Mapping fields for REMADV EDI process

Does anybody know the fields we would need to map in our idoc that would allow us to have reference key 1, reference key 2, and the text field populated with data in the payment advice after running our bd87 for our REMADV edi process? Currently we have the other fields necessary filled in to get most data to our payment advice, but our users are asking that these 3 fields are updated as well from our idoc.

Hi Tony,
- The part that is painfully slow is when you need to
map the fields of the aggregated attribute to the DB
fields. It takes 30 seconds to open a drop-down box
for the DB field selection. Sometimes freezes
altogether (or maybe I was not patient enough)This is definitely not good and I haven't seen this problem before. It would be great if we could fix this before the final 10.1.3 release. Could you send me your project at [email protected] ? I shouldn't need the class files, just all of the workbench xml files. You can just send the project if that is easier.
One additional thought. When I was recreating my
project in it complained untill I have
included all of the jar files into my project
classpath. 10.1.3 was less demanding in that respect.
Could it me that those unresolved references were
slowing the mapping?What exactly do you mean by it complaining? Do you mean that it wouldn't let you generate deployment xml? In 10.1.3 there is no longer a requirement to have class files on the classpath when generating deployment xml. You will only need them to import or refresh classes.
Karen Moore

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  • How to Map Fomulas for Float Glass Process

    Hi All,
    Can anybody suggest how to map formulas for float glass process.
    As in float Glass process continuous production is going on single line, within that continuous ingredients are added in furnace and molten glass mass is coming out. this molten glass is now adjusted to particular thickness and then finally cut into specific sizes as per cusotmer requirment.
    Final product is in various thickness, width and length.
    Entire process is automated.
    If anybody already implemented same scenario, please share knowledge.

    The following is the mapping process and it is tricky process need to map carefully.
    You can define this as a single formula.
    Output: Packed - cut to size - Finished Good Item.
    Input: All the Raw materials (Sand, Dolamite, Limestone, Soda Ash, Sodium Sulphate, Carbon, Iron Oxide)
    Packaging materials + Labels + Boxes etc.
    Define Routing:
    Resource: Furnace, Any other importance resource like Equipment that controls thickness, cutter etc, Labor, Associated Overhead
    Create recipe using the formula and routing.
    Various factors that can affect the mapping:
    1) Formula maintenance: You have to define formula for each output item.
    2) Possibility of dynamic determination of output item: If it is possible to produce different combination of thickness/width (and hence different FG item) in the same batch, then this won't be the right mapping.
    3) Process variations: Also formula mapping depends on how accurate is production process. If user wants to produce item X (say thickness 10mm) but due to quality issue produced item Y (say thickness 9mm) and such cases happens very often, this won't be right solution.
    4) Inventory measurement: This will determine the break-points. If you cannot measure the quantity (or even estimate) then you cannot define it as an intermediate item.
    I will explain how point 4 can lead to different way of formula mapping.
    Say you have a furnace that needs to run continuously for better quality or throughput. Hence you will be continuously adding raw materials to furnace and produce different outputs. You can break the single formula into multiple formulas as -
    Formula 1) Output: Molten mass of glass
    Input: All the Raw materials (Sand, Dolamite, Limestone, Soda Ash, Sodium Sulphate, Carbon, Iron Oxide)
    Formula 2) Output: Packed - cut to size - Finished Good Item.
    Input: Molten mass of glass
    To have formula in such fashion you should have a way to measure or estimate the weight of Molten mass of glass.
    If you are estimating the weight, there should be historical data available to determine what should be realistic output quantity for given input quantity. How much will be process loss and loss due to unwanted by product such as slag etc.
    Further you can break formula 2 as
    Output: One large sheet of give thickness
    Input: Molten mass of glass
    Output: Packed - cut to size - Finished Good Item.
    Input: The large sheet of give thickness.
    This kind of different mapping is possible which normally depends on:
    1) Complexity of process
    2) How complex BOM structure user wants to have
    3) Are there any benefits of maintaining such complex system - like accurate costing or accurate production monitoring or facilitating planning process.
    4) Can user maintain the complex system? Are they ready to capture data at finer level. Is it possible to capture the data.
    5) And most important thing is how to handle exceptions. If every thing goes smoothly as planned (less exceptions) then user can have and afford any level of complexity. But if there are many exceptions to the normal process you have to concentrate more on how to handle the exceptions.
    6) Satisfy all users: Accounting, Planning, Production, Quality, Inventory handling. Formula/Recipe touches all these modules.

  • Bapi for Inbound EDI Processing

    Hi All,
    There is a BAPI for creating Goods Movement BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. I want to use this BAPI for triggering Inbound Processing. I need help configuring the interface for creating goods movement using BAPI.
    I have successfully configured the inbound processing using process code WMMB, which triggers function module L_IDOC_INPUT_WMMBXY. But this FM or rather the idoc type WMMBID02 does not have any fields for Catch weight items and I do not want to create any extensions on this IDOC type.
    So was wondering if the BAPI BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE can be configured for EDI Inbound Processing.

    try to use message type MBGMCR, it calls function module IDOC_INPUT_MBGMCR and

  • ELM mapping fields for Person details

    Hi all,
             I have added the person attributes (Eg. str_suppl2, str_suppl3, bprole, etc) in Person tab in tcode CRMD_MKTLIST_MAP by appending structure to CRMT_MKTLIST_PER_EXT.
            Now, in badi CRM_MKTLIST_BADI i have created an implementation. In method CREATE_BUSINESS_PARTNERS i need to write the code to map the additional details. But i dont have nay idea how to do this. Please help. What code should be written there so that i can map the addtional fields for that BP?

    Hi Rushali,
    Please click on the below link to get a detailed understanding of how to write the code for your requirement.
    We have implemented the requirement by understanding the  below link:
    For an example on how to append fields to structures and how to create an implementation of the Business Add-In,
    see Example: Enhancements for Industry Sector and Industry System , which is displayed as a link at the bottom of the above mentioned linkpage.
    Hope it will help you.
    Do appreciate helpful answers with your reward points...

  • Idoc Type ORDERS04  Mapping field for VBAK-LANDTX

    Hi Experts,
    Can anyone guide me how to find an IDOC field in Idoc Type ORDERS04
    related to the field VBAK-LANDTX (Country of departure) in Sales order
    Thanks in advance.

    Is this for inbound order or outbound order.
    I am assuming inbound and in that case, please use ZXVEDU04.
    Please reward f answer useful.

  • Crm mapping field for pricing

    Hy Guy
    In order to do download of pricing from erp to crm i have used the sap note 514952 - Download of customer-specific tables
    I have a problem with a field MATKL that in CRM is ZMATKL; when i run the condition objet to update the custom table with this field, I don't have the complete field. In SAP the field is more long (mp00001).
    I have other custom fields and I don't have this problem; the others fields are copied correctly.
    Please, have you any advice to give me?
    thanks in advance

    Hi Valentina,
    Not sure but the step 2 in the note says that the field name entered for remote field should be the field in structure CND_MAPT_ACS_REM , which you have set as MATKL and in structure you added ZMATKL which is wrong. Anyhow I think the field in the structure CND_MAPT_ACS_REM  should be named as MATKL( note specifically speaks, the field name be the same as R/3 field name ) because in CRM field catalog you must have already created a new field as ZMATKL which is on CRM side.
    component:       R/3 field name.
    component type : R/3 equivalent data element.
    LFld: Field name you entered into field catalogue in step 2 .
    FFld: R/3 field name you entered into structure CND_MAPT_ACS_REM_CUST in step 1.
    May be this suggestion be helpful to you.

  • Mapping fields for PIM Sync

    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know of a way to define field mappings in PIM Sync for Outlook? This is a tool our organisation would use except for the fact that the field mappings are somewhat useless. Due to the huge risk of importing orphaned records, we are only ever using PIM Sync to export from SoD into Outlook.

    Thanks Bob. I was pretty sure that was the case, but you never know!
    Any idea if the ability to do this is on the horizon as far as PIM Sync is concerned?

  • Reading Micrologix I/O and Mapped Fields

    Just beginning to get familiar with Lookout. I am trying to read/write to mapped fields (B and N) in a Micrologix 1500 PLC. What is the syntax for Lookout to read/write to a channel such as B3:1/0? B3:1/0 is a mapped field for I:1.0/0. Any help is appreciated. I have included my fields list for reference. Thanks.
    Micrologix1500.xls ‏53 KB

    I will hopefully clarify the knowledgebase document.
    I'll use your example to try to clarify:
    If the AB PLC is I:4/0, and you are trying to read the first bit of the fourth module (assuming the fourth module is the 2nd input module), then the correct Lookout syntax would be: I:1_0 (second input module I:1 and the first bit 0).
    Remember begin counting modules with 0 and number them with respect to their type.
    With regard to your other examples, I assume these are registers or cards (input or output). Again depending on the type of card and the order in the plc, your examples would be:
    B3:0/1 = B3:0_1
    C5:0 = C5:0
    assuming these last two are registers and not i/o cards.

  • Data Conversion rules for EDI processing (same client IDOC processing)

    I am trying to post IDOCS in same client.Its a PO->SO process.
    ie. there will be 1 outbound and inbound idoc in same client using EDI processing.
    I am using Data Conversion using Rulesfor converting sender fields.
    The LIFNR and PAORG od segment E1EDKA1 has to be converted.
    For ALE processing, the Data conversion is been done correctly.
    But no conversion is done for EDI.
    Can anybody help me with this problem ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Issue solved

  • Custom exit or badi for changing the user fields in operation of process order

    Hi all
        I want to find a exit or badi to set default value to the user fields in operation of process order when COR1.
        I have tried exit 'PPCO0001', but this exit is call after commit work, so I can not change any thing
        I also tried to use badi 'workorder_update', 'before_update', but all parameters in this BADI are importing, can't be changed, I've tried to change it and then program dump.
        Do you have any solution for this question?

    Do a Implicit Enhancement at the PBO of this subscreen.

  • How to set/get the values thru Wedbynpro coding for User mapping fields

    Hi All
    In system object we have the user mapping fields like District,city,plant,Salesmanager.
    now we want to set/get the values of these usermapping fields of system object thru webdynpro coding...
    if anybody have sample codes of the same then it would be great help to me
    Thanks in advance
    Trisha Rani

    Hi Kavitha
    Thanks for your reply
    My requirement is exactly as follows.
    1) i have created one portal system object in system administration and also i created usermapping fields in the system object from the usermanagement  in system object.
    i created the user mapping fields like Plant,SalesManager,District etc.
    i also created the system alias name for the same system object
    2)  Now i came to persoanlize link and mapped the system object to the portal user.
    while mapping to the system object we need to enter Mapping userId, Password , once we enter these values and we can also enter the values of usermapping fields which we defined while creating the system object ( for example District,Salesmanager,Plant etc)
    once we enter all the values and click on save then these usermapping  values to be mapped to the portal user.
    3) Now my requirement is , i  want to control the usermapping field values thru webdynpro coding for setting/getting the values.
    I need sample code of the same.
    Please let me know if u need more details on the same.
    Trisha Rani

  • Message Mapping UDF for lookuping of a value inside field's list of values

    Hey everyone,
    For a FI mapping I'm working on, I was wondering if somebody has some Java UDF which lookups for a value inside the whole list of values which the mapping gathered for a specific field?

    source code --
    //write your code here
    JCO.Repository myRepository;
    // Change the logon information to your own system/user
    JCO.Client myConnection = JCO.createClient(
    // all the client information namely client ,user id pwd etc
    // create repository
    myRepository = new JCO.Repository( "SAPLookup", myConnection );
    // Create function
    JCO.Function function = null;
    IFunctionTemplate ft = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("xxxxx"); //Name of RFC
    function = ft.getFunction();
    // Obtain parameter list for function
    JCO.ParameterList input = function.getImportParameterList();
    // Pass function parameters
    input.setValue( a , "xxxxx" ); //import parameter of RFC, a is input argument.
    myConnection.execute( function );
    String ret = function.getExportParameterList().getString( "XXXX" ); //export param
    return ret;
    File Lookup in UDF
    Lookupu2019s in XI made simpler
    SAP XI Lookup API: the Killer
    Webservice Calls From a User Defined Function.

  • Mandatory fields  for mapping in ORDERS idoc.

    I m working on File to idoc scenario for creation of sales order in ECC 6.0 , now I want to know what are the mandatory fields in ORDERS idoc which needs to be populated or else disbaled so that the sales order gets created properly in the ECC 6.0..
    Pl let me know the method of finding mandatory field for mapping for  any idoc  and which fileds of idoc are to be disabled.
    Pl help ..
    ans will be rewarded .
    thanks & rgds

    U can disable the control record segment and in the IDOC adapter use the option apply control record from payload.
    If you have set the Apply Control Record Values from Payload indicator in the receiver IDoc adapter, the following fields are filled from the IDoc-XML payload:
    ·        MESCOD
    ·        MESCFT
    ·        TEST
    ·        EXPRSS
    ·        STD
    ·        STDVRS
    ·        STDMES
    ·        SNDSAD
    ·        SNDLAD
    ·        RCVSAD
    ·        RCVLAD
    ·        REFINT
    ·        REFGRP
    ·        REFMES
    ·        STATUS
    ·        DIRECT
    ·        OUTMOD
    ·        CREDAT
    ·        CRETIM
    read the information in below link:

  • Table name in Oracle for the User Mapping field?

    Does anyone know the table name for the user Mapping field in EP6.0?

    Hi Alan,
    why do you want to access the DB directly?! You can access the information via the Java API, which is in general the most secure way for the DB scheme is always "subject to change without notice"...
    Best regards

  • Mapping the IDOC fields for Inbound PO

    I am trying to map the fields for PO for IDOC type ORDER05, but unable to do so for the following IDOC fields in segments.
    Document Date
    Account Assignment Category
    Delivery Date
    Requirement No.
    Purchase Requisition
    Preq Item No.
    Outline Agreement
    Outline Agreement No.
    What fields in the IDOC match these in SAP R/3.

    Hi Did you manage to get this IDoc working? I'm having the same problem with the mapping and the documentation is really bad.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, We have Dell 2950(RAM 1GB) machines having Linux4.5 OS with installation of oracle10g R2 ( We wants to increase the RAM from 1 GB to 4 GB. So, what are the steps to increase the RAM and what is the effect of increasing the RAM on Live