Map icon missing in Nokia Asha 311.

I have find a problem in my nokia asha 311 phone. Problem is that map not shown in my device. Please help me.

hi mate,
answered your question here:​ia-Series-30/Nokia-Map-Icon-Missing-In-Asha-311/td​...

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  • Brightness controller missing in nokia asha 311

    Still after update to 7.36 1:brightness controller missing.
    2:un-neccesary apps added.
    3:no features improved except camera

    We actually do have people onboard who are supposed to monitor the discussion threads and collect the main concerns/feedback from there (and report it forward), but I agree, this could be more transparent and efficient.

  • Nokia Maps Icon Missing?

    Good day everyone.
    i have just bought this new Nokia Asha 303 phone and i thought the software installed in the phone is incomplete because i cant seem to find the shortcut for nokia maps. I installed the nokia suite in my pc and check  for software updates and it is up to date. I already tried factory reset, but nothing, still the same. Is it possible to restore the missing icon? thanks for any help.
    sorry for bad english

    Right after having my new phone I started exploring its possibilities testing applications from Ovi store. At some point I got some problems with an application so I decided it would be a good idea to try a reset... I first try with an app settings reset to defaults (from the s40 Configuration menu, not the Restoring Factory Defaults menu)... right after that I realized I didn't have Nokia Maps icon in any of the lists of installed applications, nor I could found any loader in both file units, phone and memory card, for it... I was not 100% sure the icon vanished after settings reset, but I supposed it, so I thought something went definitely wrong and I decided to try reset to factory defaults as I just started testing the phone so I hadn't any information saved there to lose... what I could not expect it's that a factory reset will not yield the software at the same very state as what I received short time before. In addition to not getting back the Nokia Maps icon, I noticed another difference in the system, I have an Introduction icon in the list of default applications, that triggers a video playback showing the phone basics... now when I push that button, the playback starts but only for the audio, and instead of the video I show a black screen with a NOKIA logo in the center, the same very screen I see when boot up the phone. I've seen this problem is not happening only on s40 OS phones, but at least on Symbian^3 phones they had a stand alone installer to install back the app Something like this seems what s40 OS phone users like me are needing.

  • Why skype is not available for NOKIA ASHA 311

    Why skype is not available for nokia asha 311? I had searched many sites and even in skype official site but cant download!!!! Not available even in NOKIA STORE. HOW TO DOWNLOAD SKYPE FOR NOKIA ASHA 311?
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    palani6 wrote:
    Why skype is not available for nokia asha 311? I had searched many sites and even in skype official site but cant download!!!! Not available even in NOKIA STORE. HOW TO DOWNLOAD SKYPE FOR NOKIA ASHA 311?
    Skype has not published a native version of its messaging application for Nokia Series 40 devices. Therefore, it is not possible as of this moment.

  • Nokia Asha Platform in Nokia Asha 311

    Hello, does Nokia Asha Platform will available be update for Nokia Asha 311?
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    Aww? No it isn't.
    Nokia 311 is running on the Nokia s40 OS under the Nokia Developer Platform 1.0
    Whereas Nokia 501 will be using the Nokia Asha Software Platform (ASP 1.0) which has been developed over the smarterphone platform that Nokia acquired some years ago.
    Although the looks can be same, the internal coding of both will remain deferent. Also, the price at which 311 was sold, its hard for Nokia to keep supporting this old device and give it such big software updates. But Nokia is the king and lets see what the end result will be
    Closing - Asha Software Platform is also S40, just a bit more polished. It will still remain a java only OS

  • Nokia asha 311 update

    @armagon and other employees
    Will Nokia Asha 311 get the new Nokia asha 501's user interface in an update?

    Hi mdkashem,
    Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions!
    You can check with the Nokia Suite if there's an available software update for your Asha 311. You can download and check the video tutorials on this link:
    ***The availability of the updates depends on many factors such as the product code, region and the network provider. You can check with your operator if they have approved the update to download for their customers.

  • How to Install Skype - Nokia Asha 311

    Please tell me how to install skype in nokia asha 311.
    Awaiting your reply
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    You can't because the application is NOT compatible with your device ...
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  • Facebook problem in nokia asha 311

    In my nokia asha 311. FACEBOOK is push notifications is not working properly. HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM

    You must re-install firmware flash it... Visit nearest nokia care!

  • How can i install bangla font in my nokia asha 311...

    How can i install any font in my nokia asha 311 manually. Help me....please (signhnsk). It's my last chance. I cannot distrub you any time. Help me.....

    Ah? As already said, it isn't possible for you to manually install languages. You need to flash a different software variant of the phone which contains that language built-in.
    So better is to visit the Nokia Care Center and ask them to do the job

  • Internet radio not working on nokia asha 311

    Hi.. I'm using nokia asha 311 from last two years. But internet radio (pre installed) is not working nowadays . After taking too much time to connect , the error reads ''cant connect to a network ''. Plz somebody help... :-(
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    @Jagmohan258747 when did that start (time/date), do you remember? Are you searching a radio station (that is broken actually) or just try to listen to one of your favorites?
    The latter should still work, therefore, we have to look into this issue together – but we need the answer to the two questions above.

  • Where can I download a flasher for Nokia Asha 311 ...

    Where can I download a flasher for Nokia Asha 311 ? My phone is not switching on ... It fell down yesterday . So its not working , my brother said me to flash it once .
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    You need to visit Nokia Care .. Not sure if the result is due to some Hardware damage due to the fall ..Even if its due to software the firmware needs to be flashed at NCC.

  • Nokia Asha 311 software update

    What's the last software update for Nokia Asha 311?

    I'll be posting the high level change log of the 3.90 SW update here as soon as there are a few unclarities regarding the update sorted out. Currently the update is also only available via Nokia Suite, not through FOTA.

  • About my Nokia asha 311

    When are they gonna lunch the new software for Nokia asha 311 in India? What are the new things that i get in it?
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    Hi please see the following link:
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  • Mazelock for nokia asha 311

    I want maze lock for nokia asha 311.where i can get
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    What it means is..there is NO such application compatible with your phone..So you will not find it anywhere ...

  • Attach internet USB Data Card to Nokia Asha 311

    Can I attach internet USB Data Card to Nokia Asha 311?

    Not possible.
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