Managing historical data

Hi all
I have some historical data for some accounts(Share capital etc) for which I do no want to translate or calculate or do anything on it. I just want it to show up in my report and get consolidated.
Do I proceed by creating a member list and identifying those accounts or is there any easier way to do so? Also, creating a static member list will be of no use since there might be more accounts later and everytime I have to add them to the list.
Please let me know how to proceed.

There are several different ways to do historical overrides (usually USD) depending on your metadata setup. One example would be to set up a new statistical account for each existing account you want to override. Then set up a new hierarchy in a custom dimension (typically the one with BS movements / Cash Flow / etc). In this hierarchy you can set up members such as HistUSDAdjs. You'll input the override amount in this new custom member in the new stat account. Then, you'll have some new rules which will copy the override amount to USD (and probably ending balance) in the Balance Sheet account. You'll also want to have a rule to copy the HistUSDAdj amount in the stat account over from the prior period so you only have to enter the override when it changes and not each month going forward.

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  • Manage historical data that will be used in grouping by webforms/reports?

    Our system receives transactions in a per-minute basis, and each transaction is stored in a
    Raw Data table that's exclusively for this. All reports, gridview webforms, etc come from tables that are derived from this master table.
    In this case I can't group the data during run-time due to the volume of data. So for tasks like the daily summary, should I just have a job that runs once daily and groups all the data from the current day and inserts it into a historical daily table? The
    same thing with the weekly?
    I considered using BIDS and creating a cube, but due to the presentation of the data, it was beginning to look more complex. In other words, in order to show the desired result in a grid (plus include filters), I would need to use tons of MDX, which I still
    don't master.

    I agree with kalman, this is the right way to deal with reporting and big tables, in most cases it is better to have 2 databases, one fore the original data, and one for the reporting which include this summarized data.
    Regarding the CUBE, this is a good option especially if your reports are more complex and includes several dimensions. on a simple case I don't think you should use CUBEs. But in order to make this dissension you need to understand the idea of using cube
    and the idea of dimensions:-) 
    * For most cases cube is just a nice and fast tool, that you can implement your self in another database, but in complex system it should give you a faster result. for simple system
    I will agree that no CUBE is needed probably.
      ** You should give us more information on your system if you want us to be more productive (number of users, database size and tables size, 1 transaction a sec... but what is it doing, what is the row size, and much more information... therefore we only
    can give you general gulden rules)
      Ronen Ariely
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  • How to populate historical data in the appraisal

    I am working in Oracle PMS module. Our requirement is to display historical data of an employee in the next appraisal cycle.
    Eg. If there are 3 appraisal cycle in a year. In the first appraisal manager will add objectives and competencies for an employee. lets say he added competency 1 ,competency 2,Objective 1 and Objective 2. after completion of the first cycle.
    When manager initiates the second appraisal. in the objectives block 2 values (Objective 1 and Objective 2) should be auto populated. Same as in competency block 2 values (competency 1 and competency 2) should be auto populated.
    Here manager can add more objectives or competencies.
    Please suggest how this can be achived.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Shunhui
    Answers :-
    If the required fields are not available in the Maintenance link, does it mean that I have to goto SE11 and create an append structure for the extract structure MC02M_0ITM which belongs to the datasource 2LIS_02_ITM?
    Then I have to write codes in the user exit for transactional datasources in RSAP0001?
    Ans : That's correct . Once you have done this on R/3 side, replicate the data source in BW side. Activate the transfer rules with appropriate mapping for 3 new fields and also adjust the update rules so that these 3 new fields are availble in Info providers.
    Are you able to provide some information on the errors that might arise during transports with the delta being active in the production system? Will data be corrupted? Will I need to clear the delta queue before the transport goes over?
    Ans : I assume that deltas are active in Production system . There is risk to your active delta into BW .
    Before your R/3 transports reach Production system , you need to clear the delta queue that means bring the number of LUWs for 2LIS_02_ITM to zero . Also stop the delta collector job in R/3 for Application 02(purchasing). Make sure that there are no postings (transactions /users are locked) so that there will be change in purchsing base tables.
    Then send your R/3 transport into Production system (Append structure , new fields + user exit code) .Replicate on BW side. Now send the BW transports to BW production system .
    I had done this earlier for 2LIS_12_VCITM and had a step by step proceduew written with me ....will have to search for that document . Let me know your email ID , will try to send it once I find the document
    (when you edit the questions , there are option buttons with which you can assign points for that you need to do log on to SDN )

  • Reloading Historical Data into Cube: 0IC_C03...

    Dear All,
    I'm working on SAP BW 7.3 and I have five years of historical data being loaded into InfoCube: 0IC_C03 (Material Stocks/Movements (as of 3.0B)) and the deltas are also scheduled (DataSources: 2LIS_03_BF & 2LIS_03_UM) for the InfoCube. I have new business requirement to reload the entire historical data into InfoCube with addition of "Fiscal Quarter" and I do not have a DSO in the data flow. I know its a bit tricky InfoCube (Inventory Management) to work on and reloading the entire historical data can be challenging.
    1. How to approach this task, what steps should I take?
    2. Drop/Delete entire data from InfoCube and then delete Setup Tables and refill these and then run "Repair Full Load", is this they way?
    3. What key points should I keep in mind, as different BO reports are already running and using this InfoCube?
    4. Should I run "Repair Full Load" requests for all DataSources( 2LIS_03_BX &2LIS_03_BF & 2LIS_03_UM) ?
    I will appreciate any input.
    Many thanks!
    Tariq Ashraf

    Hi Tariq,
    Unfortunately, you will need some downtime to execute a stock initialization in a live production system. Otherwise you cannot guarantee the data integrity. There are however certainly ways to minimize it. Please see SAP Note 753654 - How can downtime be reduced for setup table update. You can dramatically reduce the downtime to distinguish between closed and open periods. The closed periods can be updated retrospectively.
    To make it more concrete, you could consider e.g. the periods prior to 2014 as "closed". You can then do the initialization starting from January 1, 2014. This will save you a lot of downtime. Closed periods can be uploaded retrospectively and do not require downtime.
    Re. the marker update,please have a look at the document Re-initialization of the Material Stocks/Movements cube (0IC_C03) with 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_UM in BW 7.x, step 10, 11, 12 and 13 contain important information.
    Re. the steps, it looks OK for me but please double check with the document Re-initialization of the Material Stocks/Movements cube (0IC_C03) with 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_UM in BW 7.x.
    Please have a look at the following document for more background information around inventory management scenarios:
    How to Handle Inventory Management Scenarios in BW (NW2004)
    Last but not least, you might want to have a look at the following SAP Notes:
    SAP Note 436393 - Performance improvement for filling the setup tables;
    SAP Note 602260 - Procedure for reconstructing data for BW.
    Best regards,

  • How to recreate EBS user and keep all his historical data.

    Hi all
    We have a user that is having an issue seeing any of his scheduled Discoverer reports within the Schedule Manager window of Discoverer Plus; Discoverer Desktop works fine.
    The solution for it's to recreate the EBS user. The problem with this is that, if we recreate the EBS user, he will lose all historical data connected to that user, including the results of the scheduled Discoverer reports as well as all of the EBS created/last updated information.
    There is a way to recreate an EBS user and preserve the historical references.

    We have a user that is having an issue seeing any of his scheduled Discoverer reports within the Schedule Manager window of Discoverer Plus; Discoverer Desktop works fine.
    The solution for it's to recreate the EBS user. The problem with this is that, if we recreate the EBS user, he will lose all historical data connected to that user, including the results of the scheduled Discoverer reports as well as all of the EBS created/last updated information.Why do you need to recreate the user?
    Are you saying you are going to create a new username for the same user and end-date the old one?
    There is a way to recreate an EBS user and preserve the historical references.I believe there is no such a way to find all records/tables with the old user_id. Even if you find the list and update them manually, I believe this approach is not supported.
    Please log a SR to confirm the same with Oracle support.

  • LineChart with current and historical data daily report

    Hi all,
    I'm new on BAM and I want to know if it is possible to define a LineChart showing information about today and the 30 last days.
    Is it possible using two dataobjects, one for today data and an external one provided by ODI with the contents for the last 30 days?
    Anyone can provide a sample?
    Thanks in advance.

    Both current and historical data are always stored within the same table. There is no option to create separate tables for each that are managed by OWM.
    However, you do have the option to use dbms_wm.PurgeTable which can be used to purge a set of data, and optionally store it in a archive table. But, after that is done the data is no longer under Workspace manager's control or the versioning environment. From the description that you gave, I am unsure if this would be sufficient to satisfy your requirements. I am guessing not, but wanted to make you aware of the functionality.

  • Inventory 0IC_C03, issue with historical data (data before Stock initializa

    Hi Experts,
    Inventory Management implementation we followed as bellow.
    Initailization data and delta records data is showing correctly with ECC MB5B data, but historical data (2007 and 2008 till date before initialization) data is not showing correctly (stock on ECC side) but showing only difference Qunatity from Stock initialization data to date of Query.
    we have done all the initial setting at BF11, Process keys and filed setup table for BX abd BF datasources, we are not using UM datasource.
    1 we loaded BX data and compressed request (without tick mark at "No Marker Update)
    2. initialization BF data and compressed request (with tick mark at "No Marker Update)
    3 for deltas we are comperessing request on daily (without tick mark at "No Marker Update).
    is this correct process
    in as you mentioned for BX no need to compress ( should not compress BX request ? )
    and do we need to compress delta requets ?
    we have issue for historial data validation,
    here is the example:
    we have initilaized on may 5th 2009.
    we have loaded BX data from 2007 (historical data)
    for data when we see the data on january 1st 2007, on BI side it is showing value in negative sign.
    on ECC it is showing different value.
    for example ECC Stock on january 1st 2007 : 1500 KG
    stock on Initialization may 5th 2009 : 2200 KG
    on BI side it is showing as: - 700 KG
    2200 - (-700) = 1500 ,
    but on BI side it is not showing as 1500 KG.
    (it is showing values in negative with refence to initialization stock)
    can you please tell, is this the process is correct, or we did worng in data loading.
    in validity table (L table) 2 records are there with SID values 0 and -1, is this correct
    thanks in advance.
    Daya Sagar
    Edited by: Daya Sagar on May 18, 2009 2:49 PM

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for your reply.
    1. You have performed the initialization on 15th May 2009.
    2. For the data after the stock initialization, I believe that you have either performed a full load from BF data source for the data 16th May 2009 onwards or you have not loaded any data after 15th May 2009.
    for BF after stock initialization delta data, this compressed with marker update option unchecked.
    If this is the case, then I think you need to
    1. Load the data on 15th May (from BF data source) separately.
    do you mean BF ( Material movements) 15th May data to be compressed with No Marker Update option unchecked. which we do for BX datasource ?
    2. Compress it with the No Marker Update option unchecked.
    3. Check the report for data on 1st Jan 2007 after this. If this is correct, then all the history data will also be correct.
    After this you can perform a full load till date
    here till date means May 15 th not included ?
    for the data after stock initialization and then start the delta process. The data after the stock initialization(after 15th May 2009) should also be correct.
    can you please clarify these doubts?
    Edited by: Daya Sagar on May 20, 2009 10:20 AM

  • Historical Data through EM 11g console

    I would like to know if we can pull the historical data ( like for past 1 month) through EM 11g console for any resource ( application, managed server etc).

    Yes, historical information can be pulled through both pre-defined and custom reports. Refer to Chapter 8, 8 Information Publisher of the EM 11g documentation at the link below

  • Manage historically tick in OAOA

         I can see in OAOA that none of asset class configured in client system has Manage historically tick. I want to know what are the disadvantages of opening asset master data without manage historic tick. The F1 help does not clarify the concept a lot. Please guide.

    Active history management has the following effects:
    Set this indicator if you want the system to manage the asset with a history. Active history management has the following effects:
    o   The asset is displayed in an asset chart.
    o   The asset and the values/transactions belonging to it cannot be reorganized until the asset is deactivated.
    So if you do not set the indicator,you can not manage the asset with a history as the above information.
    regards Bernhard

  • Is there a way to get historical data for an AP that is no longer online via Prime?

    I am running a wireless network with about 130 AP's connected to a 8510 controller and using Prime for management.  I am trying to get AP utilization for an AP that is no longer connected and when I try to run the report Prime reports that it cannot pull the report because the AP is offline.
    Is there some way to get historical data for this AP?  Does Prime store this type of data?

    I believe that all devices need to be up in order to pull any information current or historically.  If the AP is down, I don't think that a report in Prime will show info for that given device even if you set the date/time to when it was up. Never really looked into that as I've never tried to look at info if the access point was down. If you run a report on channel changes, does the AP show up?

  • From Capital IO to AUC Manage Historically Field Mandatory How?

    When a Capital Internal Order is created an AUC asset is simultaneously created but under General Tab in that AUC asset which was created Manage Historically field is not ticked automatically.
    Every time we are forced to open those assets put tick mark manually.
    Is there any way out to have a tick in the ' Manage Historically' field automatically as soon as an Internal Order (Capital) is created. 
    Kindly provide detailed steps. 
    Thanks in advance.

    Create a substitution to fill this field
    Financial Accounting / Asset Accounting / Master Data / Define Substitution

  • Design issue  - Historical data - referencial integrity

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this question, but
    I would to like know about the design issues in storing historical data .
    I have a historical table about events ( notifications, alarms, etc ).
    In historical table would I store fields with foreign key to the master table ( device table ) ?
    In this design , how handle then updates ( remove record ) to the master table ?
    would I have a trigger to update the historical table too ? Or I mustn' t permit
    updates in master table primary Keys ?
    And about no store The foreign keys in the historical data ?
    What are the disvantages of this model ?
    Thank you,

    The answer depends on why you want historical data.
    Is the historical data to be used for auditing or legal purposes?
    Are you trying to move historical data for performance reasons?
    Is there some other purpose?
    If you're doing this for auditing purposes, I don't recommend using foreign keys since you won't easily be able to capture delete activity.
    I mostly use Designer for all of our designs and typically will turn on server side journaling for this purpose. Designer will then generate the journaling tables and write the triggers to manage the whole process. You don't even need to be a programmer to figure it out.
    Let me know back if this isn't your purpose or you need clarification.
    Thanks, George

  • Lost time capsule historical data after upgrading to Maverick. Can I recover the data?

    When I enter the time machine, I can only see historical data for the past 10 days while I have historical data that goes back to August 2012. I can still back-up however. Maverick initiated a task on the time machine
    I have the new time capsule 2T

    Try all options except for the thumbnails.  If that fails:
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
    Click on the Add Library button,                         
    navigate to your Home/Pictures folder and select your iPhoto Library folder.
    Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the Library ➙ Rebuild Library menu option             
    In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    Click on the Create button.
    Note 1: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments. However, books, calendars, cards and slideshows will be lost.
    Note 2:  your current library will be left untouched for further attempts at a fix if so desired.

  • Upload Sales Historical Data in R/3?

    Hi Guys:
    We are planning to use forecased based planning MRP Procedure ( MRP Type VV ) for Material Planning , we need historical sales data to execute the forecast.
    can anybody tell me step by step how to upload 12 months historical data into SAP R/3, so that we can excute forecast based planning for a material?
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on May 12, 2011 9:57 AM

    i need to to pull data in bw from r/3 for frieght rates
    example for rate is from source to dest(in rows) and on the basis of this we have counditon types(in columns) which we will put in coloums and on the base of those cound type we will get cummulated value of master data rate.
    source  dest   rate(based on coundition types)
    now in r/3 some coundition type  are changed to new ones or we can say merged to new ones, now my question for new one i can pull no problem but what i'll do for the historical master data like coundition type in 2006 are diff and 2007 is diff
    but they mapped in each othe

  • Upload of historical data from legacy system

    Dear forum
    We are running standard SOP with transaction MC88 in ECC6.0.
    We are doing forecasting on material/plant level, based on historical data (we create the sales plan from transaction MC88).
    Now, the problem is that we are introducing new products into SOP, but there is no historical data in SAP for those materials.
    Is there any way we can import historical data into SAP from legacy system, so that SOP would take this data into account when calculating the forecast?
    Note: we do not want to build anything in flexible planning. Just want to check whether or not it is possible to import historical values from a legacy system, to use as historical data in SAP.
    Thanks in advance

    But that will not help us.
    Any ohter suggestions out there?

Maybe you are looking for

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    During installation, the decision was made to not install the stats gathering job in 11g. Post installation the job is not running as expected. SInce then we have done more research and are comfortable with the stats job running only for Oracle dicti