Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display produces small white spots, how do I clean the screen?

How do I remove the white spots from the Macbook Pro display? The cleaning cloth takes out few of the spots, but I don't want to apply so much pressure on the display, as it may damage it. I'm a little nervous about using liquids, should I? Any solutions? Cloths? Liquids? Etc.

I've noticed that people offer various personal advice on this, but nobody references the engineers who actually designed and built the screen.  I'm assuming Apple did consult the engineers on this issue and they actually took the time to write about it in the "MacBook Pro Important Product Information Guide."  They probably thought it was important or something. ;-)
I'll quote page 2 from the 2012 rMBP version:
"Cleaning the McBook Pro Screen  To clean your MacBook Pro screen, first shut down your MacBook Pro and unplug the power adapter. Then dampen the included cleaning cloth with just water and wipe the screen. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen." (Emphasis added.)
Coming from a machining background, I would recommend using a swirling motion to avoid wearing the screen in a uniform manner.  Take note that this is not explicitly stated in the guide, and is probably not necessary considering the included cloth is so soft that it probably wouldn't affect the screen this way.

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    I've just bought a Macbook Pro 15" and I'm trying to use Photoshop, but the resolution its displaying the images at for 100% are too small. I have to design for the web, so need to be intricate with detail, but I'm finding it adjusts the resolution of the image right down. (I mean you can see the image clearly, but it's too small to edit). When I look at Safari and see a web page at 100% it's clear, but the same page displayed in Photoshop CC appears 50% of the size (even though it says it's 100%)
    If I move the application window to another screen it adjusts it correctly  – leaving all the pallettes, menus and tools correctly sized as they are on the retina display
    Is there some way to adjust the way Photoshop CC displays images so it is more consistent with what you actually see?
    There doesn't seem to be any answer on the Adobe forum, so hopefully someone here can shed some light.

    quaetapo wrote:
    Well that certainly helps in terms of making the image larger – only problem is with the low resolution there's a loss of clarity and pixelisation of the image; so not the same level of quality...
    In System Preferences/Display, what resolution do you have your screen set to? Try changing that also to see if the two settings can work together. Also, since the vast majority of users (Mac or PC) don't have Retina Displays, isn't what you're seeing with Low Resolution checked in Photoshop closer to what most people will see? Remember that Apple's software, such as Safari, have been upgraded to take full advantage of the rMBP display; most other browsers, especially in Windows, haven't.
    And if you want to tinker with the rMBP's resolution even further, check out "Eye-Friendly" in the App Store.

  • MacBook Pro 15" Retina display with distorted graphics.

    I have a MacBook Pro 15" Retina display purchased in Nov. 2014.  When surfing the net areas of the screen will sometimes begin to display distorted or blinking graphics.  The distoreded area are usually about 2" high by 3" long of either blinking text or filled many small rectangles of distorted graphics.  I ran diagnostics and no problems found.  Here is a link to a video of the problem.
    [URL= 85ms.mp4][IMG] 20One2_zps1ywf85ms.mp4[/IMG][/URL]
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    Howdy dalefromdeatsville,
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities.
    To troubleshoot this issue where you're seeing graphical distortion on your Mac's display, please follow the instructions below.
    Reset the system
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.Reset the resolution
    Start by resetting the Mac's parameter RAM. If the display does not come up, was previously set to an unsupported resolution, and still results in no video:
    Start up in Safe Mode.
    From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
    Choose Displays from the View menu to open the preferences pane.
    Select any resolution and refresh rate that your display supports.
    Restart your computer.
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays - Apple Support
    Alex H.

  • Is there a way to digitize audio using the headphone input on the 15-inch (late 2013) Macbook Pro with Retina display?

    I'd like to digitize audio from a minidisc player into my 15-inch (late 2013) Macbook Pro with retina display, but can't see a way to change the internal mic input.  I understand that previous MacBooks allowed the headphone jack to double as a mic input, but mine doesn't seem capable of switching.  I've tried using a mini to mini cable, with no luck, and also tried using a headset splitter adapter (3.5 mm 4-pin to 2x3-pin 3.5 mm headset splitter adapter from Amazon) because I read that that would allow me to plug in headphones and input audio.  But in both cases, the only "input" available in my sound preferences is the built-in internal microphone.  Am I missing something?  Is there a way to digitize audio through the headphone jack? 

    Not likely. headphone jacks are usually output only devices unless specifically stated to support input, and even then, it may not be audio input that they support, but merely control input for volume and such.
    You can get a USB audio input instead. i.e:

  • HT204135 Hi! Okay I am about to purchase a printer for my MacBook Pro w/retinal display. I would like to know which

    Can someone tell me which printer would be most compatible and easiest to install?
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    I feel overwhelmed by the info on the net. Thank you from a concerned senior citizen.

    Cocoa506 wrote:
    Hi again. I do want a wireless printer to use for both my MacBook Pro laptop and IPhone 4S.
    I would need a printer/scanner.
    Then have a look at the MG6320

  • 15 inch Macbook pro w/o retina display or 13 inch Macbook pro with retina display?

    Want to get a macbook for university. Going to be used primarily for work and casual use. Have a 32inch full hd tv to connect up to for watching movies etc, which is the better choice?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    I recommend a non-Retina MacBook Pro unless you need the Retina display. MacBooks Pro with Retina display are very limited and you can't replace anything if you don't want to void warranty. Also, repairs are more expensive, so purchase AppleCare for your MacBook Pro with Retina display.
    Go for the 15-inch MacBook Pro if you need good GPU performance. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display has got an Intel HD Graphics 4000 as the graphic card, and it's not supported in Adobe apps, for example. Also, apps that require GPU performance won't work properly.
    If you are not going to do any heavy task, the 13-inch MacBook Pro should work

  • Where can I get a case specifically for my MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

    I really want to get a case/sleeve that really fits my MacBook Pro with Retina Display; however, everywhere I look only has cases for the regular 15" MacBook Pro. I want something that has a tight fit on my Retina. Any ideas?

    My guess is they wouldn't introduce new production line just for the 1 or two milimeter difference. They will probably just change their marketing material and websites to add Retina as compatible. Then again I'm not a manufacturer.
    In reality though, apart from hard-shell cases/sheilds that have to attach directly on the laptop, the cases and sleeves are already compatible.

  • What is the tax percentage on the Macbook Pro with Retina Display in the US

    I am interested in buying the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display. I would just like to know what the tax percentage of the price is when buying in the US???

    The price quoted does not include tax which is determined by the state/city where sold.  There is not a Federal tax as in Europe with the VAT.
    State taxes can run 3-10% or somewhere in that range.

  • I want to buy macbook pro without retina display 13 inch. How much does it cost? Is it available now?

    I want to buy macbook pro without retina display 13 inch model. How much does it cost? And is it available now? I heard that Apple is going to discontinue this model soon. Is it true?
    Kindly let me know.
    Thank you.

    Apple's still selling the 13" (but not 15") non-Retina model... see ->
    Good luck,

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    Thank you for the reply! As you said they looked exactly the same, so I'm not able to tell the differences just by looking, right? I'm thinking to buy a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, but I'm not buying the MacBook in Apple Store, I'm buying it in other shops, how can know whether they are not selling me the old model of MacBook Pro with retina display?

  • Tiny white spot on MacBook Pro With Retina Display Screen

    I bought my MacBook Pro with retina display on July 10,2012 It has been working fine but then, I noticed a white spot on the left side of the screen. It's real tiny, proably not even an inch big but I can see it. Other peole have not been able to see it, But I can. I spoke to AppleCare, they said to mail it in to have them look at it since I don't live near an Apple Store. But is it really worth sending my computer in for something that is so small? It is also too late to return my computer.
    P.S I think and so does AppleCare, that it is a dead pixel
    Should I send it in? Has anyone ever mailed in their computer to Apple before? What is it like? Is it a good or bad experiance? How long does it take for you to get it back?
    Thank You!

    I think we have the same issue. I bought my Macbook rpo retina last sept 2012. I jsut discovered it recently as I often watch Tv shows on my ipad3. I happened to watch a tv show in my mbpr lately and saw this tiny white flickering dot on the top left corner of my display. I see it only intermittently meaning in some instances you see it sometimes not. It only happens when in full screen using QT player. If I minimize it and back to ful scrn, the dot disappears. After few mins it may or may not show up.
    I brought it to apple customer service and they cant  duplicate the issue. I told them its random and they should wait for it. They said theyve been watching tv shows in full scrn for 2 days already and it didnt happen. I even showed them  video clips - I record the tiny dot flickering using my iPhone - but still they cant reproduce the issue. After I brought it back home, I immediately watch a TV show and see it once again. It dosappears once you minimize it and returning to full scrn mode the flickering disappears.
    So I thought Why would it disappear once I minimize it? If its hardware then it should be there all the time! and so I use VLC player instead to check if it would happen as well. for sevral days, I used vlc player to watch all movies/videos and IT DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL! There is no tiny white dot flickering with VLC! and so I thought maybe this is firmware or driver...and so when the macbook pro has an update recently about 2.0 something...I thought it would resolve the issue but it didnt.
    I have inserted a copy of the flickering tiny white dot...

  • So, my Macbook Pro with retina display only prints in black and white. My printer, officejet 4620 series [555DE4], is not the problem. I want to know how to be able to print in color as well??

    So, my Macbook Pro with retina display only prints in black and white. My printer, Officejet 4620 series [555DE4], is not the problem. I want to know how to be able to print in color as well??

    In the Print dialog, select the Color Matching tab and then select Vendor Matching.

  • Small scratch on my Macbook Pro with Retina Display Screen

    I was cleaning the retina display screen of my MacBook Pro when I discovered that there is a very small scratch on the screen. I have had my MacBook Pro with Retina Display for about four months and honestly its my most cared for item. I look after it with every fibre of my being, I am actually a little OCD when it comes to looking after it. I don't even leave the house until I know its in a safe place and nobody else is allowed near it. I am really annoyed that it's scratched and I really have no idea how it happened. I know its only a tiny scratch but its starting to bug me and I am now aware of its presence every time I start up my Mac. Is there anything I can do about this? Is there any way to fix it? Thanks.

    For a precise quote, you will have to take the MBP to an Apple store genius bar.  If you go to the and, they will have parts prices which should give you a rough estimate of the costs.

  • Apple macbook pro with retina display is having yellow screen problems in which screen is not perfectly white and is yellowish. More over the service frm apple's part is ridiculous as they have faulty spare part. Does ne1 hv email of senior person?

    Apple macbook pro with retina display is having yellow screen problems in which screen is not perfectly white and is yellowish. More over the service frm apple's part is ridiculous as they have faulty spare part. Does ne1 hv email of senior person?

    Apple service centre employee told me that they do not have this 14 day offer in India.
    And My mac book pro is taken in by Service centre people to run test etc and I will be informed the next day if they accept it as a fault or not ?
    I feeling ridiculously bad.

  • How to completely remove mac os and install windows 7 on macbook pro with retina display 15 inch

    how to completely remove mac os and install windows 7 on macbook pro with retina display 15 inch

    There's not much sense in purchasing a Mac to run only Windows on it.  Keep in mind that drivers for Windows are a secondary concern for Apple.  While Windows will typicall run fine, things like power managment are not optimized under Windows (you'll get less time on battery while running Windows).  You will also not be able to install firmware updates.  Firmware updates might be necessary whether you run Windows or OS X as they are updates to the code in your hardware and are not OS-specific.  You must be running OS X in order to install a firmware update.  You can do this even if you boot off of an external drive with OS X installed on it.  At the very least, you should keep just a small partition for OS X on your internal drive. 

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