MAIL certificate question

Lately I get a question box when I open MAIL.   I have Snow Leopard, and opted to keep Mobile Me at the switch this summer.   It has been working just fine,
same as always with no change.  Now I get this:    note:  {   }   is a description from me for something I can not create here
Verify Certificate.    
The certificate for this server is invalid.  You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "" which could put your confidential infirmation at reks.  Do you want to connect to the server anyway?
☐   Always trust ""  when connecting to ""
{then there is a box enclosure}
☐     {this one is bwown}   Verification Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5
{below, indented}    {an arrow like this one  ↵  pointing to the right to this bluish box,}  ☐     VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL SGC CA
{then a larger bluish box:     ""
Issued  by: VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation SSLSGC CA Expires:  Friday, April 18, 2014.
{then  a red circle with an X inside, statement in red}   This certificate is not valid (host name mismatch)
{my choices}     Hide Certificate          Cancel     Connect {in blue}
--------------------------------end of warning--------
Thank you in advance.    What should I do?   Is anyone else getting this?   The emails still coming in are directed to my email address.

I have iCloud eMail running in 10.4.11 & 10.5.8...
Do not delete the old account yet. sign up for an iCloud account if you haven't.
I understand .mac mail will still come through. Do not delete the old account yet.
You cannot use .mac or MobileMe as type of Account, you have to choose IMAP when setting up, otherwise Mail is hard coded to change to & to, no matter what you try to enter.
iCloud Mail setup, do not choose .mac or MobileMe as type, but choose IMAP...
On second step where it asks "Description", it has to be a unique name, but you can still use your email address.
IMAP (Incoming Mail Server) information:
          •          Server name:
          •          SSL Required: Yes
          •          Port: 993
          •          Username: [email protected] (use your address from your iCloud account)
          •          Password: Your iCloud password
SMTP (outgoing mail server) information:
          •          Server name:
          •          SSL Required: Yes
          •          Port: 587
          •          SMTP Authentication Required: Yes
          •          Username: [email protected] (use your address from your iCloud account)
          •          Password: Your iCloud password
Also, you must upgrade your password to meet the new criteria:  8 characters, including upper and lower case and numbers.  If you have an older password that does not meet these criteria, when you try to setup mail on your mac, using all of the IMAP criteria listed above, it will still give a server error message.  Go to         then follow directions to change your password, then go back to setting up your mail using the IMAP instructions above.
Thanks to dpepper...

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  • S/Mime Digital E-mail certificate failure after update 4.3. Firmware from Update Center

    How can I get support?
    Before this weekend I was running my Z1 fine with the E-mail client on it. I use 2 exchange activesync enabled accounts. I manually installed 2 e-mail certificates (from Comodo) in dec 2013 last year. I was able to sign an encrypt E_mails send from my Sony Z1.  
    Today I noticed that E-mail were unable to send and stayed in the outbox of the Sony E-mail client. I noticed that disabeling Sign E-mail fixed this. I was unable to send E-mail with a Signed and or Encrypted option. I tried several things :
    - Re-installa certifcates, somehow this doesn't work, it just keeps on saysing "Certificate not installed" 
    - Try installing certificate from the Settings >> Security screens
    - Deleted 1 Exchange account 
    - Initiated the Exchange account again
    What happened? Can someone point me in the right direction? it worked before the 4.3. update
    1: It is a bug ?
    2: Is it a new way to install / deploy E-mail siging certificates? 
    I noticed a message saying something like, is this a certificate for App/VPN or a WiFi certificate. It doesn't mention specifically E-mail Siging. 
    Best Regards, 

    I placed the certificate on my external SD-card when i tested this.
    What i did was that i clicked the link in the email i got from Comodo to collect and install the certificate in my PC running Windows 7 and Chrome. In the top of Chrome i clicked the option to view the certificate. This makes Windows display it. On the information tab i clicked the option to save to file (including the private key) and using default options which makes Windows save it as a *pfx with a file name that i enter myself. I then entered my password when asked.
    This file i transferred to the external SD and i can install it by entering the filename and password i set for it. It then shows my email address and name of certificate.
    Are you sure that you're entering the correct filename and password of the certificate? Try placing it in the root of the SD-card and check the file name using a file manager or computer.
    The certificate doesn't show under Settings -> Security -> Trusted Credentials. I only see the standard certificates there.
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  • E-mail certificate import

    am unable to import e-mail certificate to set-up SMIME as import utility does not allow me to type the correct password when importing the certificate.only has the numeric options.
    certificate was exported from IE on windows 7 platform with the private key included in p12 format.

    Hey there, Mike.
    Did you ever secure a good answer to this inquiry?  If not, I believe that the underlying certificate management framework handles that for you.  If I understand things correctly, the Certificate Authority issued the Digital ID that is associated
    to a specific email account.  I too run multiple email accounts in my outlook client, and if I try to sign an email that is being sent from an account that is different than the one that the Digital ID is for, the client tosses an error dialog indicating
    that the digital id is not valid for said account.  As such, I think that your concern is mitigated by default.
    The hurdle is configuring the client to try to use the certificate only when sending emails from the account associated with the Digital ID.  I ended up, in Trust Center|Email Security defaulting to signing each email and then I customized the ribbon
    to put the sign/encrypt buttons on the default MESSAGE tab, as reflected here: (note the permission section on the far right).
    That way, if I am going to send from an account that is not associated with the Digital ID, then all I have to do is to stroke the Sign button once to tell the client not to attempt to sign said email being composed.
    Hope that helps, if you're still looking for a resolution.
    What brought me to this thread is my desire to know if Outlook, and the underlying OS, supports multiple Digital IDs.  As I drafted this, I talked myself into acknowledging that it probably does by being able to import multiple certificates and then
    relying on the integration between the client and host OS to handle selecting which ID/Certificate is appropriate for use when a specific email is composed and sent (based on the originating account) with Signing (& Encryption) enabled.  I am going
    to get another Digital ID and put the theory to test.  I suspect that it'll be intuitive and work just like one would expect.  Wish me luck.
    Take care.

  • Exchange OWA Certificate Question

    Hello All
    I just have a question regarding exchange owa certificate which is about to expire. (,, )
    I have 
    Site one 
      Mailbox 2013 Server1
      CAS 2013 Server1
      Edge 2013
    Site 2
       Mailbox 2013 Server2
       Cas 2013 Server2
       Edge 2007
    Exchange high availability configured. On ECP I am seeing my OWA certificate about to expire on both CAS on the same day(same cert)
    I would like to create a new certificate, not renew as I have some old domains to remove from the cert.
    My question is, when I create the the new request from ECP - Cas Server1, send to the CA and then install the, how will this reflect for the certificate that is expired on CAS server2? 

    Hi nricki,
    Agree with Hinte, you can export the new certificate which was created in CAS1 server and then import it to CAS2 server.
    The following article for your reference:
    How to Export/Import an SSL Certificate to Multiple Exchange 2013 Servers
    Best regards,
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    Niko Cheng
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  • Exchange 2013 Certificate Question

    I have an Exchange 2013 and AD servers running on server 2008 R2. When you go to create an outlook account you are prompted that a certificate for has expired. When you click to view this certificate, it is referring to "".
    Once you accept the message it goes away, the outlook account sets up OK and the message does not show again unless you set up another account.
    The internal domain name is The Exchange server has a valid purchased SSL certificate that applies to,, and the exchange servers internal name until 2015. The "www."
    cert and website for this domain is separate to the internal servers and mail. The cert for the website has indeed expired but my question is even though it is the same domain why would this internal exchange server be querying the www. certificate when creating
    an outlook account.
    Bit of a tricky question hope I have explained it OK.
    Thanks Robbie

    Hi Robbie,
    Your certificate expired issue may occur when using the Autodiscover service and Outlook Anywhere service. Please follow these steps to have a check:
    1. verify the FQDN that the client users to access the resource from Outlook:
    a. Start Microsoft Outlook.
    b. Click File > Account Settings, click Account Settings.
    c. Click the E-mail tab, click the Exchange account, and then click Change.
    d. Click More Settings, and then click the Connection tab.
    e. “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” should be checked, then click Exchange Proxy Settings.
    f. Note the FQDN that is listed in the Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate box. For example,
    2. Run the following command in Exchange to determine the value for the CertPrincipalName attribute for EXPR name:
    For example, the command returns the following:
    3. Modify the CertPrincipalName attribute to match the FQDN that Outlook uses to access the resource:
    Set-OutlookProvider EXPR -CertPrincipalName:"msstd:<FQDN the certificate is issued to>"
    For the Autodiscover service checking, please open outlook - press CTRL key - right click on the Outlook icon from right bottom corner taskbar - Test Email AutoConfiguration. Put your email address - uncheck use guessmart and secure guessmart authentication
    - click Test to check your Autodiscover service. If possible, please post the Results tab here for more troubleshooting.
    Winnie Liang
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  • Mail certificates in lion

    Mail in Lion asks about certificates. Under Preferences/Accounts the TLS certificate in all accounts is 'None'. Should I pick something in the popup box are leave it 'None'?

    Matinicus Rock wrote:
    Also here's another question - how do you restore software when Lion is now an app from the app store???
    Lion Recovery Disk Assistant
    OS X Lion: About Lion Recovery
    OS X Lion includes a new feature called Lion Recovery that includes all of the tools you need to reinstall Lion, repair your disk, and even restore from a Time Machine backup without the need for optical discs.
    Colin R.

  • Exchange Mail Certificate Expired

    Since our certificate expired this past weekend no one outside the firewall can connect to the Exchange server via Outlook or OWA.
    Our IT Director created a new certificate on the Exchange Server, but users trying to get mail on mobile phones or from home computers cannot connect to the exchange server.  What could be the cause?  Does the new certificate have to be installed
    on each client computer? Reason I ask is that we have people all over the country.

    Before we go further, I'd like to confirm if the certificate is self-signed certificate or internal CA certificate.
    If yes, I'd like to say, to confirm users trust the certificate, we need to install the certificate on everu clients.
    If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.
    Angela Shi
    TechNet Community Support

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    If I understand the information I have read correctly, you can sign an email in Mail as long as you have a personal certificate. I can do this without a problem. My question to you all is.. if you have multiple certificates on your machine, which is Mail using to sign? Is there a way to choose a default?

    your personal cert should be tied to a specific email address. mail uses the one for the address that is being used to send the email. if the digital signatures/certs aren't tied to a single email address, what good would they be?

  • Keychain and certificate questions

    I hate to admit being less well-versed in the Keychain than I ought to be, but I just don't usually pay it much attention. I don't trust it with any of my really important passwords, but not for any real reason other than that I don't know enough to know how safe it is.
    I just got a couple certificates for a couple e-mail addresses through Thawte, and now find myself with several questions:
    • How secure is the keychain that unlocks at login? Assuming that I have logged out, is there any way for someone who steals my laptop to get access to the stuff in that keychain? I would hope that resetting the account password would not also reset the keychain password!
    • In Keychain Access, I see two public keys, both simply titled "Key from", with no other identifying information. The private keys are similarly titled, but seem to have an association with the certificate that has the e-mail address as its name. How can I tell which public key goes with which private key?
    • If I want to distribute my public keys to colleagues, on a web site or via e-mail, how do I do that? It looks like I can export to a .pem file (the other options are grayed out) which contains an RSA Public Key block. Do I just e-mail/upload that file, or the text, or what?
    Thanks in advance for the help!

    • How secure is the keychain that unlocks at login? Assuming that I have logged out, is there any way for someone who steals my laptop to get access to the stuff in that keychain?
    They can go to the sites or services tied to a keychain entry, and if you have Safari set to remember usernames and passwords, they will fill in. You can show the password from keychain access, but you must enter the password to see the individual passwords, unless you set it to Always Allow when you look at it.
    I would hope that resetting the account password would not also reset the keychain password!
    It doesn't.
    • In Keychain Access, I see two public keys, both simply titled "Key from", with no other identifying information. The private keys are similarly titled, but seem to have an association with the certificate that has the e-mail address as its name. How can I tell which public key goes with which private key?
    I'm not sure on that one.
    • If I want to distribute my public keys to colleagues, on a web site or via e-mail, how do I do that? It looks like I can export to a .pem file (the other options are grayed out) which contains an RSA Public Key block. Do I just e-mail/upload that file, or the text, or what?
    If you sign an email, it will send the public key with the email.

  • Mail adapter question

    I have a question regarding the mail adapter scenario.  Firstly data goes to ECC and some validations are performed and if there are any errors, ECC will provide me with some indicator saying this record has errors.
    Now, the same structures are used in the opposite direction and I have to count the number of error records based of that and send that info as an email. If I created a UDF to count the number of error records, how do I put that information in the email ?
    Is there anyway, I can capture that info in the mail adapter ?
    Any useful links will be appreciated.

    being from a Java background is that every method/function declaration is supposed to have the return type and I was told that behind the scenes Java is being run which is why I assumed that thats a return type.Again,  I am fairly new and I am in the process of learning things.
    For simple UDF (cache = Value), returns string.
    For advanced UDF (Cache = Context or Queue), returns array of strings.
    The problem is I did not understand the use of ResultList class in this case.
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    Any useful example would be appreciated.
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    I am fairly new and I am in the process of learning things.
    No short-cuts study and hands-on.

  • Mail report question

    Hi there,
    This may be a crazt question but I was curious if there was a way to get information from apple mail in report format.
    I would like to create report showing waht folder the email is in.
    My reason for doing this I seem tobe missing emails.  So instead of going in to each folder, I wondered if I could generate a report of some kind to do it.  Maybe an Applescript?  I do not know how to create scripts.
    Or is there a way to add an additonal header in MAIL that would show the folder the email is saved in?
    Thanks and I look forward to your reply.

    OK, so first some background:
    1) The basic process goes like this:
    a) one release doc (edited by the developer, presumably) and the
    template docs are copied to the build area
    b) Each doc is unzipped (ODT's are just ZIP files) into a subdir
    c) The doc contents are copied around; this is to allow Ant to
    replace its special @[email protected] variables in the document content
    d) The docs are zipped back up into ODTs
    e) The ODTs are converted into PDFs using OOo's macro functionality
    Here are the troubleshooting steps I would apply:
    1) Make sure the external.odt file exists - check the build area
    (//content/build/<pluginname>/tmp/) and can be opened using normal
    2) Check that the release.odt file exists (same location) and can be
    opened using normal OpenOffice
    3) See if you can manually convert the external.odt file into a PDF -
    the command we use is simply:
    soffice -invisible
    (replace ${pkgdir} with the build directory path).
    If all that works, then the Ant build process should work.
    Also - what does that OpenOffice error popup say?
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  • Mail app question

    well obviously i just got the new upgrade, but the question is how do you delete a mail account you already have on the ipod touch?
    i tried manually putting one in and then later on synched it with my Mac, so now I have two of the same account (one that works and the other one doesn't). I don't see a delete button for individual accounts anywhere.

    LOL - no way.
    It's all new, so we have to start over.
    Please mark as resolved for others seeking answers.

  • Mail forwarding question

    I have added mail forwarding throguh delegated admin for a user.
    The issue I am observing is the mail box which has forwarder entry also has emails and they are not getting deleted.
    My question is whether can I set something where in the message gets deleted after forwarding it.
    I am using iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 HotFix 1.20

    You are indeed using an old version of Messaging Server.
    5.2p2 is available free, and is later than what you're using.
    5.2hf1.10 is current, and is available through Tech Support.
    All that being said, when you turn forwarding on, you likely left "mailbox" delivery on. that means that the messages will be both forwarded AND delivered to the mailbox.
    Uncheck the "mailbox" delivery, and you won't see messages getting delivered there.
    The DA will show a checkbox next time you go that user, though. Not to worry....

  • Mail syncing question

    the scenario is this:
    On my macbook, 10.6, one of the POP accounts is acting strange. It's a BT internet account. Symptoms are it starts to download messages and just gets stuck. Also duplicates are appearing. I've tried deleting the message from the server via webmail, and recreating the account. The messages do reach the iPhone no problem.
    So , i'm assuming that there's something lurking inside "My home directory"/Library/Mail.
    I'm going to delete this Mail folder, along with Mail preferences.
    The question is, can i sync the accounts (one bt internet, the other from my iPhone / ipod to the Macbook via either MobileMe or iTunes?
    Am i right in thinking that you can sync accounts from a desktop / laptop Mac to an iPhone / iPod, but you can't do the reverse?
    Many thanks in advance.

    The +iPod touch+ doesn't offer Mail syncing. All it does is sync the account details. Emails are downloaded separately when you next get a suitable WiFi connection. 

Maybe you are looking for

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