Match code in report selection screen does not show any values for 0FISCPER

Hi Experts,
I have problem with selection screen in several reports. When I use match code for fiscal period selection I get only # as a possible value. I have checked the master data they seem to be correct. I work with 7.0 BW system. Can you please give me any hint what I should check?
Thank you,

maybe I ask different way - how do you add characteristic values for a characteristic in the BEx? Is it automated somehow in SAP (e.g. from master data)? For the fiscal period I use custommer exit to fill in the default value, which is the current fiscal period. But this is something different, right?
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    Hello vetsrini.
    Thanks a lot for your kind reply. As i said, i'm new to this and sometimes i just cannot pass over some problems. Here are the fields i have inserted:
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    <[email protected]:G_CUST_INV?>
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    Can you link to the example you are using?
    What is a "return" that it does not show? I am not familiar with these terms.
    Why don't you attach a simplified version of your VI with steps to demonstrate the problem
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

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    Hi. I've run into this before with one 1242 AP in LWAPP mode. I was running on my 4402 WLC. I had users report a dead spot in the plant and when I looked at the heat map it told me the following. The A radio was not detected. The BG radio was detected but did not have any client counts on it. Also when I told the AP to view RX neighbors it said that there were no RX neighbors for the selected radio. I thought the AP had a hardware failure due to the fact that the 1242 doesn't have the modular radios like the first gen 1200's. So, I had the unit replaced with a brand new one. When I had the chance to TFTP recover the original, the A radio was detected again. I converted the AP back to LWAPP and it worked without any issues. I attribute this to a bad LWAPP upgrade / code corruption. I'd recommend to TFTP recover one of the AP's and set it back up again in LWAPP mode to see if the problem is resolved. Hope this helps!

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    I found too that the publishing services work differently than the plug-ins.  Not as intuitive, but work well just the same,  For me I had to do the "set-up" for the Facebook publishing service a couple of times.  I think this may have more to do with the Facebook security settings than with LR.

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    I have created an element xxtest123, created a fast formula, and the formula result contain the direct result to this element.
    But before creating fast formula I did following steps.
    Created Input Values
    The input values this element has are
    Pay Value, Hire Date and Date Of Birth all are non enterable by user, and Database Items boxes corresponding to these values are checked.
    Created Element Link
    I, later linked it to a payroll and checked box Standard on the element link screen.
    Now issue is after running Payroll I can see the SOE report and Run Result Screen shows the expected result
    But the element entry screen does not show the values. Rather the fields are simply blank.
    Can anyone please help me why it is behaving such a way?

    Thanx Sharath for your quick response.
    But I have run QuickPay for that employee.
    After running QuickPay the input values names are coming into element entry value screen.
    But it is not showing the value corresponding to the element input value names.
    Pankaj Kedia

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    It shows a message saying "changes would be effective after restarting monitoring service".
    However when I go there i.e. NWA --> Administration --> Applications
    I get below services
    Would you kindly suggest which service from above list should be restarted ?
    Thank you, Regards,
    Girish Garje.

    I think what is being asked is "How do I expose a database view as a schema table in Configuration Manager?"
    This is accomplished by creating a database view within the WCC database schema (and with the WCC schema user as the view owner). The view then will appear as a table in the "table" tab in Configuration Manager.
    One caveat in 11g is that the user created by RCU does not have any privileges to read/create views in its own schema. You may need to grant privileges to views for the WCC schema user before this will work.

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    How To Add A Report To A 11i Self Service Menu [ID 334847.1]
    In my report , I have a condition in the query
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    I had already tried the option apps.fnd_global.USER_ID too.
    However it does not accept the value for apps.fnd_global.USER_ID.
    We want to call the reports in SSHR using oaf and at the same time the records that are pending for approval created by the employee should only be visible.

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    If this is not possible then I guess I could try the "press key 0 at power up" method to restore to original install setting and this might then enable me to create the discs but I'm concerned that if the restore fails in a destructive way that I might be left without a working PC. TIA Ken
    Go to Solution.

    OK all fixed!
    Restore using key 0 at power up worked fine and cured the ToRDC problem. It then let me produce 2 copies of the restore DVD. Don't know what caused the problem... issue CLOSED.

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