Mask button grayed out when Pen tool's selected?

I am going through a tutorial about how to use the Pen tool.
The tut shows that I should be able to click the Mask button in order to create a trans BG. However, mine is grayed out. I cannot find a reason why that would be. I am able to use the Layer Mask under other circumstances.
(The tut has me take an image, draw around the image to practice pulling/dragging, twisting, adding handles etc & so forth).
I have the pen tool set to Path but the Mask doesn't become available under any of the options.
The tut says to click Ctrl + Click on the path and then to click the Mask button.
Any ideas why the Mask is grayed out?
As always ~ I really appreciate your help.
Hope you're having a great night/day

I would Love to post a screenshot however my computer is "shot" all my F keys & up to the Delete are non functional. I'm going to get a new laptop asa I find out what would be best to run Adobe Master Suite.
I have Photoshop CS6 Extended.
Any way, yes, {blushing} the BG was selected. TY.
I am suppose to make a selection of the path.
I'm now completely embarrassed. Of course a trans bg can't be made when it's the bg I'm working on.
The tutors' Layer panel shows only Layer 1 and no bg. He said to download the image he uses from Diviantart but the image would only open in a browser. So, I right clicked and saved the image. Then I opened the image which, of course, just opens on the bg layer.
So, am I suppose to create a New file > New Layer and then open the image?
Sorry if my questions seem obvious to you but I am just learning and still very much a newbie.

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    The problem is where you enter your address and password for ESMTP (outgoing authentication)? Many mail clients let you check a box to use the same username and password that you use to retrieve email. I gather that isn't an option in webOS?

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    The person has to have an apple device and also has to be registered with iMessage, otherwise of you try to message them their name will turn red with a ! Next to the name saying they are not a registered use of iMessage.
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    Greetings.  I'm following the steps in the following link from Adobe: l
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    Thank you for the information.  Yes, that seems to make sense based on what I've discovered using LR 4.  Still trying to come up to speed.  Appreciate everyone's help with their tips and insight.
    Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 01:44:25 -0600
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Import button remains grayed out when adding existing folder to LR 4
        Re: Import button remains grayed out when adding existing folder to LR 4
        created by LRuser42 in Photoshop Lightroom - View the full discussion
    Folders per se cannot be imported - only pictures (or movies) in a folder can. So, you have to select a folder containing at least one picture or movie (all pictures and movies found are automatically selected when the import dialog opens). This is probably not the case for the folder you want to add, so "no photos found" is displayed in the dialog center and the "Import" button is greyed out.
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    Only the fully updated Acrobat 9 and Acrobat X products support use under Windows 7.
    Adobe products and operating system compatibility

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    No, PSE 6 and later never displays an icon for a sub-category.  If you accidentally created a sub-category where a leaf keyword tag will do, change the sub-category to a keyword tag by right-clicking it, and then you'll be able to assign an icon.  But if you change the keyword tag back to a sub-category, the icon will disappear. 
    None of that design seems very well thought out.

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    Oh heck, nevermind. Turns out I was entering the wrong password. DOH! Nothing to see here, move along.

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    When I was activating the Logistics datasource in LBWE, my data source status became red and the Active/Inactive button grayed out? how can I make this data source active again?

    Hi Kumar,
    The status will become Red and Active/Inactive is disable due to Extract structure activated but data source is not maintained. This happens once you change the extract structure to Include additional fields. Please do the below step:
    in LBWE, Click on Data source (Technical name of your data source beside maintainance) and you will get maintainance screen, change if you want some thing or else leave as it is and save, Now  the status for data source in LBWE will become yellow and activate/deactivate will enable.

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    Are you looking at the Workflow Notifications page or GL page. Please give me the navigation used to reach the page. Typically in workflow notification details page, the Response buttons are either displayed or hidden based on whether the notification has a Result Type attached or not. I don't think they are greyed out based on any rule.
    Workflow notifications does not check the approval authority by itself. Ann appropriate workflow notification with right content and result type should be sent based on the approval authority checked in a previous function activity.

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    My users are unable to center text when edited pages in CS3 and CS4. The standard paragraph alignment buttons are grayed out.
    All the users of my site have Admin role, and I have set up the role to allow unrestricted editing. And "Allow Users to Apply Styles"... At screenshot of some of my settings is attached. I don't see why Contribute is not allowing this basic element to work.
    Why Are My Text Align Buttons Grayed Out?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I experienced the very same issue, but found an interesting quick-fix that worked for us.
    Several of my webpage content managers reported that they could not change the text alignment in pages created using Dreamweaver nested templates. We use nested editable regions in order to restrict portions of the pages (i.e. banners and navigation menus) from being edited.
    I found that Contribute CS4 could realign text in some parts of the affected pages, but not others.
    Further exam revealed that Contribute could change the alignment on any text that was inside a table on those pages. If I inserted a table and then cut-n-pasted the problem text into the table, the text lost its style/formatting, but it could then have its alignment changed.
    Any text not inside a table could not have the alignment changed by Contribute and changing its style/formatting made no difference.
    One note though: It was interesting that after pasting the text into a table, if I selected a chunk of text, the alignment buttons grayed out again. However, if I simply clicked on the line of text (did not select it), the buttons remained active and the text alignment could be changed.
    I don't know why it is happening. The nested regions were working fine, or so I thought, until recently.
    The above is a quick-fix and got my page content managers back online, but I'm still searching for a long-term solution if anyone has one.
    Good luck...

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    I'm having the exact same problem on one of my Macs but no the other.
    Did you ever get this resolved?

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    It could be that the text is an image.
    Try going to Edit>Preferences>Page display>Page content and information and check the box hat says "Display large images".

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    I have some apps where files that should be available for opening are instead grayed out when they shouldn't be. They never used to be grayed out until recently, and they are a correct file type. (Open is set to "All files" not just the file extension, so it's not an oversight).
    Which part of the OS is responsible for choosing what items will be available in a file list (i.e. not grayed out)? I'd like to rebuild it since it seems to be corrupted. Also my LaunchServices seems to be messed up as well because some apps are not available for certain file types "Open With" when they ought to be. Terminal command? Disk Warrior? TinkerTool? Thanks.

    If you aren't confident in using Terminal check out this site for help with Launch Services.

  • Address Book "Edit" button grayed out...unable to edit

    Had to edit a contact's info and was surprised to find the Edit button grayed out, not allowing me to click it. Repairing permissions has not helped.

    V.K., thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, before I got to try it, I re-launched Address Book one more time and found it will no longer launch. Its Dock icon just keeps bouncing. Not only that, but I've also found that iCal and Mail will no longer launch, either. The iCal calendar pane and the Mail main window open, but the beach ball spins forever. I've never seen this before. Any ideas?
    I tried a different account on the same computer. No problems there.

  • "Access Control - Do Not Inherit" Grayed out when setting up a backup on Server 2008 R2 when trying to use remote NAS

    I see one response here:
    But it makes no sense to me. Running that command doesn't do anything.
    How do I make the box stop graying out when setting up a backup with the GUI interface? This should be really simple I would think and for some reason the backup utility is graying out the "Do Not Inherit" option so I can backup to the NAS
    device that has access control enabled in order to backup to the NAS.
    Thanks in advance!

    From this article, it mentioned that it is by design that we cannot choose "do not inherit" in backup schedule when backup target is a remote shared folder.
    Checklist: Schedule Automatic Backups
    If you use a remote shared folder, make sure that the folder is available, that you have write access to the folder, and that you are a member of the Administrators group or Backup Operators group on the computer hosting the folder. Each time you create
    a backup, it will overwrite the older backups so that you will only have one backup at a time.
    The backup will inherit the access control list (ACL) permissions of the folder.
    For the account it required, as mentioned above, it should be "a member of Admin group or Backup Operators group, and it should have write permission on target folder".
    Also map a network folder as a drive will not help show the mapped drive letter in backup destination. It is still a remote shared folder.
    TechNet Subscriber Support in forum |If you have any feedback on our support, please contact [email protected]

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