Maintenance cost center report

Dear Experts,
We have two cost center in Maintenance Order, one is responsible cost center (picked from Maintenance work center) other is Location cost center ( coming from Equipment) , plz tell me the exact use os the two, also the reports where i can verify the same.
Thanks a lot

hi deepak
Responsible cost center is which is responsible for carrying the work ,also where the activity price has planned,whereas the cost center picked from equipment master record is used for settlement .
you can check with T code S_ALR_87013015 and you can drop down various reports

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  • Is there is a way to have a link from purchase order to cost center report.

    Is there is a way to have a link from purchase order to cost center report.
    I am meaning kind of:
    Standard way to customized this link?
    User exit to have this link in place
    Any other solution

    For me it does not make any sense from going from PO to cost center report.
    However, if you want to see the purchase order cost incurred with a cost center, execute KSB1 report. Within the layout, bring "Purchasing Document" field, where you can see the purchase order number in cost center line item report.

  • Cost center report with Vendor name

    Hi All,
    I need a cost center report which shows Vendor name and number.
    I tried with report S_ALR_87013611 but it is not displaying Vendor name for the expenses which is posted in MIGO.
    It is showing the offset A/c as GR/IR clearing a/c.
    Any other report or query I can make this.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Shanu
    There is a workaround
    When you post expense Dr to Vendor Cr - Use substitution exit RGGBS000 and populate Vendor no / name in a Text Field like SGTXT/.. You need to write FI Substitution in OBBH for this
    After this, implement the exit COOMEP01 to fetch SGTXT in CO Line item reports KSB1... It will also be visible in S_ALR reports
    Include SGTXT in the Structure CI_RKPOS
    Sample code of COOMEP01 is as below
    The code is written in include ZXKAEPU01 of EXIT_SAPLKAEP_001
      INTO (cs_record-vbel2, cs_record-SGTXT)
                 WHERE bukrs = cs_record-refbk
                   AND belnr = cs_record-refbn
                   AND gjahr = cs_record-refgj
                   AND buzei = cs_record-refbz.
    br, Ajay M

  • Report Painter - How to identity statistical orders in a Cost Center Report

    currently I am in the process of building a cost center report based on reporting tabel CCSS.
    This report should list all primary and secondary costs which are charged to a specific cost center/cost center group .
    The cost center or cost center group is given in the general data selection.
    All direct primary cost postings are identified in rows like this:
    - Cost Element (SET): cost element group A1, A2,...Axx
    - Business Transaction Type: COIN
    All primary cost postings deriving from (real) internal orders are identified like this:
    - Cost Element: 1 to 9999999999
    - Business Transaction: KOAO
    - Partner object number: 0 to 99999999
    Now here is the problem:
    The controlling department requests to identify all primary cost postings  to the given cost center which have been postet to a statistical internal order at the same time.  The most part of the primary costs have been directly postet to the cost center in the Additioanal Account Assignments. But some have been posted to the cost center and at the same time to a statistical internal order.
    Looking into BSEG I can quickly identify these line items as they have a value in BSEG-KOSTL and BSEG-AUFNR.
    How can I select these items in a report painter report?
    I would like to separate all items whith connection to statistical int. orders from those with no connection to internal ordes.
    Thanks for your help!

    Dear Elli,
    Dear SAP-Gurus,
    once again, thank you for your quick reply.
    You hints and remarks are very much appeciated.
    My problem seems to be slightly more complicated than what I had expected.
    All postings to the cost center/cost center group are actual postings. The cost center is the "real" cost element, there are no postings of value type 11 here.
    Most postings have the cost center as the only cost element, but others additionally mention a statistical order.
    My goal is to seperate those postings to the cost center [as (real) cost element] plus the statistical order from those with only the cost center.
    I would also like to sort these postings by the order number.
    I could easily write two reports:
    One  for the cost center and another one only for the statistical orders. The latter would use value type parameter 11 (as you proposed!). Unfortunately, I do not know all order numbers tied to the cost center. As table BSEG is not suitable for SAP Query,  I  run into deep problems here.
    I know I have problem in the design of my report here and  I would like to sort out, which options I have.
    Is Report Painter a suitable tool for me here anyway?
    Thanks again!

  • Transaction Code for Cost Center Report

    Hi everyone,
    using report painter I have created a cost center report which is a copy of a standard report. Now I would like to create a transaction code for this report which can be run from the menu.
    Can anyone explain step-by-step how to do this? I have already tried creating a TC for GR55 but this seems not to be what I want. I want the TC to start the report directly.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Go to SE93 (create a new transaction), choose 'Transaction with parameters'. In the Transaction field put 'START_REPORT' and tick 'Skip Initial screen' flag. Tick all flags for GUI support and in the parameters section (below) type four parameters:
    D_SREPOVARI-REPORT = (library of reports)

  • Cost Center Reports contains No line items

    I have posted a document in finance and made the assignment to the respective cost centers.
    But when I checked the cost center report KSB1 or any other cost center report, it does't contain any items in it.
    I have checked up the controlling settings and versions controls and locks for the particular cost centers every thing is fine.
    When I am displaying the document overview it is showing the controlling document.
    But I do not kown why it is not appearing in the report called KSB1 or any other plan/actual variance report. It is very interesting why it happens to be.
    Can any one help me in this regard.

    Hi Rakesh,
    When I am executing the transaction KSB1 I am not getting any messages at all.
    It is not displaying any items in it.
    I have checked OKKP, everything is fine. If these setting are not fine how come the document is generated in controlling.
    It is very interesting how the report is not displayed when the document is generated.
    You may be correct I may not have authorisation to display the report.
    How can I check this.

  • Cost Center Report in Object Currency

    Hi there,
    Any idea if it is possible to display the SAP standard Cost Center Reports in object currency instead of controlling area currency.
    Thank you.

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the reply. What about the SAP Standard report, i.e., S_ALR_87013611 - Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance ?
    How can we have the object currency displayed?
    Pls advise.
    Thank you.

  • Cost Center Report : Revaluation at actual prices - credit but positive sign

    Hi Experts,
    Great day!
    I just want to know the cause of the following unsual behavior of the system. The credit part of the cost center report is blank/zero and when  you double-click the actual line items, it shows that the revaluation at actual prices are positive sign. By clicking an item further, the report will direct me to the CO document to investigate what happened. I found out that the sender - Activity revaluates the price for the receiver - Production Order.
    I looked at the details of the sender - Activity and I found out that the debit/credit indicator is "C" but the sign is positive.
    Your immediate help will be rewarded.
    Thank you!
    Here's the cost center report:
    I am expecting the credit part to have a value right after I executed the "Actual Cost Splitting" at T-code: KSS2
    Here's the unsual behavior:
    Dr/Cr indicator is "C' but the value at Controlling Area Currency is in a positive sign.
    Again, thank you!

    Hi Dryan
    Revaluations are posted to CC after you do CON2 and not KSS2
    1. Did you do CON2 and revaluate the Prod orders with actual activity price?
    2. Ensure that revaluation is allowed in Plan Version 0 for FY 2014
    3. Also, check your activity price calculated in KSII... Revalaution is a result of the actual activity Price (x) Activity Hrs confirmed in Prod order
    4. Check the hrs confirmed in the Production order.. They should be +ve as well
    Br. Ajay M

  • Cost Cente Reports

    Hi Sappers!
    1. I need cost center report for a plant that compares
    ? current period amount with
    ? budget amount with
    ? year to date amount with
    ? year to date budget amount along with
    ? variances for current period and year to date budget.
    I searched for standard reports but was unable to find any that meets the requirement. Do we have to go for custom report here?/does any standard report exist?/or can this accomplished through report painter/writer?
    2. I also need the above information in a different format. For eg, instead of cost center report FOR each plant, the client needs cost center report BY each plant, meaning, totals of each cost centers (cost centers same as used in 1 above) for different plants in the same report. Any suggestions?
    3. For getting these reports are there any specific things I need to consider while creating a cost center hierarchy (new implementation of SAP at this client)

    I know there is no standard report will suffice your requirement so start designing a report writer / report painter report to meet your needs.

  • BI cost center reports

    Users can access BI through the SAP portal.
    Is there a way we can push BI cost center reports to specific individuals based on cost center owner?
    If yes then please let me know the procedure. If no then let me know how to deal with this.
    Need your expert advice.

    Please check the below links:
    Hope it helps.

  • Slow drilling into cost center reports - S_ALR_87013611

    Hi All,
    When drilling into cost center report S_ALR_87013611 to view cost center actual line items experiencing extreme slowness before it brings up the actual line items (which display in transaction KSB1).  Trying to display only one cost element with a few lines in one period for one cost center. The sceen hangs up and takes long execution time to display actual output.
    However, if we launch another session and run KSB1 it runs pretty fast.
    What could be the reason of this slow performance. Checked trace and it doesn't show large execution cost for any SQL statements.

    Hi Anya,
    Since we are deling here with a standard report did you check OSS?  This is one note which could be applicable (although it mentions performance problems for a range of cost center while you indicate a single CC).
    [Note 840414 - KSB1: Long runtimes when report is called|]
    It is worth checking out.
    Good luck,

  • Attaching Variable to the Library for Report Painter for Cost center report

    I want to attach the Variable - "Cost element group" to the Library for Report Painter for getting Cost center report. The Cost center report should be cost element group wise with actaul, budget and variance. Please let me know the process.

      I think you have to first define Attribute mis as "V" in Cost element master basic data tab for the elements you want to capture as varible.
      Then make a Cost element group / set in KAH1/GS01 and use it in your report.

  • Cost center report,Profit center report

    Dear Experts,
                         Pls tell me what are the reports availble in  ecc6 for cost center & profit center. Pls give T.Code for report.
    In general for controlling reports are standard or we have to customise the report.
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Avudaiappan,
    Cost Center:
    KSB9      -           Planning Report: Cost Centers
    PC00_MNA_CC_MAN   -   Cost Center Report - Manager
    OKB6                 Generate Cost Center Acctg. Reports
    OKR6                 Change Report List for Cost Centers
    PC00_MNA_CC_ADM      Cost Center Report - Administrator
    Profit Center:
    S_ALR_87009734       Profit Center Report: 2 Versions
    S_ALR_87010786       Profit Center Report            
    S_ALR_87011787       Profit Center Report            
    S_ALR_87013957       Profit Center Report: 2 Versions

  • Cost Center Report with Cost Element wise Subtotal

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement where customer wants a Cost Center report with Cost Element wise Subtotal and selection options required are Company Code, Cost Center, Cost Element.
    KSB1 solves the requirement, but when executed for 2 or more company codes it is taking 3 to 4 hours.
    The other alternative report we tried is S_ALR_87013611- Actual/Plan but this report gives debit and credit values in seperate columns.
    Please let me know if we can copy the report S_ALR_87013611 and change it using report writer to have the output by Cost Element wise total.
    Also please let me how we can increse the speed of KSB1 report.

    for KSB1 Report the following is my suggestion
    1. Please go to the selection criteria for the cost elements and de select the secondary cost elements in the the exclude range and try running the report this is generate the report faster.
    2. also check the date range please give the date range for 3 t months and if you want to run for multiple company codes. if you want to execute it for longer periods say 9 months or 6 months generate the report in 2 to 3 installments and download them to your excel and consilidate them in excel for your analysis
    Best Regards,

  • Change currency in cost center report - possible?

    Hi all!
    I have a question regarding currency in cost center report (transaction s_alr_87013611).
    I have created one controlling area with currency SEK. I have allocated several company codes to this controlling area, for example Sweden, France,  Germany etc. I have also created different cost centers and allocated them to the company codes. All cost centers in ever company code have the same currency allocated as for the company code. For Germany currency EUR is allocated to the cost center, to the company code but SEK is allocated to controlling area.
    When I run cost center report reporting currency is SEK. Is there a possibility to change the settings in the report to view cost center currency instead?
    Many thanks in advance!
    BR Åsa

    Yes, it's possible. Use RPC0 transaction to set the currency of the report to object currency.

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