Managing entries in table TWRF1

I am working in the is-retail environment. I wish to add a new entry in table TWRF1 that contains allowed tables per copy rule. Those copy control are part of the site profile.
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Sarah Tal
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First add all the entries to USR40 table in devolopment system.
Then export that table from devolopment systems.
SE03->Include objects in a transport request->on the next screen click on selected objects> select the R3TR TABL Table/Structure option>enter table name -->click on execute.
Once you include the object in transport request...relaese that transport request.
After that move that transport to production.
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  • Error "No entry in table T551A" while creating set work schedule rule.

    Dear Team,
    I am getting following error while creating set work schedule rule.
    Error "No entry in table T551A" for key 22 BBB [ here BBBB is my period work schedule]
    The actual prob is i configured all the necessary steps but when i tried to create work schedule rule im getting this error. Also, in the same screen there is one field DWS grouping initially value in this is 00 and gread mode. But after giving ES grp, holiday calander ID etc etc when i try to save that screen that value is chainging to 22 from 00.
    My ES grop=2 and PS grop=2 . Is that value is my ES and PS grouping..?? or some other thing.
    Request you to please help me out.

    HI, there are 8 steps you need to do below:
    1. Group Personnel Subareas for the Daily Work Schedule
    2. Group Personnel Subareas for the Work Schedule
    3. Define Break Schedules
    4. Define Daily Work Schedules
    5. Define Period Work Schedules
    6. Define Employee Subgroup Groupings
    7. Define Groupings for the Public Holiday Calendar
    8. Set Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedules
    All of them belong to TIME MANAGEMENT. I think you miss some steps above.
    Please check it again.

  • No Entry in Table T702Q for key EN

    Dear Consultants,
    In first attempt to customize Travel Management, I copied Trip Provision Variant 99 to my TPV as TF. Then I confirmed all other entries being maintained in the process. When I tried to create Infotype 17 for any employee, it says, "No Entry in table T702Q in Key EN". I visited T702Q but did not find EN anywhere.
    Also the system says the Vehicle Type & Vehicle class do not match.

    This should be easily fixed by your customising in PE03
    The feature PE03 is differing the assignment to the trip provision variants based on the company code.If the trip provision that you created is assigned to entry " " (or blank) then when checking the entry in PA30-travel privileges for IT17  the system is looking for an entry with morei ' ' in the table T702Q and this does not exist.
    This should fix it!
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  • No entry in table T527X for E

    The HR IDOCs are ending in error in our production system with the error:
    No entry in table T527X for E
    Message no. RP301
    The entry values must be stored in table T527X. The "   E" value(s) are not in this table.
    When the IDOC is reprocessed manually or by the standard program, the IDOC has OK status.
    The error just started from today and we do not know as to what is causing this error.
    I have checked in the FM that is processing the IDOC and I could not find nay reference to the table T527X or that message number.
    Can anyone please help?

    The IDOC is being processed by a custom Function module but this program was modified
    and the changes were moved to the system last week.
    If IDOC was getting processes Successfully till last week, Customization done recently is the Culprit
    I am thinking about the complexity of the Standard Function (which almost processes all
    types of HR master data and how developer must have managed to write Custom code for all of this.
    Quite Complex I think.
    The main change was that in some updation BDC is now used to update the screens
    directly and then PA41 tcode is being called. Do you think this might cause the issue?
    But then it works in reprocessing - strange.
    In some places, the standard function module is used (code not changed for this) -HR_MASTER_MAINTAIN -
    (i think).
    Well what all I can say is track the error message while running the IDOC for first time and
    that will only give you the solution.

  • No Entry in Table T510 when the entry should be pointing to T710?

    Hello Guruu2019s,
    When we process an IT0008 change, we are receiving an error that there is u201CNo Entry in Table T510 for the key 10*###** **** on 2/20/2011u201D.  This is a new entry in PM Compensation Management Job pricing  Pay Structures  Define Pay Grades and levels.
    With that said, I did not set this up originally and I am new in to this area of configuration.  Also, I configured this new entry based on the instructions that were left by the previous co-worker.
    Now, from the research that I have done so far, the configuration that I was instructed to key in uses Table T710 which is why I am receiving the No entry in T510.  From the entire configuration that I have checked in our system, we have never used table T510. So why it is yelling at me now, I cannot figure that out.  I checked the feature TARIF and there is no configuration with any of our employee group/settings, but it is active and the otherwise is calling a program RPCADD00.
    Just a little more history, we have been in the process of implementing Performance Management & Enterprise Compensation Management with consultants.  The consultants are gone, so I am not sure if they turned something on which is forcing this to look at table T510 now or not?
    We are on ECC 6 with EHP4 and any direction would be highly appreciated because I am at a lost here.

    On the IT0008 screen menu bar, go to Edit>Change remuneration type. This will toggle between Salary (T710) and Pay Scale (T510). For your case, you need to keep it as Salary.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to maintain PO Header Text entry in table T166K for different PO Type

    Can anyone tell me if there is a config transaction ( or path ) to maintain PO Header Text entry in table T166K for different PO Types

    Spro->Material Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Texts for Purchase Orders.
    There are 4 config setting to do for this.
    Read information text.
    please reward if this helps

  • Missing entry in table T043G

    While entering AR receipts with either of the following menu I am getting the message that' missing entry in table T043G'. I am trying to find more details of it , but could not...
    Easy Access Menu:  Accounting  Financial accounting  Accounts receivable  Document entry  Incoming payment
    Easy Access Menu:  Accounting  Financial Accounting  Accounts receivable  Account  Clear
    Can some one tell what the issue could be .

    You havent setup the tolerance limit.
    IMG -> Controlling -> Internal order -> Budgeting and availability control -> Define tolerance limit for availability control.
    IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Document -> Line item -> Define tolerance group for employees
    IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Outgoing Payments -> Manual Outgoing Payments -> Define Tolerances (Vendor)
    IMG -> Financial Accounting/ General Ledger Accounting/ Business Transactions/ Open Item Clearing/ Clearing Differences/ Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts
    IMG -> Materials Management -> Logistics Invoice Verification -> Invoice Blocking -> Set Tolerance Limits
    And you need to assign the tolerance limit to the company as well.

  • No entry in table T510

    When I trying to save the entry IT008 I am getting an error message u201CNo entry in table T510 for the key   9050 MANAGER 01 on 01.01.2010u201D
    Please note I checked table V_T510, entries are in the table.
    pls guide me onthis ..
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi Milarepa.......
    Is this Question related to SAP Business One?
    If not then unfortunitely its wrong group you should try it in Different Forum.....

  • No Entry in Table T030 Argument 1200 130 Fld: KONTS

    Hello All,
                  while using Travel management on approving the trip I am getting the error
    "No Entry in Table T030 Argument 1200 130 Fld: KONTS" I dont know whats going on with it and how can i get rid of this error.
    Your help and advice would be highly appraciated.

    Can you let me know which activity for Symbolic Accounts in the IMG you are referring to? I'm getting a similar error but don't see where the link is. I can see the activities to define symbolic accounts for payroll. How do the entries in T030 tie back to Travel Mgt?
    Thanks for your help!

  • No entry in table T554C for key 40 01 01 for time 26.08.2009

    Hello experts,
    I am simulating payroll, after entering an absence,
    Its giving error like - No entry in table T554C for key 40 01 01 for time 26.08.2009
    I have checked this table and there is entry for the respective absence.
    Why still that error is coming ?
    Will you please help me out to simulate my payroll with absence valuation ?
    Thanks and Regards
    Jaydeep Jadhav

    Hello Revathi,
    thanks for replying me ...
    yes ... i am using -ve time management.
    my payroll schema name is ZN00
    tc00 is commented already
    system stops at Processing of time data PAB edit absence data
    Thanks in advance.
    Jaydeep Jadhav
    Edited by: Jaysaphr on Aug 26, 2009 5:14 PM

  • No entry in table T510 for the key 4004033MANAGER 1 on 01.04.2008

    When trying to save entry in 0008 infotype i am getting the error "No entry in table T510 for the key 4004033MANAGER 1 on 01.04.2008"
    I had removed the integration PLOGi ORGA for some testing purpose. is it because of this. now i have set the integration switch back. still i am not able to resolve this.
    Can anybody help me in this.

    Maintian the table V_t510, go to V_t510, enter the values like
    40- Country Grouping
    04- PS type
    03- PS ARea
    3- CAP(collective agreement Provision) which you have assigned to your employee subgroups in table V_T503Z.
    MANAGER - Ps group
    1 - Ps level
    on 01.04.2008- start date.
    in this table enter the wage type, which you have created under basic pay.
    3 manager 1 1000 01012008 31129999
    3 manager 1 1010 01012008 31129999

  • No entry in table T549Q for argument 04 at time 10-03-2011

    This is an error I received while trying to create a trip:
    No entry in table T549Q for argument 04 at time 10-03-2011
    What are the necessary steps for fixing this issue, I am new to travel management. Thanks for your help!

    Periods parameters need to be define in that particular month and year..
    You can define it in V_T549Q for 04(bi-weekly)
    Muhammad Umer

  • No entry in table T030 for argument     Fld: KONTS

    Hi experts,
    I'm getting this error message "No entry in table T030 for argument   Fld: KONTS"  when I try to save travel request from travel manager (TRIP).
    do you know how to solve it?
    because, I did googling on tabel T030 and it is table for warehouse management not travel.
    T030 = WM Storage Bin Types tables
    how to solve this?

    Hi ,
    This looks like a config issue. Make the config changes in the table T030 via the below path.
    SPRO --> Financial Accounting --> Travel Management --> Travel Expenses --> Transfer to Accounting --> Conversion of Symbolic account to Expense Account.
    Check the below threads for more info.
    No entry in table T030 for arguement HRT 1X2 and 1X3
    Hope this helps..

  • No entry in table T503

    Hi experts!
    Iu2018ve created groups and areas of personnel and assigned employee subgroup to employee group by IMG:
    Enterprise structure -> Assignment -> Human Resources Management-> Assign employee subgroup to employee group.
      Iu2019ve tried to hire (PA40) using these groups and subgroups, but it shows an error: "No entry in table T503" for the combined subgroup and group that are not stored in the table.
    The table T503, is the same as Iu2019ve in assigned at SPRO?
    Thanks in advanced!

    Hi Godoy,
    You have not assigned employee Subgroups the attributes..
    In IMG please maintain the entries for the same . Path is as below
    IMG-> Personnel Management-> Personnel Administration->Organizational Data-> Organizational Assignment-> Define Employee attributes.
    Or you can maintain the table  V_503_C in  the  transaction SM30
    Kapil Kaushal

  • Materials Management Document flow  table

    hi all,
    can any body tell me the Materials Management Document flow  table .

    T001L     Storage locations
    T024E     Purchasing organization
    T3001     Warehouse number
    TVST     Shipping point
    TVLA     Loading point
    TTDS     Transportation
    ADRC     Addresses (Business Address Services)
    Material master :
    MARA     Material master
    MAKT       Material text
    MARC     Material per plant / stock
    MVKE     Material master, sales data
    MARD     Storage location / stock
    MSKA     Sales order stock
    MSPR     Project stock
    MARM     Units of measure
    MEAN     International article number
    PGMI     Planning material
    PROP     Forecast parameters
    MAPR     Link MARC <=> PROP
    MBEW     Material valuation
    MVER     Material consumption
    MLGN     Material / Warehouse number
    MLGT     Material / Storage type
    MPRP     Forecast profiles
    MDTB     MRP table
    MDKP     Header data for MRP document
    MLAN     Tax data material master
    MTQSS     Material master view: QM
    LFA1     Vendor master
    LFB1     Vendor per company code
    LFB5     Vendor dunning data
    LFM1     Purchasing organisation data
    LFM2     Purchasing data
    LFBK     Bank details
    EKKO     Purchase document
    EKPO     Purchase document (item level)
    EKPV     Shipping-Specific Data on Stock Tfr. for Purch. Doc. Item
    EKET     Delivery schedule
    VETVG     Delivery Due Index for Stock Transfer
    EKES     Order Acceptance/Fulfillment Confirmations
    EKKN     Account assignment in purchasing
    EKAN     Vendor address purchasing
    EKPA     Partner functions
    EIPO     Item export / import data
    EINA     Purchase info record (main data)
    EINE     Purchase info record (organisational data)
    EORD     Source list
    EBAN     Purchase requisition
    EBKN     Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
    Inventory Management
    MKPF     Header: Material Document
    MSEG     Document Segment: Material
    EKBE     History per Purchasing Document
    Invoice Verification
    RBKP     Document Header: Invoice Receipt
    RSEG     Document Item: Incoming Invoice
    BSIK     Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
    BSIS      Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
    ESSR     Service Entry Sheet Header Data
    ESLL     Lines of Service Package

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