Material availabity date showing incorrectly in sales order schedule line

In Sales order Schedule line(after clicking shipping i.e displaying bottom of the screen)  material availabity date is coming incorrectly . In my material in mrp2 view i selected proceument type as F and i gave planned delivery  time as 19 days and GR processing days as 1 . suppose if i am putting sales order as on today 9-6-2010 it should show material avaialbity date as
7-7-2010 but it is showing 10 days more (excluding saturday and sunday) . So please give me suggestion where to check in the program SAPMV45A.

Check to see if your pick, pack,transportation planning lead time etc are also being included.

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  • Fix date/Quantity in the sales order schedule line

    Dear SD Gurus,
    When we select the fix date/quantity in the lsaes order item schedule line, what happen? Hhow does it imapact the MD04,V_V2 and can this item be seen in CO06 to change the item date manually?

    With fix/date and qty, you can't use rescheduling and back order processing. The setting assumes that you want to fix the date at the time of initial confirmation and therefore these functions are not relevant, and ignore anything with fix/date and qty.  If you want to use those functions then don't use fix/date and qty.

  • Sales Order Schedule line not populating in the Production order

    Queation: Is there a way to tell the system to look at the sales order, line item AND schedule line. It is displayed in MD04 but it doesn't carry over to the Production Order. We are a MTO and this information is relevant in a number of ways. 
    Please Help.

    If you are using MTO scenario then when you run the MRP for the material, it will create a planned order for that sales order based on the dates calculated from the sales order schedule line (Shipping tab)...
    So now when you convert the planned order to production order, all the sales order details will get copied.
    try and revert back.

  • Difference between sales order schedule line and item level data

    Hi All,
    Could you please let me know what is the difference between sales order schedule line and item level data?

    Hi Ramya,
    Sales order schedule line contains del date, order qty, rounded qty, confirmed qty, delivery qty, schedule line category, purchase requisition etc.,  ie It contains the full details of sales order data with respect to the scheduled line of delivery.  The total quantity of a sales order item can be subdivided into schedule lines that contain the various subsets with the corresponding delivering dates.
    Sales order Item level data contains details of the item in the sales order like material code, net price, net value, UoM, PO details, reason for rejection if any, material group,billing date, plant etc., ie this
    contains the full details of item irrespective of scheduled line.
    R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

  • Complete MRP status according to Sales order schedule line data

    Dear All,
    Please help me to get technical configuration releted to
    "complete MRP status according to Sales order schedule line data"
    or MRP w.r.t. Schedule line
    Please send fields and table and logic specification .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ashish Gautam

    You can use following Fm for change sales order
        salesdocument     = p_vbeln
        order_header_in   = s_order_header_in
        order_header_inx  = s_order_header_inx
        behave_when_error = 'P'
        return            = it_return
        order_item_in     = i_order_item_in
        order_item_inx    = i_order_item_inx
        schedule_lines    = i_sched
        schedule_linesx   = i_schedx.

  • Interesting and an  imporatant issue at sales order schedule line.

    hi all,
    interesting and an  imporatant issue at sales order schedule line.
    i created a sales order with 10 qty.and the system proposed a two schedule lines.
    let's say to order created date is 27.11.2008.and the requested delivery date is 27.11.2008.
    but the stock is not available today then the system proposed two more schedule lines apart from the now there are three schedule lines like below.
    schedule line date                      Material availabilyt date   delivery date                   
    27.10.2008 with zero quantity.     
    28.10.2008 with 5 qty.                28.10.2008                     29.10.2008
    02.10.2008 with 5 qty.                02.10.2008                     03.10.2008
    now the delivery and pgi already for the schedule line 28.10.2008.
    then when i run the availability check on 01.11.2008 system is over writing the material vailability date as today at the scheduleline number two.
    now i can able to view only two schedule lines only.
    schedule line date                      Material availabilyt date   delivery date                   
    28.10.2008 with 5 qty.                01.11.2008                     29.10.2008
    02.10.2008 with 5 qty.                01.11.2008                     02.11.2008
    now my concern when we reschedule the avalability check it should notchange the Material availability date of the schedule line which i already delivered.

    can any one repsond for this.....

  • Sales order schedule line quantities in decimals

    Gurus - Required your help to resolve the following scenario.
    I'm facing with the problem where schedule lines of a sales order allocated with decimal quantities even though materials with UOM as EA(Each). For example Material A of sales qty 13 has the schedule lines allocated as 11.960 and 2.040. The delivery has been created as per the schedule lines with qty 11.960 and 2.040 and it has been pick/packed and delivered to the customer. Now, while issuing goods for the delivery, received the error message as <b>"Serial number management only allows whole numbers".</b>
    Can anyone provide what are the possible ways to round the delivered qty and issue the goods, when the delivery is complete?

    Sree - Question 1 - Why would you deliver the product and then try goods issue it (In general ;)...anyway....I know, a lot of companies do that way....
    Question 2 - How much exactly did you ship out, surely must not have shipped products in decimals, since you've EACHES defined and not KGs....or LBs...
    I would suggest finding out the correct quantities shipped out and then cancelling this delivery can then go on to modify sales order schedule line accordingly and then process it again..."WHAT ABOUT PICK PACK DETAILS"....before cancelling this delivery doc out..capture the packing details (HUs) and then apply them to the new delivery doc... if you are using external system for packing HUs.....process the IDOC (or file etc) using the new delivery doc number....
    Hope you got the direction )

  • Sales Order schedule line from CN to CP

    When i  update the sales order schedule line from CN to CP , the quantity is not showing in the MDO4.
    Can any one help me.
    Thanks in advance
    Suresh S

    Once the schedule line category is changed to CP,  just hit the enter key and save.  Now check in MD04
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Creating Outbound deliveries based on the sales order schedule lines

    Dear all.
    Is it possible to create outbound delivery documents based on the sales order schedule lines?
    Let's say I have sales order line item 10 with below mentioned requested delivery dates in its schedule line level.
    Will it possible for me to create different deliveries for those 4 schedule lines individually? I should be able to create 10.08.2009 delivery without clubbing 30.07.2009 delivery with it.
    Appreciate your help!

    I'm not sure because I'm not before SAP but try transaction VL10E that is to create delivery for schedule lines. I'm not sure what are the split criterias.
    Please check OSS note 113411 tha has many OSS note reference in this subject.
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Jul 29, 2009 2:38 PM

  • Sales Order Schedule Lines getting updated

    In my system when I am changing the delivery date of  'AB' confirmation in the Purchase order Item level confirmations, the corresponding  Sales Order' schedule line is also getting updated with the delivery date.
    So, my question is is this a standard SAP functionality or this fuctionality has been implemented through BADI, Exits etc.

    This is standard SAP behavior. In 3rd party sale process, the changes done to PO (qty, dates) are updated automatically in the sales order.

  • Link between Prod Order and Sale Order schedule line

    Dear all,
    Ours is a MTO (81).
    In Scheduling Agreement / Sale Order , there are multiple schedule lines for a single item .
    Production Orders are generated for every schedule line of the Item.
    The client wants to know (for a custom developed report) , against which schedule line of the Sched Agreement/ Sale Order, the Production Order is generated ?
    This Information can be seen in MD04.But  I am not able to fetch from the tables .
    The schedule line field (KDEIN ) is not updated in AFPO table & the order no (AUFNR) is not updated in VBEP table .
    Sale Doc No : 42000506
    Schedule line/Dely date            Order qty          Prod Order No
    06.10.09                                    500kg               100170
    15.10.09                                    300kg               100171
    Pls give your valuable inputs.

    Only Sales Order No & Sales Order Item No is updated in the table.
    Whereas , I want to know the Sales Order Schedule Line no.

  • Manually Enter the Sales Order Schedule Line

    Dear All,
    I have a requirement where Sales Order will be created by Customer Service with Quantity and customer requested delivery date.  Subsequently Planning department will go to the sales order schedule lines and enter manually the delivery date and confirmed quantity (multiple schedule lines) based on the stock/availability.  They also need to do some changes in the shedule line if required.  But when I try, the manually entered schedule lines are disappeared.  Could any one advice how to set this up?

    Hi Venkat
    A schedule line gets grade out because this has been determined . through schedule line determination. . Now in the shipping data tab you can change the schedule line tab if you want .  manually you can change the request delivery date also. 
    But it is not advisable to change the schedule line because again the affect of availability check will vary.
    But can we know for what purpose you want to change the schedule line when you create the sales order. Any reason .For what purpose you are going for that customization ?For what purpose?

  • Sales order schedule line quantity update

    I'd like to know if there is a FM to update the Sales order schedule line quantities.
    In particular, the fields in VBEP:  WMENG, BMENG, LMENG, CMENG.

    Hi Lily,
    Can you please tell us how you updated BMENG using the BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE?

  • Mapping between Sales Order-Schedule-Line and Delivery-item

    Hi together,
    I want to extend the Datasource 2LIS_12_VCITM (Delivery-number, -item, Order-number,-item is available) by Sales Order Schedule Line.
    Could not find any ERP table (VBEP and LIPS allow a mapping only on item level) for the mapping between Sales Order Schedule Line and Delivery item yet. The use of the extractor 2LIS_12_VCSCL for the extention (e.g. infoset) afterwards is no option.
    Thanks for your help in advance!!
    Assign full points!!

    Hi Reddy,
    thanks for your answer.
    I know that I have to add this field.. but the problem is, how to fill this field. I don't know how to map the delivery-item with the schedule line-item.

  • Blocking RdA creation from Sales Order Schedule Line

    Hi Gurus,
    please do you know if there is a way to block the RdA creation from Sales Order schedule line, for TAS item category? I tried with Header Delivery block without quantity confirmation but even if quantity on schedule lines are not confirmed, RdA is created anyway.
    Thank you very much
    Kind Regards

    thank you

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