Making payment in Automatic Payment Transaction (tcode:F110).

Hi. all.
May I know which part of standard coding or standard program which make the payment proposal inside the Automatic Payment Transaction (tcode:F110).
I found out that SAPF110V, SAPF110S and some are related. But i don't know which is the accurate program/part which make the payment.
Kindly need your guide and help.
Thanks in advance.

accurate program for TCode
F110   SAPF110V       Parameters for Automatic Payment

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  • Process/steps  down payment through Automatic payment

    Dear Group Members,
    How to make down payment through Automatic Payment ( T code F110)
    Pleas let me know the steps

    You can follow the steps provided by Venkat, but there is a limitation when you process down payment with F110.
    Becuase based on down payment request, when you post a down payment document through F110, system will default a payment block A in the posted doument.
    So, when you will post the actual invoice, system will pay that invoice in full, and will not net the down payment you already posted.  Example:
    Step1) Vendor Down Payment: $300
    Step2) Vendor Invoice Posted: $1000
    Now you expect SAP to pay the net credit balance of $700, but F110 will pay $1000 instead if you forgot to manually clear the invoice against the down payment. We used the following substitution rule to force the system to pay the net amount:
    1)First create a set for all your company codes: T-code GS01 e.g. Set Name: Y_COMP_CODE, Field BUKRS
    2) Transaction OBBH
    SYST-TCODE = 'F110'  AND
    Substitute Field Pmnt Block with a blank

  • Incorrect payment type - automatic payments Telepay in Norway

    Dear all,
    My customer have a problem (Norwegian company code). They normally transfer payments to their customer using payment method T - Telepay. Normally they log in to the system with a particular user id only when doing these kind of automatic payments in transaction f110. This works fine, when creating payment file and send it to bank the payment type is "transfer with message", which is correct. Now they tested to create the payment with another user id and everything looked fine until they sent the file to the bank, the payment type was now "transfer with KID", which gave errors, since this was not what netiher the customer or the bank expected. They want the payment type to be "transfer without message", which seems to work only when creating the payment file with a particular customer.s
    Is there some setting on user ID for Norway that has to be allocated to all users? I tried to investigate this in the IMG. I found a transaction "Define user number at bank in Norway". Can this have something to do with my problem? Or is there anything else that can affect payment type when sending payment to bank?
    Thank you very much in advance!
    Best Regards,
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    I don't think there is any specific setting for norway but if you think so get input from the functional gye.
    as far as I can see it seems to be an authorization issue.

  • Block of payment in automatic payment run

    Dear friends,
    Can anyone help me in blocking an open line item in automatic payment run which is not already blocked but it is due for payment and i donot want to make its payment in the proposal.
    Also if i want to do partial payment out of the open line item proposed in the automatic payment run, how do i do it?
    Please help.
    Dhirav Shah

    It is possible to add and delete payment blocks on individual items
    if they are included in the payment proposal.  When you have run
    the proposal there should be a button 'Edit Proposal' and there should
    be an option for payment block.  You can then enter a payment block,
    and when you save this the item should then appear in the payment
    proposal.  It is not possible to block an entire vendor account, you
    can only block individual line items. 
    Also most important thing in case you cannot edit this field in payment proposal:
    Check your customising in transaction OB27, For you to be able to change/edit "payment block" in a payment proposal, you have to set the flag 'Change in Pmnt Prop' in this transaction. 
    Once an item is included in the proposal, the only ways it can be blocked is by either editing the item WITHIN the proposal, or else by deleting the proposal, adding the payment block via FB02 and then rescheduling the proposal.
    Exact Steps:
    Press the 'Edit Proposal'
    Click 'All accounting clerks' on the Accounting Clerk box (This might
    not appear on your system)
    Double click on a particular item which you want to change
    Then you can add/remove the payment block .
    Hope it helps

  • Net off vendor payment in Automatic payment program

    Dear Experts,
    A vendor is also a customer. I have vendor payment of Rs. 1000/- and customer receivable for the same is Rs.800/-. Now the payment to vendor is only Rs.200/-.  I want payment of 200 is made and payment advice and check are generated for Rs.200/- only. Is this possible in Automatic payment program? If "yes" what are the settings to be done to acheive this?

    You would need to maintain vendor code in customer master and vice versa.
    After assigning the customer code in the vendor master, go to "Payment transactions Accounting".
    Here you will find - Clrg with cust.
    Select the check box next to it.
    Then, run APP selecting both vendor and customer accounts.
    System would do the necessary postings for the open items.

  • Advance payment through automatic payment program

    Plz any one let me know how do we do advance payment to vendor  through automatic payment program

    Make a Down Payment Request (Advance Payment) in F-47 and then run F110.
    Following configuration is needed-
    In OBYR assign G/L Accounts to a Special G/L Indicator. Assign this Special G/L Indicator in FBZP then run F110. Payment run will take those Down Payment Requests and make Down Payments to the vendors.
    The main purpose of Automatic payment program is to post payments to multiple vendors at a time. So it is not advisable to post down payments to multiple vendors using F110. You can post individually using F-48 and clear them using F-54

  • Employee Payments thru Automatic Payment program

    Dear All
    For paying the employee through APP, .i.e Bank Transfer and Cheque, what are the setting I need to make from the FI side. I know that we need to click the allowed for personnel payments. But after doing it if i run it in F110, its saying "NO Accounts have been selected yet". What is that i need to as a FI consultant so that the APP selects the employees in F110.
    Appreciate your quick response.

    Hi ram,
    at OBVCU, select your company code,select Bank Accounts in lefthand side and specifiy your Housebank|Payment Method|Currency|Bank Clearing A/c|GL Account NO.

  • Partial Payment in Automatic Payment Program

    I know that we can block a particular line item for payment in APP.
    But my doubt is whether is it possible to make partial payment in a particular line item in APP.
    Kinldy advise.

    Through APP partial payment is not possible.
    But, if there is some fixed scenario. like we definetly know that some % is to be partially paid to the vendor.
    Installment payment terms.

  • Automatic Payment Transaction (F110) - questions bout Paymnt Doc generated

    Hi all,
    I have a question regarding to payment documents generated by Automatic Payment Transaction (tcode F110).
    After a payment run, some payments are created. But I found that same payment documents are generated over several payment runs for same vendors. And those payments pay for the same invoices.
    For example
    Run date   ____________     ID    ______     Vendor ______  Payment
    Jan 01, 2009  ______  ID001  ______  V0001  ______   P1
    Jan 15, 2009  ______  ID002  ______  V0001  ______   P1
    Jan 15, 2009  ______  ID003  ______  V0001  ______   P1
    Payment P1 pays for Invoices I1, I2, I3.
    It looks like the data is repeated.
    When I check tables, REGUH, there are 3 entries and 9 entries in REGUP (1 payment - 3 invoices => 9 records). It also is updated in BKPF and BSEG as well.
    The question is: how can I identify  which Payment Run (date, id) the payment document belongs to?
    I don't understand because i think SAP automatically generates document number, and it cannot be the same for every run.
    Please guys, help explain it for me.How does it work in this way?
    Thanks in advance

    In this process, you will complete a payment transaction automatically.
    You should first enter some vendor invoices so that there are enough due payables available in the system. In order to reduce the work you need to do, we have created a CATT (Computer Aided Test Tool) that generates invoices automatically when activated.
    Secondly, you will create a payment program and enter the parameters necessary for selecting the items to be paid.
    Next, you will execute a payment proposal list and check its log. You will find that some items are blocked for payment. You will need to update the list in order to remove the block.
    Later, you will start an actual run. Then you will set the print program so that the payment forms and accompanying payment advice notes and payment summaries are correctly assigned to the payment run. Finally, you will print the payment forms. If you are using North American data, you will then need to analyze the check register.
    Check the link for detailed procedures

  • How to generate checks when executing Automatic Payment Program (F110)

    Is it possible to generate checks automatically when I execute the automatic payment program? Will reward points to any suggestion. Thanks!

    hi patrick
    try this.....ur problem may solve.....
    Create Automatic Payment Transactions (F110)
    Use this procedure to generate checks proposals or ACH proposals and then subsequently issue checks or set up ACH files to be transmitted to the bank.
    Perform this procedure when through either an ACH or a check, a creditor of the University needs to be paid.
    Open invoices with reached due dates have to be present in the SAP system.
    Menu Path
    Use the following menu path to begin this transaction:
    ·         Select Accounting  Financial Accounting  Accounts Payable  Periodic processing  Payments to go to the Automatic Payment Transactions: Status screen.
    Transaction Code
    Business Process Information
    The automatic payment process will be centrally managed in the Accounts Payable Office. The automatic payment program will be executed each day for all open invoices (across vendors) in the system. There will be separate payment run execution corresponding to each payment method category:
    Check payments: clears the open invoices and issues a check output
    ACH payments: clears the open invoices and issues an ACH file output
    Foreign currency payments: clears open invoices but no output is issued
    State/Grant payments: clears open invoices but no output is issued
    The process steps executed during the automatic payment program are:
    Enter Payment Parameters
    Edit/review Payment Proposal
    Post Payments
    Generate Payment Medium (print checks or create ACH payment file)
    Generate Positive Payment File
    The payment parameters are entered in order to limit the open invoices and credits selected for payment. It is important to note that the payment terms that are defined on the invoice will drive whether a invoice is due for payment during the current payment run. During the payment program execution, the invoices that are due for payment will be presented to the user on a payment proposal list.
    The payment proposal is a list of expected payments grouped by vendor account. Invoices that are due for payment but cannot be paid due to some kind of accounting or system error are listed as exceptions. Examples of typical exceptions are missing banking information (for ACH payments) and blocked invoices. Some payment exceptions will be resolved at the Accounts Payable Office. However the Department must resolve some exceptions. When these types of exceptions appear on the payment proposals, the Accounts Payable Office will inform the Department of the blocked payment in order to get a resolution. Key personnel in the Accounts Payable Office will be the only resources to have access to the editing function of the payment proposal processing. Typically, there is no business reason the edit or change a payment proposal. Editing options for a payment proposal includes: changing the default disbursing bank account information or changing the payment method.
    After the payment proposals have been reviewed and edited, the proposals are posted as payments. It is important to note that any open credit on the vendor's account is also taken in consideration when creating the vendor's payment. The payment method supplement defined on the invoice will drive the check sorting.
    In addition to the printed check output, the payment program run produces an ACH file and a Positive Pay file. Both files are sent to the bank for further processing. The ACH file contains the vendor's payment and banking data. The Positive Pay file contains the check data (check processed, voided, etc) and is used for confirmation of payments.
    Helpful Hints
    ·         The R/O/C column in the field description tables below defines whether the field is required (R), optional (O), or conditional (C).
    ·         On certain screens you may have to scroll to view some data entry fields.
    ·         Click the  tab to view the current overall status of the payment process by viewing the informational messages.
    1. Start the transaction using the menu path or transaction code.
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Status
    2. As required, complete the following fields:
    ·         Run date
    ·         Identification
    3. Click the  tab.
    The payment program parameters are used to limit the program's selection of open invoices and credits.
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Parameters
    4. As required, complete/review the following fields:
    ·         Posting date
    ·         Docs entered up to
    ·         Company codes
    ·         Pmt meths
    ·         Next p/date
    ·         Vendor
    5. Click the  tab.
    Free selection criteria are extended parameter selection criteria used to limit the open invoices and credits selected in the payment run.
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Free Selection
    6. Perform any of the following:
    If You Want To
    Select data by a particular field value; use the match code on the Field Name field to obtain the required field
    Enter the required field value to be considered in the payment program selection of open items. The field value is entered in the Values field
    Payment selection can be based on fields on the invoice or credit memo document or fields on the vendor master.
    Example: A (AP payment block)
    Exclude the open items that match your field value
    Select  to the left of Exclude values.
    Include only those open items that match your field value
    Deselect  to the left of Exclude values.
    7. Click the  tab.
    This information is used to expand the information that is automatically recorded in the payment run log. The payment run log is used to diagnose any program errors during the payment run.
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Additional Log
    8. Perform the following:
    If You Want the Payment Program Log to Record
    Information on due date check
    Select  to the left of Due date check.
    Activate this option.
    Any payment method selection data
    Select  to the left of Payment method selection in all cases.
    Activate this option.
    Line item information the payment documents generated upon posting the payment proposal
    Select  to the left of Line items of the payment documents.
    Activate this option.
    9. As required, complete/review the following fields:
    ·         Vendors (from)
    ·         Vendors (to)
    Enter the same vendor account number range for Accounts required section of the transaction.
    10. Click the  tab.
    The specifications defined in this section of the transaction inform the payment program the correct form to use for check printing and the correct payment file format to use for ACH payments.
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Printout and DME
    11. As required, complete the following fields:
    ·         RFFOAVIS
    ·         RFFOUS_C
    12. Click the  tab.
        Exit editing
    13. Click  to save the data.
    If you want to delete the payment program parameters entered, select Edit  Parameters  Delete.
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Status (2)
    The system displays the message, "Details have been saved for the run on XX/XX/XX XXXX."
    14. Click  .
    If you want to refresh the screen in order to view the current status (processing step) of the payment program click  at any time.
        Schedule Proposal
    15. Perform one of the following:
    If You Want To
    Execute the payment program (i.e. process the payment parameters entered and create a payment proposal) immediately
    Select  to the left of Start immediately.
    Activate this option.
    Designate a target computer
    Enter the name in the Target computer field.
    16. Click  to process the payment parameters and create a payment proposal.
    While the payment program is selecting and processing data, the status will display the message, "Proposal is running." When the payment proposal has completed and is ready for review/edit, the system will display the message, "Payment proposal has been created."
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Status (3)
    The system displays the message, "Proposal run has been scheduled."
    17. Click  .
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Status (4)
    The system updates the status, "Payment proposal has been created."
    18. Perform one of the following:
    If You Want To
    Go To
    Execute the payment run
    Click  .
    Step 19
    Edit the payment proposal
    Click  .
    Step 43
    Display the payment proposal
    Click  .
    Step 54
    Display the payment proposal run log
    Click  .
    Step 57
    Delete the proposal
    Select Edit  Proposal  Delete.
    Step 60
    Display the proposal list in a printer friendly format
    Select Edit  Proposal  Proposal List....
    Step 62
    Display only the exception (error) invoices or credits
    Select Edit  Proposal  Exception List....
    Step 67
    Exit this transaction
    Step 72
        Schedule Payment
    19. Perform the following:
    If You Want To
    Execute the payment program (i.e. process the payment parameters entered and create a payment proposal) immediately
    Select  to the left of Start immediately.
    Activate this option.
    Designate a target computer
    Enter the name in the Target computer field.
    20. Click  to process the payment proposal and post the payment documents.
    While the payment program is selecting and processing data, the status will display 'Payment is running'. When the payment proposal posted the status will display 'Payment run has been carried out. Posting orders X generated, X completed. (X will represent the total number of checks produced).
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Status (5)
    The system displays the message, "Payment run has been scheduled."
    21. Click  .
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Status (6)
    The system updates the status, "Payment run has been carried out." If you click  after seeing the status update, "Payment run has been carried out", the system will display an update to the status, "Posting orders: XXXX generated, XXXX completed."
    22. Perform one of the following:
    If You Want To
    Go To
    Review the payments posted
    Click  .
    Step 23
    Display the payment proposal
    Click  .
    Step 26
    Display the payment proposal run log
    Click  .
    Step 29
    Display the payment list in a printer friendly format
    Select Edit  Payments  Payment List.
    Step 32
    Display only the exception (error) invoices or credits
    Select Edit  Payments  Exception List.
    Step 36
    Print the payment run information
    Click  .
    Step 40
    Exit this transaction
    Step 72
        Job Log Entries for F110-XXXX-XXXX / XXXX
    23. Review the displayed information.
    24. Click  .
    25. Return to Step 22.
        Display Payment Proposal: Payments
    26. Review the displayed information.
    27. Click  .
    28. Return to Step 22.
        Job Log Entries for F110-XXXX-XXXX-X / XXXX (2)
    29. Review the displayed information.
    30. Click  .
    31. Return to Step 22.
        List Variant
    32. Click  .
        Payment list
    33. Review the displayed information.
    34. Click  .
    35. Return to Step 22.
        List Variant (2)
    36. Click  .
        Payment list (2)
    37. Review the displayed information.
    38. Click  .
    39. Return to Step 22.
        Schedule Print
    40. As required, complete/review the following fields:
    ·         Start date
    ·         Start immediately
    ·         Start time
    ·         Target computer
    ·         Job name
    41. Click  .
    42. Return to Step 22.
        Accounting clerk
    43. Click  .
        Edit Payment Proposal: Payments
    44. Review the displayed information.
    45. Perform one of the following:
    If You Want To
    Go To
    Continue with the payment process
    Click  .
    Step 18
    Review/edit invoice information for the payment (invoice numbers, discounts, payment amounts, etc).
    1. Click on the line you want to select.
    2. Click  .
    Step 46
    Change the key payment information (payment method, house bank, payee name and address, etc.)
    1. Click on the line you want to select.
    2. Click  .
    This option does not work for lines that have exceptions.
    Step 51
        Edit Payment Proposal: Open Items
    46. Double-click on the line you want to choose.
        Change Line Items
    47. As required, complete/review the following fields:
    ·         Payment block
    ·         Discount amount
    ·         Cash discount %
    48. Click  .
    49. Click  .
    50. Return to Step 45.
        Change Payment
    51. As required, complete/review the following fields:
    ·         Payment method
    ·         Pmt meth.supl.
    ·         Due date
    52. Click  .
    53. Return to Step 45.
        Display Payment Proposal: Payments
    54. Review the displayed information.
    55. Click  .
    56. Return to Step 18.
        Job Log Entries for F110-XXXX-XXXX-X / XXXX (3)
    57. Review the displayed information.
    58. Click  .
    59. Return to Step 18.
        Delete proposal
    60. Click  .
        Automatic Payment Transactions: Status (7)
    The system displays the message, "Data and log deleted."
    61. Go to Step 72.
        List Variant (3)
    62. As required, complete the following field:
    ·         Variant
    63. Click  .
        Payment list (3)
    64. Review the displayed information.
    65. Click  .
    66. Return to Step 18.
        List Variant (4)
    67. As required, complete the following field:
    ·         Variant
    68. Click  .
        Payment list (4)
    69. Review the displayed information.
    70. Click  .
    71. Return to Step 18.
    72. Click  until you return to the SAP Easy Access screen.
    73. You have completed this transaction.
    You have executed a payment proposal, executed and posted a payment run and printed checks.
    reward me points.......dont forget

  • Automatic payment program process

    plz tell me the process of Automatic payment program?
    how to execute the program and  wht are the steps involved while running this  Automatic payment program..?
    pls give me a detailed explanation on Automatic Payment Program?

    Dear, As found..
    Automatic payment program in SAP selects appropriate invoices to be paid based on following paramete:
    1. Documents entered upto. The selects invoices entered in SAP system with entry date upto the date specified in the filed.
    2. Nex payment run date:  The progam selects invoices in SAP system whcih will be overdue or incur lost cash discounts if paid on the date specified in this field.
    When executing the automatic payment program (F110 transaction), a proposal run must be always be carried out in SAP system first. The proposal list will sometimes include exceptions.
    Common exceptions are:
    SAP Invoice contains payment block. To pay this invoice, remove the payment block when editing the proposal list (unless the payment block is one whch cannot be edited during payment proposal) or remove payment block via FB02 for each SAP invoice.
    Payment method in vendor master/invoice is different from the one specified in the payment program parameter. To pay this invoice, allocate the payment method in the parameter of the payment run to this invoice while editing the proposal list.
    Vendor master does not contain information specified as mandatory in the payment method in teh paramter of the SAP paymement program. For example, depending on the payment method configuration for the country, certain fileds such as city or PO Box must be populated in the vendor master. In this case, delete the proposal run, make the necessary changes in the vendor master and execute the proposal run again.
    Typically, Payment program pays due invoices in full. To cater for partial payment via automatic payment program, payment request will be used (optional). Down payments to staff and vendorcan also be made via the automatic payment program if down payment request was posted.
    If foreign currency invoice is paid via automatic payment run, the relevant exchange rate type should be selected in the payment run parameter. Exchange rate gain/ loss on making the payment will be automatically posted to their relevant profit and loss account based on the reconciliation account of vendor.
    The payment method specified in the parameter of the payment program determines the bank account and the GL account used to make the payment. Also, depending on the payment method, cheques, other forms and payment files will be generated.

  • Schedule proposal in automatic payment.

    Hi. all.
    May I know  how is the coding/workflow for the Schedule Proposal in the Automatic Payment Transaction (tcode:F110). Because i'm planning to change the way of the standard SAP auto payment proposal. That's mean whenever there are invoice which has amount more than a certain limit, then the system will automatically split into several payment.
    Or there are any gud way to do it? Please suggest it.
    Thanks in advance.

    Anyone know about it ?
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  • FI  F110 payment run multiple payment documents for same vendor l

    We have an issue where a F110 automatic payment run creates two payment documents for the same vendor multiple open items in the same run. The payment method for all the open items is the same.  I am not able to identify the logic based on which system bifurcates these open items to create two different payment documents. It is standard SAP functionality and we do not have any additional customization.
    I have also checked criteria mentioned in FBZP Payment method in company code Payment per due day but does not seem to be relevant. If you have any pointers in this context request you to share the same at the earliest.

    In FBZP we have below setting for grouping of items in company code payment method.
    1.Single payment for marked line item: Single payment will be created for every line item if this check box is selected.
    2.Payment per due day: One payment document is created for all the invoices which are due on specific due date.
    Please check if any of above option is selected here.
    We have also control at vendor master:
    Vendor master data > Company code > Payment data > Automatic payment transactions > individual payment.
    If check box is selected then every vendor or customer item is paid separately during automatic payment transactions.

  • What is SAP Automatic Payment Programming:

    hi All,
    can u describe , what is SAP Automatic Payment Programming

        Automatic payment's is an FI concept . This is used for Accounts payable for vendors. This program automatically sends correspondence to all the vendors to which payment has to be made. Tcode to configure the same is F110. Correspondence can be done through scripts by an ABAP Developer.

  • Minimum & Maximum Limit in Automatic Payment Programme

    Hello Sap Guru,
    Is there any way to configure the mininmum & maximum amount limit for payment through automatic payment run like minimum payment Rs. 50,000 per cheque and maximum payment Rs 10 lakh
    Kindly help
    Thanks & Regards
    Deepak Garg

    Hi Deepak
    This can be configured in FBZP,
    Click on "Paying Company code" tab > select your company code, there in control data you can find,
    Minimum amount for incoming payment
    Minimum amount for outgoing payment
    There you can maintain the minimum amount for outgoing payment. This is applicable for the entire company code.
    If you do not want this, then, there is an option > In FBZP, click on "Pmnt method in Company Code" there, select a payment method for check payment > You can enter the Minimum amount and Maximum amount per payment.
    Use any of the above option for your requirement.

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