Mapi connection behaviour between two sites-Exchange 2010

I have small doubt, need help from you guys,
i have two sites A, B,  DAG is span over the two sites;
Both site has array Of different FQDN
site A has active copies, its PASSIVE copies are in site-B
i have witnesserver in third location
if Active mailbox database in Site-A fails, passive copy on Site-B will become active;  i guess
My question is ===>  without downtime or without MANUAL Task, will mapi connection goes to site-B copy ??? ,

In Cross Site maintainence we, have to work out mainly on Database Activation Coordination Mode(DAC) which avoids the split brain syndrome.
below URL's gives you clear vision on how we can do that and what it is for.
Gowtham T

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  • Exchange High availability between two sites with two servers

    Hi Team,
    I have a requirement to deploy exchange server 2010 between two sites. but i have limited resources to full fill this. below the summary.
    2 servers in two sites
    different subnets will user for two sites
    Need to deploy DAG.
    please let me know the considerations for this deployment. 
    Thank you

    Hi - In this scenario, you would setup the following: Site 1: Exchange 2010 Multi-Role server File Share location to place File Share Witness for the DAG Site 2: Exchange 2010 Multi-Role server The above will give you 2 nodes in the primary location and
    one node in the secondary location so that resources will stay in Site one. You will also need to enable DAC (Datacenter Activation Coordination) on the DAG so that the Cluster group can be managed by Exchange. Last but not least, you will want to restrict
    automatic failover of resources to Site 2 by blocking that action on the Exchange server in Site 2 using 'Set-MailboxServer <servername> -DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy Blocked' This will make you manually failover to site 2 and not end up with resources
    there after a sudden failure or issue that is not impacting the entire site.Jason Apt Microsoft Certified Master | Exchange 2010

  • Multi site Exchange 2010 deployment. Failover and Autodiscover

    I have made some significant changes to my Exchange environment that have me a little confused as to how to proceed.
    A few months ago I upgraded from SP1 to SP3 UR5 and my previous strategy for DR stopped working.
    Just to give a little background:
    I have two sites connected with a 100Mb ethernet link that each have a dag member with a hub transport and two CAS servers.  These servers at each site are load balanced with a Kemp Technologies LM-2200 cluster.
    Previous to the upgrade we were working in warm standby where a passive copy of the mailbox databases were being held in the second site but not being used until needed.  When needed we would change the load balancer to connect users to the second site
    or in the case of a site failure we would change DNS to point to the second site.  After the upgrade things changed and I could no longer do cross site RPC out of the box and when I enabled cross site RPC it still did not work like previous so I figured
    this would be a good opportunity to strengthen my setup and try to go for a more automatic failover design were each site gets its own namespace and the CAS servers can redirect users to the correct site based on the current state of the DAG.
    This works great aside from the folks who are not connected to the domain to get SCP.  For instance I have activesync devices and OWA users on the outside.  If the primary site goes down before these devices make an attempt to connect they will
    not know that the site is down and their mailbox is now active in the secondary site.  The device will just fail to connect.
    Is there any way to make autodiscover site resilient?  The only thing I can think of is using round robin DNS for autodiscover but that would likely cause some connection troubles if the site that is randomly resolved happens to be down.
    Thoughts on this would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    I realize that DAC mode does nothing but prevent the databases from mounting without open communication between the DAG members.  I was not insinuating that it would help with my DR strategy other than that I know I could run into trouble if I do not
    enable it and the DAG members come online but cannot talk to each other.
    I realize that the alternate witness does not activate without intervention.  If you read my reply you would see that I am not interested in full DR being automatic.
    "I do not expect to have zero intervention when doing a datacenter switchover but I would prefer to have it as automated as possible when there is a simple failure of the primary dag member and the witness is still available.  We have had this happen
    a few times when the information store service has failed due to bugs in old code and the second site came online without difficulty."
    I realize that everyone says HA should be provided by DAG nodes in the same site but I do not have that luxury right now.  In most of the cases were this would even apply a second DAG member in the same site would do me no good because typically the
    issues that have caused failover in the past have been related to the underlying systems of our VM environment (storage, network, blade chassis).  There is no reason that an automatic failover DAG cannot be maintained across a strong Ethernet link between
    sites as long as the limitations are well documented and followed.
    In the case that I have to run Exchange out of the DR site alone I would bring up the alternate witness server and remove the primary DAG member from service giving the DR site majority and users would connect to Exchange via the DR namespace.
    Regardless of all that the original question I had has not been answered.  How does autodiscover get handled in a scenario like this?  If my autodiscover addresses are pointed at a site that is not operational devices will not know where to go
    for services.  Is my only option to repoint DNS and wait hours for the record changes to propagate?

  • Exchange 2013 users cant connect to public folders on Exchange 2010

    I recently migrated all users from exchange 2010 to 2013 and now nobody can connect to public folders. 
    Ive read several forums with similar issue, but none of the solutions have fixed my problem.
    My configuration on exchange 2013:
    ExternalClientAuthenticationMethod : Ntlm
    InternalClientAuthenticationMethod : Ntlm
    IISAuthenticationMethods           : {Basic, Ntlm, Negotiate}
    ive also removed negotiation from the rpc site on the IIS.
    Is there something else im missing?

    Are you getting any error message when accessing the Public Folder?
    Gulab Prasad
    Technology Consultant
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  • Google maps "get directions" between two points stopped working in firefox

    When using google maps to find directions between two points "Get Directions" it will just sit there loading... never finishing and showing the routes between the locations.
    This used to work fine about a month ago. I have not done anything, expect update Firefox.

    I can still get the basic directions to work in Google Maps, but recently the 3D driving directions has stopped working, and I'm pretty sure it stopped just about one Firefox update back. I realize this function is gravy to many people - a toy - but for someone who uses visual cues it has been extremely useful for imprinting the information in my mind, familiarizing myself with the route ahead of the drive. When I am traveling without a 'navigator' - a passenger who can read the directions as I drive - this is a huge help. Today I got a message about updating the GoogleEarth plugin, which I did - twice! Still no 3d directions, though suddenly the GG 3d driving simulator works. This has to be a FF problem :-(

  • The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site exchange 2010

    We did an update to SP1 to SP3 for Exchange 2010 over the weekend and now I am seeing the following errors.
    "The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site"
    Any ideas why an update would effect this. I have looked at the names and everything seems to match up.

    Does the issue happen to all users? If it is, please run the following command to check your certificate configuration:
    Get-ExchangeCertificate | fl
    Generally, the certificate mismatch issue is caused by the name in URLs doesn't match the certificate names with IIS service. Please make sure all URLs that used to connect Exchange from internal and external should match the certificate names with proper
    Best Regards,
    Winnie Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Windows 2008 AD Sites and Services: Multiple Connection links between same sites

    Our AD Sites  & Services is showing Multiple Connection links between the same sites. How is this possible and can i delete extra ones?  

    As Calin Liviu mentioned, you do not have to manage connection objects. In fact, changes that you make to connection objects that the KCC creates automatically are ignored.
    If the site is added to more than one site link, it might be an interim site between other sites that are added to this site link.
    Understanding Replication Between Sites
    Please check the replication issue, and post the result to here.
    Vivian Wang

  • Access Restriction - Internet Connection Policy (between two times)

    I want to say something about the Access Restriction.
    I set the policy for allow internet connection for one of my LAN PC's. For example, I set the policy to ALLOW internet connection EVERY DAY  from 8:00PM to 10:00PM. Starting with 10M internet connection stops. BUT, after a few minutes I do a power circle (turn OFF and turn ON the router) and I have internet connection again. For me, allowing internet connection from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM means  to have internet connection ONLY BETWEEN THIS HOURS, not before and not after.
    In my opinion, this is the same situation with two DENY policies for internet connection, one from 12:00 AM to 8:00 PM and other from 10:00 PM to 11:55 PM (for the same PC, of course).
    Why POWER CIRCLE broken this policies ?
    ps - sorry for my English.

    If I set a policy for my little boy PCs ... for allowing internet connection from 4:00PM to 6:00PM (for example) ... after 6:00 PM internet connection stops and he turn OFF and turn ON the router (power circle)  and after that he have internet connection, from then for a long time ...
    I am from Romania, and I set time zone on GMT +2 (Bucharest time zone)
    I insist with this problem because I want for him to use internet only between two times. Outside this time frame I want him to do their homework.

  • Metro-E circuits between two sites

    We have two sites connected by two equal cost Metro Ethernet circuits from two different service providers. we also have two redundant L3 core switches at both sites. What is the best way to connect these two sites for load balancing as well as redundancy? They are on different subnets. The core switches currently run HSRP. We also evaluating GLBP as a possible alternative.We want to possibly avoid all single points of failure.

    You could, as you note, use GLBP, but an alternative could be, make the two paths from the intial/primary HSRP gateway appear equal cost. Many routing protocols would then alternate flows across the two paths.

  • Mapi Session limit (EVENT ID 9646), Exchange 2010 fix still valid for exchange 2013?

    Hi Guy's,
    we run Exchange 2013 + Outlook 2010
    as i was investigating an Outlook Sync Error, for a secondary mailbox, i figured out that the Mailbox has more than 500 Folders and that i can see the Evnet ID 9646 (Mapi session exceeded the maximum of 500 objects) on the Exchange Server.
    Now i found a fix for Exchange 2010 but not for Ex2013, is the old fix for EX2010 still valid?:
    Navigate to HKLM > System > CurrentControlSet > Services > MSExchangeIS > ParametersSystem. Create a new key in ParametersSystem named
    MaxObjsPerMapiSession. In MaxObjsPerMapiSession, create a DWORD named
    objtFolder with a decimal value of 600. Create a second DWORD named
    anyone an idea on this?

    i seems that fix is still working and you don't even need to reboot.
    Also solved the sync Problems of secondary Mailbox.

  • Outlook 2003 clients cannot connect to shared diaries on Exchange 2010

    Having recently upgraded to Exchange 2010 from 2003, I am now receiving calls from users regarding the above.
    I am due to move to Office 2013 later this year but there are some third party app incompatibilities I need to get resolved first.
    So I came across the following article
    and have changed the default RCAMaxConcurrency from 20 to a very high value of 214783647 and have restarted the Throttling services.
    However, my Outlook 2003 users are still having issues when they have less then 16 calendars open.
    I have ran Get-ThrottlingPolicy to confirm my changes which is correct.
    As another approach, I have got users to run the /resetnavpane switch when lauching Outlook to clear down any orphaned references.
    Can anyone suggest what else I could try?

    As per the information and details provided by you, to solve this issue, please follow these steps: -
    To resolve this problem, create a custom throttling policy by using an increased value for
    RCAMaxConcurrency. Then, associate this custom throttling policy to the mailboxes that require Outlook 2003 clients to open multiple shared calendars.
    After you make this change, wait for the
    Active Directory replication to finish. By default, the throttling policy should be applied after
    15 minutes. To apply it immediately, restart the Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access service on the
    Client Access Server (CAS).
    Note: - An
    RCAMaxConcurrency value of 100 is suffient in typical cases in which Outlook 2003 has to open
    29 shared calendars. This value may have to be increased, depending on which
    Outlook add-ins is installed.
    Important: - The original release of Exchange Server 2010
    allows a maximum parameters value for RCAMaxConcurrency of 100. Exchange server 2010 service pack 1 increase the maximum value for
    RCAMaxConcurrency to 2147483647.
    I hope this information will be helpful for you.
    Thanks and regards
    [email protected] 

  • Redundant stateful CSS11501 between two sites

    We have layer 2 connectivity between to core sites and are implementing two new CSS11501's. Is it possable to implement these in a active/backup configuration and stateful?

    not statefullness.
    To be statefull your setup needs a dedicated link between the 2 CSS - no extra hop or L2 switch.
    You can give it a try but this is not a supported setup.
    For active/backup this is no problem.

  • Image maps not working in signatures (MS Exchange 2010)

    I would like to know how to get the image maps links work in OWA 2010, it is working in all other email clients except OWA 2010

    This issue seems related to S/MIME control and IE.
    Please perofrm latest updates for IE and S/MIME. More details as below:
    1. OWA -> Options -> Settings -> S/MIME
    2. If any security warnings appear, click Yes for the control to download and install.
    Also try to add OWA web site into Compatibility View in IE.
    Mavis Huang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Calendar Sharing between 2 organisation Exchange 2010 SP3 and Exchange online with Federation Trust.

     Our company is running Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Standart would like to have Shared calendar with organisation running with Exchange online.
     We made a Federation trust between organisations and I checked that one certificate was installed and the rule for their domain was created. but when I try to share my calendar I always receive.
    "Calendar sharing is not available with the following contacts because of permission settings on your network."
    Name I took from GAL or input manually and always same. Forgot to mention that we migrated from Exchange 2003 to 2010 SP3 and all old exchange servers I removed. I tried everything that I know and read and nothing helped.
    Hope for your support.
    Thank you.

    1)I deleted everything and made step by step as indicated in your articles.
    2) recreated organisation relationship:
    RunspaceId            : xxxxxxxxxx
    DomainNames           : {,,}
    FreeBusyAccessEnabled : True
    FreeBusyAccessLevel   : LimitedDetails
    FreeBusyAccessScope   :
    MailboxMoveEnabled    : False
    DeliveryReportEnabled : False
    MailTipsAccessEnabled : False
    MailTipsAccessLevel   : None
    MailTipsAccessScope   :
    TargetApplicationUri  :
    TargetSharingEpr      :
    TargetOwaURL          :
    TargetAutodiscoverEpr :
    OrganizationContact   :
    Enabled               : True
    ArchiveAccessEnabled  : False
    AdminDisplayName      :
    ExchangeVersion       : 0.10 (
    Name                  : xxx
    DistinguishedName     : CN=xxx,CN=Federation,CN=uxx,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=uxxx,DC=com
    Identity              : Lxx
    Guid                  : a8xxx
    ObjectCategory        :
    ObjectClass           : {top, msExchFedSharingRelationship}
    WhenChanged           : 27/01/2015 3:23:47 PM
    WhenCreated           : 26/01/2015 9:41:39 AM
    WhenChangedUTC        : 27/01/2015 8:23:47 PM
    WhenCreatedUTC        : 26/01/2015 2:41:39 PM
    OrganizationId        :
    OriginatingServer     :
    IsValid               : True
    3. Configured Sharing Policies:
    [PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-SharingPolicy
    Name                      Domains                                  Enabled    Default
    Default Sharing Policy    {*:CalendarSharingFreeBusySimple}        True       False
    Lxxx                              {     True       True
    added my mail box to sharing policy but in the end receive same error 
    Calendar sharing is not available with the following contacts because of permission settings on your network.
    In EventViewer everything seems to be fine....
    No errors on policy creation... How can be checked this permission
    settings on your network they are on exchange on in DC ? 

  • Setup AD Domain Between Two Sites

    I am starting to learn Active Directory on Windows server. Currently I have downloaded Windows Server 2012 R2 eval. Using basic home internet connection at my house and neighbours (who agreed to help me with my studying) we each have your basic home WiFi
    routers. Would like to test out setting up a domain in which a DC is at my house, and one at his house and be able to replicate the directory between the two DC's.
    I am really lost on how to go about configuring the routers and respective DNS servers for this to work properly. Anybody know of a basic guide to get me started?

    1. First of all for simple transfer you need to open ports that AD uses
    2. AD uses DNS that is integrated (in majority of cases) and use of public DNS is unwanted. Similar situation is with DHCP. On the other way, router assignes IP and resolve FQDN.
    3. Some configurations with WiFi cards are not allowed in WS2012, for example teaming.
    4. Using WiFi is unexpected in AD. That is why I would use least problematic locan network configuration or virtual one.
    5. I recommend some reading about AD, Technet guides and step-by-step guides as well as books that ain AD basics.

Maybe you are looking for