Mandatory update not working on Mountain Lion...

Is anyone else having problems installing the Folio Builder Panel update on Mountain Lion? I tried downloading the update from two different browsers and I'm getting the following error message every time:
Any suggestions?

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  • Software update not working for Mountain Lion?

    A chunk of my client's office 's still using Mountain Lion -- last week, I ran software update for about half of them, and installed the latest Safari & Security updates.
    This week, I went to run Software Update on the other half of them, and no updates are available -- even though they're running Safari 6.1.3 and don't have the latest Security Update.
    But the Mavericks macs still get updates available.
    Did Apple stop supporting Mountain Lion and I just didn't get the memo?
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    macgirldc wrote:
    Did Apple stop supporting Mountain Lion and I just didn't get the memo?
    iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), SL & ML, G4 450 MP w/Leopard, 9.2.2

  • Dashcode is not working in Mountain Lion. I tried updating to Xcode 4.4 and it still did not work . . .

    Dashcode is not working in Mountain Lion. I tried updating to Xcode 4.4 and it still did not work . . .
    I use dashcode for most of my coding needs, so it is very important to me!

    I have the same problem too. dashcode shows up in the finder but its just a question mark (see screenshot). Anyone found a way to address this?

  • Can not get Software Update to work in Mountain Lion, switches to App Store

    Can not get Software Update to work in Mountain Lion, switches to App Store

    Software Update is now in the Mac App Store...
    See Here  >  Re: Software update on Mountain Lion

  • CS4 "Save as Adobe PDF" not working in Mountain Lion

    CS4 Save as Adobe PDF not working in Mountain Lion
    Just bought a new Mac with mountain lion, installed CS4 design premium twice trying to fix this. When you go to "print" then "Save as Adobe PDF" the process fails with a pop-up saying "An error occurred while saving the PDF file". I can still do the standard "Save as PDF" - but that usually results in a file size 10x larger than Save as Adobe PDF so it won't work for me; I need the small file sizes of Save as Adobe PDF.
    When I go to Help > Repair Acrobat Installation it seems to be recognizing a repair needed with Adobe PDF Printer (see screenshot below); but when I go through the repair nothing changes it still won't work.
    Any help is much appreciated!

    "Save As Adobe PDF" works fine in Snow Leopard.
    Thanks for the link, but this is no help - I already have "Save As Adobe PDF" on the menu - the problem is when I click that it errors out...
    I just think its sad that Adobe charges people $2000 and provides zero support for future updates; when I buy an iMac for half that amount of money or an iPhone I get operating system support and bug fix downloads to deal with the latest internet advances for years to come - but Adobe apparently takes your money and says sayonara! Is it really that hard to provide updates on $2000 worth of software for say 24 months??

  • My scanner (Epson V300) does not work since mountain Lion upgrade.

    My scanner (Epson V300) does not work since Mountain Lion upgrade. I updated the drivers,I can get it to work one time when I reboot the iMAC it will function (scan) one time and than not again until I reboot. Help!!!

    Try trick #5, at > Eight amazing Image Capture tricks | Macworld

  • HT1338 preview does not work with mountain lion

    I updated my mid 2011 mac mini to mountian lion and i find Preview and all of MS Office 2011 for MAC fails to work
    I can cut and paset the logs, but lets astart with assessing whagt does not work with Mountain Lion.

    Your profile lists a 2008 MacBook with Snow Leopard.
    I installed Windows XP into Bootcamp on my 2009 MacBook Pro (either in Leopard or Snow Leopard, I do not remember which) and I used it with Parallels 6.
    When I upgraded it to Lion, even though the Lion Bootcamp will NOT install Windows XP, my Bootcamp (and use by Parallels 7) survived the upgrade.
    It may be possible that it will also survive and operate a future upgrade to Mountain Lion. 

  • Magic mouse not working in mountain lion

    magic mouse not working in mountain lion....What can I do?

    Have you tried a fresh set of Alkaline Batteries?
    Was  it ever paired to another divice?

  • Remote desktop not working on mountain lion

    My ARD does not work on Mountain Lion. The software opens but all I get is the menu at the top, and my only working option is to quit. I spoke to Apple support and they suggest (as they usually do) to reinstall the whole operating system, but I can't accept this as a valid answer as everything else works. There must be a way to fix this without having to reinstall a machine that came originally with Mountain Lion!

    I was able to fix my issue by just uninstalling ARD (I used AppZapper) - and just reinstalling it - no "Archive & Install" required - best of luck with your situation!

  • Applet cache is not working on Mountain Lion(Mac 10.8)

    Applet cache is not working on Mountain Lion(Mac 10.8)
    OS Details:  Mac 10.8
    Applet cache is not working on Safari 6 and Firefox 15.0.1 with java 7(provided by oracle) on Mac 10.8(mountain Lion) and even applets are not working  on chrome because its not supporting java 7(64 bit).
    In order to run applets on Firefox and Safari we need to install Java SE6 which provided by Apple otherwise “PlugInProcess” does not work and it show the below warning message.
    For your information I given screen shots below
    ) Safari screen shot with Java Plug-in
         2.) Firefox screen shot with Java Plug-in
         3) Chrome screen shot( it does not have java plugin)
    4) Java cache viewer console
    5) Applet Java console and it is using Java 7
    Kindly review above mentioned problem and suggest us.

    Problem solved.
    I switched to a Western Digital powered Hard Drive from the Toshiba Canvio I was using.
    I suspect the USB 3.0 did not mount correctly after the first save.
    Fortnuately the Canvio does work on my Windows 7 machine.
    Thanks for yur suggestions

  • Appleworks does not work with mountain Lion.  What can I use for drawing and painting?

    Appleworks does not work with mountain Lion.  What can I use for drawing and painting?

    Please see this article which examines various possible alternatives to AppleWorks:

  • Facebook(wall post) location button not working in mountain lion macbook pro 13inch in upper right button

    facebook(wall post) location button not working in mountain lion macbook pro 13inch in upper right button

    No third party applications installed; no gestures changed. It just starts acting up like I described a few times a day. I'll be browsing the internet and go to switch desktops and it suddenly doesn't work.

  • Logitech Quick Cam pro 9000 is not working with Mountain Lion's dictation

    The Logitech Quick Cam pro 9000 is not working with Mountain Lion's dictation.
    Opening the dictation system preference panel makes the system preferences crash...
    The mic of that camera is the only mic I have.
    I own a Mac Pro and an old Cinema Display which has no built-in cam/mic.
    Anyone having the same issue?
    I hope this is gonna be fixed with 10.8.1.

    Hello, thank you for responding.
    Unplug and plug in back the camera does not solve this problem. I tried that before.
    But what worked was to start photo booth. Don't really know why.
    So after every restart of the mac I have to start photo booth and dictation with the QuickCam is working. ^^

  • Logic Express not working on mountain lion!

    i am having problems with logic express 9.0.0 which is not running on mountain lion 10.8.2.
    i have made an attept to try and get newer updates but before it gets anywhere this pops up
         " An eligible Logic Express Version was not found in
         the Applications Folder. This Update requires Logic
         Express version 9.0 or higher. "
    (i do not have the logic disks at hand)
              The message that pops up when i attempt to open logic
                   " you cant use this version of the
                    application "logic express" with this
                   version of OS X.
              you have "logic express" 9.0.0 "
    please help!!

    First, you are going to need v9.1.7 or later with Mountain Lion (
    To get the updaters to work several things MUST be correct:
    The Logic Application must be named "Logic Pro" or "Logic Express" (depending on which type you are working with) with NO Additional spaces or numbers in the name.
    The application must be at the root level of the Applications folder (and NOT anywhere else).

  • HT1338 pages not working on mountain lion why?

    I've updated to OS X mountain lion, but when I reinsalled I works 09 it won't open my documents, does any one know a sollution?.

    Not sure my issue is the same as the original post since there is very little description, here's mine.  Pages no longer opens anything (iCloud or on my mac).  I find the document that I want to work on & double click it (as I've done 100's of times) & nothing happens.  Nothing.  No error messages.  Nothing.  I have not changed anything recenty. 
    I very familiar with the software.  I've written & edited 50-60 documents with my current setup.  Something is broken.  After messing around with this problem for an hour, I unistalled Pages, redownladed & re-installed it.  There was no change.  Pages is now completely worthless.  I am only able now to interact with my documents with pages on my iphone.  I'm very annoyed.
    Using a Macbook Air (1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 & 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3)
    OS 10.8.2
    Pages '09 Version 4.3 (1048)

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