Mass Update Actions in production environment

We have a requirement of updating some action scheduling/start conditions in production environment. The issue that we are facing is the number of crm objects that already have this action scheduled are running into hundreds of thousands. We effectively want the actions to be redetermined (similar to how one goes into the object in edit mode) for a huge number of objects.
Is there a utility that SAP provide to mass update actions based on action definition? I understand that we can debug the update to 'ppfttrigg' table when we go into edit mode and simulate a utility ourselves. However, was looking for a generic solution, if provided by SAP.

Hi surendra,
Yes u can Go with CS20 (for replaceing Component)
Absolutly no harm

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  • Mass updates of configurable products

    Because of changes in the business model, we need to add 3 characteristics to every product.  Is there anyway to automate this in PME?  Is there anyway to make the changes for one "master" client and then push them to everywhere else?
    We have lots of products and lots of system clients.  A mistake from something being forgotten or being done wrong would be very very serious.

    Refer below link  this will help you

  • Mass updating a multi-valued field- to append the new value

    I have a question on multi-valued fields:
    I have store table with 5 multi-valued fields, say MLB, soccer, college FTBL, college Basketball, etc. 
    A store can have 4 MLBs, 2 soccer teams, and so on. 
    Say, there is a new MLB that came out called Mexico MLB team. 
    A user wanted to add this to 30 stores using a mass update.  But remember the 30 stores can have totally different sets of values in the multi-valued fields.
    How can I add this new value while still preserving the MLB team’s values of each store record?
    Does MDM not support this feature?
    I am using SAP MDM SP6
    An answer would be highly appreciated.

    I assume you are defined these fields as multi-value lookup and linked to main table. In general, you can not because it will mess up and overwrite your multi-value entries for all of your 30 store records.
    Here is something in MDM come in handy. It is following the same concept but design your model a little differently. If you model your multi-value fields into qualified lookup table, it will be easier and optimized to handle.
    You can select all 30 records and mass-update with adding the new MLB entry into your Q-lookup table. Once you save, this mass-update action will respect all your diversity of each individual records with the new value added.
    Hope this helps
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  • Mass update of a custom field at Product Revenue level

    We are trying to update a custom field at Product Revenue level using the Opportunity Web Service. The webservice call is timing out as we have thousands of Opportunities.
    I would appreciate if anybody gives input on how we can massively update a custom field using Opportunity Web Service.
    Is there a way to mass update a custom field at Product Revenue level other than using a web service.
    Thanks for your help!

    If you are not very much obsessed with Webservices, the other workaround is the Data Loader Tool. It was discussed earlier in this forum.
    Pl refer-
    Re: Product Revebue Updation
    Hope this helps.
    Amit Sahu

  • Mass update of product master (lock material record)

    Hi! Does anyone know of any program that I can use to carry out mass update of product master in SRM? I am specifically looking at locking the materials. I originally intended to use LSMW and create a recording for it. However, the recording didn't work - when I clicked on the open button so that I can key in the product id, it returns back to the recording / LSMW transaction with the screen data. I did not even have a chance to proceed further.
    Any idea would be appreciated.

    really . though you are ECS mode .
    material master must be there  right ?
    How your SRM PO will reflected ( indeed really creates in ECC i.e copy of srm PO).
    confusion here
    can you create a SC for local material and order a successful PO ?
    i know there is a product check in catalog web services - in SRM product master not necesary but your ECC must have material master right..

  • Mass update for production and planned order MRP controller

    Hi Gurus,
    It's anyway possible to mass update MRP controller for Production orders and  Planned orders. If any please provide me step by step process.

    I feel You have changed the MRP controller in Material master and want to incorporate same in production order & plan order.
    For Planned order Run MRP with delete and recreate mode, system will create a new plan order with MRP controller in Material master
    For production order, Mass change is not possible, create a simple BDC or LSMW, And change the MRP controller

  • Split valuation Mass Update in Production

    Dear Experts,
    We have activated split valuation as valuation category u201CCu201D and valuation Type u201CC1u201D u201CC2u201D & u201CC3u201D. Now we need to upload this valuation category & valuation type for the existing material in Production. What is correct procedure to do mass updates for the existing material in Production.
    Please advise me.
    Thanks & Regards

    I suspect it won't be an easy job to do...
    You have to eliminate several problems:
    - make the stock level to zero in current and previous period (MB1A + 201 + posting date in the past (practically the last day of previous period); then reset the stock level by MB1A + 202); if goods movement have taken place in the current period, you have to cancel them
    - delete all transactional data (PrdOrd, PldOrd, TR , TO, PCN, PO, PurReeq, etc)
    - archive batch master records
    - etc
    In case of one material you can bump into several problem, much more in case of mass change...
    I wpould suggest that you should try to change some goods one-by-one, to get insight what problemes may occur.
    If you can categorize your goods and make necessary preparation well, you have chance to achieve your goal.
    Please search for threads of split valuation change on the forum.

  • Mass Updates of Actions in Contracts

    We would like to know how can we do a mass update on service contracts to update the new action definition in item actions tab. There are around 400,000 contracts which already has old actions based on the Schedule & Start conditions, but we want to introduce a new actions (with different Schedule and Start Condition) that needs to be updated in all these contracts without having to edit & save each and every contract to redetermine a new actions.
    Is there any standard program/transaction that will update the new actions in the contracts? Or suggest any way of quickly updating these contracts with new actions.

    Hi Stenwa,
    the adjustment rule for index adjustment has to added in the adjustment tab of the contract and then the condition assigned to be able to proceed with adjustment process (REAJPR) afterwards.
    If you need to add these data for a lot of contracts (because it had not been added when the contracts were created) then you can use API_RE_CN_CHANGE for this purpose.
    Regards, Franz

  • Mass Updating Opportunity Product Owner field

    We need to change the owner of hundreds of opportunities. We were able to do a batch update on the Owner/Account Manager field for the opportunity, but the opportunity product records still have the old owner.
    Is there a way to mass updates that field without doing an export then reimport with an over-ride?

    This could be done using web services.

  • Mass Update Opportunity Products

    Hi All,
    I have encountered a problem requiring me to update all the product revenues for all open optys (in order to trigger a WF on them all).
    We usually export and import for this type of requirement, but Siebel only allows to import opty products using the 'External Unique ID' field, which we have never populated for the revenue records, so they are all blank.
    Anyone have any creative ideas how to overcome?
    Thanks in advance.

    Colin, it's not good news I'm is what you can't update Opty-Products without an EUI. I would put a default value of the ROW_ID into EUI so that going forwards you have an EUI in the records (Do the same if you use ASSETS), but at the moment you have to do it manually, there is no other way to update the record. Webservices might be an option though?
    I have logged this as a Enhancement Request and it is being considered. "Enhancement request 12-1HXGUFP has been accepted by our engineers, this enhancement askes for the ability to use fields other than the external unique Id to uniquely identify Opportunity Product records when importing. "

  • Most of the time queries remain in suspended state in our production environment.

    Most of the time queries remain in suspended state in our production environment.
    Not getting any solution.

    Wait typeS : PAGEIOLATCH_SH,PAGELATCH_EX is when requested page is in buffer and some other process/request
    is holding the lock in buffer.
    SQL will manage it internally , Have you faced in performance issue if yes the need to check
    1) Fragmentation of indexes. if fragmented the defrag it so that time of execution will less and will also reduce wait time. 
    2) Any missing indexes is there then create it
    3) Update statistics  status of tables.
    4) Check if any table scan is there the create appropriate indexes on that...etc ....

  • 10.1.3 Can't not launch Update Wizard in Japanese environment.

    I have installed JDeveloper 10g (10.1.3) J2EE Edition Developer Preview on Japanese environment.
    And I wish install ADF Faces components.
    I try the installation according to the document.
    Adding Custom JSF Components to Oracle JDeveloper 10g (10.1.3) Preview
    I select the Help menu and click on the "Check for Updates ..." menu option.
    The Check for Updates Wizard is not launched.
    It was the same also in Windows and Linux.
    I have a workaround in Linux.
    JDeveloper is started in an English environment.
    Examples: % LANG=C /usr/local/JDeveloper/jdev/bin/jdev
    But I have no idea on Windows.
    Then I want to update in a Japanese environment.
    Isn't there method by which update can do in a Japanese environment?
    I get Exception StackTrace in Linux console.
    at oracle.ideimpl.webupdate.wizard.UpdateWizard.createPage(
    at oracle.ide.wizard.BasicWizard.initialize(
    at oracle.ide.wizard.BasicWizard.runWizard(
    at oracle.ideimpl.webupdate.wizard.UpdateWizard.runWizard(
    at oracle.ideimpl.webupdate.WebUpdateAddin.checkForUpdates(
    at oracle.ideimpl.webupdate.WebUpdateAddin.handleEvent(
    at oracle.ide.IdeAction.performAction(
    at oracle.ide.IdeAction$
    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    Many Thanks
    Takuya Ono

  • Mass Update Purchase Order Price

    Dear folks,
    I have a bunch of purchase orders already created in the system. However, I received notification that there is a price increase in most of the products in the purchase orders.
    How do I mass update the prices in the purchase orders?
    I already updated the info records.
    Best Regards

    Hi Piyush,
    Thank you.
    I am looking for some functionality that can let me update the prices in the PO with the latest prices from the info records.
    Something to the effect of the mass pricing update function in VA05.
    Is there anything like that in MM?
    Best Regards

  • Mass updation of PIR s-reg

    Through MD61 using either material number, product group , plan etc... we can update PIR s for limited part numbners only
    is there any otehr transaction through which we can updated for mass
    we have to update almost for 2000 parts
    BDC also shall not be useful
    any way to directly upload copying from some excel
    any standard SAP transaction code for mass updation of PIR s?
    madhu kiran.

    Either you can use the BAPI mentioned by our friend.
    Goto Tcode : MD61 and enter the Material / Plant and goto the intial screen and Copy paste the Material Number and Qty from An Excel sheet upto the number rows displayed in MD61 screen and press enter and then Click Page Down Ikon, system will show the new rows where you  can copy and paste again from the Excel sheet and Repest the steps to complete 2000 materials.
    You can create the BDC , BDC will work for Tcode : MD61 .
    Hope this will help you.
    radhak mk

  • Content location mass update at the site level

    I am looking for a way to mass update the content location at the site level. Right now, we can do the mass update at the folder level. We have about 80 folders or so. Is there a way we can mass update the starting url at the site level?
    Environment: Oracle iLearning 5.2.1

    If you are mass updating the content location, you need to inspect the following three tables in the ILEARN schema.
    Table Columns Description
    content_server host, physical_directory Content Server Definition
    rco starting_url Self Explanatory
    host_adapter adapter_path CMI Adapter
    You might not have to change all of them, if you are only changing the path and not the host.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Excel printing of web template

    Hi, I am in version 3.5. I tried to implement SDN How-To paper "How to Web printing Quickstart in SAP Netweaver ;04". Applied transports, and used ZWT_ADHOC web template to launch a report. When i try "Excel Printing", it doesn create bookmark URL, b

  • Hyperlinks - how to create a hot spot link?

    I would like to link to a new page from a button at the footer area only. This would not have a main menu level link. So where would I add the page in the site plan? Would I add a page to a 2nd tier and hide the name? Also how do I 'call' the hyperli

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