Make field in Material master mandatory based on the material group

Hello all,
I need to make the field "post to inspection flag" mandatory based on the material group while creating the Material master.
I found options for making the field mandatory based on Material type,Industry sector and plant NOT based on the material group.
Could anyone please provide suggestions on setting up the field as mandatory based on material group while creating material master

Hi Sre,
You can make Material Group field as Mandatory while Creating Material Master.
SPRO>Log General>Material Master>Field Selection>Maintain Field Selection for Data Screens
Select Screen # 48
In the Field selection (Field Ref.) of (MARA - MAKTL) screen , Change the settings from Optional to Required Entry for T Codes MM01, MM02 or you can select the Material Type ;
Please note this  by choosing this selection the fields of Profit Center and  Division will also become Mandatory.
Hope this helps,
Best regards
Amit Bakshi

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    In Material Master Screen,functionally what is Requirement Group in the MRP Screen.Pls explain its functionality

    The safety time / actual range of coverage ensures that the planned warehouse stock covers the requirements of a defined number of days. It therefore serves as a time float and thus works alongside the safety stock, which acts as quantity float.
    The system simulates bringing the requirements forward by the specified number of days and the planning for the receipts, created for these requirements in the planning run, is also brought forward by this number of days.
    ·   You have set the Safety Time indicator in the material master record (MRP 2 View) to define whether the safety time is only to apply to independent requirements or to all requirements.
    ·    In the material master record (MRP 2 View), in the Safety Time/Actual Range of Coverage field, you have entered the number of workdays by which the requirements are to be brought forward.
    ·    If, in addition to this actual range of coverage, you also want to define a different number of workdays in certain periods or a safety time less than one day then, in Customizing for MRP in the activity Define Period Profile for Safety Time/Actual Range of Coverage you can define a period profile and assign it to the material in the material master record.

  • Inspection types to be defaulted based on the Material Types

    Hi Guys,
    Do we have any specific setting to maintain the Inspection Type to be defaulted based on the Material Type.
    For Example:We have inspection Type 01& 07.....This Inspection Type has to be defaulted to the One material Type when ever we are creating the material.
    Pl suggest me.

    Dear in Standard SAP it is not possible.

  • 2 Repeating Frames based on the same group

    I have this report which contains 3 groups, I have the requirement to break the 2nd group so that I create a 'footer' based on the 2nd group.
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    I didn't realise that this was such a difficult problem to solve. The requirements are quite simple (I thought)
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    aaa 10
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    ccc 30
    ddd 40
    ....<as many records that will force a second page
    --> but..this still needs to print!!!To be printed at a predefined space on the physical page on each page. bold Bank Details for Account 456: xxxx bold
    {page 3}
    zzz 100
    Sub Total 1000
    --> To be printed at a predefined space on the physical page on each page. bold Bank Details for Account 456: xxxx bold
    Say the next records in the query are for
    COMPANY XXXXX, ACCOUNT 789 with one detail record.
    COMPANY XXXXX, ACCOUNT 321 with multiple details records which will force a second page.
    What is happening at the moment is that the 2 repeating frames based on the Account Group,
    the first 2 pages will print out correctly, however, because the 2nd account goes over 2 pages and how I have this set the structure of the report (see above post), the bottom Account Group thinks that the account number is now 789 when in fact the top account group is still on 456
    I really hope that this is clearer.
    I am working on Reports 10g on a 10g database
    I have tried to create a ref cursor & separate the query to bring back bank details. but with no luck.
    A person had suggested that I create a separate frame and hold the bank details, which is fine. but as I previously stated, those bank details need to print on every page at a specific area on the physical page.
    If this might be of use:
    Repeating Frame Group Customer, Vertical & Horizontal elasticity Fixed
    Repeating Frame Group Account, Vertical Elasticity: Variable & Horizontal - Fixed
    Repeating Frame Group Transations, Vertical Elasticity: Expand & Horizontal - Fixed

  • Material was not bound to the material ledger

    When I run the entry markers (TCODE MIGO) the error message appears C+470 - Lack of connection material 16243 to 16243 at the center material ledger.
    An error occurred when creating or modifying the view of evaluating the material. The material was not bound to the material ledger.
    System activity:
    The update operation is canceled.
    Contact SAP support.

    I checked that note, I changed the type of material in MMAM ROH to Hawaii, but the LM still active disabled.
    Then I went in again and ran for MMAM HAWA to ROH, and the asset continues LM disabled.
    I need to activate the LM active for this material.
    I'm working with version 6.0.

  • How to hide iviews based on the user groups?

    I have a custom role with workset, page and iviews.
    The page has 5 iviews.
    User group1 can see 5 iviews in the page.
    Now user group2 wants see only 3 iviews in the page (same role).
    Without creating another role for user group2, How can I hide the iviews based on the user group?
    Is this possible?

    Hi Sundar,
    I guess to achieve this, you have to set the permissions at iView level.
    For this, go to System Admin -> Permissions -> Portal Permissions. Now navigate to your iView using the folder structure, do right-click on the iView and click on Open Permissions.
    Search for the particular group and add that and assign the privileges accordingly. You can remove Everyone group from the iView .
    Hope this will solve your problem.
    Saurabh Mathur

  • Determine material master mandatory fields

    I've developed an workflow based program to create material master.
    I want to set all fields in my proram as required
    which are defined mandatory in Customizing of material master.
    Can anybody give me a hint how to determine the mandatory fields for
    material master creation.
    What i tried up to now:
    and then analysed the retrun table. This is working fine when calling from SE37 but
    fails when integrated in my own program.
    The Problem is:
    In SE37 following statement is true altough the fieldsymbol is empty (it's assigned and
    really empty, so it should not work).
    In my program it fails, which is IMHO correct.
    Perheps someone can tell me why?
    If you have any other suggestions how to solve my problems let me know.
    Thanks for your time and efforts.
    Andy Iskalla

    In MAterial MAster, you can make any field mandatory or optional . It all depends on the business process.\
    Read the document from belwo link.
    Any queries, le tme know.

  • Tax classification field of the material master - Mandatory

    At the "Sales: sales org. 1" view of the material, there exist the tax classification field of the material master. How can I make this field mandatory?

    Go to T-code OMSR
    Select Field name MARA - TAKLV and click on the arroow sysmbol on the right against that line.
    For Field Ref MM01 - select the radio button "Reqrd Entry".
    Hope this answers your question

  • How to Make Field/InfoObject Required Entry/Mandatory in DataSel of IPackag

    Hi All,
    How to make InfoObject or field as required/Mandatory Entry in the Data Selection TAB of InfoPackage.(Flat File Extraction)
    Actually I have already Checked Selection Option of my required fields  in DataSource/Transfer Structure  TAB  but unable to make mandatory

      you can do that using an ABAP program in teh infopackage. You should write code to trigger an exception and throw a message if the selection is not given.
    If it is possible to give selection by calulating a date like thing you can automate with ABAP code once again and can use it in teh process chain.

  • How to make fields readonly in Interactive Form based on Roles

    Hello All,
    I want to make few fields readonly and also want to disable few fields from the Interactive form based on the role, logged in by user.
    Looking  for a code Snippet on this issue.
    Need help in this Regard.
    Thanks & regards,

    Is the URL you are trying to call a schema.procedure ?
    If so, you need to grant execute privilege on the procedure to the <portal-schema>_public database user.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Dist. of Header Condition based on the material Value

    Hi All,
    I have one query regarding the header Condition.i have selected the Calculation type as B - fixed amount  (mandatory) for a particular Condition type and also selected the header and Item condition indicator.Now if the material have more than one line item then the system distributes this condition based on the quantities in PO.
    My client requirement is that they want to have a header condition as we are using now. But they want to distribute this header condition according to the material values for each line items in a PO. please Mention that this condition is a fixed value (mandatory).
    So, how can we make a Fixed Value (Calculation type) for a header condition to be distributed among the line items based on the base Value?
    Please revert back asap.
    Sure, points will be awarded for the same.

    as explained earlier ,
    system is distributes the header amount on the basic of value calculated by Basic X qty
    header value =100
    two line item
    1 is with Rs 4/- and qty is 10
    2 is with Rs 10/- and qty is 15
    so distribution is
    Rs 21.05/-  for 1st item
    Rs 78.94/- for 2ed item

  • Sales order item level deliveryblock based on the material's destin country

    Hi Experts
    I have a requirement to set delivery block to an order at the item level based on of country of destination and material.
    -Requirement is to block automatically order line when a material is not authorized (Regulatory affair) to be shipped to the country.
    -We need to allow only authorized person to have ability to remove the block-How can this be set up?
    - Delivery block like these are usually set up for sales org & material (and not country level), the issue here is different countries in same sales org.
    Awaiting for earliest comments

    In standard SAP you can not have delivery block at the item level based on the country of destination. Because contry of destination comes from Ship to party master data and material master is not based on the country.
    You need to have development or Exit and Z table. You need to maintain the list of materials allowed to various countries in the Ztable. Exit/development needs to check the table at the time of saving the sales order, 'If there is no table entry, delevery block needs to be maintained on the particular item shipping tab.
    Further you can discuss with your technical consultant about the logic and the possibilities.
    Ravi Duggirala

  • Disable a field in a Table layout based on the condition

    In the seeded page, there is a table layout region with viewobject name as View1. It has 3 fields displayed as Field A, Field B, Field C with multiple rows displayed when the page opens. Fields B and C are MessageTextInputs and Field A is MessageChoice. So in the displayed rows in the table, if the value selected in the Field A is "Bonus" then the fields B and C needs to be disabled so that the user should not be able to enter any information. So if there are 5 rows in that table, only 1 or 2 rows might have the value "Bonus" in the field A and only for those rows, fields B and C needs to be disabled.
    I would appreciate if anyone can provide me with a logic. I know how to disable a field based on the value of other field but in this case here, its a table region with multiple rows and only few of them needs to be disabled. I couldn't think of any logic here. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

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  • Material master extension for a particular material

    hi everyone,
    i got a requirement to add a customized screen for a particular material, i designed the screen and added that by going into spro. the screen is viewable now but for all materials. so could anyone tell me how to make it visible only for a particular material type.
    Thanks heaps

    Hi mate
    double click the material type in T.code oms2 and higlight the view in user department so it will be displayed in the material master creation,if not deselect the item so it wont be available in MM01 .
    Hope this helps

  • How to create a material master with referrence to exsisting material maste

    hi experts
    how to create the material master with reference to an existing material master ?
    please explain in steps

    It is very simple.
    Enter  MM01 t-code.
    Enter your existing material code in field of reference material code.
    If your material number range is external number range then enter number of material otherwise direct enter industry sector and material type.
    After enter basic detail system ask you plant/storage location detail and view detail.
    Select reference plant and storage location in left sight of diglog and enter plant and storage location in right sight of diglog screen for which you want to maintain material master.
    Then click on all view, If you want to change some detail change it.
    Due to reference material all detail is come from reference material.
    Then click on save.
    NOTE: - You can create new material with reference of old material but it is prerequest material type should be same of both material old and new.
    Mahesh Wagh

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