Material Part number or Manufacturer Part number

Hi Gurus,
1. Is there any difference between Material Part number and Manufacturer Part number?
2. Is Material Part number maintained in material master? If yes, where can I find it?
Thanks in advance.

Refer below link
I think Material Part number  & Material number both are same.

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  • Material Part Number as Output Field in MB52

    Im trying to put the material part Number Field as Output Field in MB52 but i can not find any chance in the customizing. My question is ... is there any way to do it in the standard or i must do a zreport?
    Thanks in advance,
    Rodrigo Castro Area

    Searching for MPN Materials
    You can search for MPN materials using the input help.
    In order that this function does not impair system performance, the indexes BMA and MPN must exist in the table MARA (material master). Once you have generated the indexes, they are updated by the system.
    You generate an index as follows:
    From the system menu, choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench.
    Choose Development ® Dictionary.
    Change the database table MARA.
    Choose Goto ® Indexes...
    Choose the index BMA (number of the internal material master).
    Set the indicators Non-unique index and Index to all database systems.
    Activate your changes.
    Also perform steps 5 to 7 for the index MPN (manufacturer part number/number of a manufacturer).
    reward if useful

  • Need material document number

    Dear all,
        I have an issue.  Inorder resolve it i need run a run aset up in OL1BW using the material document number.
    I have the process order, period, plant and material, but i need to find the corresponding material document number. Can anyone help me how to proceed further?
    The datasource is 2lis_03_BF.
    Pls also diferntiate between material and materail document number.
    Santhosh Kumar N

    The source for 2LIS_03_BF, as Arun pointed out, are R3/ECC tables MSEG and MKPF.
    Material - Refers to the material number, or part number, that is being managed. Typically, the material on an R3/ECC system is an 18-byte generated number to identify it to the system and has an industry accepted part number (Manufacturer Part Number) as a conversion exit so that you can enter either on R3/ECC and get the correct material number.
    Material Document - Refers to the internal document used for tracking the movement of a material. Examples of material movements would be goods receipts and goods issues. MKPF is the Material Document header table and MSEG has the Material Document line items.
    To find the Material Documents, you're going to have to query the MKPF table in your R3/ECC environment to get the document ranges needed for the setup jobs that you plan on executing.

  • Issue using material document number as dynamic bin for purchase orders

    We are currently using the material document number as a dynamic bin at receiving because we expect to have multiple receipts of the same purchase order.  The current setup has everything going into quality inspection, and an inspection lot creates for each goods receipt.
    When QM rejects parts to return to vendor, a 122 movement is automatically generated.  When this 122 movement generates, the WM stock overview shows a negative balance using the material document number of the 122 movement as the dynamic bin.  The positive balance still shows as the material document from the 101 movement.
    Is there any configuration that can be set up to fix this issue or will SAP always take the most recent material document as the dynamic bin?
    Thanks for the help!

    I've tried the following configuration with movement type configuration:
    Quality stock in 902 storage type with material document as dynamic bin (requirement type configuration updated).  When a return to vendor is completed, there is a positive balance in 902 with the GR material doc number as the bin and a negative balance with the 122 material doc # as the bin. 
    I also tried configuring this with using GR-DOCK as a bin, and had the issue with the quant record being updated by the most recent inspection lot #. 
    I also tried using the PO as dynamic bin, and have the same error as above with the quant.
    Error during creation of transfer orders for material document 0026001535
    Date: 05/16/2008
    Time: 10:52:23
    Post.chge not. HR1 2000000011
    No quants exist for posting changes
    So as according to the OSS note I should use material doc # as dynamic bin to avoid this...but when I set this up I get the issue with positive and negative balances in my stock overview because SAP uses the most recent material document number for each posting.

  • Handling Material/Part revision in SAP

    Hi all,
    We have a specific business requirement to handle both Part (Material ) revision and Drawing revision as separate attributes in SAP ECC Material Master. These will be enterprise attributes (not plant specific).
    We are already using Drawing number and Drawing revision attributes in Basic Data 2 view to capture Drawing revisions for a Material.
    Need your help and expertise to understand if SAP ECC offers any standard attributes to accommodate Material (part) revision (Material types used HALB and HAWA ).
    Please let me know if you have any queries to understand this.

    Hi Raghavendra,
    Thanks for your reply, appreciate the same, I have now added the relationship objects as per your post above in comm_hierarchy for the particular category
    Now  in the product master , I am now able to view the tabs(screen shot attached)
    Next I create my BOM in ECC with BOM Usage 5 and save the same
    Next I run the initial download for the adaptor object  BOM in SAP CRM
    When I check in commpr01 for the material 4561 the component and the main material have not come.
    Can you please advice further.
    Kind Regards

  • Maintain revison level at Material Serial Number

    Any pointer on how can I maintain and track the revision level by Material Serial Number? 
    All SAP information I have seen is maintaining revision at Material master.

    Thanks for responding. My understanding is that ECM only maintain revision level at Material Master but not at the Material Serial Number.  If we use ECM, am I able to track revision level by serial number. I cannot find a revision data field in the Material Serial number record.
    Currently, we create material master id with part-number/rev to track the revision at serial number record.

  • How to find work center in REM from the material Documnet number

    Hi ,
    We want to develop a Z report for the repetitive manufacturing cycle. Please let me know the logic how to get the work center from the material document that is posted after backflushing MFBF tranaction.
    I will elaborate it little further. From the material document number that is genearted out of confirmation from that document no how can I find the work center so that we can so show the throughput of each work center.
    Please avoid standard transaction of MCRP etc.
    Thanks & regards

    Dear Kumar,
    I'm not sure whether you can get the work center details,but you can get the production version number from you can get the
    rate routing details.
    Give a try by passing the document no to table BLPP and get the document log number and pass on the document log number to
    table BLPK,by which you can identify the production version.
    Also give a try using this FM,RM_DISPLAY_AFRU_REM,I guess you can get the exact work center details from here.
    check and revert back.

  • How to fetch accounting document number from known material document number

    Using MIGO transaction, by giving mblnr(material document number) as input, I get accounting document number by clicking FI document.I have to add this accounting document number in my report for corresponding known mblnr(material document number) values.
    My question is how to fetch the accounting document number present in MIGO to add in my report program.
    I used the xblnr(Reference Document Number) which is present both in mkpf and bkpf tables to fetch values.
    I extracted xblnr values with known mblnr values from mkpf (Header: Material Document table).
    and then extracted belnr(accounting document number) from bkpf (Accounting Document Header table) by using xblnr values.
    But the query is running for a long time.
    Is there any other method  to extract the values in a simpler way.
    Kindly advise.
    Thanks and Regards,

    I had the values of xblnr and some other fields such as mblnr, budat etc in wi_item table.
    I created a new internal table i_xblnr and got down those values.
    And then created a new internal table i_belnr and tried to get values of belnr in it.
    The code I wrote is given below:
    IF not wi_item[] is initial.
    loop at wi_item.
       at new xblnr.
        ws_xblnr-xblnr = wi_item-xblnr.
         append ws_xblnr to i_xblnr.
      select belnr xblnr from bkpf into table i_belnr for all entries in i_xblnr where xblnr = i_xblnr-xblnr.
    Kindly look after it.Thank you.

  • Material batch number in ORDERS05

    Hi Friends,
    I'm receiving a EDI 180(Returns) from the customer and I have to create a Sales order with type credit memo. In this process customer is sending material batch number in EDI NTE segment. I want to map this to field in to ORDERS05. Pls. some body tell me which IDOC segment/field I can map.
    Thanks in advance.

    sorry to say that, but you should learn about the application, you cannot make the field empty, it is SAP design that the valuation type goes to the batch field in case of split valuation active wihtout having batch managment active.
    your wish is not possible with enhancements, and if , you would create inconsistencies and bigger problems in subsecuent processes.

  • Creation of material document number.

    Hi All,
    In the MIGO transaction, for a Goods receipt order, the transaction is calling MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT and MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT to create a material document and returns material document number.
    I have created a new program that is using only the above two FMs and want to create the material document. But this thing is not working.
    I am passing all the parameters, which the FM takes when called from MIGO transaction. It is giving me a material document number which is not tracable for the current posting data in any of the tables.
    Also please tell me in which table can I get the details for the material document number other than AUFM and MSEG.
    help will be rewarded.

    problem solved by myselves.
    by using popup to inform function module i am able to throw error message
    Edited by: Janagar Sundaramoorthy Nadar on Nov 19, 2009 7:01 PM

  • Need help abt Purchase order and material document number

    1)Is there any releation ship between Purchse order number and material document number?
    2) I found aBAPI to get the goods receipt details. That is BAPI_GOODSMVT_GETDETAIL. But it is excepting Material document number and material document year as input parameters.Is there any BAPI to get goods receipt details by using purchase order number?

    hi kiran
    check this thraed. this gives you relatinship between Purchse order number and material document number
    Retrieving Accounting Document number based on PO numbers
    BAPI to get goods receipt details by using purchase order number is

  • Display of FI document numbe and material document number

    I want to display both the material document number ( RBKP ) and the acccounting document number ( BSET ) together while posting the Invoice using MIRO transaction.
    Pl provide with your valuable suggestions.
    R. Dillibabu.

    Hi Arif,
    We wanted to generate a number during invoice verification based upon the order type of the PO, As you know it is not possible to generate a order specific material document number but it is possible to generate a order specific accounting document number provided we can select RE or ZE while processing invoice verification.
    This accounting document number will be considered as a claim number for one of the customized business process ( Warranty Claim process ).
    The user has to record the claim number on a daily basis. Currently it is being done by passig the RBKP-BELNR to the BKPF to get the accounting document number ( BELNR ) which is quite tedious.
    Hope the business functionality is quite clear now.
    R. Dillibabu.

  • Material document number to match the FI document number

    Hello MM Gurus,
    May I know if anyone here has encountered a requirement where the material document NUMBER generated from goods movement (GR, GI) should have the same NUMBER with the FI accounting document generated with it? I tried to match the number ranges initially but this would only apply to 1 company code.
    Are there user exits here that I can use? 

    You can create Number ranges for each year in OMBT transaction.

  • Not able to see backend material document number in SUS

    A GR is created in ECC. It is avaiable for disply in the supplier's login.  We are able to achieve this.
    The question is "We are not able to see backend (ECC) material document number anywhere on the screen. We are only able to see the SUS Confirmation number (i.e. as per the number range assigned to BUS2233). Is it standard behavior?
    Details: SRM7.0 SP07, ECC Ehp4, Using MM-SUS. Plan driven procurement.

    Dear Manjunath,
    Thanks for the response.
    We have noticed that, the back end (ECC) material documents are getting replicated to SUS as we are able to see this number in BBP_PD &  BBP_PDBEH-BE_OBJECT_ID.
    So, let me put the question this way.
    Our issue is with display of document in the portal (BSP Pages).
    For Example, in case of Invoice, the supplier can see the back end MIRO invoice document number with the "External Reference" Label, under Basic Data section. The case is NOT same with GR. The back end (ECC) material document number is NOT seen any of the layout (for end user, who has logged in as supplier).
    Is it standard behavior? If we want that, the suppliers should be able to see the material document number in the portal, when a GR is created in ECC, what settings we have to do?

  • Billing Document and Material Document number and Date (Goods Issue)

    Dear Experts,
    Is there a way I can find the relationship between a billing document and a material document number and Goods issue date?

    Hi Abid
    Is there a way I can find the relationship between a billing document and a material document number and Goods issue date?
    You have to follow the flow from the billing document to the material document. This will only work if the billing document comes from a delivery note.
    Billing document => Delivery
    So you have LIPS + LIKP with the LIKP-WADAT_IST as the goods issue date.
    Delivery => Material Document Number
    You can use the table VBFA with the delivery item as the preceding document number (VBFA-VBELV) and item (VBFA-POSNV) ; you will also have to define the preceding document type as J (delivery) and the document category of subsequent document as R (material document).
    Because in SAP nothing is simple, there might more than one material document, because the goods issue (601) movement might have been canceled and issue again. So you will have to decide what to do in that case.
    Best Regards,

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