MacBook Pro Retina hangs while opening mounted share or USB drive

I have a Macbook Pro Retina that I just updated to 10.8.2 over the past weekend.  Now, when I try to open a mounted SMB share or USB drive, the system hangs completely!  I had the system set to auto-reconnect my network shares, so when this started happening the system would hang right after login.  I was able to get in with Safe Boot and disable the auto-connect, so at least I can work now, but not being able to use a flash drive is really getting on my nerves.  Any ideas?

I just ran a few tests to confirm my suspicion that this is a sleep problem for me and found that my rMBP will restart as soon as it has entered the sleep cycle.  Set it to auto sleep after 10 minutes and it will restart at 10 minutes, set it to sleep at 3 minutes and it will restart at 3 minutes.  Command it to sleep and it will restart.
So for me at least there is a workaround and that is to set sleep to "never".  The display still sleeps but my mac keeps running.  So that's not a solution but it is a workaround, and if I want it to shutdown and not restart I either hold the powerbutton or take off the power cable and choose shut down from the dropdown menu (it won't restart on battery power, it'll just shut down).
I hope that helps someone else!  And I hope it helps the engineers to diagnose and actually solve the very long running problem for us all..

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  • I recently bought a macbook pro retina and while I'm using it a yellow triangle pops up then disappears. I don't know what it says. How do I find out whats wrong?

    I recently bought a macbook pro retina and while I'm using it a yellow triangle pops up then disappears. I don't know what it says. How do I find out whats wrong?

    Oh, by all means. Uninstall it using its uninstaller if you have one. Do not install any anti-malware software as it's unneeded with OS X Lion or Mountain Lion.
    Uninstalling Software: The Basics
    Most OS X applications are completely self-contained "packages" that can be uninstalled by simply dragging the application to the Trash.  Applications may create preference files that are stored in the /Home/Library/Preferences/ folder.  Although they do nothing once you delete the associated application, they do take up some disk space.  If you want you can look for them in the above location and delete them, too.
    Some applications may install an uninstaller program that can be used to remove the application.  In some cases the uninstaller may be part of the application's installer, and is invoked by clicking on a Customize button that will appear during the install process.
    Some applications may install components in the /Home/Library/Applications Support/ folder.  You can also check there to see if the application has created a folder.  You can also delete the folder that's in the Applications Support folder.  Again, they don't do anything but take up disk space once the application is trashed.
    Some applications may install a startupitem or a Log In item.  Startupitems are usually installed in the /Library/StartupItems/ folder and less often in the /Home/Library/StartupItems/ folder.  Log In Items are set in the Accounts preferences.  Open System Preferences, click on the Accounts icon, then click on the LogIn Items tab.  Locate the item in the list for the application you want to remove and click on the "-" button to delete it from the list.
    Some software use startup daemons or agents that are a new feature of the OS.  Look for them in /Library/LaunchAgents/ and /Library/LaunchDaemons/ or in /Home/Library/LaunchAgents/.
    If an application installs any other files the best way to track them down is to do a Finder search using the application name or the developer name as the search term.  Unfortunately Spotlight will not look in certain folders by default.  You can modify Spotlight's behavior or use a third-party search utility, EasyFind, instead.
    Some applications install a receipt in the /Library/Receipts/ folder.  Usually with the same name as the program or the developer.  The item generally has a ".pkg" extension.  Be sure you also delete this item as some programs use it to determine if it's already installed.
    There are many utilities that can uninstall applications.  Here is a selection:
        1. AppZapper 2.0.1
        2. AppDelete 3.2.6
        3. Automaton 1.50
        4. Hazel
        5. AppCleaner 2.1.0
        6. CleanApp
        7. iTrash 1.8.2
        8. Amnesia
        9. Uninstaller 1.15.1
      10. Spring Cleaning 11.0.1
    For more information visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on removing software.

  • Can a MacBook Pro with Microsoft Office 2008 accept a Windows USB drive?

    Can a MacBook Pro with Microsoft Office 2008 accept a Windows USB drive?

    You can hook up an USB drive formatted as FAT32 or NTFS(read-only), but it can't read exFAT drives or boot Windows from an USB drive.

  • MacBook Pro Retina hangs on startup when connected to Thunderbolt Display

    I have a MacBook Pro Retina and it's basically almost always connected to my Thunderbolt Display. Each time I start it up, I open the MacBook just slightly and press the power button - and almost instantly the MacBook goes ontop the startup Login screen and at this point is where I close the MacBook and login through the Thunderbolt Display.
    Since last night for the very first time - My MacBook Pro hangs on a white screen and takes a long time before going to the Login screen. I've tried to swith the Thunderbolt Display off from the mains - I've also tried to boot up my MacBook on it's own without it being connected to the Thunderbold Display and all is fine (it almost immediatelly shows the Apple logo and then staright onto the Login screen then BUT as explained, as soon as the MacBook is connected to the Thunderbolt Display and I power it up - it hangs on a white screen for about 30 - 60 seconds before it goes to the login screen!
    I have no idea how from one day to the next this could happen? Perhaps it's some Apple updates I've made recently which I cant really recall because I usually just update software when required to do so.
    Hoping anyone can help.

    Hello FunkTunes,
    I recommend this section of the article Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays found here
    Check connections
    When using an external display be sure to check the following:
    If you're using an Apple notebook, confirm the AC power cable or adapter is securely connected to the computer and the cable providing power to the display is also secure. It is always good to have your notebook connected to AC power when an external display is in use.
    Confirm display adapters are fully seated in their respective connections and that they are supported models and for the computer and display. Refer to these articles to assist you with adapter compatibility and further configuration information:
    Monitor and Display Adapter Table
    About Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters
    Apple Mini DisplayPort adapters: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Thunderbolt ports and displays: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Remove all display cable extenders, KVM switches, or other like devices and retest to determine if the issue is resolved.
    Try unplugging the video adapter or cable and then plug it back in.
    If more than one video adapter is in use (or "daisy-chained"), troubleshoot by using only one adapter.
    Example: A mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter connected to a DVI to HDMI adapter is an unsupported configuration because there is a series of adapters in use.
    If available, try using a different display and or adapter (or use a different connector by using DVI instead of VGA, for instance).
    Reset the system
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.Reset the resolutionStart by resetting the Mac's parameter RAM. If the display does not come up, was previously set to an unsupported resolution, and still results in no video:
    Start up in Safe Mode.
    From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
    Choose Displays from the View menu to open the preferences pane.
    Select any resolution and refresh rate that your display supports.
    Restart your computer.
    All the best,

  • Macbook Pro retina crashes when opened op quickly

    Dear all, my Macbook Pro retina (mid 2012) has a strange problem. When I close it, and open it up again (within a few seconds), it crashes. No life whatsoever. What could be the problem? Does anyone else experience this? And, more important, what could be a solution?
    Kind regards,

    Return the machine to Apple, we can't fix a hardware issue like that and yours seems unique as I don't see others with that problem here.
    Good Luck and buy AppleCare, only upgrade OS X while under AppleCare's coverage.
    Most commonly used backup methods

  • Macbook Pro Retina unable to boot windows 7 from USB

    I have an unusual problem
    i cannot install windows 7 on my macbook pro retina. Thats not the weird part. This is what happens.
    - I use bootcamp.
    - I make bootable USB.
    - Download drivers.
    - Install windows 7
    - Select partition size as 50 or 60 or 70 GB
    - mac restarts, then a black screen appears, a cursor on top left appears just for a second and then dissappears and i am left with a black screen with nothing on it. (No text or cursors)
    I have tried installing 32 bit, 64 bit windows 7.
    Weird thing is i had encountered this problem before and did a bit of searching n found out that you cannot upgrade to 64bit from 32bit. But thats not the issue here. A fix given to that problem worked for me as well. Make a bootable usb with 32bit windows and manually remove all non-hidden files on it and replace with non-hidden files of a 64bit win7. It worked for me then. Win7 installed. But recently i got battlefield 3 and needed additional space to install so i had to remove win7 and repartition. Now no solution is working. Not even the replacing 32bit files with 64bit files.
    I really wanna game!! Please help!!

    64bit still acts cocky.
    But i tried that work around with another USB and it worked. Just Like that
    Cocky Mac.
    Create USB with 32bit OS, replace non-hidden files with non-hidden files of 64bit OS of windows 7.

  • Macbook pro retina hot while sleep/charging

    I know there are a lot of posts about the rMBP getting hot, but I tried searching but couldnt find an answer specifically to my question.
    my rMBP 15" runs fine, but i've just recently noticed that it can get really hot when i put it to sleep/close the screen and leave it charging. - it seems to be hottest on the underside on each side
    As soon as i re open it fans turn on and it cools down within a few minutes.
    Is this just a result of the batteries charging up quickly? and is it normal?

    jksgoh wrote:
    That link didn't help at all.
    the links in that link doesn't go anywhere either - just seems to default to the apple support home page.
    And my question is specific to the retina macbook pro.
    I have notified the author of the "user tip" article.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
    Anyone else got any advice on this?
    If you are so concerend and you have Apple Care or are still under warranty, call tech support to take full advantage of your warranty before it runs out.  Make sure you get a case number. 
    Otherwise, take the computer to an Apple store or an AASP.  Whichever is more convenient for you.  Diagnostic testing is free!

  • My MacBook Pro won't let me mount my external Hard Drive. Just trying to restore my iTunes library.

    My MacBook Pro, less than a year old, started acting weird. I backed everything up, took it in to Best Buy, who sent it out to Apple Repair and they put in a new motherboard.
    It's running on Mac OS X Version 10.7.4
    Now I am trying to put everything back on the computer from my external Maxtor 80GB Hard Drive. MacBook Pro won't recognize the external drive.
    I tried Disk Utility. I can see the external drive, and did a repair disk and verify disk. Several times. Each time it says "This partition map seems to be ok."
    However, I am not able to mount it, as that option is greyed out and i can't select it.
    Also, under the Icon for the external hard drive, it has the Macintosh HD Icon (essentially my computer). I tried to restore this way, didn't work.
    I need this to mount, as it has all of my itunes stuff on it; dozens of my sons movies, and my entire iTunes library.

    Try things in this USB/Firewire faq.

  • Is it okay to carry MacBook Pro Retina 2013 while sleep?


    If you provide it sufficient air flow to prevent it from overheating, you can move it while it's asleep.

  • Multiple kernel panics & black screen on Macbook Pro Retina early 2013

    My Macbook Pro Retina (early 2013, 8GB ram, 250 GB hard drive) has been experiencing multiple kernel panics forcing rapid-fire restarts of the computer multiple times within a very short time frame. This is followed by the screen staying black even if the computer is on (keyboard lit up, can hear volume buttons) but nothing is on the screen. Once the screen goes black, I have to employ some combination of manually shutting it down (by holding down the power button) and then turning it back on (+/- doing an SMC reset) to get the screen working again. I also tried a PRAM reset once, but it didn't seem to have any effect, and I've repaired the disk permissions. 
    This issue has happened multiple times in the past week. It seems to vary as to how long it takes to happen again (could be a few days, could be less than an hour), and it has happened during multiple different activities (surfing the web, using Word, using Mail). I have experienced this both on Mavericks and after updating to Yosemite over the weekend.
    I took it to the Apple Store on Saturday and while the Genius saw that the screen was black when I initially brought it in (even though the computer was on), we couldn't recreate the issue and the diagnostic tests he ran showed nothing. It even started back up fine for him. I thought I was OK, until I had another round of kernel panics + black screen this afternoon. At this point, doing a normal restart of the machine results in a kernel panic before it even makes it off of the loading screen and then a black screen.
    This time, I checked the logs and saw the panic report included below. I don't know enough about this to understand what it means, but hopefully someone else does! Some internet searching has suggested that it might be a problem with the GPU (and the log below says GPU panic). Help, please!
    Mon Nov  3 16:43:08 2014
    *** Panic Report ***
    panic(cpu 6 caller 0xffffff7f868daf63): "GPU Panic: [<None>] 3 0 a0 d9 9 8 0 3 : NVRM[0/1:0:0]: Read Error 0x00000100: CFG 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0xffffffff, BAR0 0x104000000 0xffffff8114d8a000 0x0e7150a2, D0, P3/4\n"@/SourceCache/AppleGraphicsControl/AppleGraphicsControl-3.7.21/src/Apple MuxControl/kext/GPUPanic.cpp:127
    Backtrace (CPU 6), Frame : Return Address
    0xffffff8111a12d30 : 0xffffff8003d3a811
    0xffffff8111a12db0 : 0xffffff7f868daf63
    0xffffff8111a12e90 : 0xffffff7f84a1cd28
    0xffffff8111a12f50 : 0xffffff7f84ae71b6
    0xffffff8111a12f90 : 0xffffff7f84ae7226
    0xffffff8111a13000 : 0xffffff7f84d1ed7e
    0xffffff8111a13090 : 0xffffff7f84d3650b
    0xffffff8111a130d0 : 0xffffff7f84b5fa13
    0xffffff8111a13100 : 0xffffff7f84b5f99d
    0xffffff8111a13130 : 0xffffff7f84c6dc9f
    0xffffff8111a13160 : 0xffffff7f84c6f971
    0xffffff8111a13200 : 0xffffff7f84c6ff38
    0xffffff8111a13280 : 0xffffff7f84a31bbf
    0xffffff8111a132d0 : 0xffffff7f84c74157
    0xffffff8111a13430 : 0xffffff7f84c745fa
    0xffffff8111a134b0 : 0xffffff7f84b1ebee
    0xffffff8111a13680 : 0xffffff7f84b1d78f
    0xffffff8111a136c0 : 0xffffff7f84b2d8f8
    0xffffff8111a13720 : 0xffffff7f84b27d63
    0xffffff8111a13740 : 0xffffff7f84ae3f76
    0xffffff8111a13780 : 0xffffff7f84ae3060
    0xffffff8111a137e0 : 0xffffff7f84a20164
    0xffffff8111a13800 : 0xffffff7f84a20b5b
    0xffffff8111a13a20 : 0xffffff7f84a20e48
    0xffffff8111a13ac0 : 0xffffff7f849ce330
    0xffffff8111a13b40 : 0xffffff7f849cdb9e
    0xffffff8111a13ba0 : 0xffffff7f849cf4c6
    0xffffff8111a13be0 : 0xffffff7f849818d0
    0xffffff8111a13c70 : 0xffffff7f849798ac
    0xffffff8111a13cb0 : 0xffffff7f849d0164
    0xffffff8111a13d00 : 0xffffff80042b85b1
    0xffffff8111a13d50 : 0xffffff80042ff0b5
    0xffffff8111a13dc0 : 0xffffff8003dea95e
    0xffffff8111a13e10 : 0xffffff8003d3e91c
    0xffffff8111a13e40 : 0xffffff8003d235a3
    0xffffff8111a13e90 : 0xffffff8003d33e8d
    0xffffff8111a13f10 : 0xffffff8003e0a142
    0xffffff8111a13fb0 : 0xffffff8003e3ac66
          Kernel Extensions in backtrace:[6D99A3BE-D531-3780-880B-13F2FC894A4A]@0 xffffff7f8496f000->0xffffff7f849a9fff
    dependency:[766FC23F-452C-3B74-951C-598BB17BCF06]@0xffffff 7f84524000[32B7E2DE-1F9D-3555-B687-7A76A62B81D2]@ 0xffffff7f868cc000->0xffffff7f868dffff
    dependency:[62689710-EEA7-307A-AC83-B8F25DA88 A6A]@0xffffff7f868c4000
    dependency:[70E2B65E-A91A-3522-A1A0-79FD63EABB4C]@0xfffff f7f8526e000
    dependency:[766FC23F-452C-3B74-951C-598BB17BCF06]@0xffffff 7f84524000
    dependency:[6D99A3BE-D531-3780-880B-13F2FC894A4A]@0 xffffff7f8496f000
    dependency:[0183904C-6A16-32C4-9405-EEFD7F820B 02]@0xffffff7f868c7000[53CC0E05-7382-336C-8239-AE884D6CA71A]@ 0xffffff7f849cc000->0xffffff7f84c41fff
    dependency:[766FC23F-452C-3B74-951C-598BB17BCF06]@0xffffff 7f84524000
                dependency:[F4738C55-B507-3627-A9CA-3D29A5230A03]@0xff ffff7f849b6000
    dependency:[6D99A3BE-D531-3780-880B-13F2FC894A4A]@0 xffffff7f8496f000
    dependency:[4700601D-3FEB-3B86-B2BA-8D71AF84D1 C4]@0xffffff7f849c6000[DC43029D-568A-3B7C-976B-E922C17F5143 ]@0xffffff7f84c4d000->0xffffff7f84dfafff
                dependency:[53CC0E05-7382-336C-8239-AE884D6CA71A ]@0xffffff7f849cc000
    dependency:[766FC23F-452C-3B74-951C-598BB17BCF06]@0xffffff 7f84524000
    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer

    The logic board is faulty and will have to be replaced.
    Make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store, or go to another authorized service provider. You may have to leave the machine there for several days.
    Back up all data on the internal drive(s) before you hand over your computer to anyone. There are ways to back up a computer that isn't fully functional—ask if you need guidance.
    If privacy is a concern, erase the data partition(s) with the option to write zeros* (do this only if you have at least two complete, independent backups, and you know how to restore to an empty drive from any of them.) Don’t erase the recovery partition, if present.
    Keeping your confidential data secure during hardware repair
    Apple also recommends that you deauthorize a device in the iTunes Store before having it serviced.
    *An SSD doesn't need to be zeroed.

  • MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013 Compatibility issue with Bose Companion 5 USB Speakers on Mavericks

    Hi, I wonder if somebody has compatibility issues of new MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013) and Bose Companion 5 USB speakers? They work fine on a left USB port on my MacBook Pro, but doesn't work at all on a right one: USB speakers are not recognised or if recognised as "Uknown Audio Device", they doesn't work any way and iTunes stops playing till I take USB cable out.
    I tested them already on two identical machines - the same issue: left USB port works fine, right one - not.
    While comparing, I tested this audio device also with other MacBooks:
    MacBook Pro 15" 2008 (Mavericks) - both USB ports work fine
    MacBook 13" 2010 (Mountain Lion) - both USB ports work fine
    MacBook Pro 13" Retina early 2013 (Mavericks) - both USB ports work fine
    So it is somehow related exactly to the MacBook Pro Retina 15" Retina late 2013 with Maverics. I guess some sound card and USB port communication issue. Does any body exeriences such problems as well?

    Im having USB problems with storage devices and android phone connections

  • Macbook pro retina 13 battery problem?

    Hello, I have macbook pro retina 13 with opened firefox and installed Sophos antivirus.
    The battery at 80% says that 5 hours remain. Is that normal? The battery has 3 cycles.

    No, it's not normal to install Sophos antivirus. Uninstall it: you're MacBook will thank you for it.

  • With the new purchase of my MacBook Pro retina, the Mac AppStore think that I've purchased iLife, therefor I can't update iLife apps, it asks me to sign in with the Apple ID that it thinks I purchased it with.

    I have recently purchased the new Macbook pro retina and while updating the preinstalled (free) iPhoto &amp; iMovie, a message shows saying: To update this application, sign in to the account you used to purchase it. And obviously i haven't purchased them. Tried everything I know, not sure what els to do.

    I responded to your here >
    Please do not start duplicate topics...  thanks!

  • How do I install on my new macbook pro retina without a cd drive?

    I got Photoshop Elements 10 for Christmas and now I just finally got my new Macbook Pro retina that doesn't have a cd/dvd drive so now I don't know how to install it?? Help please!!

    Either Copy the content of the DVD on a USB drive and then install or Download the trial from website and use the serial number on the Box to serialize it.

  • Macbook pro retina with external dvd or reg. macbook pro

    I just received my new macbook pro retina display.  discovered did not have dvd drive.  stupidly did not figure that out prior.  Should I exchange it for a macbook pro with drive or is the external dvd drive as good?

    OIt's true that the Retina model needs adapters for Ethernet and FireWire 800 connections - so there might be a mess of 'accesories' to haul around and keep track of. Personally, that's just one of the many reasons that I didn't leap at a 1st generation Retina model. You can always put an SSD into a standard, non-Retina, MBP. You can also add up to 16GB of RAM, just as on a Retina model. And it's much cheaper to DIY than to pay Apple prices.
    Plus the optical drive is built-in.
    Good luck,

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