MacBook Unibody Lid Closed + External Monitor - Will it warp??

I've managed to figure out how to get only my external monitor working with my MacBook by using the put to sleep method.
However, the post I read about this technique mentioned you may want to leave the MacBook lip open to help cooling and prevent warping. Will the aluminum and glass really warp?? Should I really keep the lid open?

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  • How to switch off internal macbook screen when using external monitor(s)

    as far as i observed, adding external displays ( running different screens on them, not mirroring)  to a macbook pro  increases the gpu workload and with that comes temperature rise in the laptop and increase in ventilator noise - and probably increased hardware aging and risk of component faillure due to high temperature inside the laptop.
    simply try connecting two external 27" screens and open some flash video on both of them. then run a temperature monitoring software and watch temps rise, compared to running same flash videos / demanding tasks only on one connected external screen or only on the laptop screen with no external monitor connected.
    especially in mavericks, due to its increased background routines, such a set-up appears ever the more taxing, then again who does not love apple`s nice adds showing laptops with two 27” screens connected to it and the workspace vision they invoke....
    i have seen temps around 100° to 102° celsius on a 13" macbook pro 2012 edition, which i would expect is territory where the cpu / gpu temp safety switches will trigger system shutdown any time soon ( hardware status before verified as fully in order by apple service and default osx installation)
    imagine your anti-virus software starting some realtime content screening while runnign some demanding tasks already and the system shuts down easily (all such situation observed in reality)
    (would be interesting to see how a retina display macbook fares with 2 external monitors running demanding tasks, considering the retina display already increased taxing for the gpu - any experience from users of such a setup would be very much appreciated as it will provide critical purchase decision intelligence for all of us envisioning a retina-book and two big screens adoring our desks...)
    turning down the macbook`s built-in screen`s backlight may reduce power consumption but i have not seen any evidence that it switches off the gpu-to-screen feed and respective gpu load - it certainly did not prevent gpu, cpu, board, etc temps to rise to borderline levels.
    so the key question here is, how to switch off the macbook pro`s built-in screen in order to avoid gpu cycles being wasted on that screen ( and the resulting heat developments)  when working with big external screen(s)  connected to the laptop ?

    this thread talks about running several monitors as advertised by apple and running demanding task on them.
    with the lid open, the keyboard offers a very efficiant heat escape vector, which is blocked when the lid is closed - this is a basic and commonsense insulation effect.  this thread also mentions the use of temperature monitoring software and thus a repeatable test setup. the temps recorded were also mentioned. they rose when the lid was closed, the running task remaining unchanged. as far as i could track down the cpus in discussion will shut down around the 105 degree celsius range. i observed system shut downs when the system approached 103° celsius.  not to mention that the fans will run loud well before that.
    again this is on hardware checked and ok-ed by apple service.
    the question still welcoming an expert answer: is there any way to switch off the built-in macbook monitor while the lid is open ?

  • MacBook Air w/ 4 External Monitors

    I have a MacBook Air with 4 External Monitors:
    Dell UltraSharp 30"
    2 x Dell UltraSharp 20" - Rotated 90 degrees
    Samsung Sync Master Commercial Display 55" Mounted on the Wall
    This is the main monitor setup w/o the Samsung:
    The 30" is connect to the air using a MiniDP to DP connector and the other monitors are using Sewell DisplayLink USB to DVI connectors:
    Everything seems to be working smoothly EXCEPT there are times when I bring the MacBook Air to the office and connect it and all the display settings do not seem to be saved. The arrangement and monitor rotation is not the way it was when I left.  I have even tired shutting the computer down, restarting it correcting the configuration and then saving and restarting again.  When it boots back up the rotation is correct (somtimes) but other settings such as arrangement or background may not be correct.
    Any thoughts?
    I love the Air and I would hate to go back to my ThinkPad but if this won't work then I will need to.

    Quick update, I downloaded the mostt recent drivers for the Sewell adapter and that seemed to work.  Which is strange because I thought i had done this previously.
    None the less it looks like we are good to go now.

  • How do I use my macbook pro lid closed

    How do I use my macbook pro lid closed?

    Well what i'm trying to do is keep file sharing on while macBook is closed so i can access files through "newtwok" (Back to my mac) with my imac...
    Ideally i would then control my macBook with screen sharing on my imac while the MacBook is stored behind my iMac...
    Somehow it worked before but now it stopped...and everytime i close the lid ..mac book pro goes black screen and completly disconnects from the newtwork...
    Everything works fine with lid open..
    I am trying to do this because i have a new imac with thunderbold and an older macbook pro with mini display port..and as you might already canot connect these thow devices using thunderbolt cable...which really *****....there is also no adaport enabling this...and i really dont need to buy another mac book that just has one more hole in it >.<
    Anyway..hope there is a solution somewhere to keep file sharing going while lid down..
    regards remo

  • Why is it that when I plug my Macbook Pro to an external monitor, the external monitor turns black and shows the mouse only

    Why is it that when I plug my Macbook Pro to an external monitor, the external monitor turns black and shows the mouse only

    Hi, yes preferences sees there is a second display it recognises what make of monitor it is etc but I just get a blank blue screen on the monitor when I change it to the hdmi setting! I have tried with mirroring on and off, rearranging the displays in the preference window and lots of different resolution settings but with no difference.
    An old MacBook connects fine so the monitor and hdmi port must be okay. I'm sure we have used the cable before but it could have been with the previous MacBook Air. The current one I'm using is a mid 2011 version running lion and is (according to software update) all up to date.
    Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!

  • Problems connecting my MacBook Pro to an external monitor

    For the past 2 years, I have regularly connected my MacBook Pro to an external monitor (Dell SR2320L) using a VGA cable. When I do so, the picture  automatically comes up in the maximum resolution of the external monitor (1920 x 1080). However, just in the past few weeks, the picture on my external monitor automatically comes up in 1600 x 1200 instead.  When I click on the display menu in the upper right corner of my screen, there isn't even an option for 1920 x 1080 anymore.  I've tried restarting my computer and even unplugging and replugging in the cable, but nothing seems to fix the problem. However, on at least some occasions, the problem seems to fix itself after about a day or so of use, and the picture reverts back to 1920 x 1080. I should note a couple of things: when I connect another MacBook to my monitor, the display automatically comes up in 1920 x 1080. And when I connect my Macbook to a different display, I have the same problem as I have with my display. So I think the issue is definitely with my computer, not my monitor. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to solve this problem? Or, when the problem arises, is there anything I can do to reset the display to 1920 x 1080 other than waiting for the problem to fix itself? Any suggestions woudl be greatly appreciated!

    Hi bonfig,
    If you are having issues with the external display settings on your MacBook Pro, it may be worth going throught the following article, in particular the portion about resetting the SMC and PRAM:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    - Brenden

  • MacBook Pro to my external monitor

    How do I hook up my MacBook Pro to my external monitor if I don't have an HDMI connection or a DVI connection port on my laptop?

    Of course! some of the adapters can be purchased at best buy but are usually kind of expensive. I saw an HDMI adapter at Home Depot the other day for $7 which is a good deal.
    Although, im not even sure if youre in the U.S., so this information be irrelevant to you anyway haha.

  • External Monitor will not display full view MS apps.

    I have a HDMI monitor that was previously working fine.  The other day I went to use Word and Excel and the applications would only appear in the lower toolbar.  When I would select them they would not enlarge.  They remained in a thumbnail view.  My email and Internet work as expected.  Any ideas what's causing this?

    Hello @Bjenkins,
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.
    I have read your post on how your external monitor will not display full view Microsoft applications on your system, and that certain functions will not work on your desktop. How long ago did your applications work properly? I would be happy to help you, but first I would encourage you to post your product number for your computer. Below is a is an HP Support document that will demonstrate how to find your computer's product number. In addition, it will also help if you indicate which operating system you are using; and whether your operating system is 32 or 64 bit. The more information you can provide, the better!
    How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?
    Which Windows operating system am I running?
    Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit?
    Please re-post with the necessary information, this way I will be able to research this further for you. I look forward to your reply!
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  • Can I use MacBook pro A1211 with external monitor, screen has died but

    CCan I use MacBook pro A1211 with external monitor, screen has died but computer seems fine

    Hmm seems like this model has DVI out. You could just plug a standard DVI monitor into that. Or use the DVI connector (VGA supported with included adapter; S-video and composite video supported with optional adapters) adapter that came w/ your machine.

  • Apply MacBook display settings to external monitor

    Hi. The display on MacBooks and other Macs is beautiful, and I wish I can bring those display and color settings to my external monitor, because no matter how much I calibrate using the one under system preferences or adjust the setting directly on the monitor itself, it does look as nice as it does on my MacBook Air to which the display is connected. I can see all the figues in System Preferences -> Displays -> Color tab -> Open Profile, of both MacBook Air and the external monitor, but is there a way I can manually change those figures of the external monitor so that they are same as those of MacBook Air?

    Yeah, I've changed the Display Profile of my HDTV (connected as a monitor).
    If you go into System Preferences > Displays then click Gather Displays and click on the Color Tab for your monitor, deselect "Show profiles for this display only." You should be able to chose the same Display Profile for you monitor as your Mac.

  • My new macbook air and new thunderbolt monitor will not work together. the keyboard will not engage and the monitor screen keeps going black. is it a problem with the monitor, connection, laptop?

    my new macbook air and new thunderbolt monitor will not work together. the keyboard will not engage and the monitor screen keeps going black. is it a problem with the monitor, connection, laptop?

    A new Mac comes with 90 days of free tech support from AppleCare.
    AppleCare: 1-800-275-2273
    Call AppleCare. They will help you.

  • Closing CR-48 lid causes external monitor to shut off.

    My screen broke a few weeks ago and I have been using it with an extra monitor as a desktop. I'm running xfce and can't seem to find the option to keep the screen from going black when the lid is closed.

    This is how I do it. I have the external monitor hooked up and ready to go. Then I close the MacBook. Once it goes to sleep just use your extenal mouse or keyboard to wake the MacBook. This will make the external monitor the main display.
    When you open the MacBook it's display will be off. If you decide to turn it back on the easiest way I have found is the display settings in system preferences.
    I pick the Show displays in menu bar. That way I click the display icon in the menu bar. The first choice is detect displays. Click it and it will wake the MacBook monitor and both monitors will return to normal.

  • Closed lid and external monitor

    I've been using an Envison external monitor with my G4 PB's lid closed. While surfing the web I think I must have accidentally hit some strange key combo because my monitor screen went dark (no signal) Restarting the computer (closing the lid once start up commences) everything works fine with the external monitor until I log in at which time I get a no signal warning and the screen goes dark.
    Perhaps another item, when I close the lid the resolution on the monitor changes.
    Al PB G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    found power plug disengaged...once plugged in everything worked as advertised.

  • External monitor will not go to native resolution on my macbook pro

    Hi, I have just bought a 22" Westinghouse monitor connected to the dvi and I have no idea on how to display its native resolution of 1680x1050 I have tried mirroring the two monitors and it will not allow me to view the native resolution on my new monitor.
    Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    Message was edited by: earnerich

    When mirroring, your Macbook Pro will default to the highest resolution of the lowest-resolution display. In this case, your external monitor must be driven at your Macbook Pro's highest resolution; 1440 X 900.
    If you configure the external monitor as an extended Desktop, you can increase its resolution to its maximum. In extended Desktop mode, both displays can be driven at their highest supported resolution.

  • External monitor will not sleep using 2012 MacBook Air and HDMI adapter

    I am running a HP 27xi (27" display) using the apple thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, and using a HDMI cable.
    I run my 2012 macbook air in "clamshell mode", and solely use the 27" display, which works great. Problem, is when the macbook goes to put the display to sleep, or sleep for the laptop, the display starts to go into power save mode, then flips back on... goes back into power save mode, repeats forever. I called HP, and they said the HDMI signal is not being turned off, hence why the screen keeps going ON, then power save, then repeat. If I shutdown the laptop, then the monitor goes off just fine.
    Anyone else ran into an issue with an external monitor NOT going to sleep when plugged into the HDMI adapter? Someone suggusted that I purchase a DVI-D adapter, and use that cable... but that sounds ridiculous. The HDMI adapter should absolutely work.
    My temporary fix is to turn off the monitor everytime (if i remember) otherwise the display is in this never ending loop of trying to shut down.
    And yes, the Macbook Air is 100% up to date with updates. DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

    Hello Joe,
    I definitely understand your concern regarding your external display not going to sleep and endlessly looping into power save mode when your MacBook Air is asleep. 
    I found an article with steps to troubleshoot issues with displays.  This article is for internal and external displays, so you can skip any steps referring to the internal display.  The following steps specifically stands out to me for the situation you are experiencing:
    Reset the system
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.
    You can find the full article here:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

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