Match code value not returned...

Hi all,
Since a hot package upgrade i have a strange things on the system.
On TC VA01, when end user want to select a meterial ID (with F4), the match code appears correctly with the material list but when user double-click on the item line, the material ID is not send to parent screen.
Any suggestion about something in parameters or others ?

You can check the known side effects of Hotpack from .
Check the Note - 651948 to get detailed information on this.
For your version, SAP might have suggested some note for this issue.

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  • Match Regular Expression not returning submatches.

    I am having an issue with Match Regular Expression not returning the appropriate number of submatches.  My string is as follows:
    DATAM    995000    1.75    0.007    -67.47    24.493    99.072
    The spaces are tabs and the length is not fixed so simple string manipulation is out of the question.  The regular expression I was trying is as follows:
    It successfully returns Whole Match as the first number but no submatches are returned.  I've tried simpler expressions which work in Matlab and EditPad Pro such as [0-9.-]* but never got the same answer in Labview.
    What is going on?

    Here is an image of the VI.  The top portion is the input from our Licor 7000.  The bottom portion is the bit of code I'm having problems with.
    matchregularexpression.jpg ‏336 KB

  • Match code values for calmonth

    Hi experts!
    In Bw queries when I use match code for calmonth I can see only values up to 2012 and in fact there are no values in sid table higher than 12.2012 except some values in 2013.
    How I can make appear in match code values higher than 12.2012?
    It' for a planning application and users want to see match code up to 12.2015.
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi Angelo,
    Most probably your BW calender has been maintained till 2012 therefore you need to insert manually for the values bigger then 2012. Please review the following discussion,
    12.9999 in DTP Filter

  • Match code : value #

    Hello all,
    I wish to delete value '#', when I execute match code of master data on query.
    This value is display, even if this value never exist in my infoprovider.
    Someone have a solution ?

    Hi Sebastien,
    If i have understood your question right, then you want to remove the "#" from your query/report output?
    What you can do is edit your master data text with blank spaces, where ever you do not have any entries. Or you will have to write a VBA Macro code.
    Check this thread, its something similar.
    replacing '#'-sign for 'not assigned' in queries
    If i have understood it wrongly, please let me know what you are looking for.

  • Match code result not copied in the transaction

    Hi there,
    I had a request to check the following problem : in transaction VF02 (billing doc change), when finding a document through custom match code using the reference field, double clicking on the document in the result box does not copy the document number to the VF02 field. This is frustrating for the users...It seems that this behaviour is new.
    I understood this is controlled through a database view (in this case M_VMCFX). When I compare with a standard matchcode that doesn't give problem, I notice that there is no generated view info when I do F1+technical details with this match code, I have M_VMCFA for the standard match code...
    Any idea ?

    hi Philippe,
    Goto SE11, enter the custom match code in search help field, choosing search help radio button.
    Check the <b>EXP</b> check box is selected for the field under consideration.
    Hope this helps,
    Sajan Joseph.

  • Dimension with one value not returned

    Hi all,
    I have a question related with the dimensions returned by the Endeca search results.
    There is one dimension, which has only one single value for all records, that is not returned with the Endeca search results.
    Do you know why can this happen?
    Many thanks,

    Yes. Guided navigation only returns "valid refinements" for a given navigation state. In other words, after each refinement is made, the Endeca Server recalculates which refinements are now valid. Valid refinements are those that, if selected, will filter the result set further. If every record in a result set carries the same dimension with the same value, the Endeca Server will not return it since it is not valid as a refinement. If every record has it, selecting it would not refine the results further -- rather, it would return the same collection of records that is already displayed effectively accomplishing nothing.
    I suspect that EVERY record in your Endeca Server has the same value for a dimension and, by design, the Endeca Server is not returning it in guided navigation.

  • Null values not returned

    Friends it is strange that when I run a query like
    doesnt return me records with EMP_DEPT_CODE = null ...which I thought is not = '01' !!
    Please tell me why is this happening.I am looking for materials and they are not at all helpful.

    NULL is not equivalent to != '01' because a NULL is unknown
    Here's an exercise
    SQL> select * from test_1;
    4 rows selected.
    SQL> select * from test_1 where fld1 !='01';
    2 rows selected.
    SQL> select * from test_1 where nvl(fld1,'99') != '01';
    3 rows selected.

  • Tax code Value not flowing automatically in PO condition type

    Hi ,
    In purchase order Tax value (14.42%+VAT) is not automatically Copied in  to the
    JEXS condition type .(Taxes on PO). Please help me how to resolve this issue.

    Thanks for the immediate reply. We have changed the settings as per your reply. But still system is not taking the value. Please revert back with further more valued inputs.

  • Match code in report selection screen does not show any values for 0FISCPER

    Hi Experts,
    I have problem with selection screen in several reports. When I use match code for fiscal period selection I get only # as a possible value. I have checked the master data they seem to be correct. I work with 7.0 BW system. Can you please give me any hint what I should check?
    Thank you,

    maybe I ask different way - how do you add characteristic values for a characteristic in the BEx? Is it automated somehow in SAP (e.g. from master data)? For the fiscal period I use custommer exit to fill in the default value, which is the current fiscal period. But this is something different, right?
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  • T-SQL: SET Statement Using a Case Statement is not returning a value

    SQL VER:  2008
    Please see the attached screenshot from SSMS.  The Set statement  below is not returned a value or may be returning a zero value.  The AllocPercent field is set to zero in code preceeding this Update Statement:
    WHEN AllocBase
    OR AllocBase
    = 0
    THEN 0
    ELSE PM_Input/AllocBase
    As you can see by the screen shot from the Select Statement that is displaying the results after the Update Statement is completed, the value of AllocPercent is = 0 even though all the values necessary for it to compute a value > 0 are present in the
    table.  Incidentally, the values in both the AllocBase and PM_Input fields are the same before the Update Statement is ran, as shown in the Select ran after the Update Statement.
    I have ran this type of code several times with never a problem.  This seems really simple, but I just can't seem to get it to compute. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    bob sutor
    Bob Sutor

    Yep--This statement is running in a Stored Procedure and inside its own block statement.
    I did get a response that suggested I change the SET statement as follows, that worked:
    = CASE WHEN AllocBase IS NULL OR AllocBase = 0 THEN 0.00 ELSE cast(PM_Input*1.0/AllocBase*1.0
     as decimal(6,2)) END
    Your response did get me thinking which was great!  I appreciate your help.
    ...bob sutor
    Bob Sutor

  • FI vs MM report - Stock Values not matching

    Dear Experts,
    MM Report : We are taking stock value report from MC.9 or MB5L for few sites for the previous financial year.
    FI Report : The same sites and same previous year with material G/L account, the t-codes FAGLB03 or S_PL0_86000030 are showing the different values.
    The question here is,MM and FI reports are not matching. (FI reports shows Rs.47750 higher than the MM reports). As per the client requirement, the MM & FI reports should match the values. Because all the material movement types are related to FI (For. ex GR & IR )
    Kindly tell me, what are the possibilities to go wrong?
    How & where to analysis?
    Expecting a perfect report which gives the MM & FI values?
    Additional details: There is no possibility of manual posting in G/L account. It is automatic posting (Checked in the Tcode - FS00)
    I really appreciate if any one help me
    Thanks & Regards,
    n a v a h s e k

    I thought, You can post manually to your stock account.
    First you can look the account change history for your stock account. Automatic posting check may be change by someone at past, and after manually posting, check it again.
    Z programs which is posting FI document with BAPI, system can not look automatic posting checkbox in FS00. May be Z programs posting to your stock without MM module.
    How can you catch this document?
    Answer is, please add BKPF-AWTYP field to your FBL3N report.
    Call SPRO -> Financial Accounting (New) -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Customer Accounts -> Line Items -> Display Line Items -> Define Additional Fields for Line Item Display
    Please add new entry with using BKPF-AWTYP then save this customizing and please run RFPOSXEXTEND report with using SE38 transaction. While running this program, a pop-up appear on your screen, please click "YES" after that program will finish correctly. Then you can see "Reference Transact." field in FBL3N report.
    Then list your stock account with using this report and get subtotal for "Reference Transact.". If this field value is MKPF, these postings is coming from MM module. If there is a BKPF or BKPFF value, those are posting manually from FI module.
    I hope it helps to you,

  • FM F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST do not return value in RETURN_TAB

    Hi all,
    I used the FM F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST to return the objid and stext and it is showing the search help in the selection screen, however, after i choose a value from the search help, the FM does not return me the value that i have choosen. The following is the code that I had written.
    DATA: lt_retval  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ddshretval,
            lwa_retval TYPE ddshretval.
      DATA: lt_field  TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF dfies,
            lwa_field TYPE dfies.
    CONSTANTS: lc_retfield       TYPE dfies-fieldname VALUE 'STEXT',
                           lc_value_org      TYPE c VALUE 'S'.
    lwa_field-fieldname = 'F0001'.
      lwa_field-langu     = sy-langu.
      lwa_field-position  = '1'.
      lwa_field-offset    = '0'.
      lwa_field-domname   = 'HROBJID'.
      lwa_field-rollname  = 'HROBJID'.
      lwa_field-leng      = '8'.
      lwa_field-intlen    = '16'.
      lwa_field-outputlen = '8'.
      lwa_field-datatype  = 'NUMC'.
      lwa_field-inttype   = 'N'.
      lwa_field-precfield = 'HROBJID'.
      lwa_field-headlen   = '8'.
      lwa_field-scrlen1   = '10'.
      lwa_field-scrlen2   = '15'.
      lwa_field-scrlen3   = '20'.
      lwa_field-fieldtext = 'Posting ID'.
      lwa_field-reptext   = 'Posting ID'.
      lwa_field-scrtext_s = 'PostingID'.
      lwa_field-scrtext_m = 'ID'.
      lwa_field-scrtext_l = 'Posting ID'.
    APPEND lwa_field TO lt_field.
      CLEAR lwa_values.
    lwa_field-fieldname = 'F0002'.
      lwa_field-langu     = sy-langu.
      lwa_field-position  = '2'.
      lwa_field-offset    = '16'.
      lwa_field-domname   = 'TEXT40'.
      lwa_field-rollname  = 'STEXT'.
      lwa_field-leng      = '40'.
      lwa_field-intlen    = '80'.
      lwa_field-outputlen = '40'.
      lwa_field-datatype  = 'CHAR'.
      lwa_field-inttype   = 'C'.
      lwa_field-precfield = 'STEXT'.
      lwa_field-headlen   = '40'.
      lwa_field-scrlen1   = '10'.
      lwa_field-scrlen2   = '15'.
      lwa_field-scrlen3   = '20'.
      lwa_field-fieldtext = 'Posting Text'.
      lwa_field-reptext   = 'Posting Text'.
      lwa_field-scrtext_s = 'PostingTxt'.
      lwa_field-scrtext_m = 'Text'.
      lwa_field-scrtext_l = 'Posting Text'.
      lwa_field-lowercase = 'X'.
    APPEND lwa_field TO lt_field.
      CLEAR lwa_values.
      IF lt_values IS NOT INITIAL.
            retfield        = lc_retfield
    *        dynpprog        = sy-repid
    *        dynpnr          = sy-dynnr
    *        dynprofield     = lc_fieldn
            value_org       = lc_value_org
            value_tab       = lt_values
            field_tab       = lt_field
            return_tab      = lt_retval
            parameter_error = 1
            no_values_found = 2
            OTHERS          = 3.
        IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
          CLEAR lwa_retval.
          READ TABLE lt_retval INTO lwa_retval INDEX 1.
          IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
            MOVE lwa_retval-fieldval TO s_post-low.
            CLEAR lwa_retval.
          MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                  WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    Please assist, thanks so much.
    Edited by: yf wee on Oct 5, 2009 8:11 AM

    Refer this demo code:-
    PARAMETERS : p_belnr TYPE belnr,
                 p_bukrs TYPE bukrs.
    DATA : BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 0,
             belnr TYPE belnr,
           END OF itab.
      PERFORM f4_belnr_help USING p_belnr.
    *&      Form  f4_belnr_help
    *       text
    *      -->P_BELNR text
    FORM f4_belnr_help USING p_belnr.
      SELECT belnr from <db_table> INTO TABLE itab.
          retfield               = 'BELNR' "internal table field
          dynpprog               = 'Z_F4' "program name
          dynpnr                 = '1000' "screen number
          dynprofield            = 'P_BELNR' "screen field name
          value_org              = 'S'
          value_tab              = itab "internal table
          PARAMETER_ERROR        = 1
          NO_VALUES_FOUND        = 2
          OTHERS                 = 3.
      IF sy-subrc  0.
                WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    ENDFORM.                    " f4_belnr_help
    Hope this helps you.

  • How to identify a change on parameters value using match code

    Hi everybody,
    I would like to know if it's possible to identify automatically a change on a parameters using match code.
    For example : In my wiew i set XXX in  my parameters, so i execute XXX treatment. Now if i change this value to YYY, i would like to treat the YYY treatment without press enter key.
    My requirement is the following : According to the values filled in this parameters, i need to display different views in my WD application. So when this value changes, it's neccesary to modify the displayed views.
    Does anybody can help me on this problem ?
    Thanks in advance.

    i think ,when you start a application with application parameters your first requirement is realized. However , the second requirement need more clarity.
    When you start a application with parameter XXX, the application is displaying a view-X. How and who will change the value of XXX. Without triggering a roundtrip to server you cannot check the value if it is changed and on top of it, you can not bring new view assembly  So keep this in mind and design your application..

  • RFC call do not return any value

    Hi All,
    I have an RFC written in one R/3 system(call center R/3) and i am calling this RFC in the ERP system.
    If i try to run the RFC locally in the call center system ,it runs correctly and returns me proper values.
    But when i try  to call it from other R/3 system(ERP) the RFC does not return value.(both cases i am passing same parameters).
    Also , RFC parameters are defined with pass by value option.
    I am not able to trace why this behaviour,can anyone pin point what could be the possible cause of error.
    Thanks in advance,

    No ,there i snot RFC connection problem ,i have checked it from SM59.
    Neither do i get any dump or error of no authorization.In fact the sy-subrc after the RFC call is 0.
    St22 do not have any trace for the same.
    my RCC call is something like this,
    IF dest <> ' '.
                           p_comp        = itab_cic-company
                           p_asc_code    = itab_cic-customer
                           p_wbill_no    = itab_cic-bill_no
                           e_tr_no       = tr_no
                           e_model_code  = model_code
                           e_data_origin = data_origin
                             communication_failure = 1
                             system_failure        = 2.
                MESSAGE i000 WITH 'RFC Destination is empty!'.
    Can anyone please suggest whats wrong in the above code.
    Also what is transaction RFC call?is it related to what i am using in the above code of mine.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Pl/sql package for use with workflow will not return a value

    hi all,
    just trying to intercept a requisition being turned into an order if it uses a certain cost code. so i have amended the workflow and created a package to check what cost centre a requisition is using. how over the workflow stops on the function that calls the package witha a status of complete as if the package is not returning any values.
    the package is as below:
    procedure XXHCC_CHECK_CAPITAL(itemtype in varchar2,
    itemkey in varchar2,
    actid in number,
    funcmode in varchar2,
    resultout out NOCOPY vARCHAR2);
    END xxhccWFcapitalcheck;
    procedure XXHCC_CHECK_CAPITAL(itemtype in varchar2,
    itemkey in varchar2,
    actid in number,
    funcmode in varchar2,
    resultout out NOCOPY varchar2 ) is
    x_progress varchar2(100);
    x_resultout varchar2(30);
    l_doc_mgr_return_val VARCHAR2(1);
    l_doc_string varchar2(200);
    l_preparer_user_name varchar2(100);
    doc_manager_exception exception;
    p_test varchar2(100);
    l_req_id varchar2(30);
    CURSOR p_line_id IS
    codes.segment2 cost_center
    po_requisition_headers_all headers,
    po_requisition_lines_all lines,
    po_req_distributions_all dist,
    gl_code_combinations_v codes
    headers.requisition_header_id = lines.requisition_header_id
    lines.requisition_line_id = dist.requisition_line_id
    dist.code_combination_id = codes.code_combination_id
    headers.segment1 = l_req_id;
    line_rec p_line_id%rowtype;
    -- Do nothing in cancel or timeout mode
    --if (funcmode <> wf_engine.eng_run) then
    -- resultout := wf_engine.eng_null;
    -- return;
    -- end if;
    l_req_id := wf_engine.GetItemAttrNumber (itemtype => itemtype,
    itemkey => itemkey,
    aname => 'DOCUMENT_NUMBER');
    --FOR line_rec in p_line_id
    open p_line_id;
    fetch p_line_id into l_doc_string;
    close p_line_id;
    IF p_line_id= 'Q9DEF'
    dbms_output.put_line p_line_id;
    Then resultout := 'COMPLETE:F';
    p_test := 'USE DIFFERENT CODE';
    resultout := 'COMPLETE:T';
    END IF;
    END xxhccWFcapitalcheck;
    any help would be great!

    Hi Community,  first of all, english is not my native language and im not sure to use the correct terms for PowerCenter - so if im wrong please help me correct and make clear what we need. We have a kind of 3-steps ToDo. First step: Load data from an external source into a "local" datastore (its an oracle db on a server in our "hands")Second step: Check data against several verifications, this is done with a PL/SQL Package. The PL/SQL Package shall be called with an Interfacename who is set in the First PowerCenter Mapping. Our current thoghts are to do this via a stored procedure, which runs as "Target Post Load" and gets a variable "Interface Name".Is that possible? Im not quite sure about it. About the last part its even more unclear how we can solve it:Third part should be switch back to PowerCenter now - and the package (or to be correct a function in the package) should return a value for "okay everything fine => workflow continue" or "something happened => workflow is stopped" Im not sure how i can handle this. I hope my explanations are good enough so you can provide some help?!If there are any questions please ask!  Thank you alot, best regards, Christian

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