Magic mouse lags bluetooth audio

Magic mouse lags bluetooth audio with cracking and pitch shift.
After Magic mouse disconnected, then bluetooth speakers sounds perfect.
Please help!!!

I have this same issue, but opposite.  My audio in my bluetooth headphones sounds great, but when they are connected my bluetooth mouse (microsoft 5000) is all over the place.
What's the deal.  I didn't know my $2000 mac would be so inferior to my $800 pc in this regards   (otherwise very happy with switch to mac)

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  • Magic Mouse lag issue.. new insight

    Hey guys, as many of you i've purchased new magic mouse and been having problems with lag, and unresponsiveness.. I own a 24' imac which i bought a month before the latest update.. This whole situation is so bad for me that it really renders the mouse useless. However, i did find out few interesting things.. First off it only happens during the time HD is working overtime... For example if i am using apps that load up the cpu after a while it will start to lag. As soon as i turn them off, it all back to normal.. Games as well.. I recently tried to play world of warcraft with the mouse and it worked fine until the game made the imac go into overdrive and fans began spinning fast. The mouse started acting up again.. And most recently I realized it lags like **** when my time capsule is doing a back up.. As soon as time machine finishing working its all back to normal.. Very strange.. still no fix but that's what i could figure out so far.. Try it and see if you have those same symptoms.

    A quick update to the jumpy mouse saga:
    After a year of problems with a jumpy mouse (see videos below) *I purchased a Magic Mouse to see if the Magic Mouse would solve the jumpiness issue. It did but the tracking speed was very slow. Therefore, I installed MouseZoom to increase the tracking speed. After installing MouseZoom I started noticing the jumpy mouse problems again.*
    _*This finding is very interesting!*_
    _*It implies that the faster the mouse movement the more likely one is to see an erratic mouse with the pointer making unrequested jumps around the screen.*_
    My hypothesis is that the operating system or processor is not allocating enough resources to the mouse if the tracking speed is set to a high level.
    _*The "jumpy mouse" problem seems to be far worse when the hard disk is running - either copying or downloading a large file*_. Some users are reporting that watching a high resolution flash video will also cause the mouse to skip and jump.
    I have tried three routers (two linksys, one Airport Extreme, three bluetooth mice, unplugging all peripherals still the same result.
    I am certain the problem is software related because the same exact mice work perfectly in Bootcamp 2.1 and Bootcamp 3.0 in Windows XP SP3.
    _*Youtube now has two videos showing the problem*._ You can view the videos here:
    If you are suffering from similar problems may I suggest three actions:
    * Use the Quicktime X screen recording function to record a video of the problem.
    * Post the video to YouTube.
    * Contact Apple Care and share your video problem description with them.
    * Send a note referencing the video and description to
    Category: Mac OSX Feedback
    Feedback Type: Bug Report
    Feedback Area: Peripheral/Device Support
    I will update this video to let you know if the problem has been solved. I am hopeful that Apple will be able to find the source of the problem and solve it quickly. I really like my Mac and I can hardly wait for the problem to be resolved.
    Here is hoping that 10.63 will resolve this issue once and for all!

  • Magic Trackpad causing Bluetooth audio interference

    Was having intermittent bluetooth audio connection problems; on/off; and realized the cause was the new Magic Trackpad I had just set up. When it's bluetooth connected; it will interfere with my other bluetooth audio reception.
    Is there a fix for this?
    Update: Disconnecting my Magic Mouse ended the interference; I wonder if the two are not able to run together?
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    Crosspost from the thread specified above:
    I am experiencing a problem like this one.
    I have a Motorola DC800 A2DP gateway and a Magic Mouse. Music sounds perfectly until I connect the mouse through BT: at this point, audio will only sound for 1 second and then it will stop and remain silent.
    I have tried resetting preferences, etc. and now I know there is a conflict between these devices: as soon as I disconnect the mouse, music starts coming through again.
    This is very very annoying...if anyone knows of a workaround so I can use them both simultaneously I would really appreciate if it is posted here.

  • Magic mouse lag on brand new MBP

    I received my MBP 15" (Mid 2012) several days ago. But my Magic Mouse doesn't work very well with it. The cursor lags every several minutes to one hour or two, and lasts for several seconds to several minutes every time. I don't mean that the movement is slow - when it happens, the cursor doesn't follow the movement of the mouse very well, it seems 'jittery'. The cursor may "jump" to the destination 0.3~1 second after I moving the mouse. I tried everything I can do but the problem is still not solved. Here are what I've tried:
    * Setting my router to 5ghz band
    * Turn the mouse off and on.
    * Turn the mouse off, replace the batteries to new ones, and turn on.
    * Restart the computer.
    * Remove the mouse from the list of Bluetooth devices, and pair again.
    * Reset PRAM and SMC.
    * Disable WIFI.
    * Unplug everything in my room that has a wireless receiver, including Xbox, Apple TV, etc, and remove the batteries of their controllers.
    None of the above works! However, I also have a Magic Trackpad which also uses Bluetooth but it works fine. I tested the Magic Mouse on my old MacBook Pro and it works without any problem. The distance between the mouse and the laptop is less than 2ft.
    Mouse still works fine on my old 2010 MBP.
    Brand new MBP 15", 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM.

    I had the same problem with my new Retina Macbook Pro and my Magic Mouse that worked fine on my previous 2010 Macbook Pro.  At work I don't have a wifi network so I share my ethernet connection via wifi so I can get internet on my iPhone and iPad during the day.  After reading this thread I tried turning off the internet sharing and it has cleared up all lag issues with the mouse.
    Just thought I'd share my fix.  Hopefully Apple can clear up whatever issues are causing this so I can get wifi back to my devices at work.

  • Magic mouse lagging on 40 inch screen

    I have a 2.26GHZ Core 2 duo late 2009 Mac mini hooked up to a samsung led 40 inch disply with this cord. &p_id=9475&seq=1&format=2
    The resolution is suprisingly good, the only problem i am having is that my magic mouse is lagging to the point where it is more than slightly annoying.  I have the sensitivity set to just about the most sensitive setting but it doesnt seem to really make a difference.  Should i replace the graphics card? if so how would i go about doing that?

    The problem with the Mac Pro and the Magic Mouse is infamous. The accepted, actual problem is that the bluetooth antenna, labeled "BT" on the bluetooth card is NOT an antenna, is mislabeled, and was installed by people who do NOT speak English, thus the label could be "Fire Hazard" and it would be placed anyway.
    I have gone many rounds with this problem. If you have an airport card in your Mac Pro next to the Bluetooth Card, then, there is a fix by swapping wires which can be found all over the Internet.
    You can also add a WiFi antenna to the Mac and wire it to the Bluetooth card. There are instructions for THIS also on the Internet.
    Second, you can get an external Bluetooth USB dongle, and use that. Unfortunately, on all Mac OSX versions prior to 10.6, the dongle will compete with the internal Bluetooth, generally canceling bluetooth function altogether.
    On my Mac Pro, under 10.5.8, with no airport card, there is no easy access to the spare WiFi antenna, and so, my fix was to simply, and carefully, unplug the bluetooth antenna from the bluetooth card, unscrew the two screws HOLDING the bluetooth card, and, again, gently unplugging the bluetooth card from its motherboard socket. It now resides in a drawer.
    Initially, my external bluetooth dongle (Zoom 4314), while supplying Bluetooth, could NOT connect to my MagicMouse with hours of trying EVERYTHING. Oddly, it took the system, which is NEVER turned off (much easier on the internal RAID), an overnight "pondering" to allow my dongle to supply functional bluetooth. In other words, after a night of massive frustration, all is well in the morning and the MagicMouse is not the best thing since sliced bread. It's BETTER than sliced bread.
    All that said... apparently, MacOS 10.6 actually disables the internal bluetooth card when an external Bluetooth dongle is attached. Bravo.

  • Magic mouse lagging constantly

    My mouse pointer's lagging all the time. I'm using osx10.6 and I have a new magioc mouse and a macbook pro 3.1. I had the same problem with my mighty mouse and osx10.5. The problem seems to go away when I disable airport which is not a solution as i am connected to a wireless router. the lagging also stops for about ten minutes if i remove the batteries in the magic mouse for about 5 seconds. can anyone help me with this one? this is unacceptable! 1799 euros for a macbook pro and 69 euros for a f** mouse, both of which are from apple which supposed to JUST WORK. well it's clearly not working at all!

    I'm having the same issue here and I think it's related to my wireless network. The lagging occurs only when the following are in place:
    A- Using the Airport Express in the Kitchen
    B- Using the Apple TV 2 in the living room (previously, on my 1st apple TV, synching was doing the same thing)
    C- Doing a back-up on my Time capsule
    D- Anything related to home sharing makes the MM lag
    One weird thing is that I'm also having the magic track pad and it's not as nearly as bad and it makes me wonder if the issue is the mouse bluetooth connection.
    One thing I've heard that may actually change that is to switch your network to 5Ghz band. My problem is that my wife use and old Macbook and my old iPhone 3 which doesn't work on a 5Ghz band.
    Someone else suggested the following but it didn't worked for me:
    1- hold down Shift-Control-Option, and press the power button ONCE. (don't start the computer, just quick press the power button).
    2- let go of keypresses and start computer again.
    if anyone has a solution to make my MM stop lagging, I would appreciate

  • Magic Mouse and Bluetooth

    I just bought the new Magic Mouse as a gift for a friend and after watching him use it I'd like to get one for myself. Problem is my Mac Pro isn't installed with Bluetooth. Does anyone know: can I just buy a USB Bluetooth adapter and plug it into the Mac Pro or do I need a serious upgrade/install? And if a simple adapter is enough, is there a recommended brand?
    I'm open to all sorts of suggestions.

    The only adaptor I ever tried was the D-Link. I opted fro the internal bluetooth module for my Mac pro. Its not a serious upgrade. its rather easy. You can find instructions on the internet. Just make sure you purchase the proper one. It will work so much better.

  • Magic mouse lagging or unresponsive when using bootcamp windows 7 on Mac Mini but works fine in Mac OSX 10.8.4

    I updated the Apple Broadcam built-in bluetooth radio software through Windows and it found an update. Updated Boot Camp software/drivers to version 5.0.33, the latest which includes a wireless mouse piece.  Replaced the batteries again and turn it off/on several times. In the Bluetooth menu, this mouse usually does not show up in connected devices or will not show up as a device that can be added.  Once it did show up right after turning it off/on but took forever to connect then lost its connection right away and couldn't be discovered again.
    I don't think drivers are the issue, seems to be some kind of conflict with wireless adapter & bluetooth maybe. 
    I found this which looked promising but no luck:
    Any ideas?

    Here's some trouble shooting tips for the built in iSight:

  • Magic Mouse, Trackpad, Bluetooth not working after Mountain Lion install

    Is anyone else having the same issue after installing ML? I first noticed that my Magic Mouse didn't scroll as usual when I opened Safari.  When I went to preferences, it only gave me tracking & double-click speed options- no scrolling options.  I check the Accessibility preferences, but that didn't seem to help either.  When I tried my Trackpad to check the preferences, it said that one wasn't connected, even though that's exactly what I used to open it in the first place.  Now when I look at the top right hand corner for Bluetooth connectivity- it says Bluetooth- not available in a grayed out font. When I check out the About My Mac and check the Hardware->Bluetooth section it says 'No information found'.
    I've tried the SMC/PRAM reset, unclicked "Disable automatic login" option in Security & Privacy preference page.  Shut down my iMac and turned off the keyboard, mouce, and trackpad and restarted them after restarting the iMac.
    Now I can seem to find anything else to try.
    Does anyone have anything else to try?

    Hi There,
    I am having the same issues - is there a fix for it yet?

  • How can I increase the range of my magic mouse via bluetooth...

    I would like to be able use my bluetooth devices (keyboard and magic mouse) from my 2011 imac running mavericks from an upstairs location to a downtstairs location with a tv and an apple tv usig mirroring options...  The set up works if they are all a little closer together...  If i get the two locations set up  the way I want them - the mouse and keyboard keep losing connections and the mouse is very jumpy...  Is there an amplifier or something else I can do to strengthen the signal?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help

    The maximum range of Bluetooth devices is about 30 feet (10 meters). If any exists, I would not trust something that boosted the signal further than I could throw it.
    The range, I think, is an FCC rule.

  • Magic Mouse lags

    Dear community,
    my Magic Mouse often starts to lag when transmitting the signal to my Mac. This results in a sluggish and unresponsive cursor. How can I fix it? I am using the mouse on a normal desk, no transparent or otherwise ineffective surface.
    Thank you.

    Here's an apple article on possible causes of interference:

  • MACBOOK PRO OS 10.5.8.ust tried to set up new Magic Mouse. Bluetooth has disappeared from menu bar and computer. What gives? How do I get BT back?

    I had a wireless Mighty Mouse operating with Bluetooth. It wore out. I bought a new wireless Magic Mouse. Now suddenly there is no Bluetooth in the menu bar nor in my computer's system profiler. How can I set this new wireless mouse up, pair with my Mac, with NO Bluetooth? Where did it go and how can I get Bluetooth back?

    Try resetting the SMC.

  • Magic Mouse + External Bluetooth

    I really want to like the Magic Mouse...
    1/ I could not get it to behave the way I wanted with Apples Drivers...
    so I downloaded the drivers provided by the guys behind 'steermouse' - this
    greatly improved my options
    2/ I now noticed that the mouse would intermittently jitter and slow down...
    I opted for an external Bluetooth Dongle (Belkin) - Now the mouse does not jitter or slow down
    3/ I shutdown my Mac last night and on booting this morning the mouse is not found and does not connect. Seemed it wasn't even paired. I have seen re-paired the mouse and restarted the Mac (It seemed to then find the mouse again)
    When it works it's great... but all of these issues are starting to make me wish
    I'd never picked one up...
    Anyone have any recommendations/improvements to the solutions that I listed above... any way to stop the mouse un-pairing?

    Your post says that you're running 10.4.10. Magic Mouse is only supported on 10.5.8 or above.

  • Why does Magic Mouse lag with new Mac Pro?

    My magic mouse worked great on the old G5. Works fine an mini mac. Unusable on the brand new mac pro.
    I have a $10 laptop mouse from an old pc that is wireless through a tiny usb connector that works 1000 times better.
    <Re-Titled By Host>

    I have three MM. One just does not work well. The other two are fine with the 2013 Mac Pro. Sometimes you have to clean the optical lens and sometimes they just don't work on any machine.

  • Connecting a Magic Mouse using Bluetooth

    Can anyone help. I seem to be experiencing periodic disconnections between my magic mouse and my MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 running OSX 10.7.2. After selecting "Connect" a couple of times, it seems to resolve the problem only to re-occur a couple of hours later. Many thanks.

    Darwiin Remote -

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