Mapped Work Areas missing after 10.6.7 Update

Got a strange one here....
We have about 60 Intel iMacs, in various forms, connected to our Active Directory Network.
All users log in to the domain using their Active Directory accounts, are have their work areas mapped at log in.
This has worked without fault for 2 years.
We have just installed the lasted "Mac OS X Update Combined 10.6.7" on a few of the iMacs. After applying this update the users no longer get the mapped drive to their work area.
It is definately something that has happened after this update, as if a user logs onto an iMac that hasn't been updated, they get their works areas as normal?
Any advice would be appreciated, I'm starting to pull my hair out

Because I've had strange problems with past system update downloads, I now always get my system updates from
I always use the Update Combo version. It installs a fresh set of all previous updates as well as the new one. This gives you a fresh beginning with system 10.6.x. Since I adopted that practice, I've had no more issues with updates.

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    Where are my bookmarks/passwords/etc. saved in my Mac desktop computer?

    It is possible that there is or has been a problem with the profiles.ini file that registers all profile and that a new default profile got created.
    If you sue the Time Machine on your Mac then you can try to recover files that way

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    i would not want to bet on nokia ever releasing a patch or update in the software to allow this function on this particular phone.
    if you look at nokia phones over the years, they have added functionality like this across a wide range all at once, take for example timed profiles on symbian phones. these have only just been phased in.
    i do not think it is a development cop out, more along the lines that nokia is a huge company and as such would have a huge effor in market research. if they didnt pick this out through their market researc, why spend the money adding it?
    the comment on annoyance is entirely personal to me, as it is important to you - you may want to consider moving to a symbian (series 60) based handset as these give you a lot of expansion for this sort of need.

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    The error msg said that the file archive part of Adobe photoshop CS6 is missing and that I need all parts in the same folder.

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    I can´t update the software because it crashes

    Casiii which Adobe software or service is your inquiry in reference too?

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    All music in my library are missing after synch, but it seems that its still in the phone cause I checked memory usage and it doesn't add up. And when I connect it to itunes and checked the memory usage bar in the bottom,  it seems that my music was categorized in "Others". I'm using iPhone 5s with the latest OS.

    This has just happened to me, I've had songs in Music on my phone for years and suddenly, and randomly, they're greyed out and unplayable. This applies to some playlists and not others, to songs I've played on my phone even in the last week.
    Damned infuriating and I can't yet find a resolution - Apple, what have you done this time!

  • Ovi Maps work, then hang after a period of time

    When I use Ovi maps for navigation, I am able to set up my route, but then after a period of say 10 or 15 minutes, the application hangs and the screen freezes on the last know location.
    I then have to exit out of the app, either by resetting the phone or sometimes just exiting.
    I am then able to set up my route, where again after 10 mins or so it freezes
    I have the latest firmware that is available in the phone, 21.0.004
    The version of maps I am using is V3.04
    I have performed several full factory / system resets, ie where I setup the country and time
    I have no third party apps installed
    I do also notice that quite often the email app does not always automatically push emails to me device, so I again have to turn it off and then back on for it to pick up my emails.
    So I think in summary my device keeps half hanging, if that is possible
    Anyone have any ideas what I can do before taking the device to my local Nokia service centre?
    Go to Solution.

    ok, I now have a fix,
    Not that anyone was able to assist, but it may help some one in the future.
    I spoke to T-mobile and explained that Ovi maps works when the phone network connection is switched off, but hangs after about 10mins, when the network connection is switched on.
    The guy from T-Mobile then went on to say that there are a choice of two configurations that can be applied to my account, that control picture messaging (Yes I did say picture messaging) He went on to say that he would swap me to the alternative method for picture messaging.
    I assume that picture messaging just controls the down and upload of data, so impacts the data throughput.
    Anyway, he changed my setting on the account, and to my amazement when I went and tested out on the road Ovi maps no longer hung, and now works very well! 
    My biggest shock was that T-Mobile sorted this all out for me in 10 mins! althought it has taken me many months of testing and trying different things

  • Applications are missing after reinstall, etc.

    Hi, and thanks in advance for any assistance.
    After a reinstall, which had to be done after trying to create more startup disk space after stuff was backed up to an external HD (I hope that makes sense) some applications are missing from the applications folder. For example, Backup used to be there, with the little umbrella icon, and Canoscan used to be there, etc., but now to find them I have to go through Spotlight. I can access them that way, but how can I get their icons back into the applications folder, and why'd they vanish??

    Hi, Miriam, and thanks for responding.
    My internal Mac HD is 74.4GB. Used 73.3GB. Available 1.79GB.
    My external Mufasa HD is 148 GB. Used 92.1 GB. Available 55.9 GB.
    In the midst of the horror (See my Question: "Startup Disk almost full. What do I do now?") Apple had me do an Erase and Install. I did indeed accidentally re-transfer all of my date from Mufasa back to Mac HD, but Apple worked with me to remedy much of that, though I couldn't repeat the myriad steps to accomplish that to you! I'm not even sure myself! I am not sure why I have so little room on Mac HD after all of this.
    Would the next step be to start burning data to CD-R or CD-RW disks? I'm not sure. I seem to need much of what I've saved, though I've deleted some stuff, of course. I have never burned a CD before. Is there a brand of CD that you recommend to do this? Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you for "Whatsize": As per your suggestion, I downloaded it and used that to give you the above info.
    Yes, Carolyn's idea about reinstalling Canon was a perfect confirmation!
    It helps me to know that others have gone through the weird subscription issue. I'll try your suggestion.
    Thanks again, Miriam,

  • All my imovie events are missing after latest maverick and imovie 10 update

    I updated to Mavericks, and updated iMovie. I opened up iMovie and it says that all the original files are missing. It suggests to try and re-import the files, but I cannot find them anywhere on my computer. I am missing hours of footage, and I have no idea where it has gone.  It appears that the old iMovie is there, and I can click it open, but all the files are missing from there too.  Anybody have any ideas as to what happened, or what can I do to get my movie clips back?

    Same issue here.
    Deleted the UpdatedToiMovie10 file (0 bytes) and relaunched iMovie. Starts off OK, then
    Then although I can see the names of all the project files in the sidebar and they are still in the iMovies9 folder, and iMovies9 still works as normal, iMovies10 just displays
    But that doesn't work either.
    Tried running the permissions repair and there were hundreds flagged as incorrect, but that didn't cure it either.
    Any ideas?

  • Yahoo! Mail no longer loads emails and the ads are missing after having cleared Firefox's cookies, history, and cache.

    Ironically, I made this support account just to ask this question and had to go to IE to verify.
    Anyway, Yahoo! Mail use to work almost flawlessly before a couple days ago. Basically, the page loads like normal when I have a good connection except that the ads on the sides are missing, my profile picture is gone, the "fancy" rounded edges of the buttons are nonexistent, none of the menus work or open anything, and all of the links are useless. I have been searching for solutions for two hours now and none of them are relevant or useful:
    - Clear cookies = when I cleared cookies, cache and history is when the problem first started;
    - Disable Ghostery = I just learned about it today and so never installed it, but I also checked to make sure it wasn't there somehow;
    - Start in Safe Mode = the problem is still there and the only change was that it loaded the page faster;
    - Disable AVG = I can't because I can't find it anywhere...;
    - Disable Security/Change Permissions? = I think this was a suggested solution, but it already allows Yahoo! Mail to load images and set cookies while blocking pop-ups, location sharing, and installing themes/extensions;
    - Update Firefox = No. I like my old version. I keep hearing weird and annoying things about updated versions of Firefox, and I'm not going to risk losing everything else just to get Yahoo! Mail back
    I started using Firefox (3.6.12) because IE was slow, but ever since I tried clearing the cache, cookies and history Firefox has been going slower. Oddly enough, all of my browsing history was not deleted because certain web pages (that I haven't accessed in ages) show up in the address bar when I go to type. Gmail works in Firefox despite saying my browser isn't supported, but Yahoo! never bothers me about my browsers and now its acting strange.
    By the way, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but right before Yahoo! Mail took the usability train off a cliff, it reloaded (because clearing the cookies logged me out), then told me the internet connection was slow and that I can switch to Basic for better results. I decided to stick with Classic and then it "crashed".
    Anyone help with this would be appreciated. One of the reasons I switched to FF is because Yahoo! Mail was faster on it, and I'd hate to have to go back to IE...
    Thanks in advance!

    As it turns out, many others have been having similar issues on other browsers. It seems that maybe Yahoo! is taking a much longer time to load or something like that. Either way, its been working on and off all week, and the same issue even showed up yesterday with IE 8 instead of FF. It still loads faster than IE 8, but again is spotty. Some people think the issue may be with or, which I could see was the loading url in the left corner whenever Yahoo! Mail was refusing to work. A couple of people said blocking it caused the issue. Alternatively, some people suggested blocking it to solve the problem. Does anyone have any information on that? Again, I have no add-ons that would be blocking any urls, and my firewall hasn't any records of it. I really don't want to do anything to mess up my browsers more than they may have already been. Thanks for all of your help so far!

  • Notes in the Notes app are missing after upgrade to iOS 8

    I upgraded my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.  After the upgrade, all of the notes stored in the Notes app are missing.  The notes were not associated with an email address, as I believe they were stored on the "On my iPhone" account.  I also tried restoring the phone from a backup prior to the upgrade, but that did not restore the notes.  To be clear, the notes app is there, but the notes inside it are missing.  Solutions?

    ical is a native app and cannot be deleted
    spotlight can now be found by swiping down anywhere on the screen below the first row of icons.
    you can also go to settings/general/reset/reset home screen

  • Original files are missing after re-installation (Test-sequence context.ctl)

    after upgrading from LV2010 to LV2013 my VIa are missing these files for eample
    Labview Test-Sequence Context.ctl
    TestStand GetPropertyValue (String)
    I also reinstalled Teststand.
    How can i get the files back? I fdont know if they were a part of Labview or Teststand-installation.
    Thanks for help
    Go to Solution.

    Hey TM,
    It soundls like the missing VIs are part of TestStand.
    "TestStand GetPropertyValue (String)" is something TestStand provides, "Labview Test-Sequence Context.ctl" is also a TestStand component if I remember correctly.
    It is important that LabVIEW is installed first. After, you can run the installer of TestStand. It is important that support for LabVIEW  is selected in the installer.
    Regards, Stephan

  • TS2812 My app icons are missing after updating my iPhone 4S to ios7. How do I get them back ?

    My free and purchased App icons are missing from screen on iPhone 4S after update to ios7. How can I get them back ?

    Check other screens. Mine seemed to scatter to different screens after upgrading.

  • Apps are missing after updating to 4G.

    Apps are missing (all but 3) after updating ITouch to 4g
    They still show up on Itunes but not showing up on Touch even after syncing
    How do I get them back?

    First try resetting the iPod:
    Reset iPod touch:  Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home
    button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    If not successful, try restoring the iPod from backup.

  • Infopackages are missing after an system copy from Prodution to Quality

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    After an DB copy, from BW Prodution to Quality, the infopackages are missing.
    Can anyone can tell me how to get the infopackages from PRD to QAS.
    Pedro Martins

    Casue for package missing
    In some cases infopackages will be missing because of the INIT Delta infopackage will be copied againg from  Production were duplicates are created for the same Init. so in such cases the package will be missing
    During DB copy if any infopackage are created in production at that point of time the system will not take that package into consideration
    inorder to get the package we can do reverse transport (from production to Quality)
    follow the steps as below
    Transporting from BWP TO BWQ : Reverse Transports
    Create request in Source System (Eg: BWP) say A and  Collect required objects (infopackage)into request A
    Goto TCode : SE09/SE10 --> create a transport of Copies request B (give the user name and tick on transport copies just below the workbentch request)
    Check, check box for Transport of Copies and click Create , now the system will prompt one more screen
    Now choose Transports of Copies and continue.
    Enter required Target system(F4 help available) Eg: BWQ.
    Unlock Objects(Tcode : SE03) from Request A and Move Objects to Request B(Tcode SE10).
    Delete objects from Request A
    Relase the request B (se09)
    Now log on to the Target System(Eg: BWQ) import Queue and import request.
    In BWQ queue go to menu Request >Forward> give BWD or
    you can directly provide BWD as Target System in Step 2
    Go to BWD and import the request.

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