Material master/Output type IDOC /MATMAS

Hello ,
I want to generate Idoc(MATMAS) whenever a material is created or changed. I could do the same for ME21N/ME22N for PO with PO idoc. Would like to know whether there is output types for material master or anything else so that i can generate Idoc for my senario.
Thanks for ur time.

the configurations which we do for material master is below...we don't give any output for material master,becoz its a master data not transactional data..
        For distributing master data like material master, vendor master, customer master we have standard transaction codes that are provided by sap.
Bd10(send material master)
Bd12(send customer master)
Bd14(send vendor master)
The order of Tcodes are:
           Bd54 (creating logical systems)
           Scc4 (assigning logical systems )
           Sm59 (rfc destination)
           We81 ( message type)                      
           We30 ( idoc type)
           We31 ( segment type)
           We82 (linking message type and idoc type)
           We21 (creating port)
           We20 (partner profiles)
           Bd64 (Distribution model)
           Bd10 (material master)
Ex: material master.
     Message type: matmas.
     Idoc type: matmas05.
Rewrad if helpful.

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  • Outbound output type & Idoc type for MIRO (Invoice Posting)

    Hi Gurus,
    I have requirement like , I want to send the outbound IDoc to a external system containg the invoice detials after Saving in MIRO.
    I am not able to find any output type & Idoc type for the same.
    By going through varios threads , I found that there tell there is no Idoc type & output type for sending Idocs after MIRO.
    Kindlt let me know, if it so, or how this req can be fullfiled by other ways.

    Create Custom Idoc type with required fields,custom output type and assign it to partner profiles.(If there is no std idoc type or output type)
    Use Funtion module MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE to generate Idocs while saving MIRO, for this you need to find exit or implement implicit enhancement while saving MIRO.

  • Archiving material master valuation type

    Hii ,
    I am trying to archive material master valuation type using SARA transaction   . Material is maintianed as FERT in system and we have created its valuation type as HM .  Now we are trying to archive this material master HM view .
    But it is throwing us error as :
    MBEW: 1501 HM Dependent batch stocks exist
    MBEW: 1501 HM dependent batch records exist
    We have checked stock in system .... No stock present (Tried  MMBE  , MC.9 , Table MBEW ) .
    How can I delete ths material master ? Where can I find stock ?
    Regards ,
    Pallavi .
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    Archiving the Material Master
    Transaction SARA contains all the SAP archiving objects for all the SAP R/3 applications modules.
    A D V E R T I S E M E N T
      All the SAP archive functions are shown in SARA.  Choose the corresponding SAP archive object, hit enter and the archive administration menu will be shown.  Provided here will be an example on how to archive the SAP Material Master.
    Archive a Material Master Record
    When a material is no longer required in a company or plant, you can archive and delete the material master record. 
    You have to Flag the material master record for deletion. This is known as logical deletion. 
    Before a material master record can be archived and deleted, other objects (such as purchasing documents) that refer to this material must themselves be archived. You can see which objects these are and the dependencies between them in the network graphic.
    If a material master record cannot be archived and deleted at a given organizational level, the reason is given in the log (for example, a purchase order exists for the material). The log also contains technical data such as the number of material master records read and the number deleted.
    Some of the archive error log message :-
    Costing data exists
    Use in routing
    Use in sales and distribution
    Use in bill of material
    Delivery exists
    Costing data exists
    Info record exists
    Purchase order exists
    The Archiving steps :-
    Archiving object MM_MATNR for archiving material master records.
    You can display the archived data, but not reload it.
    To archive the material master, first goto transaction MM71.
    Type in a variant name and click Maintain.  (Tick the Test Mode for archive simulation).
    Save the variant.
    Maintain the Start date and Spool parameters and click execute.
    Click Goto Job Overview to check the archive status.
    To do a permanent delete, goto transaction SARA and click Delete button.
    Maintain the Archive Selection, Start date and Spool parameters.
    Click Test Session for testing or click execute to start the deletion program.
    Click Goto Job Overview to check the delete status.
    Now, if you goto MM02/MM03, you will not be able to find the record in the material master.

  • Material Master Change Pointer IDOCs not generated for Moving Avg Price GR

    No IDOC is created or distributed when the moving average price
    changes. Each time a Goods Receipt is performed, the material master
    moving average price (MBEW-VERPR) changes but the change is not
    distributed. No change pointer is created in the tables. Why?
    We need to send the moving average price each time it changes. In our
    case, each time a Inbound Delivery has been Post Goods Receipt this
    value changes for that material + plant combination and the value
    should be sent.
    The field MBEW-VERPR is included in BD52 as a field relevant for change
    pointers for the message type.
    Please advise.

      SAP will not generate change pointers (and no IDOCs) for Moving Average Price (MAP) changes. This is because MAP updates are not really Master Data changes and they are driven by transactions such as Goods Receipts, Revaluations etc. For these transactions, SAP will generate respective accouting documents for traceability.

  • Exclude Material Master views in IDoc

    I am using the MATMAS04 IDoc to replicate material master data from one client to another (two clients in the same system). I need to exclude the MRP I-IV views and the Storage Location views - except for these views the data in all other views should be replicated in the target client. Is there a way to just disable the data for these views in the Idoc? I have checked the various segments, but was not able to find any flag/field to disable views selectively.
    Please help.

    Hi Ram,
    I am not familiar with Idoc type MATMAS04. I guess you are using a later version of R3.
    However there is a segment filtering functionality for IDocs which you can use.
    As an example , I will use IDoc Type MATMAS03. This idoc type has a segment E1MVKEM which stores the Sales View data for the material. This segment is not a mandatory segment and hence it can be filtered when sending the idoc downstream.
    In BD64, for the distribution model, create a filter. The filter should be set to check the contents of Sales Org  field. Then set the filter to a value which you are never expecting to find in VKORG field.
    What happens is this: A master idoc will be created with all the views ( meaning all the segments ). During the filtering stage, the filters set up in BD64 will be checked. If the Sales Org in the idoc does not match the Sales Org in the Filter, the E1MVKEM segment will be deleted in the idoc.
    A similar approach could be used for the MRP views and Storage Location views in your idoc.

  • Issue: Sending material master using ALE-IDOC.

    Hi all,
    I am sending the material master data from one server to another.All the fields getting transported along with creator(field ERNAM) of the material.When viewed from WE05 the field is having the same data as original creator of the material in sending system.But when i view data in receiving system for field MARA-ERNAM the field is having the USER NAME giver in RFC-DESTINATION.can anybody guide so that the creator from IDOC is updated in database and not the creator given in RFC
    Thank you.
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    Hope you are using some middleware to transfer the Idoc to other system, check the mapping details from the middleware side whethere the field mapped correclty.

  • Material document "Output type".

    after setting the system with the following parameters (trx MN21):
    Output type: WE01,
    Trans/Event type: WE
    Print version: 1,2,3
    Print item: 6
    Output type: WE02,
    Trans/Event type: WE
    Print version: 1,2,3
    Print item: 6
    Output type: WE03,
    Trans/Event type: WE
    Print version: 1,2,3
    Print item: 6
    output types WE01, WE02, WE03 are not created automatically
    What is the difference between print item 1 and 6 ?
    Can't understand why
    Best regards

    maintain one output type we03 thru transaction mn21 with the following data
    Event type:WE
    Print version :3
    Print indicator: 1
    assign the output type to the printer.
    1- material document print out
    6- GI/ GR Document print out

  • Control Material Master Views with IDOC load

    Hello all,
    I am wondering how best to control which views are available during IDoc processing for Material Master. 
    For example I just want the Basic Data 1 and Basic Data 2 tabs, I am only populating the relevant data and placing a value of u201CKu201D in the Maintenance Status fields.  This seems to work and avoids the warnings I seem to encounter when I neglect to add values for the Maintenance Status fields. 
    The warning I get at times tell me the IDoc is attempting to extend all available views, then it makes them available once I view my Material with MM03, however because there is no data in them I canu2019t go into the tabs.  That is fine because I can go to the Basic data tabs, but I was disappointed to see the other tabs enabled, but inaccessible.
    With Direct Input I used to be able to simply indicate which views I want.  Now it seems I must request the maintenance views that then translate to actual views.
    Please help.

    Yes I have experience in that area, and I fill the PSTAT as well. But you can also run a program (is in IMG > Logistic Gerneral > material master) to regenerate PSTAT after you have loaded all materials.
    I use IDOC loading method for SAP system mergers. Sent Material master in legacy system using ALE as IDOC collection to a file, then use this file as source for LSMW, and as IDOC to IDOC mapping is just 1:1 I use use this methd in this case.
    When loading from Excel file, I started using BAPI import method a few rollout waves back (but not because there is something difficult with IDOC, just to get used to this method).

  • QM view material master (Inspection Type)

    Hi there,
                 I didn't understood the pragmatic usage of the check box <u><b>inspection by configuration</b></u> &  <u><b>inspection by characteristics</b></u>.......that can be set for the inspection types..........
    Please enlighten me ......
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            Kaushik Choudhury

    If you set this indicator, the system takes the configurations from the sales or production order into account when inspection lots are created and changes or supplements the inspection specifications in the task list or material specification.
    The indicator only works for the following inspection lot origins:
    o   01 Goods recipt for purchase order
    o   03 Production
    o   04 Goods receipt for production order
    The indicator cannot be used for the inspection lot origins 10 and 11.
    When creating the sales order, the customer defines that the pH value of the product to be manufactured should be between 5.0 and 5.5. When an inspection lot is created for the resulting production order, this tolerance is then copied into the inspection.
    The specifications are only copied into the inspection lot if there is a link between the class characteristic and a master inspection characteristic.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Material Master Procurement Type

    Can you tell me the difference between procurement type x vs f besides the obvious. What does using x get me if we dont produce the material in house. All of our masters are marked with X even though we buy the parts.

    In that case system will generate the planned orders and partial qty for the PR's..
    planned order may be req. because if need may rit become easy to make the production order any time...
    if you use the for external procurement then system will not produre the planned orders and only PR's are generated and if case if req. to make the production order at any time then you can't go back..
    so gng for the X keeps us at safer side
    Hope it helps..

  • Custom - Material Master Update using an IDOC (Message Type - MATMAS_BAPI)

    Hello everyone,
    I was writing a functional specs. Basically, I want to update the material master MM02 using an IDOC (MATMAS_BAPI01 - Basic Type & MATMAS_BAPI - Message Type). This is currently working.
    To my understanding, this currently uses function module - BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 to update the material master after the IDOC is posted to SAP ECC from XI system.
    Now I want to add one small validation logic before it actually updates the material master (MM02).
    I looked around and found one exit - EXIT_SAPLMV02_002 in enhancement MGV00001. I was almost sure that this EXIT can be used to write the custom validation code before, actual MM02 updation.
    However while trying to establish a link between this EXIT and BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1, I found that EXIT_SAPLMV02_002 is actually a part of another function module - IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 and not BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1. I am stuck here if adding the custom logic in the exit really going to work.
    a bit of googling and I found from WE30 that the purpose of both these function modules are actually different. While BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1  actually create & updates the material master (also plant specific master data which is my need), IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 is just for maintenence of few fields in MM02 (may be custom fields).
    Can anyone point out if my thing is in right direction?
    Also please offer any solution where shall I put the Custom Logic in the EXIT or the some variants of
    A less technical explanation would be appreciated as I come from a functional background and invloved in this for writing the func specs. I want to make it sure that what I write is not useless and makes some sense.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Lalit,
    Did some head breaking with the function module - BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 to check whether it is calling the EXIT_SAPLMV02_002 internally. Couldn't get anywhere.
    On question of another EXIT in BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1, I don't see any. I am not very proficient in ABAP code, I must say though.
    I found the list of exits from google, almost same list everywhere.
    here I got the EXIT, I am talking about.
    Any other way to find either the EXIT or link the above?
    -- Arunesh

  • LSMW IDOC method to upload material master

    i want to upload the Material Master using LSMW Idoc Method.  I have not worked in LSMW IDOC MEthod previously
    can anyone help me.. please..

    hi Guhapriyan,
          In LSMW there are four method to migrate data.Idoc is one such method.You need to define three thing message type,
    Basic type,enhancement and a check box for enable structure for EDI.Once you complete this ,it ready to transfer.Before that you need to go through 12 basic steps.
    Hope this will help you.

  • VF01 Invoice posting / Idoc output type / Paretner Profile missing

    I need a functionality to create ABAP code to send email, but I do not know in which place it would be the best to put it.
    While posting an invoice VF01 t-code, output type idoc is defined and normally is generated. Altghough sometimes partner profile is missing (it is customer number) and then idoc is not generated.
    I use standard program RSNAST and edi_processing form for idoc generation.
    1) is edi_processing form executed when partner profile is missing?
    2) where would it be the best to put abap code to send email?
    Thank you

    I have seen the stded program RSNASTED and the routine EDI_Processing.
    1) Yes Edi_Processing is executing when if the parnter profile is missing
    2) I think there Perform in the rotuine EDI_PROCESSING
       " PERFORM READ_PARTNER_PROFILE USING HELP_RETURNC." after this  excuting this perform , check for the return value and if EQ ZERO thn proceed further or Else send a mail .

  • Wrong procurement type showing in the material master

    I am creating a material Procurement type is comming as E in the MRP2 view, To where it is comming?
    I have checked the material type setting in the tcode OMS2 and it below are showing there:
    Ext. purchase orders   2
    Int. purchase orders   2
    Hence it's allowed int. and ext. proc. then why in the material master procurement type is comming E not X.
    How can I change it?

    Check to see if you have assigned an MRP Profile which has defaulted Procurement Type. If this is the case, you will have to remove the MRP Profile before you can change the entry. Or you can maintain the MRP Profile by deselecting "Write-protected in material maintenance" and selecting "Only default value in material maintenance" for Procurement Type. The Transaction is MMD2.

  • Moving Large Quantities of Material Master details from  R/3 (BD10) thru XI

    We have been using BD10 in a  daily job to distribute Material Master details thru the MATMAS idoc via XI and JDBC adaptor to an external DBase. Each material master item produces one  corresponding  idoc. The scenario generally works fine. However when we need to move large quantities of items  (over 15,000) XI memory overflows and XI crashes. Does anyone have experience wth this problem. Is there a way bundle multiple idocs into one message as part of the solution?

    Refer 709400.https:///people/sravya.talanki2/blog/2005/12/09/xiidoc-message-packages
    Idoc Packages

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    Hi In my ODS some of the records got doubled  from Mar 17th to May 31st  but from 1st of june its correct , its Open orders, i dont want to reload data again to that ODS , because its Open orders anyways its going to be close after some time  , autom

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