Macbook pro screen blinks after connecting it to LED Cinema Display

Hello, just bought a 27 LED Cinema Display to connect my macbook pro 17 (early 2009).
Everything fine until today. After disconnecting my laptop to the display the screen of laptop blinks.
Never had this problem.
I would appreciate any help.

...but I need to be sure that my macbook will not stop working if I leave the problem with the screen blinks.
Of course you do — we all need to be sure our machines will keep working properly. Unfortunately, there's never any certainty about that, even if one's machine is working perfectly right now. But if it's any consolation, I've seen nothing posted in these forums to indicate that the blinks commonly foreshadow anything worse, so I think you can be reasonably confident that your machine isn't at the start of a predictable course of deterioration.

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    Does anyone know why my macbook pro screen dims when waking from sleep or waking from my screen saver? I can't get it to stop doing this. Thanks.

    It sounds like I have the same thing happening. It's more like the colors are washed out, like there is less contrast. I have a hot corner set up for my screen saver. Once I activate the screen saver for a second and then deactivate it, the Macbook screen goes back to normal. I have a 30" Samsung 305T monitor set up as a second (main) screen for when I'm working at home, which is most of the time. I haven't had it unplugged from the Macbook since this started, so I don't know if it happens by itself. I do know that the Samsung looks fine when waking up from the screen saver at the same time.
    I tried to find others with this problem in this forum, but got tired of looking through all the other posts that had nothing to do with this problem.
    Can anyone help us?

  • How to connect multiple Apple LED Cinema Displays to MacBook Pro

    I have an Apple 24 inch LED Cinema display that I run from my MB Pro. I mainly use the MB Pro+ screen for document editing.
    I would like to run a second Apple 24 inch Cinema display from the MB Pro. I am presently running another monitor successfully via a Dynalink USB splitter but would really prefer to run a second Apple monitor. I have enquired at two Apple Stores and browsed lots of sites. Multiple monitors from MB Pro seems ok (as long as it's not two Apple monitors). I would be surprised if Apple is content to pass up the opportunity to sell more of these superb screens.
    Grateful for any advice and suggestions

    In addition to the one from Atlona, there are:

  • Screen resolution problem - HP computer and LED Cinema Display

    I just purchased an HP Envy Phoenix H9-1330 with Windows 8, and I connected it to my 27" Mac LED Cinema Display, but the resolution is horrible. The highest option in the screen resolution menu is 1280 x 720, and I'm getting the error message "Your resolution is lower than 1024 x 768. Some items might not fit and apps might not open". How do I fix this? What kind of issue is this (Windows 8? Graphics card? HP can't support my monitor? etc...)?
    I just bought another brand new computer, but not an HP, with Windows 8 and I have no problems with the resolution - it looks absolutely beautiful. I want to use my monitor with my HP desktop though.
    Thanks for any help

    Still haven't figured it out....
    BUT I did notice that, on the back of the computer, there are 2 additional DVI connections that are covered with a black cover and screwed in (and they say 'please do not remove'.... I'm asuming it's because they aren't connected to anything? Or maybe they aren't connected to the graphics card?). Is it possible that just my DVI connection is wrong, and I'll need to connect to one of these covered-up DVI inputs instead? But why are they covered up? Do I need to take it in so they can be connected to the graphics card?? Help! I don't want to return this computer, but I will have to if I can't get the resolution fixed.

  • Early08 Mac Pro ATI Radeon 4870 Upgrade w/ 24" LED Cinema Display

    I have just received the ATI Radeon 4870 upgrade kit for my early 2008 Mac Pro (dual quad) which permits me to use the new LED Cinema Display (I now have a mini display port). Almost everything works well but find I am unable to manually put the display to sleep. It just seems to freeze and not go dark. Am using OS 10.5.6. I know the card is a new product. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    This information is GOLD! Solid GOLD!
    I have an early-'08 Pro also, and got the HD 4870 this afternoon via FedEx. I tried running a game, and got a "Cannot load 3D acceleration" error message. I noticed that moving windows was choppy, as was switching between Spaces pages. I called AppleCare, and after a loooooooong discussion with some very friendly folks, the tech support guy sent me to the Apple Store support to initiate an exchange.
    I then found this thread, downloaded the beta drivers, and BAM! it works like I hoped it would, blazing fast graphics.
    I called AppleCare back so they'd be aware of it, and while I was on the phone, the guy even followed that link and said, "Wow, what the heck is that site?" He was very happy to have the information.
    Spread the word!
    Of course, then, today, I noticed on MacRumors that a new nvidia card is going to be offered as an upgrade next month. Sigh. I think I'm happy enough with this one to ignore the nVidia offering. I hope 10.5.7 comes out soon.

  • X200s + Ultrabase (DisplayPort) to connect to Apples' LED Cinema Display (mini DisplayPort)?

    I'm considering purchasing Apple's LED Cinema Display which has only one connection, mini DisplayPort. I have an X200s and the Ultrabase with the DisplayPort.
    Has anyone got this combination working? 
    Getting a mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort connection isn't easy from what I can tell but I've spoken to Circuit Assembly and they have a product that will provide the necessary connection ( but can't be sure it will work as they don't have Apple's display on hand.
    Any information on whether anyone has had this or a similar setup working would be much appreciated.
    Go to Solution.

    it works... my friend was using it in the site office. 
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
    I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

  • Nvidia GeForce 9400M makes my MacBook Pro screen blinks

    I am using a Macbook Pro 2.4MHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 1067MHz DDR3.
    That's the one with the Nvidia GeForce 9400M and the Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT.
    Using the Nvidia GeForce 9400M, as my default video card, seems to make my screen blinks. That is random.
    Apple's Hardware Test show no problems.
    When I am using the Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT the screen blinks stops.
    I am sure that all started after updating to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I am currently running Mac OS X 10.6.5.
    Is this a software problem or there is a problem with the Nvidia GeForce 9400M chip?
    Does any is experiencing the same problem?
    +the problem withe the screen blinking is quite old. I am mostly using my Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT as my default video card with no problem at all, but I want to be able to use my Nvidia GeForce 9400M because of the better battery life.
    Any help will be valuable.+

    I have the same issue with mine and sadly I missed the date to get Applecare on this machine (they usually call but this time around they didn't).  ***** that I didn't get this resolved before my warranty ran out .. I'm certainly not going to shell out for a replacement motherboard out of pocket.  I now use the 9600 graphics exclusively and can almost watch my battery drop by the minute.
    On a side note I'm not very impressed with the quality control Apple has had with their portables in the last few years.  I bought this unit refurbished and it took two units to get one that worked properly, and even then this one never did as it's had this video blinking issue since day one.  The problem is I didn't really notice it until recently when I started using it running more often on battery and decided to use the mobile chipset to save battery time.  This is the third MBP I've had and their 3rd MBP that's had motherboard issues.
    When it comes time to replace this one I'm seriously considering going with a macbook air or something else.  Can't justify spending the money on more MBP's with such terrible track records.

  • MacBook Pro screen blinks

    My new MacBook Pro display screen is blinking or flickering every few minutes now. I've only noticed it when I've switched to the integrated 9400M graphics processor. I don't recall seeing any blinks when using the discrete 9600M GPU. Usually it is only the top half or so of the display that blinks or flickers for a split second. Anyone else having the same problem?

    you can change the graphics chip via the systempreferences under the "energy saver" lightbulb icon.
    In addition to earlier postings in this thread, I changed over to the faster graphics chip and the blinking and visual artifacts dissapeared. The good news is (at least for the moment) that when i changed back to the native chip the problems seem to have gone.
    Another thought is that, after reading the link/article on malfunctioning N chips, the problem seemed to have to do with over heating, which to my mind seems illogical as i had usually had the problems directly after a (cold) start-up.
    So considering that the problems dissapered after switching back and forth between chips and that the original problems occured while the comouter was still cold, does imply some sort of soft ware problem. Come on Apple, let´s have a fix.

  • Mid-2010 MacBook Pro Screen Blinks

    Hello, the evening before going abroad, my MBP screen began to blink on and off to a black screen before returning to a temporary normal state. I have tried a PRAM reset and noticed that the boot screen runs fine with no flicker, but both the login and desktop screens blink? The battery is due for replacing soon, but I don't see the this having any impact on the screen blinking? I have searched for an appropriate EFI update but have not seen one
    Has anyone come across this before on the 13"? Or has anyone got suggestions to resolve this issue?
    Many Thanks in Advance!!!

    I have the same problem with my late 2011 MBP 15 -from-sporadic-gpu-failures
    It seems to be a common problem, and a pretty expensive one to fix. I am hoping to be able to use the consumer rights we have in Sweden to get it fixed for free.

  • MacBook Pro screen blinks (Some new questions to ask)

    Hello everybody, I have exactly the same problem:
    My laptop is out of warranty, the Apple service in my country (Bulgaria) is very poor and I want to get the things in my hands. I have some questions:
    1) My laptop display bliks - ok, its alright, maybe anoying but everything else works. Is it a problem to work with the display blinks or after few months my laptop will have other problems or will stop working?
    2) Is it possible to found parts on the internet and repair it. Someone told me that I can found the needed parts on ebay but I see only logic boards for over 700$ I have only this issue with my laptop - the screen blinks, everything else is fine.
    I'll be happy to hear some opinions from users who already have solved this problem. Thanks

    ...but I need to be sure that my macbook will not stop working if I leave the problem with the screen blinks.
    Of course you do — we all need to be sure our machines will keep working properly. Unfortunately, there's never any certainty about that, even if one's machine is working perfectly right now. But if it's any consolation, I've seen nothing posted in these forums to indicate that the blinks commonly foreshadow anything worse, so I think you can be reasonably confident that your machine isn't at the start of a predictable course of deterioration.

  • Macbook Pro screen blinks - Possible solution

    I have a MacBook Pro and the display screen blinks randomly. I changed Energy Saver in System Preferences from "Better battery life" to "High performance" and it seems to have solved the problem -- the screen no longer blinks. Just wanted to share this with other users.

    Follow these documents.

  • What is the problem with 15-inch Macbook Pro model 2011 after connecting to TV with HDMI chord?

    Today we connected a 15-inch Macbook Pro model 2011 with HDMI chord to an Insigna Television. We plugged and unplugged couple of times. But recently the macbook pro is having technical issues. The following symptoms are:
    1. Macbook pro turns on and off
    2. The screen stays blue and keeps loading but does not load to the desktop so you can't access to anywhere
    3. The screen sometimes becomes fuzzy and the apple logo that shows before it loads to the desktop is fuzzy
    4. Sometimes fuzzy lines appear on the screen like you see on television when there's a bad signal
    5. The screen stays blue
    6. Sometimes little specks appear on the screen
    Only thing we did was turn it off and restart but it still leads to the same symptoms above.
    Does anyone have any clue what caused this problem? I am guessing it is due to the connection to the HDMI chord, since we didn't turn the macbook on and off when we plugged it, rather we just unplugged and plugged the chord while the macbook is running.
    Another theory might be watching movies from an online source but the first theory seems to make more sense.
    We scheduled a meeting with the genius bar tomorrow but does anyone might have any clue? And also any ideas how to fix this? This is an emergency because there are important files on the macbook we didn't back up and we hope the files are safe and we need to use the macbook ASAP. Let us know anything that might have caused this and/or any solutions or help. That would be appreciated and thank you.

    Hey there! Welcome to the Discrete GPU issue clube ... post your relate here >>> 2011 MacBook Pro and Discrete Graphics Card
    And for GOD SAKE! Call Apple to tell them that you're another user with such problem ...  that action can improve a future recall. BTW the fix price for your problem is around U$ 1000,00 ... that's the meaning of the recall attempt

  • Macbook Pro Screen blink with Genius bar. What should i expect?

    I have to say in my almost 20 years of being a mac user i've never had a problem with any of my mac's. I now have a minor issue with a brand new Macbook Pro that i bought on New years day. The screen has an odd blink on the upper 1/3 portion of the screen. So i've decided to make an appointment with my local Apple store to show it to a genius. I was actually able to capture the blink on video so that i can show it to the genius.
    Now my concern. If its a software issue, thats fine, i'll wait for a patch. But i feel weird about Apple fixing the machine. I feel like the laptop will lose its "magic". The receipt said there is a 14 day return policy, i guess im over that otherwise i would have paid the restocking fee to get a brand new one. Do you think I am just being dumb?

    This is a support forum. Your question isn't really something that anyone that here can answer. Only someone that knows you will be able to say if you're being "dumb"
    Of course it's a bummer when you get a brand new computer... especially a high end one like a MacBook Pro... and you find you have a problem with it. Apple's service has always been among the best. If you do have a hardware issue... bring it in and have them take care of it for you. If you get it back and discover there is something more wrong with it than when you brought it in, then address it. I wouldn't not get it serviced for fear of it losing its "magic". If you're just slightly over your return period... there's no harm is asking them if they would be willing to replace it. There's no guaranty that they will, but they have the flexibility to do so. The worst case scenario is that they fix the one you have.

  • How do you connect two 27" LED Cinema Displays together?

    I currently have one screen connected to my MacBook Pro 2010.  How do I connect the second screen if I only have one Thunderbolt port?

    I Think they can be daisy chained.check your manual for more info to see if your Mac supports this
    John b

  • How to connect a Apple LED Cinema Display (24") to a PC with an ATI 4850?

    I have a new MacBook Pro and the LED Display just rocks with it, but my PC... how do I connect this MASSIVE investment to my PC with an ATI 4850?

    Sadly, if there is no Mini Display Port on the 4850, you cannot.
    And there are no known adapters at this time.
    Thanks ... Ken

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