Mass Upload of Photos in Portal

I am trying to do mass upload of JPEG Photos.
I have tried using User Self Service and that works fine.
Reqmnt is that administrator needs to upload 100 photos as a bulk for each user.
I have read the document on and it certainly gave me few insights but if anyone has done this before, i would like to steps on how to go about doing this.

Assign yourself to the role
After that you will have the Link
"Collaboration Demo\People Centric"
This gives you the possibility to make a manual or
mass upload of user photos.

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  • Mass upload of photo in Archive link

    We have to do a mass-upload of photos in the Archivelink (OAAD).
    Any standard program to do this, or any other clues anyone please?
    Thanks in adv.

    just write a report and combine the function modules:
    SCMS_UPLOAD for uploading from a shared backend path
    SCMS_DOC_CREATE for storage of a binary table in a content repository (the ID of the content repository must be ArchiveLink compliant meaning a two letters ID).
    ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT to write the connection in the ArchiveLink table. Here, you must know your relevant business object (SAP_OBJECT) your doctype (AR_OBJECT) and your OBJECT_ID.
    I assume that you need this for HR so here your SAP_OBJECT is PREL and your AR_OBJECT should be HRICOLFOTO
    Now, you report must loop over the files and execute the upper function modules.
    I hope that helps a bit
    Best regards

  • Mass upload of photo

    Hi All,
    I am trying to use the collabration iView <b>User Photo Maintenance (Mass Upload)</b> but when I check the application log it shows the following error message:
    <i>TaskID=261993005069Parameter 'directory' is not a directory</i>
    I have followed all the image charactersticks like the image name same as User ID image size less that 10K and dimension 100 x 130 and has placed this images in folder on my desktop named "image" and then has specified the complete path of that folder with name.
    I tried the same with a folder in KM also but I am not sure from where this iView is going to read I am getting the same error in both the cases. Please help.

    I fond this thread .. May be its helps you..

  • Mass upload of user photos in EP

    Hi All,
    I have to do a mass upload of user photos in EP. I tried it in two ways.
    1.     In a network folder say
    173.XX.XX.XXUserPhotos, I stored the photos and then I used the Mass photo upload iview, which is available inside collaboration demo role.
    2.     I created a new task and given the below parameters,
    1.     Task nameà MyPhotUpload
    2.     Upload from folder à
    3.     Photo Typeà NORMAL
    I clicked on save and then I run the task. I didnu2019t got any errors, at the same time I didnu2019t got any output also.
    Then I tried it this way.
    I created a nework path in System Administration à System Configuration à KM à CMà Global Services à Network Path (really sorry if I am being stupid)
    Here I specified the network path and the login credential required to access this folder and named this network path as u201CMyNetWrkPathu201D
    Now, I came back to mass upload ivew, there I deleted the old task and created a new task with
    a.     Task Name à MyPhotoUpload2
    b.     Upload from folder à MyNetWrkPath
    c.     Photo Typeà NORMAL
    I clicked on Save and then I run the task. Again the same result. No errors no success.
    PS: I already specified the photo type check and photo size check in System Administration à System Configuration à KM à CMà Global Services àUserPhoto
    Somebody please help me.

    it seems the portal doesn't have permissions to read contents from this physical folder.
    Try to import a sample photo with "apply checked conditions" unchecked in mass upload iView.
    If that doesn't help then try to increase the trace level to INFO for this app in Visual Administrator and see what is causing
    the problems.
    The location is .
    Eventuallly try to import files from local folder instead of network share.
    Hope this helps.

  • Mass upload of employee photos in OAOH

    Dear all,
    In OAOH transaction, if you type in the business object PREL, and doc type HRICOLFOTO, a small dialog box appear and you type in the employee no.  Afterwards, another window dialog box appear prompting the file name/path....
    I would like to know if there is any method to mass upload thousands of employee photos, since batch input does not work in the file/path selection screen (window's dialog box)
    Thanks a lot for your help !

    Hi Patrick,
    Generally it is not suggested to Upload Photograph using Mass Upload.... normally it is one to one ... one perer at a time.
    But if its too urgent and critical then fallow this steps.
    1) Store the Photograph of the Employee as the PERNR.JPG (PERNR = EMPLPYEES PERSONNEL NUMBER) at a predifined location.
    2) Have a text file with all the pernr for whom you want to upload the photo and the JPGs you have in the folder.
    3) Use this Function module with the loop for all the PERNR
    * Function module to update Tran OAAD
    * Create file path (Directory)-(Employee No.).JPG
        CONCATENATE 'dir where the file is stored' wa_pernr-pernr '.' 'jpg' INTO lw_path.
    * Assign Values
        lw_ar_object  = text-002.         "HRICOLFOTO
        lw_object_id  = wa_pernr-pernr.
        lw_sap_object = text-003.         "PREL
        lw_doc_type   = text-004.         "JPG
            ar_object                     = lw_ar_object
    *   DEL_DATE                      =
            object_id                     = lw_object_id
            sap_object                    = lw_sap_object
            doc_type                      = lw_doc_type
            path                          = lw_path
           error_conectiontable          = 1
           error_parameter               = 2
           error_archiv                  = 3
           error_upload                  = 4
           error_kernel                  = 5
           no_entry_possible             = 6
           error_comunicationtable       = 7
           OTHERS                        = 8
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                  WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    This will help you to create the Archive link.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Mass upload of Portal roles

    I need to upload ESS and MSS roles to all my uesrs at one go.
    I have created all the users but now wanna assign only roles and group.
    Please guide for template or where can i do this mass upload.
    Brijesh Kumar
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    I want to upload Portal roles ess and mss to all my 150 user id's at one go. for that i need a way out, can it be possible through a BDC or any format so that can be impoerted directly.

  • Mass uploading of employee photos.

    Hi Experts,
    I am uploading one  employee photo in ecc 6.0,Thats completed successfull.Now i am planning to upload bulk number of employee photos in to sap as well as in to ESS.I am tried to upload of 2000 employee photos through bdc ,but while running the BDC its asking the selection of employee photos from the location.So kindly update your views on this how to upload all employee photos with out manuall selection of photos.
    how can we update our photos in ESS once we completion of photos updation in sap.
    Thanks & Regards,

    check this thread
    Mass upload of employee photos in OAOH

  • Mass Upload Photo Employee

    Hi experts!
    We have an excel with this information:
    -Photo file path
    PATH                   PERN
    C:\TEMP\1.JPG    00101800
    C:\TEMP\2.JPG    00101801
    We need mass upload to ArchiveLink every employee photo.
    I've found the report OA_UPLOAD_AND_LINK but I do not know how associated the file path image to the employee PERNR.
    How we should do that?
    Any Idea?
    Kind Regards,

    Hi Julian,
    Please follow:
    Table (TOAOM) SAP Archive Link - Meta table for links u2013 indicates the content repository that will be utilized for particular object and document type.
    Table CREP u2013 List of content repositories 
    1.     PERNR and infotype must have valid entries. Say custom info type is IT9007
    2.     Image file name should be represented as concatenation of PERNR and infotype number.jpg [example 900000019007.jpg where  90000001 u2013 pernr  9007 u2013 infotype]
      STEP 1
    Firstly go to transaction code   CG3Z.
    Transferring images from presentation server to Application server. The same can be done by asking the BASIS team to transfer all the required image file names to application server.
      STEP 2
    Browse the location for the source file which is to be uploaded.
    Browse the location (directory) for the target File where the image has to be stored in sap.
    Click on Upload button to upload the image.
      STEP 3:
    To check whether the file has been uploaded or not uploaded, navigate to transaction code Al11 (tcode).
    Select your directory and check whether the file is successfully uploaded in required directory.
      STEP 4:
    Now navigate to transaction code SE38 (tcode) and execute the standard program OA_UPLOAD_AND_LINK.
    Values are entered in the screen: with PREL as business object and HRICOLFOTO as document type for color documents.
    Mention the file path where you are storing all the images to be uploaded for mass migration.
    The output will provide the list of files accepted for uploading
      STEP 5:
    Now navigate to transaction OAAD (tcode) to link/assign the documents to PERNR
      STEP 6:
    Click Technical search and then click execute button.
      STEP 7:
    Enter Personnel number and info type. Click on Enter button.
    Select your record and click on display button.
    The screen is displayed.
      STEP 8:
    Click on Reassign document button. Click on Enter.
    OUTPUT: Storage parameters are updated after reassigning the document
    Use recording for Steps 6 to 8 u2013 for mass upload of images providing the input PERNR and Info type number to input parameter SAPOBJECTID on selection screen.  
      Verification:
    Navigate to transaction code PA30 (tcode). To check the image id uploaded or not for particular personnel number. Click on Display button.
    OUTPUT: Image on right top has been uploaded.
    I hope to have helped you.

  • User Photo Administration (mass upload) iview doesn't run

    I'm trying to mass upload lots of pictures about employees to show on CLP the photo detail. I've been searching for a long time the right way to do it through the standard User Photo Administration (mass upload) iview but not success for me.
    I've checked this message really similar to mine but not solve my problem:
    The iview properties are set to run as explain:
    This is my scenario:
    EP7 sp15
    i've got a folder on my filesystem (c:\photos). In this folder i have two files
    inside filled with:
    b) 10010.JPG
    After starting the task the photo was not updated and there was nothing in the application log!?
    What could be the problem? I can add the file manually but not through mass upload iview.
    Has anybody used the User Photo Administration (mass upload) iview ?
    Thanks in advance
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    Instead of use User Photo Administration (Mass upload) using a file, forget it and use a easy DOS script (lots of examples on google) to rename all files on your folder with the user ID of employees. Then you'll get a folder with the employees pictures with ID user as name file.
    If  your pictures are set like Required Picture Settings on your system(size,dimensions,...) , now you will upload files without problems directly.

  • Upload Photos Into Portal

    Hi All,
              Can anyone tell me how to upload photos into portal, like i have a specific requirment that whenever a user logs into portal his photo must be displayed in the masthead or in the home page.
    Thanks in advance,

    you can find solution from this link
    [How to access employee photo and show it in masthead of portal;
    you can also check this

  • Mass upload for employee photos (IT0002)

    Hi I would like to do a mass upload of employee pics to R/3 . I have tried the FM, ARCHIV_CREATE_FILE and it was uploaded successfully but I'm unable to specify the infotype. which for my case I would need it to be in IT0002.
    I've tried the BDC program
    But the pics are still not appearing.
    Anyone has this issue befofe?

    yes. I have tried to upload it manually and it is working. But when I run the program it doesn't work. Could it be the path that I need to specify? Because the client uses IXOS software(links with the 4.6c) to upload the pics and doc. I'm not sure is this the reason it is not working.

  • Employee Photo Mass upload

    We are trying to upload Employee photos using FUnction Modulr ARCHIVE_CREATE_FILE
    it is working till we upgraded to patch level 55 after that it is giving Error_Archive
    What needs to be done
    Chakravarthy Nalla

    Hi Nalla,
    Please try Function module ARCHIV_CREATE_DIALOG_META.

  • Linked (not uploaded) User Photos???

    We have a problem where we want our users to have photos attached to their profiles for collaboration etc, but we DO NOT want to upload photos to our current portal server.
    Unfortunately our server space is at a premium.
    Is there a way to avoid actually uploading the photos, but instead link to them in a seperate location on a seperate server?
    I have reviewed the three iViews for uploading photos (i.e. mass upload, administrative upload, and self service) and these aren't going to be sufficient for what we need to do.
    Anyone have any ideas on how this might be accomplished??
    I'll award points for helpful answers!
    Edited by: Beau Bourgeois on Apr 22, 2008 4:29 PM

    I'm a bit new to KM etc. If these photos are stored in KM under /um, what does that correspond to; i.e. are these photos etc stored in the database, or somewhere on the OS filesystem?
    thanks for your help.

  • Mass Upload doesn't work

    Hi everybody,
    i am trying to upload user photos via mass upload iview. Therefore i create a folder (c:\photos). In this folder i have two files
    a) with the line: Anton=1011
    b) 1011.jpg
    I use the iView for Massupload from content provided by sap -> collaboration -> demo role -> iviews. I create a task with the following properties:
    Task name:           Mappupload
    Upload from Folder:           c:\photos
    Photo type:           NORMAL
    Apply checked conditions:      (no checked)
    Use Mapping:           (checked)
    After starting the task the photo was not updated and there was nothing in the application log!?
    What could be the problem? I can add the file manually but not through mass upload.
    Has anybody use a mass upload?
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    Pls Use these threads:
    Hope it would be helpfull

  • Mass upload of documents over FlexUI

    is it possible to implement a mass upload of files to the portal km over the FlexUI?
    Best regards,
    Thomas Kuri

    Hi Thomas,
    with FlexUI, unfortunately, the possibilities that you have regarding your requirement are very limited.
    To implement an enhanced upload to KM it is advisable to either use GWT (Google Web Toolkit) or the preferred and recomended language WebDynpro Java.
    You can find here on SDN a tutorial on [Uploading and Downloading Files in Web Dynpro Java|].
    In a past project, we added the multiple file selection capabilities by using Flash Objects, and enabled the communication between Flash Objects and the WD Application via Java Script and EPCF event junction.
    Hope that helps,

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