Mail RSS: Apple Hot News RRS does not display html page/images

Hi, everyone who use Lion in my community has Apple Hot News RRS and it is perfectly displayed in Mail RSS feed. as an html letter with pctures and etc.
I get only plain text with "read more" in the end.
I tryed to find the solution in every preference, option or right click - but either I'm too dumb or it is too complicated to be changed?
Please help.

Something I didn't mention in my original post: when I view the messages in webmail using Safari (the latest), all the content is there; but when the same messages are brought into Mail the content disappears.
Fortunately for me, the issue seems to reside only in content coming from this particular server; other html content comes through just fine. This is why I spent a week in server-side tech support. But because the content is viewable in ALL OTHER mail clients AND webmail, they think it's a problem with Mail.
And yes, I've fiddled with my phplist config.php file, and compared it to other phplist config settings that I use successfully. Besides the things that must change, all other settings are identical.
Apple tech? Any response?

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    How Do I Unsubscribe From RSS Apple Hot News Mail? I Never See an Unsubscribe Link Anywhere?
    If I Were To Unsubscribe to RSS Apple Hot News Mail? How Do I Put it Back or Re-Subscribe? Please Explain
    Thanks From Byron

    It might be in there if you subscribed in both mail and using the browser. That information above was for the browser. That is what I thought you had meant when you used the term, Bookmark.
    If you also have this in Mail, highlight the specific feed, then click on the gear-wheel icon at the bottom of that panel. That will bring up a menu and one of the items is Delete Feed.

  • Screen briefly flashes white but does not display the page when the Safari icon or other icons are tapped.

    A problem has just started with my IPAD Air after 3 months of use.
    If I try to open Safari by tapping on the icon the screen  briefly flashes white but does not display the page.
    Similarly if I try to open Settings page, Mail page, Calendar or Clock the screen just briefly flashes but the Apps do not run.
    Some of the Apps do work on tapping the icon e.g. Maps, iBooks, Appstore, iTunes, Newstand etc.
    I do have some website links which display when the icon is tapped e.g. John Lewis but some links do not work.
    I have ensured that the ipad is fully charged,  powered it off an on again, and cleaned the screen with a lint free cloth  but the
    same problem keeps occurring.

    I saume you used a second display at one time, otherwise the Display settings wouldn't be treating your primary display as a secondary.
    IF you open your System Preferences>Displays (-System Preferences) and click "Gather Windows" it should pull everything to the display on which you clicked it.

  • RSS Apple Hot News

    Since installing the upgrade of Snow Leopard, the RSS feed for Apple Hot news at the left side of mail keeps showing all the "hot news" from the last few months as well as a few new ones. I delete them all, and they show up again the next day. I've set my mail preferences for RSS feeds to "manually" and "after one day" for checking and removing. Any suggestions for getting this to work correctly?

    Perfect description. I am having exactly the same problem, and so is the rest of the world I guess. Very annoying when you delete items you don't need, only to have months-worth of them return and get mixed in with the ones you wanted to keep. Apple is usually very good with support documents, but they just created the most useless document in their history today, regarding this problem. The name of the document is "Mac OS X v10.6: Cannot delete some RSS feeds in Mail" (Article TS3033). Here is the entire text of the article:
    Symptoms: Some RSS feeds you delete in Mail may re-appear later.
    Resolution: If this occurs, delete the feed again.
    That is literally the entire document. I sure hope Apple does not consider that a solution to the problem. This problem never occurred until Snow Leopard. I will add my complaint to the Apple Feedback site.

  • Content does not display when page first opened

    Hi All;
    I have a contenta are/region which I have divided into multiple tabbed areas. I have two main tabs that divide the content into two major topics. Within each of these main areas I have added 4 to five tabs. One set for example holds a calendar, another tab a news release area and a third a content area for holding multiple folders of a department's documentation. The problem I am encountering is that when I first bring up the page all I see are the tabs and no matter what tab area is exposed the content within it is not displayed. For example, I start with the Calendar tab active (the calendar does not display). I then click on to say the document area, which displays all of its content's correctly. When I return to the calendar tab the calendar is displayed. My question... how can I ensure that the calendar (or any other tabbed area's content is displayed when the user first brings up the page?
    PS. This is a hot topic since I will be demoing my pages to my managers next week in an effort to convince them that Oracle Portal is the way to go.

    When I email the page to our server, the href links are missing.
    You email the page to the server?  What does that mean?
    MaureenHayslett wrote:
    I am using CS3 on Mac OS 10.6. The page previews perfectly in Safari. When I email the page to our server, the href links are missing. For example, the banner doesn't use the correct font, and the background color the the whole page is missing. Please go to
    All of the other pages on the website look correct. Thank you.
    Look at the source on that page.  There is virtually no styling on it....
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=us-ascii">
    <style type="text/css">
    There is nothing telling the page which fonts to use, or which colors to use.  Are you sure you have uploaded the correct page?

  • Firefox does not display MobileMe pages correctly. Is this something you are working on fixing?

    Mac OS 10.5.8 Mac Book Pro,
    Side bar in mail scroll bars are missing and bar will not expand fully. Clicking on an email does not display it on the same page, it requires double clicking and opens in a new page.
    Side bar in Gallery also not expanding. Other problems with diplay in Contacts, Calender, etc.

    Did you use the same [ Firefox Profile Folder] for the test with 3.6.x and 4.0 ?
    Looks like a problem with JavaScript (Ajax).
    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    If you the Firefox 4 beta version with the same profile then you should create a new profile exclusively for the 4.0 beta version and create a desktop shortcut with -P "profile" appended to the target to launch that profile.

  • ITunes does not display my feed image as defined in the itunes:image tag

    I set up a feed using a custom PHP script I wrote. This script creates an rss file that I will submit to apple once I have everything ironed out. right now the only thing left to fix is the missing feed image. I checked the xml and for the image I have:
    *<itunes:image href=" g" />*
    I checked the image in a browser and it indeed exists and displays as expected, this is a test image not the final one. It is a 600x600 jpg. I am previewing my podcast in itunes using a direct link to this rss file.
    Why is my image not showing up? I get some other image, not sure where it comes from, instead.

    When you subscribe to a podcast feed, either from the Store or - as I assume you have done - from the 'Advanced' menu, the image referred to in that tag is not displayed. The images which are seen on selecting each episode have to be embedded in the actual media file: please see this page -
    You will not see the image referenced in the feed until the podcast is actually accepted and shows in the Store.

  • Indesign CC does not display linked PDF image on screen

    On Mac1 (10.6.8) When I imported a PDF file into Indesign CC 9.1 as a linked image - the image would come in as usual, however the image would not appear on my screen. Only a blank page box.
    I can see the thumbnail image of the imported PDF in the links palette correctly.
    However, on my page it appears as a blank box.
    Selected Hi-res preview, and still it appears as a blank box.
    I export to PDF, and the image is there as it should be on the exported PDF.
    I tried the same image on Mac2 (10.8.3) with Indesign CC.
    The imported image appears correctly on the page. (no blank box)
    I saved that file and opened it on Mac1 that is having the problem displaying the image.
    Mac1 again does not display the image, instead it is a blank box.
    Tried the same image import in Cs6. No issue on either mac1 or mac2
    What could be causing the imported PDF not to display on the page in Indesign CC?
    Has anyone else come across this problem?

    Are you still facing the same issue ?
    Please refer to these threads for steps that you can try :
    Edge Animation not working properly
    Edge Animate not working in Muse Browser Preview, But works in Edge Preview

  • SSLVPN in IE 8 or 9 does not display login page

    Hi all,
    I have a working setup with a customer using UC560 that uses SSLVPN and it works but only when using other browsers like Firefox and google chrome, when we try using IE version 8 or 9 we get prompted about the security certificate (the usual, as it's https) and after making the exception it does not display the login page, just this: Internet Explorer can't display this website, and that's about it, don't even get the chance to login nor download the anyconnect client, anyone know if there's a patch or something for this?

    Hi Bryan,
    thanks for your response, unfortunately it's a UC560 not an SA500 so i don't have those options, so far I haven't found configuration options that deny IE or someting like that, it really is a weird problem and it's though to troubleshoot.
    When I do debug webvpn http and try to enter the webpage with IE it shows this:
    077696: Mar 26 19:35:09.841: WV-HTTP: Fragmented header-line
    077697: Mar 26 19:35:09.841: WV-HTTP: HTTP request line too long
    077698: Mar 26 19:35:09.841: WV-HTTP: Deallocating HTTP info
    and when i do the same debug but enter the webpage using firefox or google chrome it succeeds, sending this debug output:
    102796: Mar 27 18:37:02.411: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET / HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102797: Mar 27 18:37:02.411: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102798: Mar 27 18:37:02.411: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102799: Mar 27 18:37:02.431: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /webvpn.html HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102800: Mar 27 18:37:02.431: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102801: Mar 27 18:37:02.431: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102802: Mar 27 18:37:02.515: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /paramdef.js HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102803: Mar 27 18:37:02.515: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102804: Mar 27 18:37:02.515: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102805: Mar 27 18:37:02.523: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /lang.js HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102806: Mar 27 18:37:02.523: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102807: Mar 27 18:37:02.523: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102808: Mar 27 18:37:02.547: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /shared.js HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102809: Mar 27 18:37:02.547: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102810: Mar 27 18:37:02.547: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102811: Mar 27 18:37:02.671: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /img/logo.gif HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102812: Mar 27 18:37:02.671: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102813: Mar 27 18:37:02.671: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102814: Mar 27 18:37:02.675: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /img/login_photo.jpg HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102815: Mar 27 18:37:02.675: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102816: Mar 27 18:37:02.675: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102817: Mar 27 18:37:02.895: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102818: Mar 27 18:37:02.899: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102819: Mar 27 18:37:02.899: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete
    102820: Mar 27 18:37:02.907: WV-HTTP: Original client request
    GET /webvpn.html HTTP/1.1
    user agent is:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Ge
    102821: Mar 27 18:37:02.907: WV-HTTP: HTTP Header parsing complete
    102822: Mar 27 18:37:02.907: WV-HTTP: * HTTP request complete.
    I wonder what difference do they have in the HTTP request line length, probably a browser problem, I'll keep looking into it like it's the browsers fault for now.

  • Spark ComboBox new item does not display in textInput?

    I've been playing with s:ComboBox and generally like them a lot. One detail is driving me nuts though - most likely due to my lack of knowledge in the subject - is that if I try to add a new item to my dataprovider in a changeHandler (registered to the change event) the text for the ComboBox textInput disappears - although the item addition works perfectly. Interestingly enough the same operation works fine if it gets called by clicking on a button, i.e. post the change event has been processed, and the text does not disappear. To better understand what I'm talking about check out the code from 0f0d54f063b9b08626480d2124725f692c-7fff
    and try to add a new item and hit enter. Taking the same code from myCB_changeHandler and using it as a button click event instead of a change event handler yields to the behavior I'm looking for, i.e. the new item appears in the CB textInput field and when clicking the button gets added to the data provider while not disappearing from the textInput. Is there a way to accomplish this same behavior in the change event handler?
    thank you!

    thank you!
    that does the trick!

  • Report deployed to new server does not display static image

    We have several web sites on a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, SP1, 64-bit.  It has installed .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and Extended, ver. 4.0.30319 (according to Control Panel->Programs, as well as c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework).  Two of the sites use many Crystal Reports, most of which include a static image as a logo. This image is embedded in each report; there is no stand-alone image file that gets deployed.
    Recently, we migrated to a new server, running the same version of Windows & .NET Framework.  As near as we can tell, the 2 servers are nearly identical, as far as configuration and permissions, etc. One notable exception is the DefaultAppPool, which is Classic on the original server and Integrated on the new. (When I changed the new server to Classic, the apps failed to run properly.)  The other exception is the old server is on a stand-alone box, while the new server is a virtual machine.
    For one of the apps on the new server, the embedded logo images are not displaying on the page.  Instead, there is a little red X with the word "Image".  For the other app on the new server, the reports display fine.  Furthermore, if I copy one of the "broken" rpt files from the "broken" app to the "good" app, the report displays correctly!  And of course, the same file displays correctly in all circumstances on the old server.
    This suggests to me that there is not a problem with the report file, per se', but rather with the environment to which it is deployed.  Permissions?  If so, where?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    The search string 'crystal red x net' (search box in top right corner) should return a number of KBAs, docs, blogs, etc. See if any of those help.
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • PDF does not display 300 dpi images in Safari only

    I have a dynamically generated PDF that contains a 300 dpi image. The image added can be one of several that the user selects. On all other browsers the pdf renders fine. On Safari only, seemingly in all modern flavors of OSx and Safari, the images begin to print and then  stops printing the actual image and grey is printed in the remaining space the image would take up. To make it more fun one of the images renders fine. It is the 3rd smallest image and the 2 smaller ones do not render so it does not seem to be size related. Hoping someone here has seen this before.
    This is a screenshot to use as an example:
    The folding instructions graphic is also 300dpi.

    Thanks Hackintosh.
    It prints as it views, as a corrupt jpeg. I also dug into console and it confirmed there was an error about a corrupt jpg. The most interesting thing is if I open the bad pdf in Photoshop the whole image is there with no signs of corruption. This leads me to believe it's something with how OSx and/or Safari are rendering the jpgs. Another curious sidenote, Safari on Windows works fine but if you save the pdf, move it to a mac and open it, you get the corrupted jpg again.
    I think I'm going to try and stop swimming upstream now. At the end of the day I don't care if the images are pngs, tiffs, or eps. I'm going to try feeding a few different formats and see if that doesn't fix the problem.

  • DW8 does not display my page
    Just installed DreamWeaver 8.0.2 and loaded first file
    In CODE mode, I see the code... but no matter what I do in
    DESIGN mode, all I see is a "bar" across the top of the page
    (If I press F12 to view in browser, it works perfectly, I
    just can NOT figure out how to have DW8 display the page!)
    How do I get DW8 to show the results of the htm code so I
    may make visual changes??

    Yellow tags are a dead giveaway (code view).
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
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    "John T Smith" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:ertjcc$noh$[email protected]..
    > Thanks, I will check those... and I also need to find
    out if there is a
    > "code checker" in DW8 that will tell me when there is
    something it doesn't
    > like

  • ESS Time Statements (PZ04) does not display HTML control

    Hi guys,
    I'm implementing ESS Time Statement service (PZ04) with custom templates and ran into the following problem:
    if i just run PZ04 using webgui - everything works fine and i can see the generated smartform report, but when i force ITS to use custom generated template for SAPLESS00_REP screen 100, the custom HTML control that displays the time statement smartform report is not coming up...
    Has anybody came across this issue before?
    The generated HTML template has statement SAP_ControlContainer("HTML_CONTAINER") which is supposed to display the report, but apparently it does not work...
    Thanks a lot in advance, any help is appreciated.

    standalone. We are on 4.7 with 6.4 kernel and standalone ITS.
    I'm getting the option subscreen (period specifications), but the custom container which is supposed to display the smartforms reports (displays "Welcome to reports online") is not coming up at all...
    As to the custom templates: i have generated them in SE80 using "Business HTML" style and have not touched after -  here's the default code:
    `include(~service="system", ~language="", ~theme="dm", ~name="TemplateLibraryDHTML.html")`
      <body `SAP_BodyAttributes()` onload="`SAP_OnloadJavaScript()`">
    Thanks Again for any suggestions,

  • XML Publisher report output in RTF format does not display full page

    We have one XML Publisher report, the output of report in RTF format is not getting displayed in Full Page in normal way (MS Word -->View menu --> Print layout) but we can see full page display when we do MS Word -->View menu --> Outline.
    Appreciate your valuable inputs on this.
    Is this a template issue or any profiles needs to be set.

    Do you have any header and footer on your template?
    If you have any header and footer then try to adjust it as of to display full page.

Maybe you are looking for