Mass Storage Driver Severe Crash - USB Mass Storage device useless

I am running the latest, updated version of OSX Leopard; Hardware Growler; and Parallels Desktop. Today, as I was doing a very resource-intensive task on Windows XP - via parallels - I plugged in my Samsung M610 to try to access the memory card. I then closed Windows XP, and noticed that my cpu was still registering at 100% output. Opening Activity Monitor and looking at the processes there, I saw that Mass Storage was taking 100.00 units of CPU output, and was not responding, I immediately clicked end process. Much to my dismay however, Activity Monitor then proceeded to lock up, so I forced it to quit, which caused finder to lock up in turn. Throughout this time, my cpu was still working overtime, so I decided to power the computer off. Upon rebooting and much "whew"-ing I tried to plug my Cell Phone in again; as usual Hardware Growler notified me of the connection and it's details, however, confusingly finder had no knowledge of any mass storage connection. After multiple connects and reconnects, testing all USB ports on my MBP (and being annoyed by the system telling me to properly find and eject hardware before removing it, which I suppose I should take as a good sign) my memory card remained invisible to finder. Hardware growler continues to perfectly recognize the device connection.
The most odd thing about this particular problem, is that other USB devices are recognized... at least one other Mass storage device is, but I have only one other device to test at the moment.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check the following link and find the part of the text "Common resolutions for Code 10 error".

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  • IPOD seen as two drives(USB Mass Storage & and Dell USB )

    My IPOD classic has not worked properly since I updated my OS to Windows XP. At first the IPOD was seen as two different USB controllers (Apple USB Driver, and a USB Mass Storage Device) I've gone through every troubleshooting article on the apple website. After downloading a hotfix, my computer recognizes the IPOD as an IPOD but it doesn't connect to itunes long enough for me to restore it. It automatically disconnects after being plugged into the computer. If anybody can help, please, please please let me know.

    I just purchased an ipod classic 120GB and after downloading itunes to the computer I can no longer use my DVD/CD drive as the ipod is using that drive now, which is the E drive on my computer. I noticed that if I uninstall itunes I get to use my DVD/CD drive again. I do not know what next to try either. So my ipod is seen as a mass storage device, I need help too, can anyone help?

  • Usb mass storage driver is giving '!' mark

    After working continuously for a long period my system becomes unable to recognize pendrive. At that time USB mass storage driver in driver manager gives '!' sign. The problem disappears once i restart the computer. My notebook model is pavillion g6 & its only 4 moths old.
    Please Help me out of this. I need support badly...
    Dibyojyoti Koleh 
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    Hi Dibyo,
    Welcome to the HP Forums! I saw your post about the USB issues and I will be happy to help. How long is a long period of time? I am going to need your product number because there are several models in the Pavilion g6 series. What operating system are you running?
    Find your product number on a notebook:
    Finding your OS:
    Thank you,
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    Thank you,
    I work on behalf of HP

  • Windows 7 64-bit not loading USB mass storage driver

    I have a rather strange problem with my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  Everything seems to work fine except for USB mass storage devices.  I have USB keyboard, mouse and even a USB audio (wireless headset) all working fine on the computer.  But
    any USB external drive, thumdrive or USB card reader with flash cards inserted into the USB port of my computer won't work.
    Windows keeps reporting that it is unable to find the driver.  When I go into the Device Manager console and choose to manually update the driver, then point it to the C:\Windows (with search for sub-directories enabled), it detects the USB Mass Storage
    driver but complains that it is unable to load it.  The exact message is this:  Windows found driver software for your device but encountered error while attempting to install it.  USB Mass Storage Device.  The system cannot find the file
    This happens to ALL USB Mass storage device, and it doesn't matter which port I plug the device into.
    Here's the weird thing, I have VMware Workstation installed on this computer and if I power on a VM that runs Windows 7 32-bit as the Guest OS and connect the USB storage devices to the guest OS via VMware Workstation, the USB storage devices work!
    So it would appear that the USB ports are functioning properly but for some reasons, my Windows 64-bit is unable to load the driver.
    Any idea how to fix this besides a "nuke it from orbit" and format/reinstall Windows?

    I'm very excited to finally have a solution for this problem. Thank You Balaji for figuring this out. I've been struggling with this for a number of years, and had only one USB Hard Drive that worked. I too have VMware workstation, and had the missing files
    in "c:\windows\inf." I can say with certainty that I did not delete the files from that folder, but something is common in both of our situations. Maybe it has to do with VMware, and some of it's updates over the years. I'm also using nCompute to share out
    a networked desktop via the wire. 
    One more thing worthy of mention is this machine was an update from Windows Vista, and the USB hard drive that worked was configured back than. So although I could never add another HD, at least I had the one.
    Now with having copied over the files, I can plugin other USB enclosures with different drives and they too are working.
    Like you mentioned, it was always possible to use USB devices within my Virtual Machines, so it was clear that the USB ports were functional. I actually got the files from a clean Windows 7 VM, copying out the \windows\inf folder and doing a compare between
    the the real one and the virtual one. I found the two missing files you mentioned, along with 8 others. I went ahead and included them all in your fix.
    It worked, Amazing. Thanks again. :O)



    Check the following link and find the part of the text "Common resolutions for Code 10 error".

  • PCI Communication Controller and USB Mass Storage Device driver was missing

    Recently i formated HP Pavilion Slimline 400 PC series and reinstalled with windows 7 32 bit.\
    initially i found a lot of driver was missing. i have gone through hp support forums and almost all drivers are running on 64 bit with minimum requirement OS windows 8.1.
    i couldn't find it anywhere. under device manager, these two devices are being shown with yellow exclamation
    PCI Simple Communication Controller :
    USB Mass Storage Device :
    Please kindly provide the link for the drivers, so i can use my PC.
    thanks in advance

    Did you install the USB3 controller driver so the device you installed could work?
    The USB Mass Storage Device is something you have connected to the PC.
    Specifically a Sony® MicroVault USB Flash Drive.
    If my suggestion to let windows update find the Intel Management Engine driver, didn't work, see if this driver from Intel works.  It also has the hardware ID for that device in the setup information file.

  • Myson-Century CS8818 USB Mass Storage Driver Disk INSTALLATION

    I'm trying to install a Myson-Century CS8818 external USB Mass Storage Driver Disk, but can't find the appropriate driver for it and iMac G5 !
    I tried Myson-Century's web site, and, without any successes...
    Could you help ?
    Thanks !
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    Thank you for your answer.
    Actually, I known I should not need any drivers to install any USB Mass Storage Drivers Disks, but this one will not appear on the desktop when connected to the iMac.
    Even though the Myson-Century CS8818 USB Mass Storage Driver Disk was connected and powered before booting, it remained unshown...
    Would you have an advice or an idea ?
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

  • USB mass storage driver

    Not able to find updated driver for  USB mass storage device.Please help me to find or any possible ways to resolve it.

    Please try downloading the driver from the below shown link and let me know how it goes  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R KAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP

  • Windows 7 Installation problem: "no drives were found, click to load driver to provide a mass storage driver..."

    I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop (U945-S4140) that came with windows 8. I am trying to install windows 7 enterprise 64 bit.
    I have the installation file on a bootable USB stick. In order to boot from the USB, I have to go into the BIOS settings and change from UEFI to CSM boot mode. Then the computer will boot from the usb stick and the windows 7 installation begins to work fine.
    However, I soon get an error message that "no drives were found. click to load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation."
    I cannot figure out how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello Maxxpower33, thank you for your words.
    I looked through the error logs that could be generated from the tool and found this one which may be what you experienced.  Kindly let me know if this is what you got:
    "Files copied successfully. However, we were unable to run bootsect to make the USB device bootable. If you need assistance with bootsect, please click the "Online Help" link above for more information."
    Some further information is that I found this post where another user experienced the same error on a laptop, although the speculation mentioned in the post is that the user does not have a Windows store account under which he purchased the license for Windows
    7 Home Premium, which is the flavor he was trying to get on the bootable drive.  However, this does not seem to be a valid response due to the fact that the tool does not check Windows XAuthCert Servers for validation on licensing.  So ignore that
    portion of the post, but the 2nd post helps a bit by linking to another article, providing both below.
    Forum Port With Same Error
    Article with 4 methods to create
    a bootable Windows 7 USB Drive
    In that first post, further down, is another reply to a tool that I have not tested with.  So please use caution on this one as I cannot find very much feedback other than on their own website, but sounds much like the first tool I mentioned in my first
    post "Unetbootin", but this one is called Rufus, and two people did mention they had good success with this tool after having difficulties with the Windows utility.
    After all that is said and done, there is not 1 tool that will work for everyone all of the time on every environment.  Why?  I would like to know also...but speculate hardware/firmware/bios combinations could be the culprit.  One of these
    tools should work for you and it would be my recommendation to try them in this order (skipping what you've already tried):
    1) Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
    2) Unetbootin
    3) Manually creating the partition and xcopy'ing the extracted ISO to it
    4) Rufus
    5) Borrow a PC with a DVD-R in it and burn the ISO to a disc and install from it.  If your laptop does not have a DVD drive, an external drive can be purchased for roughly $25 or less.  Or if you have an internal drive laying around, buy an enclosure
    for about $15 and put the drive inside there and attach it to your laptop via USB or eSATA.
    As always, my advice is nothing more than my opinion, which are like bungholes...everyone has one and they all stink!  LOL!
    John Fester

  • USB Mass Storage Device - ?

    Shuffle shows up as a USB Mass Storage Device under the drive (USB Port) i plug it into.
    It will not take an update or reformat.
    Wondering if it is possible that the factory format could be erased and now the unit is just being recognized as a storage device and unable to be used in the manner it was originally intended for...MUSIC.?
    What does it mean when you get a message "Media in Drive - Changed" ?
    Fixed many other ipods in past but only one shuffle so this one has me clue what else i can do to it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    i think it was trying to read the shuffle when i wanted to format and restore.
    i never did get it to work.
    no way of knowing now..i just got through tearing into this one to make one good shuffle out of the two i was working on.
    all was good till i went to put the slide bar on/off switch back on....broke the switch again.
    do you have a switch?

  • Arch instance living on USB mass storage device is very slow

    I installed an instance of Arch on a USB stick.  This is a full installation, not a ramdisk-based "installer" or anything.  However, this little guy is very, very slow.  Sometimes, I have to wait for almost a minute between writes while the UI locks up (XFCE4, in case you're curious).
    I think a lot of the problem comes from iowait load and pending write requests.  I've been considering experimenting with data=writeback, but I've never used this ext option before, and thought I'd ask you guys about it first.  I hear that sudden power failure can lead to pretty severe data loss with writeback enabled.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Are there any other tweaks I can apply to increase performance that would be appropriate for a USB mass storage device?  I have noatime enabled, but that only gives it an almost unnoticeable bump.

    @hifi25nl You can link a post directly, by copying the link that is behind the date, at least with my theme, on the same height as the post number. … 2#p1428782

  • Access USB mass storage dev on Netra 20

    HI all,
    We just got a Netra20 server for our lab and noticed the USB support it provides. I plugged a 128 Mb USB JumpDrive but have been unable to access it. I found some docs in related to the topic where it instructs to do an eject -n (to see the device-alias available) however all I see from the output is Floppy and CDROM aliases, no generic usb alias. Also tried killing and restarting "vold" but no use.
    Does anyone know what is the proper procedure to access it? BTW I am running Solaris 8. Is USB supported in Solaris 5.8?

    USB is supported in Solaris 8 / SunOS 5.8. This includes usb devices that implement the USB mass storage
    You may want to install the latest USB Framework patch 109896-21, it fixes several issues with usb mass
    storage devices, and even adds USB 2.0 support.
    But: The "Lexar (?) JumpDrive" (and other Lexar Products) seems to be a problematic device. It seems
    this product does not work too well (or work at all) with Solaris' USB drivers:

  • Samsung A900 USB mass storage and Tiger

    I just got a Samsung A900 phone, when I connect with USB as mass storage device, the phone is mounted write protected in 10.4.3. In 10.3.9, it mounts as a writeable drive.

    Hi there. I just bought a Samsung A900 and figured out how to use the phone as a USB Mass storage device:
    My setup is a PowerBook G4 with 10.4.6 all updates (including the latest Security Updates and iLife '06 updates).
    1. Plug the USB cable into the phone, and your computer.
    2. The phone should say "USB Cable connected" on the main screen. If it doesn't, turn the phone off, and back on again with the cable plugged in.
    3. Press the Menu button
    4. Go to Tools
    5. Go to Mass Storage
    6. Select "Connect to PC."
    You will not be able to receive phone calls while the phone is in USB Mass Storage mode.
    A new volume should appear in the OS X Finder as "Untitled."
    You have access to the same folders as with a Bluetooth connection.
    Unfortunately, this also means that it is not a solution to get custom ring tones from an MP3 you own.
    I tried looking in Terminal for any hidden folders, and I can't find any. I honestly think a firmware update/hack is needed to enable this on the phone.
    Hope this helps.
    PowerBook G4 1.33 GHz 17"   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   iPod w/video 60 GB, iSight
    PowerBook G4 1.33 GHz 17"   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   iPod w/video 60 GB, iSight

  • USB Mass Storage function Z10

    Hi guys.
    I use my Z10 as a USB drive to play music from my car stereo & others. 
    To do thay i go to:
    1. Configuration
    2. Storage & Access
    3. Media Card Details --> Turn on USB mass sotrage
    However, I have to do this setting every time my phone reboot because my selections is just forgiveen by the configration settings. The problem is that too many days a week i drain my battery so the phone turn off and the USB mass storage functions is disable.
    Is there any way to set this setting to ON just one time, and when the phone is restarted it dont go automatically to OFF state?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hey buddy.
    I came across the same query when I first got my Z10. I tried every / any way possible to have it defaulted as "ON" though there isn't.
    So for the meantime we will need to do this extra step every time our phones restart (until BB rolls out an update which does otherwise). I'm sure we're not the only ones who have run into this annoying un-user-friendly step.

  • USB Mass Storage Mode Missing :-(

    I just upgraded? to the Samsung Galaxy S III today and have been very happy for the most part.  However...
    I am EXTREMELY disappointed that the only options to transfer files to the phone/SD Card are to use the MTP and Photo protocols.  I always loved my Android phone...built off of open source software...and using open standards (things like USB Mass Storage).  It is incredibly useful to be able to plug my phone into almost any PC, running any OS, and be able to transfer files to and fro.
    Where is the rest of the uproar?  When are we going to demand that one of the most useful features on our phone be put back.  It was already was already working...and has been dropped for lame, limited use protocols...  Why?  Who is getting paid off?  Why? 
    Bring back USB Mass Storage Mode!!!!

    It is always a good idea to do some research...  I have followed your suggestion and found that Google has two reasons for using MTP instead of USB Mass Storage.  They  are:
      1)  “A main reason for using MTP rather than for example the USB mass-storage device class (MSC) is that the latter operates at the granularity of a mass storage device block (usually in practice, a FAT block), rather than at the logical file level. In other words, the USB mass storage class is designed to give a host computer undifferentiated access to bulk mass storage, such as compact flash, rather than to a file system, which might be safely shared with the target device (except for specific files which the host might be modifying/accessing). In practice, therefore, when a USB host computer has mounted an MSC partition, it assumes absolute control of the storage, which then may not be safely modified by the device without risk of data corruption until the host computer has severed the connection.“  -sombody from Google
      --My Response - "I am totally OK with the SD card not being safe to be mounted.  During the time I choose to be connected (only when transferring files)...I DO want the PC and not the phone to be in complete control of the SD card."
    2)  “MTP is a big improvement over USB mass storage — for devices with lots of internal memory, a manufacturer no longer needs to come up with some hard partition between the USB mass storage and internal storage. Instead, they are all in one partition, with MTP providing access to the directory of media files that would normally be available through USB mass storage. This means there is no longer a need for apps on SD card for such devices, because what used to be the ‘internal SD card’ is in the same partition as where applications are stored. The storage on your device can be used for either applications or media, depending on what you want to put on it. You aren’t stuck with how much space the manufacturer decided to leave for the two areas." -somebody else from Google
      --My Response - "I am completely OK with the removable SD card being treated separately.  That is EXACTLY what I want.  I want to keep MY DATA separate and only on the removable SD card.  And all of the stuff that I don't care about...that can be easily reinstalled (apps and such) on the internal memory.  It is a good design.  The phone has enough internal memory that I don't have any trouble with space for Apps (so not a conern at all)."
      --My Overall Response - "The loss of flexibility, portability, and usefullness does NOT come close to justifying removal of the USB Mass Storage protocol.  I am still VERY disappointed."
    Where is the THUMBS DOWN... and INCORRECT ANSWER?

Maybe you are looking for

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