MacBook won't open pdf files with Adobe Acrobat Reader

I just bought a 13" MacBook and transferred everything from my 12" PowerBook to the MacBook. I just tried to open a file saved with Adobe and I get the following message:
You cannot open the application “Adobe Reader” because it is not supported on this architecture.
Any suggestions?

Yep you need Adobe Reader for Intel. Actually you don't even need that. You could use Preview to view .pdf's but I always use Reader. Don't really know why

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    can I batch print PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader X?  I have tried from Windows Exploer (Windows XP) and it looks like the files are opening but they do not print.

    Very strange!  What is your installed Reader version?
    Try disabling Protected Mode in Adobe Reader [Edit | Preferences | Security (Enhanced)].

  • Open PDF files with adobe acrobat

    I need to open my PDF files in Adobe Acrobat NOT in Preview. How do I set my full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro X for Mac to open all PDF files by clicking on the icon without having to choose adobe acrobat to open each time?
    Thank you; these simple savings of time compounded over a year really add up.
    Doug Kennedy

    Select a PDF file and do a Get-Info (command-I) Where it says "Open with" select the drop down menu and then select Adobe Acrobat Pro X. Then select the box "Change All"
    BTW, this bit is Mac 101. Get a good book on Mac OS.

  • Computers running Vista won't open PDF files with Adobe Reader

    I have tried downloading the latest version and nothing helps.  The error message says it was incorrectly encrypted or something along those lines.  I have forwarded the file to my home computer and ith opens fine, but not on the boss's computer or his wife's.  They are both running Vista, as is my home computer.  The other computers in the office are older and are running XP.  I hav eno problems with any of them opening PDF files.

    Yep you need Adobe Reader for Intel. Actually you don't even need that. You could use Preview to view .pdf's but I always use Reader. Don't really know why

  • How do I get firefox to open pdf files with Adobe reader instead of google?

    Firefox is unsucessfully using google to open pdf files.  How do I get firefox to open pdf files with Adobe reader?
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    "Google" is a search engine (website) and NOT (repeat: NOT) a PDF viewer. It can't and won't open PDFs in any real or imaginable way.
    Firefox added their own proprietary PDF viewer with version 20 - they're on 21 now. I'll be the first to admit "it sucks". You CAN'T fill in PDF forms with it, and you can't email them from the page like with Opera, Safari or Chrome (which use the reader plug-in still).
    Unfortunately, the ONLY option you have now that they've added it and killed the ability for the Reader plug-in to work with Firefox, is Tools>Options>Applications - select Portable Document Format(PDF) and choose "Use Adobe Reader (Default)". What that will do is FORCE Firefox to download the PDF instead of opening it in their terrible PDF viewer in the browser window.
    Or... use one of the other browsers I mentioned. They're all free.

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    Unable to open PDF files with Adobe Reader, Mac trying to open files with QuickTime instead, but not succeeding. HELP!

    Hi BDAqua,
    Thanks for the info, I dragged a PDF to desktop ctrl-, get info. change all to open with adobe.
    Problem solved, many thanks for a quick response.

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    I failed to open PDF file with Adobe Reader? Please show how to fix it.

    Mac or Win? OS and Reader versions? Where is the file and how did you try to open it? What happened when you tried? Any error messages? Details, please.

  • Problem opening PDF files with adobe

    I cannot get adobe to open my pdf files. Not from internet nor from desktop.
    I downloads fine,. I have installed and reinstalled several times.
    If I try to open it looks like it opens but closes immediately. I tried to open adobe, but nothing. A grey screen and that's it. I cannot access the help button

    Yes, I finally got it working using number 2:-) Thank you very much
    2013/8/1 Pat Willener <[email protected]>
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  • Problem opening pdf files with Adobe Reader in Windows 7

    I bought a new Dell (Inspiron 5110) with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium (Version 6.1 SP1, 64 bit) and pre-installed Adobe Reader X (10.1.1). I cannot open ANY of my old pdf files with the Adobe reader (even after I re-installed the Adobe Reader). On another computer with Windows 7 I get the same error message. When I installed several other pdf-readers (Sumatra, Foxit, ..) I can still not open the pdf's -- but all the pdf's still open under Windows XP on my old computer and they also open on all my colleagues' non-Windows 7 computers. So it appears to be a Windows 7 problem. The Adobe error message says 'Adobe Reader could not open _.pdf because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (…..).
    N.B.: I can download pdf files from the internet and can then open these 'new' pdf files with Adobe Reader X.
    N.B.2.: Most of the 'old' pdf files are scientific articles downloaded from various journal websites 2002-2011, so their quality should be out of question.
    N.B.3.:I've transfered the files via memory stick and portable HD.
    N.B.4.: If I try to open the pdf's via 'Open with' the problem remains the same.
    N.B.5.: When, on my Win7 Dell, I've uploaded/attached one of these old pdf files to an email the rtecipient could not tead it. But he could read it when I'd sent the same file from my old Win XP computer.
    N.B.6.: I have repeated this last observation: When I upload an old pdf file on my Win7 Dell to my email account and then send it to myself, I cannot open/read it on my Win XP (nor on the Dell, of course). Although the file size is precisely the same.
    N.B.7.: When I download a new pdf on my Dell, then upload/attach it to an email also on the Dell and send it to myself, I can download and read the attached pdf on both computers.
    Would be grateful for any suggestions.

    This is really strange.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, but from what I can understand, any PDF which is launched on your Win 7 OS fails to open, even though the same file works perfectly fine on your Win XP machine?
    Could you please run a full system anti virus scan on the said PDFs that are present on your local system. It could be a case of infected PDFs.
    Also, it would be great if you could try and download some of the erroneous PDFs from the web again, and see if you experience the same behavior.

  • I can't open PDF files with adobe flash player

    I have installed it and whenever I try to open pdf files it says I need to agree with your liscens and you do that automatically when you download it. I have followed all your instructions on your website and uninstalled it and installed again, but I can't open pdf files with it. I don't know what the problem is exactly, but it's really frustrating..

    Flash Player CANNOT open PDFs because they AREN'T Flash Documents.
    Adobe Reader opens PDFs.
    To accept the license agreement (NOT the one you accepted to download or install - the one for USE)
    Go to: C/Program Files(x86)/Adobe/Reader 11.0/Reader and double click the eula.exe file. The license agreement will open for you to accept.
    Go to: Mac HD/Applications and double click the Reader app. The license agreement will open THE FIRST TIME you open it.

  • Can't Open PDF Package In Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3

    Yesterday, I created a PDF Package of about 30 documents. When I attempt to open the package using Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3, I get the Data Execution Prevention pop-up message saying that the file cannot be opened. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?

    Have not tried that yet. It was next on my schedule. I have another project that I'm working concurrently, but will have some time later today and will try that. Will post the results. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • My new leveno won't allow me to open pdf files with adobe

    my new leveno with windos 8 will not let me open pdf files in outlook

    Does that also happen if you try to open a PDF stored on your disk?  If so, change the .pdf file association to open with Adobe Reader.
    P.S. this is a public forum; please do not post your email address and other private data!

  • Can't open any PDF file with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

    I have tried to open multiple Acrobat files but none will open. I get a FATAL ERROR message saying: "Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server."  I've created documents in word and publisher and am able to convert to pdf format but after the pdf file has been created I cannot open to view and I get the error message. Please help! Thank you!

    No I am thinking that the problem is with Acrobat XI Pro. Because as previously noted I can create a Word document and save as a PDF, the PDF document will be created by Acrobat XI Pro but will not open with Acrobat XI Pro, which normally happens automatically upon creating the PDF file from say Word, Exel, Publisher, etc. When I try to open with Acrobat XI Pro it give me the FATAL ERROR message saying: "Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server". Since I could not open any of my PDF documents with Acrobta XI Pro, because I had Acrobat XI Pro as my default PDF creater and reader, I installed Adobe Reader, hoping that it would allow me to view the PDF documents that I had just created with Acrobat XI Pro and it did. The problem is that I cannot open Acrobat XI Pro to creat or edit or add PDF restrictions on  a PDF document straight from Acrobat XI Pro, but I can create a, say Word document, and save as a PDF file. Before installing Adobe Reader I could not open, see or edit the just created PDF file created through Word it is just now after installing Acrobat Reader.
    Also worth noting.
    I have been told that this same problem happened sometime ago with Adobe Acrobat X Pro (Vesion 10) and that the problem was fixed by editing something within the registry. Does anyone know anything about that? Thanks!

  • Unable to open PDF Files with adobe reader VI

    I have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader VI I am still not able to open PDF Files. When I click on the file I get a blank window with a  little black box inside a White X!    This black box appears  in the upper left hand corner of the blank window! Please any help to overcome this issue is welcomed...Rick

    You are not addressing Adobe here, just fellow users, and you are not providing enough information about your problem. Based on the little you say, I would sauy that you can try using this tool to first remove all traces of Reader from your computer:
    Then, you can download the full offline Reader installer from

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