Macbook won't sleep with power adapter plugged in

My Macbook has stopped going to sleep if the power adapter is plugged in.
I have the power adapter energy setting to sleep after 30 minutes. When I got the Macbook (about a month ago) the thing would sleep until I pressed the spacebar.
Now, the screen blanks but otherwise the Mac remains awake.
If I close the lid the Mac immediately goes to sleep.
I have reset the SMU but this didn't fix the problem. I also checked disk permissions and verified the disk in Disk Utility - all good.

my MacBook has also stopped going to sleep with the power adapter plugged in or when using battery power, unless I close the lid. Did you ever figure out the problem? Did you try calling Apple Care?

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  • Powerbook G4 won't charge battery or run with power adapter plugged in.

    My Titanium Powerbook G4 will not charge the battery or run with the power adapter plugged in. When plugged in the power adapter doesn't change to amber showing its charging. Instead it has a green light that flashes off and on. I thought it was a defective power adapter but when its plugged in to another powerbook its seems to be working properly. I reset the PMU but that didn't help. I have been unable to find anything that would tell me what a flashing green means.
    Powerbook Titanium G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hi, Marshall. With no power being supplied to the Mac for several months, not only has your main battery gone flat (and may never again be able to take a charge), but your internal backup battery has also gone flat. A Tibook with a dead backup battery generally will not start up at all, even with AC power connected.
    Try this: remove the main battery and leave the AC power adapter connected overnight in an attempt to recharge the backup battery. If the Powerbook won't start in the morning under AC power, the backup battery is shot, has lost the ability to be charged, and must be replaced.
    If the PB starts up in the morning on AC power, set the date and time correctly, shut the computer down, insert the main battery, and allow 48 hours with AC power connected in an attempt to charge the main battery. Then disconnect the AC adapter and try to start up under battery power. If that doesn't work, and no lights or only one flashing light appear when you press the power-indicator button on the battery, you'll have to replace the main battery.

  • 2009 Macbook Pro's fan spin faster with power adapter plugged in?

    I was playing restaurant city on facebook with macbook pro with the power adapter plugged in
    ( a flash game)
    after a while, the fan starts to spin faster and faster and made noise, and the body of the laptop starts getting hot too.
    However, when I play the game without the power adapter, the laptop stays more quiet, and the i can't hear the fan spin anymore...(which sounds good)
    but what i am worrying is that, is the hardware SUPPOSED to get hot and the fan is supposed to spin faster? the reason why it is not is because the computer recognize the power adapter is not plugged in, so it forced the fan to stay at a lower rpm to conserve power? (which do harm to my hardware?)

    that sounds normal to me - charging the battery produces heat, which must be removed via the fans.
    They didn't run slower to conserve power, but because they weren't needed to remove the heat by=product of charging.
    Flash is a real cpu burden.

  • Hp pavillion dv9700 won't start with Ac adapter plugged in

    Dear all,
    I have a 3 year old hp pavillion dv9700. The problem is that the computer won't turn on when i remove the batteries and leave the Ac adapter plugged in. The led that indicates that the adapter is plugged in is on, so that means that the adapter is working fine. But to be sure, I used another Ac adapter from another dv9700.
    The next thought I had that the problem might be the Ac jacket( that is connected to the motherboard ). So I dismantled 2 dv9700 laptops (one is mine, the otherone from a friend, which is by the way working fine), and toke out the Ac jacket from the laptop that was working oke and replaced it with mine(whIch wasn't booting with the Ac adapter). And still the same problem. So now I am able to say that there is something wrong with thE motherboard.
    When ever I plug in a battery that is not empty, the laptop starts up normally. The other thing that noticed is that whenever I plug in the battery the led of the Ac jacket turns on (not full bright, but somewhat dimmed). This doesn't happen normally. That means that there is somewhere a short circuit on the motherboard.
    I have looked all over the internet, but wasn't able to find someone who had the same problem as me, or a solution for it.
    Ps. It has nothing to do with the video card, because if that was the case, it wouldn't even start with the batteries.
    Already thanks, kdeo2k

    Hello @stacey71,
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.
    I have read your post on how your computer is not able to boot with the power adapter plugged in, and with no battery. Are you still able to boot into Windows with the battery installed on your notebook? I would be happy to help you, but first I would encourage you to post your product number for your computer. Below is a is an HP Support document that will demonstrate how to find your computer's product number. In addition, it will also help if you indicate which operating system you are using; and whether your operating system is 32 or 64 bit. The more information you can provide, the better!
    How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?
    Which Windows operating system am I running?
    Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit?
    Please re-post with the necessary information, this way I will be able to research this further for you. I look forward to your reply!
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • IPod Photo won't charge with Power Adapter but charges through Computer....

    Hi got this problem... searched the discussion board but didn't find any satisfying answers.
    Hope somebody can help me out here.
    Problem description:
    My iPod photo won't charge using the power adapter from Apple. Bought a second one won't work, used different cables won't work either.
    however it does charge via the USB port of the computer.
    And it also charges via the car stereo plug (forgot the real name but it's from the apple store).
    So does anybody have a similar problem? Could it be the iPod that is defective and also destroyes the Power Adapter maybe?
    didn't try a different iPod to charge yet. So that's one thing left to try for verification.
    untill then maybe somebody knows help, and it might be just a little setting thing.
    Thanks for the Help

    hi Rene!
    hmmmm. it sounds like you've already tried most of the things listed on these documents:
    iPod's battery doesn't charge
    iPod: Troubleshooting the Apple iPod AC Adapter
    iPod: About the Apple iPod Power Adapter
    from what you're reporting, i'm currently most suspicious of the electrical outlets you're using with those adapters. if you try switching it to a different outlet, does it charge properly then?
    love, b

  • Macbook turns on when magsafe power adapter plugged in please help

    I have had my macbook for 2 months now and have had no problems until now. When ever i connect the magsafe power adaptor the macbook just turns it self on. thans Reece

    You might try to reset the SMC and/or PRAM.

  • Macbook Pro won't boot with external HDD plugged

    I have a weird problem. My late 2008 Macbook Pro won't start with external HDD plugged either FW or USB... The screen stays white until I unplug it and then the Apple logo is there.
    Anyone know any solution for this? Or anyone have the same problem

    yeah I had the exact same issue with one of my 750GB externals too. I just left it for a while (about an hour or so) and it was fine..
    I believe its so slow because the system is indexing the drive, which can be a very slow process if the drive is big, has a complex folder-hierarchy, and/or is fragmented.
    Does the hard-drive appear quite quickly in Finder once OS X has started up? if its slow it may confirm what I've just said.

  • My MBP Retina 15" shutdown when I plug it with Power adapter.

    My MBP Retina 15" will auto-shutdown when I plug it with Power adapter.

    Hi ...
    Try here >  Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters

  • Is it better to use my Pro with the power adapter plugged in or out?

    After charging my MBP's battery to 100%, which is better?
    - keep the power adapter plugged in to the laptop and resume using until you want to turn off the laptop
    - because the battery is already at 100%, unplug the adapter and resume using until you feel like you should charge the laptop again (maybe around 80%-90%)

    If you are convenient to an AC outlet it's fine to use the adapter. However, keeping the AC adapter connected will not have an adverse affect on the battery. Once the battery has been fully charged it will stop charging. Recharge will begin once the battery's charge drops below 95%. LIthium-Ion/Polymer batteries do not exhibit memory effects. See the following:
    About Batteries in Modern Apple Laptops
    Apple - Batteries - Notebooks
    Extending the Life of Your Laptop Battery
    Apple - Batteries
    Determining Battery Cycle Count
    Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance
    Battery University

  • MacBook "Not Charging" after new power adapter.

    Last week the power adapter that came with my 13in MacBook began to melt. I ordered a new adapter "60w MagSafe Power Adapter" plugged it in, and it lit up, but now my battery information on the screen says "Not Charging" and If I unplug the adapter, the computer completely shuts down. I had no problems with the battery or the adapter before the "meltdown" Gosh, My Mac was still charging even while in fire hazard mode Lol! Why is the new MagSafe adapter not charging my MacBook? Please Help!!!
    Here's what I am getting under the power information:
    Battery Information:
      Model Information:
      Manufacturer:          DP
      Device name:          ASMB016
      Pack Lot Code:          0002
      PCB Lot Code:          0000
      Firmware Version:          102a
      Hardware Revision:          0500
      Cell Revision:          0102
      Charge Information:
      Charge remaining (mAh):          0
      Fully charged:          No
      Charging:          No
      Full charge capacity (mAh):          0
      Health Information:
      Cycle count:          1128
      Condition:          Replace Now
      Battery Installed:          Yes
      Amperage (mA):          0
      Voltage (mV):          9596
    System Power Settings:
      AC Power:
      System Sleep Timer (Minutes):          0
      Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):          10
      Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):          15
      Automatic Restart On Power Loss:          No
      Wake On AC Change:          No
      Wake On Clamshell Open:          Yes
      Wake On LAN:          No
      Current Power Source:          Yes
      Display Sleep Uses Dim:          Yes
      Battery Power:
      System Sleep Timer (Minutes):          15
      Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):          10
      Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):          2
      Wake On AC Change:          No
      Wake On Clamshell Open:          Yes
      Display Sleep Uses Dim:          Yes
      Reduce Brightness:          Yes
    Hardware Configuration:
      UPS Installed:          No
    AC Charger Information:
      Connected:          Yes
      ID:          0x0100
      Wattage (W):          60
      Revision:          0x0000
      Family:          0x00ba
      Serial Number:
      Charging:          No

    Hi Marlisa,
    #1 Your battery should be replaced if it has actually gone through 1128 cycles. Most batteries don't last near that long.
    #2 Reset the SMC

  • Power adapter plugged or unplugged when using an external display?

    What is the best practice if the Macbook is connected with an external display , keyboard and mouse...Power adapter plugged or unplugged? And how will it affect the Battery Capacity?

    Plugged and if you have any more questions, see [Here|]. Notice that the answer to your question is step# 1.

  • Power adapter plugs - all the same?

    Is the removable plug for all white power adapters, regardless of wattage, the same? i.e. - Could I remove the extended adapter plug cable on my iBook power adapter and use it on my MacBook Pro power adapter?
    According to Apple's store description of their world power adapter plug kit, that would seem to be the case. However, the new MacBook is conspicuously absent from their list of compatible devices. Surely this is just an oversight, but it makes me pause for a moment to question the inter-compatibility of these plugs.

    It's just a cable - If it fits yes.

  • Power Adapter Plug Keeps Disconnecting on 1.67Ghz ***

    I constantly have to re-push in my power adapter plug into the
    Powerbook 1.67 Ghz. It seems as though the socket in the Powerbook just wants to squeeze the male part of the adapter back out again and again. I have 2 power adapters that this happens with, so I am almost certain it's the female socket on the Powerbook itself.
    Has anybody been able to get Apple to cover this problem under warranty?
    - Ted

    If you are still under warranty I would suggest you contact AppleCare regarding your issue. Every case is unique so just because one person may have gotten it fixed, or has been refused, does not necessarily mean this will fillow in all cases.

  • HT4124 can I keep the magsafe power adapter plugged in to computer all the time?

    Can I keep the magsafe power adapter plugged in to my computer from the power source at all times?

    it is ok to keep it in all the time, BUT at least once a month let it run the battery down to 10-15% then do a full recharge.

  • Problem with Power Adapter- Dc-In or DC to DC??????

    My PowerBook G4 12" 1.5 GHz is being finicky about the power adapter. It plugs in and will charge but the slightest touch will cause it to stop. I don't know if this would be the DC-In port or the DC to DC board. I've read a little about both but am still unclear. I want to fix this problem. The combo drive needs replaced so I thought while it's all apart I might as well fix the DC problem too. Any suggestion or help?
    PowerBook G4 1.67/PowerMac G4 DP 1.42   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    There is a DC-in card, which also has the socket on it. If you can wiggle the plug, that suggests either there is a socket issue in the PB, or is it possible that your power adapter plug itself is bad? Can you find another power adapter to see if you can replicate it stopping charging? I know of one case where the wires under the plug strain relief broke, however, it wasn't obvious just looking at the plug.

Maybe you are looking for