to 8GB (our machine is old enough for only 2GB of RAM). Corsair or Crucial chip will be great.
    3. Like John Kitchen said, somehow OS X Lion barely resting up the system. There are always task consuming CPU running on the shade. Kernel activity has up almost twice of Snow Leopard's. But it didn't give me any trouble so far.
    And here a little word of suggestion:
    I don't know if this is only me, but i felt happier when i'm using Snow Leopard. I know you won't understand and somehow saying to yourself: "It will be different for me...". You just have to try it yourself.
    You better listen to John Kitchen advise about making a boot copy of your system and install Lion there. Had i know this before i will be happier now.
    So have a happy install and godspeed.

  • Instaling ML on Macbook pro late 2008 from dmg problem

    Hello all
    a friend of mine has a macbook pro late 2008 with snow leopard installed.
    He wanted me to clean install the machine and install ML on it
    i checked the requirements and i saw that this is possible
    went on my mac mini and restored the image file to a usb stick and holding option key while booting i started the process
    first erased the hard drive and then  back to main screen press install ML
    the next screen after confirming that i agree  the dialog box was reading tyhe instalation went throughh till the last bit and then just stuck there!
    left it almost all night and nothing happened
    Any ideaw on how to proceed?
    Maybe the installation image that i have used is only for my mac mini and that is the reason that this happens?
    a possible solution is to install snow leopard again and inform him to buy the software so as to be machoine specific from the mac app store?
    Any help will be much appreciated
    Many thanks

    Your friend has to purchase OS X Mountain Lion with his/her Apple ID. If you install OS X Mountain Lion without having purchased it with his/her Apple ID, he/she won't be able to reinstall OS X Mountain Lion if it gets damaged, so this is dangerous.
    He/She must purchase OS X Mountain Lion, so he just have to open  > Software Update and install all available updates. Then, open App Store and purchase OS X Mountain Lion, so it will be downloaded into his/her MacBook and the Mountain Lion installer will show up when the download finishes, so just follow the steps to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion.
    He/She should make a backup of his/her files with Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner before upgrading, and also, check if the applications are compatible >
    The OS X Mountain Lion version used is the same for all Macs (except the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, and the Late 2012 Mac mini and iMac because of driver problems), so this is not a problem

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