Mail not coming with information broadcasting scheduling

dear all,
when i execute directly the setting for information broadcasting a mail is being sent but when i schedule the same setting in transaction SOST it is showing warning 'waiting for communication service'.how to remove that.

first of all, Information broadcasting
is structured according the requirements
of users so that
you are provided with role-specific guides to support you in performing tasks
following links will help
monitoring e-mails:
about creating and maintaining master records:
additional information on security:
basic user guide:
kindly reward if its useful
Naveen P

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  • Issue with Information broadcasting and pre-cal server in SAP BI

    Hi Experts,
    I have issue with information Broadcasting and Pre-cal server. I have a worrkbook whcih runs from information broadcasting in pre-cal server. Workbook is desinged on single query and workbook contains visual basic code. workbook has a variable which is controlled by Control query in information broadcasting.
    I have 20 employees every month I need to send workbook via e-mail from information broadcasting.  The problem is sometimes all 20 employees will recieve e-mails and sometimes not. I identified there is something wrong in workbook or in pre-cal server.
    because after workbook calculation in pre-cal server is not pushing to SOST so there is something wrong in workbook or in pre-cal server.
    I closely observed pre-cal server front end log. There are few operations performing on workbook in pre-cal server
    like Open workbook, Calculate workbook, Save woorkbook and close workbook. In success case pre-cal sever is performing all the operations but in failure case pre-cal server is missing Close workbook case.
    Below log In pulled from pre-cal server
    Can you please tell what could be the problem.
    Successful job
    3/11/2011 9:29:46 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL i nvoked in thread 3 and job 'BIBCAST4L4EIS7TOR5BWG0
    2PCUG9ZPPP'. nvoked in thread 3 and job 'BIBCAST4L4EIS7TOR5BWG0
    3/11/2011 9:29:46 AM (3) -> InitConnection in thre ad 3
    3/11/2011 9:29:46 AM (3) -> Trying to open "C:\Pro gram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer.
    xla" gram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer.
    3/11/2011 9:30:18 AM (4) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS invoked.
    3/11/2011 9:30:18 AM (4) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS finished
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> Using Version 7100.4.1 200.35 of BExAnalyzer.xla
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> PID of Excel process: "2504"
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> EndOfInitConnection in  thread 3
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL f inished
    3/11/2011 9:30:36 AM (0) -> Calculation Request 91 1A35ED029D4D79DD7A000200000000 received for job 'B
    IBCAST4L4EIS7TOR5BWG02PCUG9ZPPP'. 1A35ED029D4D79DD7A000200000000 received for job 'B
    3/11/2011 9:30:52 AM (6) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS invoked.
    3/11/2011 9:30:52 AM (6) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS finished
    3/11/2011 9:31:22 AM (0) -> Opening workbook: C:\W INDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks\SAPBEXPRECMML4NN
    3/11/2011 9:31:43 AM (0) -> Refresh BExAnalyzer.xl a!MenuRefreshPrecalc returned with 1.
    3/11/2011 9:31:43 AM (0) -> Calculated workbook C: \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    4NNDVLYAPC2SYIC7F1AAIO_0.xls saved. \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    3/11/2011 9:31:43 AM (0) -> Calculated workbook C: \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    4NNDVLYAPC2SYIC7F1AAIO_0.xls closed. \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    3/11/2011 9:31:44 AM (0) -> Excel based operations  finished.
    Failure job
    3/10/2011 10:22:58 AM (1) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL invoked in thread 1 and job 'BIBCAST4L41566ZBZDN2N
    TGJR0462ZFX'. invoked in thread 1 and job 'BIBCAST4L41566ZBZDN2N
    3/10/2011 10:22:58 AM (1) -> InitConnection in thr ead 1
    3/10/2011 10:22:58 AM (1) -> Trying to open "C:\Pr ogram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer
    .xla" ogram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer
    3/10/2011 10:23:20 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS invoked.
    3/10/2011 10:23:20 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS finished
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> Using Version 7100.4. 1200.35 of BExAnalyzer.xla
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> PID of Excel process:  "2544"
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> EndOfInitConnection i n thread 1
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL finished
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (5) -> Calculation Request 9 11A35ED02654D789871000900000000 received for job '
    BIBCAST4L41566ZBZDN2NTGJR0462ZFX'. 11A35ED02654D789871000900000000 received for job '
    3/10/2011 10:24:27 AM (0) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS invoked.
    3/10/2011 10:24:27 AM (0) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS finished
    3/10/2011 10:24:31 AM (5) -> Opening workbook: C:\ WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks\SAPBEXPRECQB2VE
    3/10/2011 10:24:52 AM (5) -> Refresh BExAnalyzer.x la!MenuRefreshPrecalc returned with 1.
    3/10/2011 10:24:52 AM (5) -> Calculated workbook C :\WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    2VEA8O8D8FBHYCR4HVB5UI8_0.xls saved. :\WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Ravikanth,
    Thank you very much for the reply
    I went into RSPRECADMIN and clicked on 'Display Current Queue'.  There we have 3 sections
    1) Queue Overview of Open Precalculations
    I can see this section is always blank after running IB also
    2) Queue Overview of Current Precalculations
    In this section I can see an entry after running IB and duration is changing. but some time workbook in this section will never processed but the duration column is changing may be something is happening at this stage.
    If the entry is not proccessed in this section and IB SM37 job will never end. I manually cancelled the job from SM50.
    Don't why the workbook is taking long time and will never end even though I cancelled the SM37 IB job.
    3) Queue Overview of Proccessed Error-Free Precalculations
    All the error free workbooks which means all pre-cal server completed workbook calculation and sent to SOST.
    I manually ran the workbook for all the 20 employees I can't find any pop-up message (earlier we have pop-up windows appearing because of VB code and when report returns no data and we fixed the pop-up issues)
    Can you please help me further to trace the error.
    Thank you

  • Web Analysis report is not coming with the border/logo/heading while print

    Hi All,
    I am using 9.3.1 version of hyperion planning were Web Analysis report is not coming with the border/logo/heading while printing with the option "print all object", Only the data grid is coming in the print. If I use "print screen" it is coming with border/logo/heading but it gives a screenshot of the report, that won't cater out need.
    So please suggest us with a resolution to have border, logo and heading, while using Print all object.
    Thanks with regards....

    Hi Sagar,
    In scripts when you will see print preview the logo will be not shown up with clarity.Take the print out of the document and check whether logo is printing up with clarity.

  • Mail not coming to inbox on powerbook but comes in on iPad and Iphone

    Just upgrade ios on ipad. Now mail not coming into my powerbook, but does come in on iPad and iPhone.

    Just upgrade ios on ipad. Now mail not coming into my powerbook, but does come in on iPad and iPhone.

  • E-mail not coming thou

    E-mail not coming thou on iPad

    Is it a NEW problem ? Was it working OK earlier ? Did you try Manual Sync ?
    Also provide details of your Device ..

  • Varible for Information Broadcasting Schedule (send Workbook with E-mail)

    FYI: I set a broadcasting schedule to send workbook with e-mail. The pre-calculated server was set already.
    My problem is that I want the value in selection-screen to be dynamic.
    e.g. I want the date (variable for 0CALDAY) to be filled with value of current date (the date on the day that the schedule is executed).
    When i set the broadcasting schedule, the wizard asks me to set the variable for selection screen. ("Variable Assignment"). I selected the variance that i prepared. (However, for that variance the date is fixed.) So, for everyday that the schedule is executed, the date value of the selection-screen is not the date that the broadcast schedule is execute; but it was the date on which i set the schedule.
    Is there any method to set a dynamic variable (something like a dynamic selection of ABAP report) ?
    or How can i solve this problem?
    Thank you very much for your inputs in advance.

    Hi Rlyn,
    Have you thought of using standard SAP exit variable for restricting 0CALDAY in the query in the workbook on which the setting has been scheduled.
    The SAP exit would automatically determine the current date and query your dataset as per the current date and then broadcast.
    Other way to do this would be to create a variant you have done and to change the value of the variant everyday using an ABAP program to change the value in the database tables (RSRVARIANT for 3.x and RSPARAMETERIZA)
    I would suggest you to try the former method(SAP exit variable).
    Hope it helps,
    Best regards,
    Edited by: sunmit bhandari on Apr 12, 2009 4:10 PM. Apologies for posting my answer twice...

  • Issue with Information Broadcasting...urgent

    I try to dispatch a query through Information Broadcasting with the Distribution type chosen as "send as e-mail" and output format as HTML.
    I am receiving the mail with three attachments,
    Upon saving all the files in a folder and opening the HTML,it appears without the stylesheet properties and the images.
    My requirement is I need to get the report embedded in my mail.Any clue how to acheive this and should I change any settings.Also any idea as to why the images are not displayed in the HTML.Any kind of help will be appreciated as it is very urgent.

    In the Broadcast setting, output format select <b>Independent HTML file</b> and you will receive only one file.
    I guess your current setting is set to <b>HTML with seperate MIME</b> files.

  • Deleting Information Broadcasting Scheduled Jobs

    Does anyone know how to delete an Information Broadcasting setting after the associated workbook has been deleted? The IB job runs when the data provider is updated and just hangs because it can not find the workbook. In IB distribution you can view the scheduled settings, but it does not let you delete.
    Craig Stephen

    Hi All,
    I am encoutering the same problem from last one month, There was a scheduled job created for Workbook as daily frequency.
    The workbook now has been deleted but the scheduled job created for that workbook is triggering everyday.I am unable to delete the setting now.Can you please help me out for deleting this background job!!!!
    I deleted the job in SM37 with the option 'delete the job from database'(delete icon)also, but again it is scheduling next day.
    Transaction RSRD_ADMIN is not working for me.
    Please let me the procedure to delete this background job..answers will be awarded with maximum points
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            suraj kumar

  • ICloud mail not syncing with Droid RAZR

    On July 24th, 2012 iCloud mail stopped syncronizing with my Droid RAZR.  My wife and I have identical phones, and have currently active and functional iCloud accounts on Mac. Both of our phones had functional email syncronization before AND AFTER ICS updates.  No new dowloands or settings changes have occured.  I have ensured that we are using the correct manual settings [email protected], PW, imap settings, port 993, SSL
    I have tried using and that does not work either. I tried the p07- prefix, and that too does not work. The only error it providfes is that it cannot connect to the server, and no other information is provided.
    I was on with verizon support, apple support, and motorola support and no one knows what has happened or has any solution.
    Have others encountered this problem recently? I have seen postings from last year on this, but nothing recently.
    If others have solutions, please post.

    I had the same problem.  Took me a long time to figure out but just got it working with Motorola level 2 support.  For some reason the settings changed and they are different settings that what I got to work using the K-9 app.  Basically, you need to change the incoming and outgoing server settings from what they were!   incoming server is  Use port 993, ssl/tls (accept all certificates) and authentication method should be LOGIN.  Outgoing settings should be with port 587, require sign-in, authentication method is PLAIN

  • Apple Mail not working with IMAP account

    I have been using Entourage for my email with several IMAP email accounts. SOme of the accounts I was getting occasional errors so I thought I would try Apple Mail.
    I am able to successfully set up the accounts in Mail (i.e. it successfully logs into server) however it does not get any of the mail nor does it get any of the mail folders that are on the IMAP server (viewing email using Web Mail or even going back to Entourage shows the emails on the account). Are there any special (hidden) tricks that I need to do to get Mail to work with a standard IMAP mail server?

    I have a very similar problem. Apparently IMAP access is better than POP3. Well IMAP slows my Mac to a complete stop whereas POP3 is seamless. I deleted my POP3 mailboxes after successfully accessing my GMail accounts via IMAP, then it slowed down.
    I've deleted the IMAP accounts a few times, but each time a new account is created it forces me to accept IMAP with no option for POP3. The help file also contains no information on POP3.
    I get about 50 emails everyday and my usual point of email access has just become redundant, I must now rely on email via my browser and .
    I made this change because the iPhone does not sync downloaded emails with Apple Mail. In Mail on my Mac, the one GMail inbox I have setup says there are 11 unread which it eventually shows yet none appear unread. I'll have to rely on web-based email until this is resolved.
    Can anyone help with these IMAP access problems?

  • Mail not coming to inbox of user.

    Hi Forum,
    I am using the standard function module for sending mails.
    ** To Trigger a mail **
          document_data = ls_docdata
          put_in_outbox = lc_x
          commit_work   = lc_x
          packing_list  = lt_objpack
          contents_txt  = lt_objtxt
          receivers     = lt_reclist.
    lt_reclist contains two recoreds
    1) RECEIVER                                             requestor's mail id
       REC_TYPE                                             U
       COPY                                             X
    2)RECEIVER                                             approver's mail id
       REC_TYPE                                             U
    The mail is trigered from requestor's inbox.
    The problem here is that neither the approver is recieving the mails in his inbox nor the requestor is recieving a copy of mail in his inbox but there is a copy of this mail in requestor's outbox.
    I am testing all this in business workplace inbox as there is no provision of trigering mail in the development server.
    Please help me on this.

    Hallo everyone,
    Please go through the following observations...
    ** To Trigger a mail **
          document_data              = ls_docdata
          put_in_outbox              = lc_x
          commit_work                = lc_x
          packing_list               = lt_objpack
          contents_txt               = lt_objtxt
          receivers                  = lt_reclist
          too_many_receivers         = 1
          document_not_sent          = 2
          operation_no_authorization = 4
          OTHERS                     = 99.
    Available in Requestoru2019s outbox , CC not coming in requestoru2019s inbox.
    Not available in approver;s inbox
    In transaction SOST it shows..
    Status -->Waiting for both records
    **To Trigger a mail **
          document_data = ls_docdata
          put_in_outbox = lc_x
          commit_work   = lc_x
          packing_list  = lt_objpack
          contents_txt  = lt_objtxt
          receivers     = lt_reclist.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        SUBMIT rsconn01 WITH mode = 'INT'
                      WITH output = ''
                      AND RETURN.
    In requestor's login in SOST transcation a popup comes up with following message
        Express document "Send status for document:" received from author "REQUESTOR"
        Express document "Send status for document:" received from author "REQUESTOR"
    The title of  inbox of requestor changes to
    Cannot be sent: Send status for document:
    If you see detail message it shows
    Status received for this document:
         Send status for document:
    Sent on:
         20.07.2009 19:13:32
    Sent by:
    Status for Recipient horizon Anubhav:
         Cannot process message, no route from Requestor to Approver
    No copy in requestoru2019s inbox nor a mail in approveru2019s inbox.
    After a few minutes the status of all mails change to Error in SOST .
    What is the problem in sending mails...?
    Thanks a lot,

  • Pecalculation with Information Broadcasting

      I am try to set up this scenario but somewhere i am missing some setting. I need your suggestions.
      I have one query on multiprovider which includes 8 cubes. The query takes half an hour to display the results. So, what i have done is i have done the precalculation of the query for specific selection and executed it. And after that i want to send an email to the users through Information Broadcasting with the link so that when they click on the link they could get the results within a minute along with navigations or drill downs.
      I know that this broadcasting can be executed via process chains using trigger event data chain. But i am looking for some help on this.
    I would like to set up my report like this:
    1) After data is loaded into Cubes, the process chain should kick the job.
    2) After process chain kicks the job, the precalculation of the web template should run.
    3) After the precalculation is completed an email should be sent to the users via broadcasting with a link of latest data.
    Over all, after the data loading finishes, the precalculation should start and after precalculation finishes, email process should kick. ...
    How can i acheive this? If there is any wrong sequence above also, please correct me and advise how should i set this up. I could manually do this each step but i want to automate this after every data load. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance...

    You can achieve thru information broadcasting.
    Steps :
    1. Create a process chain.
             Start - Trigger Event data change .
             In the trigger Event data change ,you can specify the infoprovider name which you want to precalculate the query for the infoprovider.
    2. In the information broadcaster , you will find the option as
                  ' Execution with Data change in the infoprovider'.
                         Mark the check box for the infoprovider.
                 Once the infocube data gets loaded or changed , the process chain will kick off the trigger Event data change..Then it will precalculate the query  and send a mail to the users.
               Only thing is you have to start the process chain , once you  know the timing when infocube get load finsihed  , then you can specify the timing in the start variant of the process chain..
    I hope you get my answer.

  • Information broadcasting scheduling

    Hi all
    I have 200 reports with 20 company codes in dev box, i Created folders in portal for all 20 company codes and I scheuled all the reports for daily. Schduling time is 12 am to 4 am for all the reports. All these reports should genarate PDF in to the paticular company code folder.
    Here is my problem today i checked all the folders but i didnt get all the report, some of them were missing. I checked sm21 there i found some database DB COMMIT errors. So any clue how to fix this error.
    thanks in advance
    Points will assign

    Hi Dell,
    Make sure that no load (cubes related to this reports) is happening while information broadcast/ make sure that all the process chains loading the cubes related to this reports are scheduled in different timings to IB.
    Also Check this links:
    What is Database Commit and Database Rollback.
    Hope this helps.............

  • How to intergrate Outlook addressbook with information broadcasting

    Hi All,
    I have been able to send mail to my outlook thro information broadcasting. I would like to integrate outlook address book in broadcasting. ie. when a user is trying to send mail, he would like to get all mail address from his outlook in portal.
    How can we do this? Any help would be appreciated.
    - Parin Gandhi.

    With the distribution type Precalculated Value Set it is possible to fill variables of the type precalculated value sets with values for characteristic values in the background. The precalculated value sets are then available as variable values in BEx queries.
    The precalculated value set displays the value of a variable of type Precalculated Value Set from the selected characteristic.
    As a result of background processing, you can use the precalculated value set in a characteristic variable. You create a characteristic value variable in the Query Designer using the variable editor. Under Details you determine that the variable represents a precalculated value set. The value of this variable is the technical name of the value set specified in the broadcast setting. You enter the technical name in the Default Values tab page. The variable can be input ready and you can select different value sets in the variable screen at query runtime.
    Hope it helps...

  • ICal Week view, Date is not aligned with the Time(schedule) of each date

    Well, just like it says over there (`` ). I've recently been to China for a business trip, and I suppose the different time zone may have had something to do with the problem. Now I'm back home, changed the time zone back to normal, still the iCal shows in the weekly view that the Date on the above is not aligning with the Time and schedule. Any suggetions would be grateful!!!

    i omit the scheduling maergin key in material master,
    the result of MRP is
    Finish 15.10.2009
    Start 14.10.2009
    15.02.2010 14:33:25
    14.10.2009 07:00:00
    scheduling type i planned order is still "backwards"
    so in MD04 it is say that the goods is available at 15.10.2009 same with requirement dates.
    this seem not right.
    it seems that order finish date is not adjusted by lead time scheduling on "today scheduling".
    Is there a way so order finish date is adjusted by lead time scheduling on "today scheduling" ????
    Best regards,
    Freddy Ha
    Edited by: Freddy Halim on Oct 14, 2009 10:01 AM

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